The 7 best monsters to kill for money osrs f2p

Being a Free to play player doesn’t mean you get some decent money in OSRS. This article discusses the seven best monsters to kill for money in osrs f2p. Fighting these creatures will give you decent drops that might earn you enough to buy yourself a bond.

You will find both monsters for low-level and high-level free-to-play players to make money. 

7. Dark Wizards

Dark Wizards can be fought at a very low level. Once you are combat level, 15 or higher, these monsters are easy to kill and have a bunch of good drops. Killing Dark Wizards will earn you up to 25k gp an hour. I strongly suggest you kill the level 7 variant. These are the easiest to kill and have the same drop table as most more robust variants. 

You get the best things here are various high-level runes, wizard clothing, and bones. You can quickly kill up to 200 of these monsters an hour. The Dark Wizards are an excellent way to get chaos runes, as they often drop five at a time. 

Top Black wizard drops

  • Black robe
  • Wizard hat
  • Law runes
  • Nature runes
  • Chaos runes
  • Cosmic runes
dark wizards money maker

6. Imps

Another great monster to kill for money in F2P is combat level 2 imps. Imps are very easy to beat due to their meager defensive stats. The best place to kill them is around Varrock and South of Falador.

You can start killing imps from combat level 3. However, it is advised that you train your stats a bit so they don’t have a chance to teleport away from you. The beads and the fiendish ashes are the drops to look out for if you want to make money. You will get a beat every 6 to 7 imps, and these are worth around 1.3k each. The mind talisman that they drop is worth 1.7k so pick that up! 

Top Imp drops

  • Fiendish ashes
  • Black Bead
  • Red bead
  • White bead
  • Yellow bead
  • Blue wizard hat
  • Mind talisman
imp f2p profit

5. Hobgoblins

We are taking a step up in difficulty. Hobgoblins are medium-level monsters that can be found scattered all over Runescape. The best place to kill them in F2P is the edgeville dungeon since that spot is close to the bank. 

Killing these monsters for money in F2P is also an excellent way to train your combat stats. You can get up to 40k gp an hour at combat level 50, and you will get around 25k combat and 7k hitpoint experience fighting them. There is only one drop you should look out for here: the import roots. The beginner clue scroll they drop is also worth picking up and doing. 

Top hobgoblins drops

  • Limpwurt roots
  • Beginner clue scroll
hobgoblin f2p money maker

4. Hill giants

If you think about F2P monsters to kill for money in OSRS, Hill Giants will no doubly cross your mind. These monsters are outstanding low-level players who want to add some value to their bank. Slaying Hill Giants will earn you about 50k gp an hour and around 15k combat xp. 

The hill giants have their iconic big bones drop, but recently also got an additional drop: the giant key. This giant key will give you access to Obor, the hill giant boss, one of the best F2P bosses to kill for drops. 

Top hill giants drop:

  • Nature runes
  • Death runes
  • Chaos runes
  • Big bones
  • Giant key
guide best monsters to kill for money osrs f2p

3. Moss giants

If you want more of a challenge and more GP, you can start killing Moss Giants in the Varrock sewers. Moss Giants are great monsters to kill for money in f2p and earn you a ton of combat xp. Moss giants have a pretty significant drop table. They drop big bones, nature’s runes, chaos runes, beginner clue scrolls, and the Mossy key. 

Like the Hill Giants, Moss giants drop a particular key: the mossy key. This mossy key will give you access to one of the most profitable F2P bosses, Bryophyta. This F2P boss has a ton of significant drops to earn you extra money for your bond. 

Top moss giants drop:

  • Big bones
  • Nature runes
  • Chaos runes
  • Beginner clues 
  • Mossy key
moss giant

2. Ankou

Ankou becomes easy to kill when your combat level is above 70 or you have a decent ranging level. You can find these creepy monsters on the fourth level of the stronghold of security. 

The optimal way of killing them is by using ranging. Ankou hit is pretty accurate but can be safespotted. The drops you get here can be stacked in your inventory, for the most part, so that you can stay here for quite a while. Killing Ankou is also one of the best ways to train your range in f2p.  

Top Ankou drops:

  • Adamant arrows
  • Law runes
  • Black robes
  • Rune essence (noted)
  • Mithril ore (noted)

1. Ogress warriors

The best monsters to kill for money in osrs f2p are the Ogress warriors. The Ogress warriors can earn you up to 100k gp an hour. These monsters are so good to kill for profit because you can get many rune items here. These monsters also drop a ton of good runes and many coins.

The average kill is worth around 1800 gp, and most of the items are stackable or alchable. You can grind these for as long as you want if you use a safespot and range or magic. 

Ogress warriors are found in the corsair cove dungeon. This area is unlocked after you complete the Corsair Cove quest. 

Top Ogress warriors drop:

  • Mithril kiteshiled
  • Various high-level runes
  • Rune med helm
  • Rune full helm
  • Rune battleax
  • Shaman mask
ogress warrior best monsters to kill for money osrs f2p

Top monsters to fight for profit in f2p conclusion

If you want to earn money for a bond in F2P by killing the monster, you have plenty of decent options. The great thing about killing monsters as a moneymaker is that you also train your combat stats simultaneously. These monsters can be safespotted and killed by range, magic, or melee. So you can train every combat style. 

So, in conclusion, if you want to kill monsters for money in F2P, your best option is to kill the Ogress Warriors in the Corsair Cove. Then, pick up all the runes and rune items! 

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