Kurask Slayer guide OSRS [2022] – fastest xp and gp an hour

In OSRS, some Nieve and Duradel tasks are a bit special. A Kurask Slayer task is one of those. You need a unique weapon, there are just two locations where you can find them, and you need to bring a bunch of items to make the most out of your trip.

This slayer guide for Kurask 07 will teach you the best way to kill them, what to look out for and what drops you can expect to get from their drop table! 

What are Kurask

In OSRS, you can only attack certain monsters with a certain slayer level. Kurask is one of those monsters. You need to have level 70 slayer to damage the beast.

However, the Kurask has an additional twist. You need to attack these beasts with a particular type of weapon. Some of these can be bought from slayer masters, and others are drops from Turoth and this monster. 

osrs kurask safespot

The following weapons and attacks can hit a Kurask: 

  • Leaf-bladed sword
  • Leaf-bladed battle axe
  • Leaf-bladed spear
  • Broad bolts
  • Broad arrows
  • Amethyst broad bolts
  • Magic darts

Despite being a mighty monster that requires you to have at least 70 slayer to harm it, the creature can be assigned by multiple slayer masters. These are Vannake, Chaeldar, Konar Quo Maten, Nieve and Duradel. 

Combat level106
Hitpoints level97
Max hit11
WeaknessStab, range, magic
Attack styleCrush
Assigned byVannake, Chaeldar, Konar Quo Maten, Nieve and Duradel.
OSRS Kurask Slayer task

King Kurask

If you have unlocked the slayer perk Bigger and Badder, a superior monster can spawn during your slayer task. You have a 1 in 200 chance that a King Kurask will generate when fighting this creature. 

This superior variant is a much stronger foe. It has combat level 295 and can hit up to 36. Like the regular version, this superior slayer monster is weak to stab, magic and range. However, the King Kurask has better drops and will give you 2767 slayer xp when you defeat it. 

Kurask locations

At the moment, there are two locations where you can fight the Kurask. These are the Fremmenik slayer dungeon and the Iorwerth Dungeon. The Iorwerth Dungeon is a relatively new location. The Dungeon is locked behind a master quest, Song of the Elves. If you have not done the quest, it is impossible to go to the Dungeon. 

Fremmenik Slayer Dungeon

This location is also known as the Fremmenik slayer caves or the Relekka dungeon. This cave is where the Kurask was initially exclusively found in OSRS. Over the years, we have had a couple of updates to this slayer location. Now there is an upper level of the slayer area for Kurask. You can only fight the monsters here if you have a slayer task assigned. Once you have completed the assignment, you can no longer harm the monsters. The drops are the same in both the lower and upper floors of the Fremmenik Slayer Dungeon. 

You can easily reach the Fremmenik Slayer Dungeon to fight Kurask using your slayer ring. If you do not have a slayer ring, the next best alternative is using the fairy ring code A J R. If that is not an option, home teleport with a scroll to redirection to Relekka is also okay. 

kurask slayer dungeon fremennik

No matter how you travel to this slayer dungeon, bring a stamina dose or an energy potion. You will run out of energy quite fast, and these monsters are the deepest of all in the Dungeon. If you do not bring something to replenish your run energy, you will have to waste quite some time walking. 

Kurask safe spot – There are multiple safespots in the caves where you can attack the monsters. These safespots can be located near the walls of the upper and underfloor. Just stand behind the rubble as indicated in the image below to safespot them effectively. 

safespot osrs kurask
Notice the red arrow for the safespot location on your minimap

Cannon spot – It is impossible to use a cannon to kill Kurask in the Fremmenik Slayer Dungeon. You will get a message in your chatbox when you try to do so. However, even if you could use a cannon, it would not help you very much. The Kurask is one of the few monsters in OSRS that are entirely immune to damage from cannons and Thralls. 

Iorwerth Dungeon

If you have done the Song of the Elves quest, you have access to the Iorwerth Dungeon. I prefer this Dungeon over the Fremmenik Slayer Cave. The reason for that is that their spawns are much easier to reach. Another great reason to fight them here is that the Kurask in the Iorwerth Dungeon drops crystal shards. Depending on how you use them, these are worth up to 20k, which adds a little extra profit to your trip. 

