Moss Giant OSRS Guide [2022] – Tips and tricks

Moss giants are a very well-known monster in Runescape. They have been around since 2001 and are a staple of F2P PVMing. In OSRS, they have largely remained the same compared to 20 years ago. However, they have been added to some locations and even have a boss variant now. 

Since the Moss Giant is such a classic RuneScape monster that players are still fighting, we decided to write an in-depth guide on what drops to pick up and how to fight moss giants most effectively. 

What are Moss Giants

Moss Giants are a type of giant. They are stronger than the hill giant but weaker than the fire giants. There are three variants of moss giants level-wise. There are level 42, level 48, and level 84 Moss Giants in OSRS. We will be focussing on the lower-level ones since those are more prevalent and much more interesting to fight. 

Moss Giants are an excellent monster for F2P and lower-level member players to train on. The moss giants have very low defense and have decent drops. Moss Giants also have a high hitpoints level making them pretty AFK to train on. 

They drop a mossy key, which gives access to Bryophyta, which is a significant boost. Since the moss giant boss is the strongest F2P boss and has some excellent drops. 

Combat LevelLevel 42, 48 and 84.
Hitpoints 60, 85 and 120 hitpoints.
Max Hit6, 6 and 14
Attack StyleCrush
WeaknessThey have +0 defense against all combat styles. 
Moss giant osrs varrock sewers

Where can I find Moss Giants

Since the early days, Moss Giants have been around in Runescape and Old School Runescape. That means they can be found all over the map. They also have been included in quite a few updates, making them even more prevalent across the vast world of OSRS. 

The level 42 ones are the most seen variant in OSRS. Unfortunately, there is only one spot where you can find the level 48s, the Pirates’ cove, and one place where you fight level 84 moss giants, the Iorwerth Dungeon. We will be discussing the best spots to fight them for both F2P and P2P. 

We will only be discussing spawns for the level 42 variant. 

Gians’ Den: The Giants Den has not been around for very long, but it is the best place all around to kill Moss Giants quickly. The Den, an extension of the Catacomb of Kourends, features all three giant types and is a great place to cannon these monsters. You get access to the catacomb drops too here. So you can cannon your way to a totem and more ancient shards here pretty fast. In addition, you can find ten moss Giant spawns here. 

Catacombs of Kourend: The second best place to fight them in member worlds is the Catacombs of Kourend. In the catacombs, there are 13 spawns. The quick teleport to the catacombs, plus the fact you get totems and ancient shards, makes it an excellent place for both money and exp. 

Varrock Sewers: The Varrock Sewers are a great place to fight Moss Giants if you are a F2P player. They aren’t too far from a bank and have the necessary, safe spots to keep you out of range of their melee attacks. The only downside is that if you are using melee and need to use food, your trip to the bank will be pretty long compared to other options members have. On the other hand, there are ten moss giants here, so you will seldomly have to compete for a monster to fight despite being famous. 

Wilderness: The wilderness is a pretty decent place to kill moss giants if you want to get a mossy key. You can get to their spawn point pretty quickly by using a canoe. Do keep in mind that other players can attack you in the wilderness. So do not bring anything you are not willing to lose! In the wilderness, you can find six moss giants for you to fight. 

Brimhaven Dungeon: A pretty iconic spot that has fallen out of favor due to updates is the Brimhaven Dungeon. You can find 20 spawns here, so it is a great place to go if you never want to be crashed by another player. 

Varrock sewer OSRS moss giants

Useful Moss Giant drops to pick up

Since it takes some time to go to the bank and restock in all cases, you want to avoid going as much as possible to maximize your GP and Exp an hour. Therefore, here is everything you should pick up and what you might want to pick up when fighting Moss Giants. Keep in mind that this guide is mainly aimed at lower-level players trying to get some extra exp or money fighting these monsters. 

The average kill is worth about 1k. 20% of this is due to the 100% drop, the big bones. 

Must pick up Moss Giant Drops

Big Bones: If you are a lower level, you might want to pick these up to sell or bury them. When fighting monsters in the Catacombs of Kourend, you can restore up to 2 prayer points per big bone that you bury. 

Nature runes: These monsters drop quite some nature runes. You can get up to 6 per drop, so make sure you pick these up as it is worth 1.2k and always helpful on an ironman account. 

Steel arrows – Moss Giants drop quite a lot of steel arrows. Since you can put them in your arrow slot and are worth about 570 per drop of 30, I would pick up the steel arrows.

Cosmic runes: Another often dropped rune is the cosmic runes. The monsters drop three cosmic runes at a time and are worth about 120 GP each. 

Chaos runes: About one in 42 drops 7 chaos runes at once. These are worth 455 GP per 7 runes. They stack and are often dropped, so there is no reason not to pick them up! 

Death runes: Another rune that you will see here frequently is the runes. These OSRS creatures drop 3 of them at a time at a rate of 1/128 on average. However, they do add up over time, so pick these up! 

