Top Ironman AFK money making methods [2022]

A lot of players enjoy doing other things while playing Osrs. If you have a busy life and use your ironman account as a main or an alt, time can be scarce. You might be interested in Ironman AFK money-making methods to earn some GP without paying attention to the game. In this article, we will rank the best moneymakers for ironman that are AFK. 

1. Adamant and rune dragon killing

One of the best monsters to kill for an ironman in osrs to make money AFK are metal dragons. Rune and adamant dragons, in particular, are very profitable. It would be best if you had some pretty high stats and have done a ton of quests (Dragon Slayer II in particular) to be able to fight these monsters. 

They are significant to AFK if you have a very high defense level and defensive gear like Justiciar. Since these monsters drop a lot of rune, adamant, dragon armor, and weapons you can alch for money, you can expect to make up to 1.5m an hour doing rune dragons and 1.2m an hour doing adamant dragons as an ironman. Of the two, the latter is the most AFK. 

Top Ironman AFK money making methods

2. Fighting Gargoyles

A much easier AFK moneymaker for an ironman is fighting gargoyles. You need to have 75 slayer to harm these monsters. If you want to make killing them really AFK, you should wear full Guthans. You can AFK for up to two minutes and just click to pick up the drops. 

Gargoyles drop great items to alch, such as rune full helms, rune two-handers, and granite mauls. These monsters also have a couple of other drops for you to use if you want to make money skilling, such as gold ores and steel bars. 

Make sure you have unlocked the Gargoyles smasher perk from slayer to do this method AFK.

3. Infernal eels

One of the best AFK fishing methods for money on an ironman is fishing for infernal eels. This training method is not just very relaxed and hands-off, but you can also make a ton gp while doing this. 

When you are catching infernal eels, you don’t have to move spots, since the place where you catch them does not move. You will get a good amount of fishing xp and onyx bolt tips, which you can alch for money. 

ironman afk moneymaking guide

4. Fighting Vyrewatch Sentinels 

After killing the sins of the Father boss and finishing the quest, you can fight the strongest regular vampyres in osrs, the Vyrewatch Sentinels. These powerful vampyres have many rune items on their drop table, which you can alch. Since the Vyrewatch Sentinels remain aggressive towards you and there is a prayer altar nearby, you can stay here indefinitely if you use protect from melee. 

Note: their most valuable drop is the blood shard. However, this is pretty hard to see, so make sure you have Runelite installed or pay attention to your drops. 

If you enjoy slayer and get a Vampyre slayer task, fighting these monsters for the bloodshard and drops is recommended. 

5. Motherlode mine

Another decent skilling method that is AFK and profitable is mining in the motherlode mine. You can start mining here starting from level 30. However, the most AFK region of the motherlode mine is only accessible after you have reached level 72. 

You will get pay dirt when you are mining in the motherlode mine. This pay dirt can be cleaned up and result in you getting various ores. The ores you can get here are:

  • Coal 
  • Gold ore
  • Mithril ore
  • Adamantite ore
  • Runite ore

The ores you get scale to your mining level. E.g., the higher your level is, the higher the odds are your pay-dirt will be a higher level ore. You still need the corresponding mining level for the ores, so you need 85 for runite ore. These ores can be smelted into bars and then be made into platebodies and other armor. These can then be alched for a nice profit and a good amount of magic xp. 

Ironman AFK money making

6. Making yew longbows

Making yew longbows from scratch is not just good to train fletching in osrs, but is also a great AFK moneymaker for ironman. You can cut yews in the woodcutting guild and train your woodcutting that way or grind the giant mole for yew log drops.

When you have a ton of yew logs, you can start fletching these logs into yew longbows for xp. Then, when you have fletched all your yew longbows, you can alch these. Alching yew longbows is excellent to train magic AFK and make a ton of profit on your ironman.

You can also make magic longbows following the exact same steps, but with magic logs. However, this is slower xp and gp an hour due to the fact that magic trees are a lot thougher to cut than yew logs. 

7. Pickpocketing knights of Ardougne

If you are in the mood for some mindless spam clicking and training thieving, you can pickpocket knights of Ardougne. This AFK moneymaker for an ironman is pretty decent due to the high amount xp an hour you get. Pickpocketing knights also gives about 200k in gp an hour. While technically not fully AFK, you can minimize your screen, use mouse keys, and just click until your inventory is filled with coin pouches. 

money making afk on ironman

8. Crafting blood runes

If you have level 77 runecrafting and 73 agility, crafting blood runes is an excellent method to make a ton of profit on your ironman afk. You will also need to have a pickaxe and chisel. You can make up to 212 blood runes, which you can sell to the NPC named Ali Morrisane for 200 gp apiece. You won’t just make 330k gp an hour, but also train runecrafting AFK. To do this method, you need to have the necessary Arceuus favor.

Besides blood runes, you can also craft a ton of other valuable runes for money. Another rune that is pretty AFK to craft are soul runes. To make these, you should follow the exact same instruction as for blood runes. 

9. Selling cats for death runes 

One of the most AFK money makers on OSRS is raising cats and selling them for death runes. You can do other activities or just stay at the same place. However, you do need to keep in mind that you need to feed the kitten a raw fish (e.g., trout, salmon, etc.) occasionally, or the kitten will run away. 

When the cat is fully grown, you can trade-in your cat for death runes in West-Ardougne. The death runes can be sold to an NPC named Ali Morrisane. He will buy your death runes for 200 gp each. 

Conclusion: AFK ironman money making methods OSRS

There you have it, seven great ironman AFK money making methods to help you earn the GP you need for skills like construction. These ways to earn GP are all easy and chill to do. Try them out and pick one which you enjoy the most doing or which one is the most AFK. You can easily make the coins you need to train your skills if you stick to a method you enjoy. Then, make sure to check out our regular money making guide for ironman accounts. Make sure you also check our F2p ironman moneymaking guide if you are not a member.

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