Lava Dragon OSRS guide [2022] – Make a huge profit at a low level

If you ask what the most accessible dragon to kill in osrs, not many players will know that the answer is the Lava dragons. A level 3 player can kill these monsters. Since lava dragons are weak to magic and can be safespotted, fighting them is pretty AFK. The drops you get here are pretty amazing too. So we decided to write an in-depth guide about this incredible monster! 

The osrs killing lava dragons guide for 07 is just the guide you need to know how to defeat these monsters at a low level, make a decent profit and get a ton of good xp for your account. 

What are lava dragons?

In the lore of Runescape, Lave Dragons are a type of red dragons who have been transformed due to their habitat. As the name implies, they have adapted to living in regions with a lava flow. 

These dragons are exclusively found in the wilderness at the Lava Dragon Isle. The lava dragons have a powerful Dragonfire attack, which can hit up to 50. They also have a regular melee attack with a max hit of 23.

These monsters are often killed for their profitable drops. Since they can be safespotted, even very low-level players can kill these monsters. Krystilia can also assign them as a lava dragon slayer task.

Combat levelLevel 252
Max hit23 with melee, 50 with dragon fire
Hitpoints level230 hitpoints
Slayer xp248 slayer xp
WeaknessRange and magic
Attack styleSlash and dragonfire
Lava dragon weakness and stats

How to get to the Lava Dragons osrs?

Let’s start with where the lava dragons are in OSRS. The only place where these creatures are found is in the Lava Dragon Isle, around level 40 wilderness. However, there are a couple of ways to reach them quite quickly.

The fastest way to get to the Lava Dragons is by using the Annakarl teleport to the Demonic ruins. Then just run west till you arrive at the gate of the Isle. 

Another suitable method to get to the Lava Dragons quickly is using the wilderness Canoe in Edgeville. This canoe will get you up to the Black Chincompas. Once you arrive, run north and then west, and arrive at the gate. 

The third best method uses the Corporeal Beast teleport on the game’s necklace. This will bring you to the south of the Island. When teleported, run north and take the agility shortcut to the Island.

The final method to reach the lava dragons easily is by using the wilderness level and getting to the mage arena. Then run to the south and follow the fence till you get to the gate. Go through the gate and run south till you reach the Lava dragon Island.

Below you can find a map with the fastest ways to reach the OSRS Lava Dragons. 

lava dragon location fastest ways osrs
lava dragon location fastest ways osrs

Best way to kill lava dragons

There are a couple of great ways to kill lava dragons. This guide will discuss methods any player can use to defeat them quickly and easily. Feel free to switch out items and spells for better – or worse – alternatives. However, you shouldn’t be too worried since you can kill these dragons with attacks like wind strikes. 

Recommended stats and gear

To get the optimal xp and gp an hour at the Lava Dragon, you should have the following stats:

  • 80 range when ranging
  • 75 magic when using mage
  • 70 defense
  • 43 prayer
  • 74 agility to use the agility shortcut. 

The minimum stats for getting kills somewhat quickly have level 13 magic to be able to cast fire strike. However, your kills will be much faster if you have level 35 magic and chaos gauntlets. 

You should only bring items that you are willing to risk for your gear. That means 3, tops 4, good things that have value. You should also get an anti-dragon shield. Below is a write-up on the different items you can use here. 

Budget killing mage

If you are maging these on a low-level account, you can use cheap bis f2p magic gear. However, you would do well to bring slightly better items, like the Xerician robes. You can use the Trident of the Swamp, Tome of fire, and barrows gloves here as your three valuable items. 

Alternatively, you can also use a trident of the seas or Iban’s staff as your weapon. For your gloves, you can also wear rune or adamant gloves. A combat bracelet also works and gives a magic bonus. 

I recommend you wear this if you have a minimal budget for gear:

  • Tome of fire (optional)
  • Chaos gauntlets
  • Occult necklace (optional)
  • Staff of fire
gear lava dragons osrs

Ranging lava dragons

If you want to kill lava dragons effectively, ranging them with a craw’s bow is the way. This bow will give you a bonus against monsters in the wilderness. There are some other items that I would recommend you take with you to the Lava dragons when using ranged:

  • Craws bow
  • Necklace of anguish
  • Barrows gloves
  • Ava’s assembler

These are the four items you should protect. You can also take things like black d’hide as that armor gives a decent bonus and is reasonably cheap. So losing it when you die to a pker or a lava dragon does not matter. 

I would not recommend you to use a regular crossbow and bolts here. However, if you do, the best bolts to use at the lava dragons are adamant bolts. These are pretty accurate and are cheap to use. Other bolts like the rune or enchanted bolts are too expensive to operate and lose here. 

Mithril bolts are okay too, but they are significantly weaker than adamant bolts. So if you have 55 slayer, you can also use broad bolts when using ranged. 

Best magic gear 

This gear assumes you do not have a Lava Dragons slayer task and are just killing them for profit. If you do have a slayer assignment, bring your slayer helm. Here is the optimal gear to quickly grind the lava dragons and make a profit:

  • Occult necklace
  • Trident of the swamp (or sanguinesti staff)
  • Book of darkness
  • Tormented bracelet

The rest of your gear should be items like the helm of neitiznot and black d’hide to protect from PKers. You do not need a high magic bonus here if you have a high magic level. Lava Dragons have a weakness to magic, so you will hit very accurately with this gear. 

