OSRS KBD ultimate guide [2022]: How to fight the King Black Dragon

The King Black Dragon, also known as the KBD, is one of the oldest OSRS bosses. Even now, 20 years after release, it is a nice distraction for high-level players and a challenging boss for people who want to try their first few bosses. So it is more than fitting that the first boss we will discuss on OSRSBoss is the King Black Dragon. 

The King Black Dragon’s Lair is multi combat. That means you can solo the KBD, but you can also go duo, trio, or with a whole team. However, we will primarily focus on the solo aspect of fighting this boss, which is the most common way of fighting this dragon boss. 

In this guide, no matter what level you are at, you will get familiar with the mechanics, drops, and gear you need for the KBD. At the end of our guide, there is a FAQ section. 

What is the KBD

The King Black Dragon is an OSRS boss monster with a combat level of 276. That means it is one of the strongest dragons in Old School. While the monster is pretty easy at higher levels, you should never underestimate its power. Players who fight the KBD should always take an anti-dragon shield with them, as the Dragonfire breath can easily hit over 60 if you don’t have the proper protection against it. 

The KBD can be fought in his lair but can also be fought in an instanced version if you pay 50 000 coins and use the private option on the lever. You do not need to bring any money; as long as you have that amount of gp in the bank, you can pay for it. The level will get you in an instance that is only accessible by you. 

Like most dragons in OSRS, the KBD has a weakness to stab and range attacks and is particularly vulnerable to dragonbane weapons like the dragon hunter lance and dragonhunter crossbow. 

King Black Dragon Stats

Combat LevelLevel 276
Hitpoints 240 hitpoints.
Max Hit25 with melee and 65 with dragofire
Attack StyleStab and Dragonfire
WeaknessStab and range
KBD Location

Guide on where you can find the King Black dragon

There are multiple ways to get to the Lair of the King Black Dragon. Unfortunately, there is no 100% safe way to get to the Lair. You will need to go through the wilderness, where other players can attack you. So, minimizing the amount of time and distance you have to travel through the wilderness is crucial. 

These are the best ways to reach the KBD

  • Using the burning amulet is the fastest way to get to the KBD lair. This will teleport you straight to the lava maze and a couple of Squares of the fenced area where you can find the entrance to the Lair. You can pull the lever and get into the Lair when you go down. 
  • Wilderness Obelisks – Another great way to get to the Lair quickly is using the wilderness obelisks. Players who have done the wilderness hard diary will have the option to pick the location where they want to be teleported to. If you have not done this diary, you will be teleported at random, and thus it will take a bit longer to get to the right obelisk. 
  • Waka canoe – Another option is using the Waka canoe in Edgeville. You need to have 57 woodcutting and an ax to make one. However, this will take you pretty far from the Lair. You will end up north of the black chinchompa hunting area, a well-known pking spot. 
  • Ghorrock Teleport – If you have done desert treasure, you can use the Ghorrock Teleport to get to the ice plateau. This is an excellent alternative to the wilderness obelisk. You can use a teleport tablet if you want to save some inventory space. 

How to fight the KBD guide

There are multiple ways of fighting the King Black Dragon in OSRS. In general, you should only fight the boss monster with range or melee. The magic defense of the KBD is just too high, and there aren’t any spells that are extra effective against dragons, unfortunately. 

Recommended stats to fight the King Black Dragon

The KBD is quite a strong boss and definitely a step up from F2P bosses such as bryophyta, so make sure you have high enough stats to make the trip worth it for you. 

Ranging stat

If you are using ranging, I would recommend you to have the following stats to make the trip more accessible and more profitable:

  • 80 ranging
  • 70 hitpoints
  • 74 prayer
  • Access to rigor

Melee stats

If you are using melee, then you should have at least 

  • 80 attack
  • 80 strength
  • 70 hit points 
  • 70 prayer 
  • Piety unlocked

To make sure, you can effectively kill the boss and get a good number of kills per hour. 

Fighting with ranging

Ranging is a great way to fight the King Black Dragon. This is because the kbd is a boss who is weak to range attacks.

Here is the gear I would recommend you have and the alternatives to these weapons if your budget or stats are lower. 

Since we are running through the wilderness, we can’t bring our BIS gear for every slot. The odds of getting killed are not non-zero. 

