OSRS lumberjack outfit guide [2022] – How to get this easy and quickly

The Lumberjack outfit is one of the most valuable items you can get if you plan to train your woodcutting levels. Unfortunately, a lot of players, for some reason, don’t have the lumberjack outfit. That is why we have decided to write a quick and easy guide.

Following our method will get you the outfit in about 30 minutes, so there is no excuse not to get it!

What makes the Lumberjack outfit so great

Why would you spend your time getting this item? Well, the answer is simple. The Lumberjack Outfit will save you a ton of hours of training woodcutting. This time saving is because each piece of the outfit gives between 0.2% to 0.8% bonus xp when woodcutting. In addition, when you wear the lumberjack outfit as a set, you get an additional 0.5% xp boost and thus get a 2.5% bonus xp in total.

Getting your woodcutting up to 99 takes about 300 to 400 hours. So when you get this outfit as soon as you can, you will save around hours of playing time. 

temple trek outfit lumberjack guide

Requirements to obtain the lumberjack

The only way to get the lumberjack outfit is by doing Temple Trekking. The items can not be bought in the GE, so you need to get them yourself. The Temple trekking minigame is quite fun and not complicated.

You will need to have the following requirements to do this minigame effectively:

  • Aid of Mortanyia
  • Darkness of Hallowvale
  • Bring a druid pouch
  • Bring a silver sickle
  • Food
  • Stamina potions
  • An axe and Efaritays aid

Make sure you bring all of these items. Also, if you are a hardcore ironman, make sure you get a teleport out of the minigame to avoid dying. 

Temple trekking for the lumberjack outfit in 30 minutes

To start Temple trekking, you need to get an NPC that is at the level that they can prevent or give hints about the upcoming events on each route of the Temple Trek. 

Osrs lumberjack guide get the outfit

Step 1

Find the NPC named Rolayne; he is the best option to start the Trek. Choose the opportunity to create the Trek when you right-click him. Check the paths that he offers and select the easy way. Complete this route.

Step 2

Now you have completed the easy route, your odds of getting a lumberjack event have become significantly higher. In addition, you can get hints for predicting the bridge event, which is the event where you can get the lumberjack outfit. 

If there is a high chance of a bridge event, you will get one of the following routes predicting the route: 

  • “Did you see that? There seems to be some sort of broken bridge ahead.”
  • “You’ll need to be handy with repairs to head this way if we are to cross the river.”
  • “There’s a nice-looking bridge this way… Well, it would be nice if we could cross it!”

Check every route and see if one route has a message like the ones above. If there is one, take this route. If there isn’t a route, just hop worlds and talk to Rolayne. 

Step 3

You are not 100% guaranteed to get an event. However, if there is one, there will be a bunch of lumberjacks spawning, and you have a (pretty high) chance of getting a piece of the outfit. 

Step 4

If all zombies are dead, you should now hop worlds and continue the Trek again! Do the process all over. So you have to check for hints again like those in step two. If you don’t get any, hop worlds and look for a hit. 

You will get the outfit in the following order, with no duplicates until you have completed it: Boots -> Hat -> Legs -> Top.

osrs outfit lumberjack guide


Getting the lumberjack outfit in OSRS is easy and goes faster than most people assume. As long as you use the right strategy, completing the set should not take longer than an hour. Because it saves a full day of training woodcutting, I would suggest getting the outfit as soon as possible. That way, you can fully use the benefits that the lumberjack outfit provides to your account. Just like the holy wrench, this item is great to get as soon as you can!

Make sure you get the complete set, as you can get a 0.5% bonus when you wear every piece of clothing. 

OSRS lumberjack outfit FAQ

Is the lumberjack outfit worth it?

Yes, the lumberjack outfit takes only 30 to 45 minutes to get. By getting the whole outfit and the accompanying xp boost, you can save over 10 hours of woodcutting training on your account. 

What is the drop rate for the lumberjack outfit?

You will get at least one piece of the lumberjack outfit per bridge event. So you will get one every one or two temple treks you do. So this comes down to a part of every 8 to 10 minutes of game time. 

Can you buy the lumberjack outfit on the Grand Exchange? 

The lumberjack outfit is an untradeable item. That means you can not buy it from the Grand Exchange. The only way to obtain this set is by doing the Temple Trekking minigame. You need to do multiple treks to complete the entire outfit. 

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