Bis gear lava dragon osrs


Since you are going into the wilderness, it’s good to bring extra food, a teleporting method, and a stamina potion to make sure you survive an encounter with a PKer. Here is a list of must-bring items in your inventory for killing lava dragons.

  • High-level food
  • Runes
  • Looting bag
  • Pestle and mortar
  • Emergency teleport over level 30 wild
  • Stamina Potion
  • Prayer potion
  • Saradom brew (Against pkers)

The pestle and mortar and the looting bag are two essential items to bring. The looting bag will increase the number of drops you can pick up. The pestle and mortal can grind up the scales you get here as a drop. 

XP and money an hour

A high-level player will be able to kill over 90 lava dragons an hour using range or strong magic spells. When you kill 90 of them an hour and bring a looting bag, you will get a profit of about 1.1m an hour and get 85k combat xp and 30k hit points xp an hour.

A low-level player using fire strike or firebolt will have fewer kills an hour. You will get between 15 and 20 lava dragon kills an hour and make somewhere between 200k and 300k gp an hour. 

Best spells

Fire strike – If you are a low-level account on a budget, you can use fire strike to kill the lava dragons. These only hit 8, but if you use a safespot, you can still finish off these dragons pretty quickly. 

Iban’s blast – At 50 attacks and 50 mages, you can wield the Iban’s staff and cast Iban’s blast. This blast is pretty powerful and not very expensive to the amount of damage it does. Those factors make it a great weapon to use against the Lava dragons. 

Fire bolt – The fire bolt spell is expensive but effective if you use it in combination with the Tomb of Fire. This item boosts the damage of fire spells by 50%, giving you quick kills. After that, the pages of the book are consumed. 

Trident – Using the trident of the swamp gives you access to the best spell to kill the lava dragons. Using the trident is a bit more expensive but still worth it. 

Lava dragons safespot

You can make a decent profit killing these monsters at a low level. First, however, you will need to use the lava dragon safespots. There are a couple of proper, safe spots which you can use, so you do not take any damage.

If you have 74 agility, the best safespot at the lava dragons is the one south of the Island. Due to the agility shortcut being so close by, you can make an easy escape when a pker would show up and try to kill you.

The alternative for this lava dragon safespot, if you do not have 74 agility, is to stand next to the gate behind the tree. Of course, that safespot is not as good, but you can still escape quickly if you get attacked by PKers because you are so close to the gate. 

safespot lava dragon osrs

Lava dragons drop table

Here we will discuss some of the best drops you can get here. Since the way to the Island is pretty far from the bank, being brilliant at inventory management. SO we will only discuss the drops you should pick up at the Lava Dragons.

Lava dragon bones: This is a 100% drop from these monsters.

Black dragonhide: Despite being related to red dragons, they count as black dragons on a slayer task and drop black D’hide

Lava Scale: A 100% drop, which you should grind up with your pestle and mortar

Onyx bolt tips: One of the best drops to get here; you can quickly get up to 400k a trip of these.

Rune items: You can get a rune kiteshield, rune full helm, rune med helm, rune javelin, rune dart, rune knife, rune ax, runite bolts, and rune javelins as a drop here. Most of these can be alched for a good amount of coins.

Runes: The lave dragons often drop Law runes, death runes, and blood runes. However, they do not drop chaos runes. So you will need to find a better way to get chaos runes if you want to use bolt spells. 

Dragon javelin heads: You can get dragon javelin heads as a drop here if you have completed Monkey Madness II. 

Adamant armor and weapons: You can get many adamant items here. Some examples are the adamant two h sword and the adamant platebody. Both alch on a tremendous amount of gps.

Draconic visage: As you see, the lava dragons drop the draconic visage. However, you only have a slight chance of getting this drop. 

Lava Dragons osrs FAQ

Can you range lava dragons in OSRS?

Yes, Lava dragons are weak to ranged attacks. The best weapon to use is the craw’s bow. This bow will give you a damage bonus since fighting in the wilderness. The best bolts to us are adamant bolts and broad bolts. 

How long does a lava dragon kill take?

Depending on your combat level and the combat style, it takes about 40 seconds to 4 minutes to kill a single Lava Dragon. However, experienced players using good gear can kill over 100 of these monsters in an hour. 

What is the fastest way to get to the lava dragons?

The fastest and best way to get to the Lava dragons is by using teleport to the ancient ruins. This teleport will get you just to the north of the Isle. Then, just run south till you get to the gate, and you will have arrived at your destination. 

Final hot takes

No matter your combat level, Lava Dragons are an excellent slayer task and a very good monster to make a decent amount of money. There are a ton of decent drops, including the draconic visage, that will give your bank a nice boost.

Thanks to the weakness Lava Dragons have to range and magic attacks, you can get a lot of xp here too. This makes them a great monster to fight for players who want to get more gp, more xp, and do something exciting like PVMing in the wilderness of Old School Runescape. 

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