The Fremmenik slayer cave is pretty far if you don’t have a slayer ring, and the Kurask are the furthest monsters from the entrance. However, the Iorwerth Dungeon is easy to reach by using a teleport crystal and running south to the gate. 

 iowerth slayer dungeon
Iowerth dungeon is indicated on the map by the 4 yellow arrows

Kurask safe spot – There are multiple safe spots in the Iorwerth Dungeon. I have attached an image below. The photo shows you the best safespot for Kurask in the Iorwerth Dungeon. There are many others, but these are not as good and as safe. 

Kurask Cannon Spot – While you can use a cannon here, it won’t help you. The reason for that is that the monsters are immune to cannon damage. So your cannonballs will hit 0s.

Best way to kill Kurask for slayer tasks

These are pretty unique monsters. Besides needing a level 70 slayer to get them as a task and being able to damage the creature, they have a ton of powerful immunities. One of these immunities is their ability to negate all damage from most types of weapons. Here is how to kill them effectively for slayer.

Best weapon for Kurask

A lot has been written about what the best weapon is at Kurask. The data seems to be objectively clear. The Leaf Bladed Battleaxe is the best weapon during your Kurask Slayer task. 

The Leaf-bladed Battleaxe has a higher DPS than both the sword and the spear, despite the monsters having a +20 crush and slash defense. When ranging, broad bolts seem to be the best ammunition to use for the maximum xp an hour and get quick kills. 

Must bring items

Due to the relatively generous drop table, there are a couple of items you should bring to make the most out of your trip. While these items aren’t essential to complete your slayer task, they help make more money. 

Seedbox – There are quite a few seed drops here. The seedbox will give you extra inventory space to pick up all the seeds. This seedbox is very useful if you are an ironman planning on training your farming levels. 

Herb sack: Kurask has a lot of herbs on its drop table. The herb sack can carry multiple full inventories of herbs and is a must-have item if you are an ironman. In addition, this sack will make herblore training a lot easier. For regular accounts, bringing the herb sack is helpful to increase your gp an hour here. 

Alch runes: A rune pouch is also an excellent option if you have one. Thanks to the rune items and adamant plate bodies you get here, you often leave with over 100k in alchables or coins.

Gear set up

You can use multiple gear setups while doing a Kurask Slayer task. However, you need to keep in mind the immunities they have against regular weapons and most magic spells. 

Below, you can find the optimal gear for each combat style to kill Kurask. I have also included a couple of cheaper alternatives. Try to get the BIS item or the item closest to the BIS item to maximize your kills, xp, and gp an hour here. 

Melee gear

The best weapon to use at the Kurask is the leaf-bladed battleaxe. While the axe is slow, it has a higher DPS, accuracy, and max hit than the sword and spear. The second-best weapon when you use melee is the sword. The spear should only be used here if you don’t have the other two options at your disposal.

It is a good idea to bring your Saradomin Godsword with you. Even though you won’t be able to do damage, you can still restore your hitpoints and prayer by using a special attack on them. 

Ranging gear

The best weapon to bring is the highest level crossbow you have with broad bolts. You should prioritize range strength and range accuracies over other bonuses like prayer and defense. That is because you will be safespotting the Kurask when using this gear. The only reason you should look at prayer bonus is when using a prayer that is better than Hawkeye. 

Using broad arrows is not advised; this ammunition is significantly weaker than broad bolts. 

Magic gear

I would not advise using magic here. The spells you need to kill Kurask are expensive, and the xp and kills an hour here are slow. However, you can safespot them while using magic if you want to. 

Best Kurask slayer drops

Here are a couple of drops you should look out for when you are assigned Kurask as your slayer task. Due to them having a generous drop table, you might not be able to pick up all the drops you get here. In that case, you must do a bit of inventory management. 

Armor and weapons

  • Rune long sword – The rune longsword is an excellent drop to alch. 
  • Adamant platebody – Don’t sleep on these! They alch for 10k. 
  • Rune axe – A decent drop that you get quite a lot here. Alchs for 7k. 
  • Leaf-bladed sword – A superior option to the leaf-bladed spear. Alch if you have one already. 
  • Mystic robe top is quite rare and a great item to alch for coins. 
  • Leaf-bladed battleaxe – The leaf-bladed battleaxe is the best weapon at the Kurask. It has high accuracy, max hit, and can easily 2-hit the monsters. 