S Tier gearA tier gearB tier gear
HelmSlayer helm – on taskBlessed coifKarils coif
CapeAva’s assemblerAva’s accumulatorAva’s attractor
NecklaceNecklace of anguishAmulet of furyAmulet of glory
Arrow SlotRadja blessing (4)Any god blessingAny god blessing
WeaponDragon hunter crossbowArmadyl crossbowDragon crossbow
ChestBlack d’hide bodyRed d’hide bodyBlue d’hide body
ShieldDragon fire wardAnti dragon fire shieldN/A
LegsBlack D’hide chapsRed d’hide chapsBlue d’hide chaps
GlovesCheapest blessed vambracesBlack vambracesRune gloves
BootsBlessed bootsBoots of brimstoneSnakeskin boots
RingArchers ring (i)Ring of lifeRing of wealth
KBD best gear and alternatives

This gear assumes that you use protect item while running through the wilderness. Even when you are not attacked, it is wise to activate this prayer before you teleport into the wildy. 


Your inventory should always contain an antidote+++ and extended antifire. In addition, make sure you bring potions like prayer and super restores to recharge your prayer. I advise you to bring 4. Please do not bring a holy wrench; it is not worth the inventory space in this case. 

You will also need to have a divine ranging potion or a regular ranging potion to make sure you hit higher and more accurately. As for food, I advise you to bring at least sharks. Also, it is a good idea to bring combo food like karambwams to quickly heal when you get combo’ed or run into a pker. 

Fighting with melee

Fighting the KBD with melee is strongly advised if you have a dragon hunter lance. This is because due to your melee prayer, the King Black Dragon will hit 0s on you. That means you switch out the unblockable special attacks KBDs for a ton of 0s due to melee. 

S Tier gearA tier gearB tier gear
HelmSlayer helmetHelm of NeitiznotBerserker helm
CapeArdougne cloak 4Ardougne cloak 3Ardougne cloak 2
NecklaceAmulet of tortureAmulet of furyAmulet of glory
Arrow SlotRadja blessing (4)Any god blessingAny god blessing
WeaponDragon hunter lanceGhazier rapierZamorakian hasta
ChestTorva chestplateInquisitors armorBandos chestplate
ShieldDragonfire shieldAncient Wyvern shieldAnti-dragon shield
LegsTorva chestplateInquisitors platelegsBandos tassets
GlovesBarrows glvoesDragon glovesRune bracelet
BootsRune bootsAdamant bootsClimbing boots
RingTreasonous ring (i) Brimstone ringBerserker ring (i)
King Black Dragon Melee gear tier list

Again, make sure you have your prayer on protect item when you teleport inside the wilderness. It is also a good idea to turn off your attack player option. 

KBD melee gear osrs

KBD mechanics to look out for

The king black dragon has a couple of mechanics that make it a worthy foe at any combat. I will discuss all of them here so you know exactly what to expect and how to counter it. 

Melee attacks: The KBD will not come near you if you are out of melee range. That means that you can avoid these attacks by staying out of range by using ranging attacks. You can also use protect from melee. When using prayer against melee, you will not take damage. If you do not protect from melee, you can take up to 25 damage. 

Fiery Breath: The Dragonfire attack of the King Black Dragon needs to be protected against at all costs. The KBD can hit 65 with it. So drink your antifire potion and have an appropriate shield to avoid taking damage from this attack. 

Toxic breath: Toxic breath is another strong attack that the KBD can throw at you. This hits up to 50. The breath can poison you, and this poison will start at 8. You can defend from this attack using an antifire shield and protect from magic. However, this will not reduce the damage to 0. 

Shocking breath: The shocking breath can deal 50 damage. This will also drain your stats by two levels if it successfully hits. You will need to use an antifire shield and protect yourself from magic to defend yourself optimally against this attack. 

Icy breath: This icy breath attack can also hit up to 50 damage. When it hits successfully, there is a chance you will be frozen for 6 seconds. Again, you will need to protect from magic and an antifire shield to ensure you are optimally protected. 

Fighting the OSRS KBD: tips and tricks

The wilderness is dangerous.

Without going through the wilderness, there is no way to get to the King Black Dragon. So make sure you do not attack another player by accident and get skulled. Also, turn your protection prayer on before teleporting if you have four valuable items on you. Do not bring more than four valuable items with you. 

Bring a Bonecrusher necklace for long trips

If you are a high-level player that quickly gets kills here, you might consider bringing a bone crusher necklace. This will automatically bury your dragon bones and restore your prayer by 4. Only wear the necklace when you are about to kill the KBD to ensure you have the maximum DPS when fighting.

An instance is hardly worth it

The KBD does not make a lot of GP an hour. So that 50k adds up quite fast if you can’t get a ton of kills here. The boss is famous, but there is always a free world where you can fight it without being harassed. 

King Black Dragon drops to pick up

These are the drops you should and can pick up at the king black dragon. Since your inventory will be overfull most of the trip, you need to do good inventory management. If you don’t, you won’t get the optimal gp an hour possible here. 

