Ironman OSRS ultimate money-making guide [2022] – Best methods for any level

As an ironman, not being able to trade to make money can be quite a hindrance. However, one of the biggest surprises new ironman players have is how fast they run out of money and how hard it is to make more of it. In this guide, we will discuss all the best moneymaking methods in OSRS for ironman accounts in 2022. 

Keep in mind that making money on ironman accounts is vastly different compared to the regular game mode. Those 30 mil drops you get bossing often aren’t worth more than 100k if you alch them. So don’t be surprised if the methods here are not the same as those you are used to. 

Tips to make money on an ironman in OSRS

These are some general tips to make your account more efficient. These often influence not just one moneymaking method for ironman accounts, but also several. Moreover, doing other activities like runecrafting and slayer is easier and more profitable. 

Get full graceful

Graceful clothing pieces make sure you can run longer and preserve your run energy in OSRS. Since stamina potions are time-consuming and hard to get on an ironman account, getting this outfit as soon as possible is a great idea, even more so if you have limited teleportation methods and are doing activities that require you to run around a lot. 

Look out for good high alch items

There are quite a lot of drops that are good to high alch. These can be converted to coins by using the high alchemy spell on them. Keeping your eyes open for drops like that and having the runes to alch them is a great way to get a decent cash flow going. These drops add up over time, even more so if you enjoy PVM and do a lot of slayer. 

These are a couple of exciting drops to watch out for and high alch: 

  • Adamant armor
  • Runes of cosmic and above to sell to Ali Morrisane
  • Dragonhide bodies, chaps, and vambraces
  • Ores and bars of mithril and above
  • Gems above rubies
  • Onyx bolt tips

Using production skills

Some skills turn raw materials into items that can be attached or sold for a higher price. The best skills are fletching, cooking, runecrafting, and smithing. These will make you a ton of money if you choose to make the right items. 

Guide money making for hardcore ironman

Money making methods for low-level ironman accounts

The agility pyramid

One of the best ways to get some cash on a new ironman account and train a valuable skill at the same time is the agility pyramid. The pyramid has a reward on the very top that is worth 10k. 

To do this agility course, you need at least 30 agility. However, you will often fail to do the obstacles at this level. So it is strongly advised you are at least level 45 or higher for a good amount of exp an hour and gp an hour. 

This method will make somewhere around 150k to 250k an hour, depending on how high your agility is and how efficiently you concentrate on the game. You will need to bring light (desert) clothing, water skins, and food. 

Tip: In Nardah, you can buy chalk ice. This heals you 6 hp and has the same effect as using a water skin against desert heat. 

Fletching willow short bows

Another decent way to make money on a low-level account while also training some skills is fletching willow short bows on your ironman account. You will need 35 fletching, 30 woodcutting, and 10 crafting to do this method. 

You first cut the willow logs and turn them into willow shortbow (u). Then you turn flax into bowstrings and attach them to the shortbows. These bows can be sold to general stores or high alched. 

Collecting steel plate bodies

If you are not a hardcore ironman, you can go to the wilderness to collect steel plate bodies. You can find these in the lava maze in levels 40 – 45 wildy. This is a great way to make money on a level 3 ironman account. Even if you have no access to high alching, you can sell these at Horvik’s in Varrock for 1200 gp apiece. 

Since this is in the wilderness, it is too dangerous for hardcore ironman to do, as you could lose your HC status if you die here. 

Stealing silk

A great way to make money quickly is by using your thieving skill to steal silk. For example, you only need 20 thieving to steal from the silk stalls in Ardougne. After 20 minutes, you can sell this silk back to the merchant. He will buy your silk for 60 gp apiece. This is also a decent way to get your thieving level up. 

Selling cats for death runes

If you have done Gertrude’s cat quest and the easy Ardougne diary, you can raise cats and sell them for death runes in West Ardougne. They will give you 200 death runes per adult cat. This comes out to 13k an hour, but it is almost entirely passive and adds up when you do this combined with other moneymaking methods for ironman, such as making shortbows.

Stealing from HAM storerooms 

You need to have 20 thieving and partially completed the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest to steal from these storerooms. You can get excellent loot to alch by doing this. However, the emerald rings and sapphire necklaces are also perfect to enchant to use for teleportation. 

It is highly recommended to do this method on your ironman account, as it will give you exp, gp, and valuable items that you can use for a long time. 

Free to Play (F2P) Ironman Money making methods  

Making money is quite hard as an ironman account in Free to Play. Luckily, you do not need as much as you would as a member ironman. These are some of my favorite methods to do in free to play:

Gold Bracelets and gold amulets

Gold bracelets and gold amulets can be made with the Crafting skill. You can sell these to shops or high alch them for some cash. This is a pretty decent way to make money in F2P. You need to mine the gold ore yourself and smelt these into bars. The best place to do this is Al Kharid. 

Silver jewelry

Making silver jewelry like tiaras and selling them to the bandit store in the wilderness is decent to make a bit of starter cash. You can get 120 gp for unstrung symbols. You can mine the silver ore in Varrock west and bank them until you have enough to smelt a lot of them into bars and unstrung marks. You will train your mining, smithing, and crafting this way. 

