Best methods to get crystal shards OSRS [2022] – how to collect them effectively

You know how difficult this can be if you have ever tried to get crystal shards in OSRS. Crystal shards can only be obtained within Prifddinas and can be used to make powerful crystal equipment and the enchanted crystal key. 

This guide will show you the best methods to get crystal shards quickly and effectively. We will not discuss every method, but only those that will get you crystal shards at a reasonable pace; here are our criteria to determine what method is best:

  • Crystal shards an hour
  • Requirements needed
  • How AFK is the method

1. Farming crystal trees 

The best method to get crystal shards in OSRS is farming crystal trees. These have the advantage that growing these trees is an AFK method to get crystal shards. Per tree, you will get up to 10 shards. When planting the seed, you will get up to 16 shards per harvest if you use ultra compost. 

To plant and harvest crystal trees, you will need to have a crystal sapling that grows in the crystal tree patch. Planting the crystal tree requires you to have at least level 74 farming. The tree will be mature in 8 hours and will grand you 13 240 farming exp. 

crystal tree best method shards

2. Completing the gauntlet

The gauntlet is the activity that comes closest to what was dungeoneering in Runescape 3. You need to collect resources and make weapons to defeat the dungeon boss. This boss can be fought in regular mode and corrupted mode. The interesting thing about the gauntlet is that you can not bring any items here. You cant bring food, the holy wrench or weapons and armor.

Once you get experienced with this boss, you can earn up to 30 crystal shards an hour here. Next to getting crystal shards, this is one of the best moneymakers in OSRS due to the number of supply drops and the fact you can get a blade of Saeldor here. 

3. Defeating Zalcano

Zalcano is a boss that, just like Wintertodt, you have to defeat by using your skills. You use your mining and runecrafting here to conquer this massive monster. This is one of the best ways to get crystal shards at low levels. If they are lucky, an experienced player can get up to 25 shards an hour here and do an optimal play. 

Just like the corrupted gauntlet, you can get a ton of helpful other drops here. Zalcano mainly drops valuable supplies for skillers and ironmen. You can get up to three million gp an hour worth of drops here. You can not use weapons to fight Zalcano.

4. Pickpocketing elves

For players with a high thieving level, pickpocketing elves is a very decent method to get crystal shards. For example, if you have 99 thieving, you can get quite a lot of shards an hour here and up to 3m gp.

Thieving from elves is also pretty AFK at the later levels. Since all you have to do is click on one place, pickpocketing elves is the best way to get crystal shards on mobile. Make sure you stock up on enough decent food for training here.

You do need to wear full rogue for this method to work effectively. Otherwise, you will be caught too much. However, this method also gives you a ton of thieving exp and is an excellent way to train the skill. 

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5. Killing guards and NPCs in the Iorwerth dungeon

The Iorwerth dungeon is a great place to grind for crystal shards. All the monsters in the dungeon can drop these shards and have a 1 in 24 chance of doing so. So when you are doing your slayer task here, and you get a superior monster spawn, you get a guaranteed crystal shard if you manage to defeat it. This is much like collecting ancient shards for your arclight in the catacombs of kourend.

If money is no issue, you can use a cannon in the dungeon. This is a great way to get shards even faster. When using a cannon, and if your combat level is high enough, you will be able to get around 15 shards an hour here. 

6. Training woodcutting in Prifddinnas

Whenever you cut a tree down in Prifdinnas, there is a 1 in 80 chance to get a crystal shard. Since there are teak trees on the city’s outskirts, this makes training woodcutting here a great idea. 

When cutting teaks and using the drop method, you can quickly get over 70k woodcutting exp an hour and AFK quite a bit. While woodcutting here, you will also bring about 5 to 6 crystal shards an hour on average. 

7. Mining ores in the Trahaearn mine

Mining in the Trahaearn mine can also earn you some crystal shards. However, this method is significantly slower than all others mentioned here. No matter what ore you mine here, the odds of getting shards are the same.

A player with a high mining level using a dragon pickaxe or crystal pickaxe can get up to 3 shards an hour here training mining. 

best methods crystal shards get

8. Catching Crystal implings

Crystal implings have a reasonable chance of giving you multiple crystal shards. However, seeing these around is quite rare, making them an unreliable method to get crystal shards at a rapid pace. You also need a high hunting level to catch these, making this a complicated method to get your crystal shards. 

Besides crystal shards, you can get other valuable runes like chaos runes and nature runes. Other interesting and valuable drops can be found gotten here too.

Methods to get crystal shards conclusion

There are great methods for every combat level to get crystal shards. With optimal stats, you can get up to 30 shards an hour. If you don’t want to grind for shards and spend your time doing so, I strongly advise you to use the farming skill to plant crystal trees. You only need 74 farming; you train the skill and can get up to 45 shards a day using this method. 

Getting crystal shards FAQ

Can I buy crystal shards in OSRS?

No, crystal shards are not for sale in any shop in Runescape. They also are untradable between players. You will need to earn these crystal shards yourself if you want to get them. The crystal shards can be used to make valuable tradable items. 

What is the best thing to do with crystal shards in OSRS?

The best way to use your crystal shards is by making the blade of Saeldor. You will need to combine them with the weapon seed to do this. If you use your crystal shards like this and sell the blade, the shards are worth 40k each. They can also be used for making divine combat potions.

How can I get an enchanted crystal key quickly?

To get an enchanted crystal key, you will need to use a standard crystal key on a singing bowl and combine it with ten crystal shards. You will need to have 80 smithing and crafting to do this successfully. Making the enchanted crystal key will gain you 500 exp in smithing and crafting. You can open the Elven crystal chest once you get your enchanted crystal key.


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