The OSRS Keris Partisan: Top 7 monsters to fight [2022]

A new quest often means a new item to use in osrs! For example, the Beneath the Sand quest introduced the Keris Partisan into the game. This tier 65 attack weapon is free after you complete the quest and is intended to be an even stronger version of the keris. It has balanced stats, a 33% damage bonus against kalphites and Scabarites, and a 1 in 51 chance to do triple damage. 

This begs the question: which monsters in osrs are weakest to the Keris Partisan, and how well does this weapon stack up against other BIS items? Here are our top 7 monsters to fight with the Keris Partisan in osrs.

7. Scarab swarms

  • Combat level: 98
  • Best drops: bones

The scarab swarm can be fought with the Keris Partisan. If you have a scarabite slayer task, you can stack the effects of the weapon with the slayer helm to make this task go by faster. They come in last since they are hard to grind and have even worse drops than rockslugs. 

The Scarab swarm is known for its very rapid attacks and can be found in places like the Sophanem Dungeon and pyramid Plunder. The monster does not have any interesting drops. If you want to kill monsters with profitable drops, there are much better options. 

6. Kalphite Worker

  • Combat level: 28
  • Best drops: Ensouled Kalphite head

The kalphite worker is a low-level kalphite that is often fought on a slayer task with a cannon. The Partisan Keris will shred right through their low defense and their low hitpoints. You don’t need the weapon here since they can be one-hit pretty easily. They are about the same strength as pyrefiends. 

Their drops are abysmal, but the slayer task goes by pretty fast, with or without the Partisan Keris. 

Keris partisan osrs

5. Kalphite Soldier

  • Combat level: 85
  • Best drops: Ensouled Kalphite head

A good mid-tier monster to kill on your slayer task is the kalphite soldier. You can use your cannon on them and fight them in a multi combat area. Using the Keris Partisan on this monster is surely going to help you finish the task faster. 

They are some of the fastest slayer xp in the game and are comparable in combat xp an hour as killing black demons in the Taverley dungeon. However, the drops here are horrible. These soldiers can poison you, so make sure you have an antidote. 

4. Scarab mages

  • Combat level: 66
  • Best drops: Rune Sq shield

If you ever have a scarabite slayer task, don’t skip it or put it on your block list! The scarab mages and locust riders are very fast slayer xp, can be cannoned, and you will make a decent profit. These monsters are about as strong as spiritual creatures. 

Using the Keris Partisan here is a good idea if you don’t have access to weapons like the rapier. The Keris Partisan, in combination with a slayer helmet and cannon, will end this task very fast. 

best monsters keris partisan

3. Locust riders

  • Combat level: 98 – 106
  • Best drops: Rune Sq shield

Another great scarabite to kill with the Keris Partisan is the locust riders. These monsters are scattered around the Sophanem Dungeon. The Locust riders drop rune items and can be fought pretty effectively at a high level with a cannon.

These monsters do hit pretty high, so make sure you turn on your protection prayers. Since they respawn within 6 seconds, can be protected against with prayer, and have good drops, they are a pretty decent AFK moneymaker. 

2. Kalphite Guardian

  • Combat level: 141
  • Best drops: Rune chainbody

If you want to test out the max hit of the Keris Partisan, Kalphite Guardians have 170 hp for you to test it on. These monsters have a pretty low defense level despite their high combat and only have a max hit of 12.

They are a popular kalphite to kill on a slayer task due to the fact that you can cannon them. While they are at a pretty high combat level, they have much worse drops than similar slayer monsters like the Kurask. The best drop you can get here is the rune chainbody. 

osrs keris partisan

1. Kalphite Queen

  • Combat level: 333
  • Best drops: Dragon chainbody

The best monster to use the Keris Partisan on is the Kalphite Queen. This will become even more apparent when you get the jewels to make it even more potent. The Breach of the scarab will give the weapon an additional 33% accuracy increase. 

That being said, the Keris partisan is likely not the best in slot weapon even with the buff. The scythe of vitur still has a higher DPS. However, the Keris Partisan is a great affordable option for mid-level accounts who want to kill the KQ effectively. 

Keris partisan KQ

Keris Partisan final thoughts 

The Keris Partisan is a great weapon and worth it to use in some niche cases. In the future, the weapon will become even stronger when Raids III (the Tombs of Amascut) is released. The most interesting change to the weapon will be the fact that you will be able to give it another special ability that can be used outside of the raid. The other two abilities are only to be used inside the Tombs of Amascut.

Breach of the Scarab will give an additional 33% accuracy bonus against Scabarites and Kalphites. This will make the weapon the best budget option against monsters like the KQ, Kalphite guardians, and who knows a new boss like the Kalphite King!


Is the Keris Partisan worth it at KQ?

Yes, The Keris Partisan is a very decent budget weapon to use when fighting the kq. Due to the fact that it has a very generous bonus in both damage and accuracy, it outclasses a couple of other options like the Whip and even the abyssal Bludgeon. However, without the Breach of the Scarab, you are better off using other high-level weapons like the Inquisitor’s mace or the Scythe of Vitur if the price is no issue and if you want the maximum DPS fighting the Kaliphite Queen.

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