Supplies and runes

  • Nature runes – Many nature runes can be collected during this slayer task. 
  • High-level seed – If you want to train your farming, bring a seedbox. You can get snapdragon seed, snape grass seed, torstol seed, and toadflax seed here. However, you can’t get rannar seed.  
  • White berries – A secondary ingredient for herblore. It can be sold. 
  • Flax – Not worth much, but beneficial if you are an ironman. 
  • Coins – they often drop 10k at a time. 
  • Big bones – Kurask have a 100% chance to drop big bones, but occasionally they drop 20 noted big bones too. 
  • High-level herbs – Bring your herb sack if you have a Kurask slayer task. These monsters drop a ton of high-level herbs. The great thing is that they often drop multiple at a time. So you can get up to three ranarr weed in one kill if you are lucky. 
  • Papaya fruit – A valuable item for farming and worth a bit of money. 
  • Coconut – Also very useful for farming or decent cash on the GE. 

OSRS Kurask money making

Slayer is all about training your skills and getting extra money while doing it. Kurask is a great monster to grind, even off task. When it comes to money-making, Here are a couple of tips to make them worth your while and get the optimal gp an hour. 

Bring a herb sack and seedbox – Because Kurask drops so many high-level herbs and seeds, your inventory quickly gets full. Therefore, if you do not have a herb sack and seedbox, you will have to leave about 25% to 30% of your profitable drops here on the floor. 

Go to the Iorwerth Dungeon – You can get crystal shards pretty often by killing them in the Iorwerth dungeon; these are worth up to 20k each. This drop adds about 100k gp an hour when killing kurask for money. That is a substantial amount. You do need to have finished the Song of the Elves. Otherwise, this dungeon is locked for your account. 

Use a leaf-bladed battleaxe – the best weapon to use at Kurask is the leaf-bladed battleaxe. The DPS and accuracy are superior to both the sword and the spear. If you don’t have the ax, the blade is the best alternative. 

Don’t forget fire runes – While Kurask drops a lot of nature runes, they do not have fire runes on their drop table. Therefore, if you do not bring fire runes, you will not be able to alch their plentiful amount of armor and weapon drops, thus losing money or time. 

Using prayer is worth it – If you have the prayer potions, I would advise you to use prayer when using melee or range and switch on your Hawkeye or equivalent melee prayer. These prayer effects will increase your amount of kills an hour by over 15% and will make the money you spend on prayer potions back and then some. 

Money making at Kurask is AFK. They are aggressive monsters, so you can AFK here for up to 3 or 4 minutes at a time. Make sure you often look at your screen to pick up any valuable loot they drop or check if the superior variant – the King Kurask – has not spawned during your slayer task. 

Slayer guide conclusion: Are Kurask Worth it?

Yes, a Kurask slayer task is definitely worth doing. Despite not being able to cannon them and the fact that you need to use special weapons, the xp an hour is still very decent. 

Regular accounts can get a lot of high-value drops here to alch and sell on the Grand Exchange. For Ironman accounts, Kurask is one of the best slayer tasks to get assigned. Thanks to the alchs, the seeds for farming, and the herbs to train herblore, a single task is enough to replenish plenty of potions.

My favorite place to fight them is the Iorwerth Dungeon. However, if you have not done the Song of the Elves quest, the Fremmenik Slayer Cave is a good alternative. Do bring your stamina potion as the trip is long! 

OSRS Kurask Slayer FAQ

What can I do with a Kurask Head?

A Kurask head can be mounted in your Player-owned house (PoH). Then, when you have 58 construction, you can build a skill hall. If you have the Kurask Head stuffed in Canafis at the taxidermist, you can add it to your skill hall by using the mount option on the wall. 

How much GP an hour is Kurask?

You can earn up to 600k gp an hour during a Kurask slayer task. This amount of gp an hour depends on what weapon you use to fight them and your combat stats. Kurask 07 can also be fought in the Iorwerth dungeon. You can get 100k extra gp an hour thanks to the crystal shards drop you get here often. 

What is OSRS Kurask 2007 weakness?

Kurask has one major weakness in OSRS: leaf-bladed weapons. These types of arms are the only weapons that can hit them. You can also use the slayer dart and broad bolts and arrows here. However, those weapons are significantly less effective than the melee weapons. 

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