Blood runes – As a nice added bonus, they also drop a single blood rune about 1/128. This is worth around 300 GP, which is almost double of big bones, so worth picking up.

Grimy rannarr weed: One of my favorite drops to get on my ironman are ranarr weed. These are worth 10k each and is used to make prayer potions. Prayer potions are among the most valuable and valuable potions on an ironman, so always pick up these herbs! 

High level herbs – Moss Giants drop a ton of other exciting herbs. You can get harralanders, irit, avantoe, kwuarm, cadantine, dwarf weed and lantadyme here quickly. 

Ensouled Giant Head – A good drop for cash and prayer exp. You will often see these, so you might want to pick them up if you are fighting these for money. 

Long & Curved bones: These should always be picked up. They are great to train your construction without spending money since you can flat out exchange them for construction exp. 

Mossy Key: This is likely why many people are here for. The Mossy key is dropped 1 in 150 kills on average. However, when you fight them in the wilderness, you have a 1/60 chance of getting this. I suggest you fight them in the wilderness with mediocre gear if you want keys. If you are on a slayer task, You have a 1/50 chance of getting these keys. 

High level seeds: Many people do not know this, but Moss Giants drop many high-level seeds. For example, they drop Torstol, snapdragon, toadflax, and ranarr seeds. Of course, it goes without saying that these should always be picked up. 

Optional drops to pick up

These are drops that you can pick up when you still have some inventory spaces left. But, of course, this all depends on your goals and the status of your account. 

Beginner clue scroll – a fun and easy-to-do clue scroll, but the loot is pretty mediocre. About 1/45 Moss giants drop these. Worth picking up if you enjoy clues. 

Giant champion scroll: These are a very rare 1/5000 drop, but not very useful. You can fight a giant champion when you get this scroll. Otherwise, it hasn’t got any value. 

Coal: You get unnoted coal ore here. You might want to pick these up. However, it isn’t beneficial. 

Spinach role: You might want to pick these up if you have some extra inventory space. They are also useful as food. 

Coins: I don’t often pick these up, but they tend to stack quite fast. If you need the money, you can pick them up. As a starting ironman who wants to grind these out and buries the big bones, it is a pretty good way to get some extra starting cash.

Air and earth runes: Moss giants often drop earth and air runes. Since they stack, you might want to pick them up as they add up to quite a bit over time. However, they won’t make serious bank.

Iron arrow: If you want to get a bit more ammo when ranging or have more space left, you can pick up the 15 iron arrows these creatures drop. 

How to effectively fight Moss Giants

Moss Giants are extremely easy to take down depending on your combat and gear since they have +0 defense in all stats. However, this chapter mainly aims at lower-level players, so keep that in mind. 

Recommended stats

To fight moss giants, I would advise you to have at least 40+ stats in attack, strength, and defense so that you can use rune weapons. If you are fighting these with range, I would advise you to have at least 30 range and use mithril arrows. 

These stats will make it relatively easy to kill these creatures and make a bit of money. However, they should mainly be killed for exp as there are much better monsters to fight at this level if you purely want to make money. 

If you are planning on fighting these in the wilderness, make sure you do not bring anything you are not willing to lose and bank when you get some keys or have a lot of drops in your inventory. 

Recommended gear and items

When fighting moss giants, I recommend you use your best melee gear or range gear. They have no specific weakness and do not hit too hard, so prioritize damage above defense. Also, there is a safe spot to use the range without food. Finally, always bring your combat potions or range potions with you, as these are very cheap and speed up your kills by quite a bit. 

You might want to bring a one dose stamina pot or an energy pot to get to the spot where you are killing them. This is, of course, entirely optional.

EXP and Profit

When fighting these monsters, you can count on getting about 40k GP an hour and 20k exp in an hour in melee or range. Of course, this depends on your combat stats and the gear you are using. If you are using a cannon in the Giants Den, for example, you will get over 100k range exp an hour. 

Moss Giant FAQ

What weakness do Moss giants have? 

In theory, they are weak to all combat styles since their defense against them is 0. Unfortunately, this is the fact for all types of these monsters. Therefore, using melee or range with the best DPS is advised. 

Are moss giants weak to fire?

No, they are not weak to this. There is no such thing as a weakness to a particular element in OSRS. They have 0+ defense against magic in general, so you can quickly kill them using fire strikes. 

What is the best place to kill moss giants? 

Suppose you want to get keys; the best place to kill them is wilderness. You have a 1/60 chance of getting a key from them if you kill them there. 

If you want to kill them as fast as you can, then you can go to the Giants Den. There you can use a cannon and kill many of them very quickly. 

Final thoughts

Moss Giants are fun monsters to fight and kill. The fact that they now have a boss monster makes them worth fighting at any combat. They have no defense, and you quickly kill these monsters with any combat style you want. 

While they are easy to kill, even at lower levels, the only time I think they are worth going out of your way is to train in F2P or get mossy keys. 

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