The average KBD kill is worth about 22 500 coins. So it is quite a profitable boss. Furthermore, since the mechanics are pretty predictable, and you have a low chance of being killed here, you can quickly kill the King Black Dragon on both desktop and OSRS mobile. 

Must pick up

Dragon pickaxe – The dragon pickaxe is a fantastic drop to get here. You have a 1 in 1500 chance per kill of getting this 4.8m drop. So make sure you pick it up! (duh)

Rune longsword – A rune longsword is a drop you often get here. You will get about 1 in 13 kills, and it is worth 18k.

Adamant platebody – Another semi-decent drop that you can pick up is the adamant platebody. The KBD drops this on average once every 14 kills, and it is worth a good 10k.

Dragon med helm – You have a 1 in 128 chance of getting this drop. The dragon med helm is worth about 60k. You should always pick up this drop as it is one of the most valuable drops the KBD has. 

Blood rune – The blood rune drop is the best rune drop you can get here. You get 30 blood runes per drop, which is worth 9k on average. 

Yew logs – One of the most valuable drops you can get here are the yew logs. These are noted and dropped 150 at once. This is worth 29k per drop. 

Runite bar – A runite bar drop can be gotten here too. These are worth 12k each and should be picked up. 

Gold ore – The King Black Dragon is an excellent way to get some extra gold ore. You have a 1 in 64 chance of it dropping 100 noted gold ore if you kill it. 

Rune limbs – A nice drop to get here are the rune limbs. These are worth 9k, so worth picking up. 

Dragon arrow tips, dart tip, and javelin heads – These drops have been added to the OSRS drop table. You can get dragon javelin heads here as a drop if you have done Monkey Madness II. Pick these up since you get quite a bit of extra money from picking up these drops.

KBD heads – One of the drops you want to get here if you want to adorn your house with a classic OSRS decoration is the KBD heads. These can also be combined with the slayer helmet to color it black. 

Elite clue scroll – You can get an elite clue scroll here if you are lucky, but the monster is not significant to grind for this kind of scrolls. 

Prince black dragon – The black dragon prince is one of the reasons why higher levels still grind the king black dragon. So 

Dragonic visage – The dragon visage is one of the drops to look out for. You only have a 1 in 5000 chance of getting one from the KBD. Unfortunately, these have collapsed in price over the years and are only worth 3.6 mils at the moment. 

Optional to pick up

Black dragonhide – You get two black dragonhide per kill. These will fill up your inventory quite fast, so I would only pick them up at the very last moment of your trip when you have some inventory space left. 

Dragon bones – You get a dragon bone per kill. Not worth picking up when you have a full inventory. Using a Bonecrusher necklace is an excellent method to use these bones for something worthwhile. 

Adamant kiteshield: The king black dragon drops these 1/42 kills. It is worth just below 3k, so pick it up only if you have space left at the end of your trip. 

Runite bolts – If you use melee and have an open arrow slot, you can put runite bolts in it. The runite bolt is a drop you get on average 1/13 kills. The KBD drops 10 to 20 runite bolts at once. 

Law rune – A suitable drop you can get here are law runes. You only see these appear 1 in 25 kills on average. They drop 30 at once, and this is stackable. 

Shark – only pick these up if you are running out of food. You can also juggle them to stay around longer. 

OSRS KBD guide – final thoughts

The King Black Dragon is a great boss to fight in OSRS. You can get a good time and profitable drops fighting the KBD on desktop and mobile. While the GP an hour isn’t spectacular, it is an excellent monster to fight for a pet or have a more relaxed bossing experience. 

As a last reminder, never bring things you are unwilling to lose, and always have your protect item prayer on in the wilderness. Other players can attack you on your way to the KBD, and clans or solo pkers often wait at the teleport spots. 

King Black Dragon FAQ

Is the KBD a good boss to fight on OSRS mobile?

The KBD is a predictable and easy-to-fight boss on OSRS mobile. You can easily fight the King Black Dragon on mobile and have about the same number of kills an hour as you would on the desktop. 

What are the best drops you can get at the King Black Dragon?

The best drops you can get at the KBD are: 
– The dragon pickaxe
– The draconic visage
– The KBD heads
– Elite clue scrolls
– Prince black dragon
If you are an ironman, you can get quite many attractive supply drops like yew logs and gold ore here.

Is it hard to get a kbd pet in osrs?

The KBD pet, the prince black dragon, is one the most accessible pets in OSRS to get. While there is only a 1 in 3000 chance to get the pet per kill, you can quickly kill over 40 KBDs per hour. Of course, you need to have high combat stats and good gear to get that amount. If you have a twisted bow or dragonbane weapons, you might even get 50 or more kills an hour. 

Mobile and Desktop have about the same number of kills an hour as you would on the desktop. 

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