Stronghold of security

If you have some food and a couple of extra hitpoint levels, going to the stronghold of security is great to get a bit of cash. Going through the whole stronghold of security will give you 10k and a fabulous pair of boots. If you are a hardcore ironman, I suggest waiting until you are at least level 15 if you are doing this without an escort. Bring food that can heal you at least seven at once. Salmon or tuna are great to have here and prevent you from dying. 

Tip: You can also do the steel platebody method in F2P for some starting cash on your ironman account. Since the wilderness is emptier in free to play, it might even be a lot safer to do it in a f2p world.

moneymaking OSRS ironman

Best ironman money making methods

These are moneymaking methods for higher-level ironmen who are in their account’s endgame. The requirements are often relatively high, but the rewards are too. The prices and gp per hour depend a lot on your combat stats and how well you concentrate on your method. 

Killing rune dragons

One of my favorite methods to get a reliable GP stream on my ironman account is killing rune dragons. To kill these powerful metal dragons, you will need a high combat level and have completed the master quest Dragon Slayer II.

An ironman can make over 1 million gp an hour at rune dragons consistently, thanks to the rune armor drops. This makes it one of the best methods to make money on an ironman account in OSRS. 

Killing Vorkath

Dragon Slayer II also unlocks the Osrs boss Vorkath. This is a great dragon to kill to get dragonhide, dragon armor, weapons, and a ton of helpful skilling supplies. An experienced player does not need powerful gear to kill Vorkath. A rune crossbow, ruby, and diamond (e) bolts are good enough to get decent kills. However, having a dragon hunter crossbow or a dragon hunter lance will make fighting this boss a lot easier. 

If you have insufficient gear, you might want to fight Vorkath when you get a blue dragon task. This way, you can use your slayer helm to get a damage and accuracy boost. Your kills will be much faster, and thus your gp/hr will also be significantly higher. 

Making blood runes

If you have 77 runecrafting and 73 agility, you can craft blood runes and sell these to Ali Morrisane for 200 gp each. You need to mine dense essence, venerate these and then run to the Blood Altar to craft these runes. A run will return 212 blood runes for you. This method will give you about 35k runecrafting experience if you concentrate, and you will earn 320k gp an hour selling your blood runes. 

Of course, you can also use the blood runes when training magic. This is an excellent way to save money, as buying blood runes is one of the most expensive things to do on an ironman in OSRS. 

Charging fire orbs and crafting battlestaves

A medium-level method that is pretty profitable on an ironman is charging fire orbs. To do this, you will need 70 agility (However, having 85 is recommended), level 62 crafting, level 63 magic, and 43 prayer. You will also need to have the Castle Wars balloon unlocked and have done the Lunar Diplomacy quest or have 66 magic. 

Charging fire orbs and crafting them into battlestaves is an excellent way to both train crafting and magic while also making a decent amount of money. You do not need to craft fire battlestaves, but they are the best out of all four elemental staves you can make. 

If you have done your Varrock Diary, you will have the option to buy battlestaves from Zaff’s daily stock daily for a steep discount. You can buy them in bulk for 7k and then alch your fire battlestaves for 9300 coins each. It is best to wait until you have accumulated enough staves to make 1k or 2k of them for maximum efficiency. 

Pickpocketing Ardougne knights

Ardougne knights aren’t just a great way to train your thieving skill; it is also one of the best ways to make money as an ironman account. Pickpocketing Knights of Ardougne is pretty AFK and much more straightforward than blackjacking. You need to have at least 55 thieving to start this method; however, you will often fail. 

If you want to get the optimal gp an hour (280k) here, you will need to fulfill the following requirements: 

  • 95 thieving
  • Completed medium task of Ardougne Diary
  • Full rogue equipment

Conclusion of this guide

Ironman accounts have a ton of great moneymakers available to them throughout their account progress. The best ways to make money in OSRS for ironman players are the methods that also train skills simultaneously. These are, for example, crafting blood runes, making willow shortbows, and crafting fire orbs and battlestaves to alch. These methods train your skills while earning a decent amount of GPs an hour. 

As an ironman, monsters that drop a lot of supplies and alchables are always a great idea to grind if you can AFK them. Most of these methods have a firm gp an hour rate since they are linked to the high alch price of the items and not the GE price. 

Ironman OSRS money making guide FAQ

What is the best way to make money as an ironman on OSRS mobile?

The best moneymaker for ironman on OSRS mobile is fighting rune dragons. These are very AFK, too, and you get a lot of good supply and armor drops to highalch. While this is a combat activity, you do not need to switch prayers and often look away from the screen for 20 seconds or more.

Can you make money skilling as an ironman?

Yes, multiple skills can earn you a lot of gp on your ironman. The best skill for an ironman to make money is thieving. You have both low-level methods like stealing silk and high-level strategies like Knights of Ardougne pickpocketing to make some extra cash in Old School Runescape. 

What should I prioritize on my ironman to make money in OSRS?

Getting 55 magic and full graceful are two goals your ironman should have. Getting these two goals out of the way as fast as possible is going to help your ironman be more effective in skilling, questing, and moneymaking. 

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