Lesser demon slayer guide

If you have played osrs in the early 2000s, you might have killed these monsters for their rune med helms. In this guide, we will discuss doing the lesser demon slayer task and how to fight them most effectively. We will also consider f2p players that want to grind these out. 

Lesser demons weaknesses and stats

Despite being one of the weakest demons in Runescape, Lesser Demons are in the top 4 of the strongest monsters in f2p OSRS. Knowing their weaknesses and stats can help you decide on the tactic you should use to kill them and train your stats while grinding lesser demons. 

HitpointsMax hitAttack styleWeaknessAttribute
Lesser demon weaknesses and stats

Lesser demons have significant weakness in magic. As a result, their defense against this attack style is -10. However, with their magic level being only 1, magic attacks are extremely effective against them. So much so that you don’t need to wear mage armor. 

Their defense against the other attack styles is also 0. That means you can fight them with an attack style of your choice and get some pretty decent xp an hour. While their combat level is about the same as the weaker fire giants, these demons are much faster and easier to take down but have less interesting drops. 

osrs lesser demons

Lesser demon locations

Because these monsters have been around since 2001, you can find the lesser demon at many locations in osrs. Here we have listed the top four best places to kill lesser demons. 

Chasm of fire: the best place to do your lesser demon slayer location is in the Chasm of Fire. You can find various demons in this location, including the greater and black demons. The fastest way to get here is by using the fairy ring code DJR. Since you can use a cannon here, The Chasm of Fire is the optimal place to complete your lesser demon slayer task.

Great Kourend: In the catacombs of Kourend, you can find eight spawns of lesser demons. The reason why this is my second favorite location is because of the drops you can get here. Also, because it is in the catacombs, you can get ancient shards and totem pieces for Skotizo, the boss here. 

Isle of souls Dungeon: The isle of souls is a pretty recently added location to the world of Old School Runescape. Due to the fact the spawn of lesser demons is so close to the bank, it deserves an honorable mention here.

Crandor and Karamja Dungeon: if you are a f2p player, there only is a single location where you can fight lesser demons. This location is the Crandor and Karamja dungeon. You can find 11 spots here, and you can safespot the lesser demons. So that means you can use both magic and range to fight them.

lesser demon slayer

Lesser demon slayer strategy

There are only three slayer masters who will assign this task. These are Krystillia, Vanneka and Chaldear. However, I do not suggest you skip or block the task as it is pretty easy to do, and you can use a cannon for optimal xp an hour. 

Combat style

Even though the lesser demons have a weakness in magic, the best option to use is range or melee. These combat styles have a higher dps on a single target than magic.

If you are at a low combat level, you should use ranging. If you are higher combat, you should use melee. If you want to AFK lesser demons, you should use melee and use your protection from melee prayer to deal with them. 


The strategy and combat style will determine the gear you use. We will discuss three different styles briefly here:

  • Ranging: if you use range, you should use your best-ranging weapon and dragon hide. The best bolts you should use are mithril bolts and arrows. Wise, I would go for adamant. If you are fighting them in the Chasm of Fire, you should bring a cannon. 
  • Melee: If you are using melee, I suggest you use either bandos or torag if you are not safe spotting. Using your arclight as your weapon is not recommended. You should save your charges for better demons like the Zamorak boss. 
  • Melee and prayer: You should use the proselyte armor and bring a ton of prayer potions and the holy wrench if you are using melee and prayer. The melee weapon should be your BIS item, not the arclight, as it is not worth it. 


Your inventory should consist of the following items for your lesser demon slayer task. 

  • Combat/range potions
  • Training food
  • Teleporting method
  • Cannon (if in a chasm in fire)
  • Cannonballs (you should bring about 2500) 

If you use a safe, you can leave your inventory empty for the teleporting method or range potionspot. You can pick up more drops and get more out of your slayer task here. 

lesser demon inventory

Notable drops

The average lesser demon will only earn you about 800 gp. Most of this amount comes from a single drop, Vile Ashes, worth about 500 gp depending on GE prices. 

Here are some other drops you might be interested in picking up if you are an ironman or want to get the most out of your lesser demon slayer task. 

  • Rune med helm
  • Death runes
  • Chaos runes
  • Fire runes
  • Various high-level herbs
  • Lesser demon champion scroll

In the Catacombs of Kourend, you can also get ancient shards and totem pieces at a fairly good drop rate. 

Note: You can get the same drops but much higher if you are doing the lesser demons as a wilderness slayer task. For example, instead of 3 death runes, you will get 30. Next to that, you can also get some adamant armor pieces here. 

Final thoughts

The osrs lesser demon slayer task is one of those assignments you should not skip or block. They are pretty easy to kill, even at lower levels, since they are so weak to magic and ranging and can be safely spotted.

If you are looking to build up your gp stack, I advise you to find a better monster like Ankou. The drops you get from the lesser demons are underwhelming, and nothing is exciting you can get from them as loot. 

If you are looking to train your melee and ranging, the moss giants might be a better option here. 


Where can I safespot lesser demons in osrs?

There are two amazing, safe spots in f2p for lesser demons. These are the Wizard’s Tower, on the top floor, and in the Karamaja Dungeon. So if you are a really low level and just want to safely fight these monsters, I recommend you go to the Wizard’s Tower. 

Where can you cannon lesser demons in osrs? 

The best spot to cannon lesser demons in osrs is the Chasm of Fire. You can safely spot the monsters there or just fight them with melee. The spot is also very easy to reach with the fairy ring. The only downside to this location is a single combat area. 

Should I skip the lesser demon slayer task?

No, this slayer task is a pretty decent one for xp. You can use a cannon to make this a lot faster. They have low defense, so the task is done pretty quickly. In short, don’t use your slayer points to skip or block the assignment. The only downside to this monster is that you don’t get any worthwhile drops. 

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