The ultimate OSRS Nex Guide [2022] – 13M GP HR money-making strategy

One of the most recent additions to the list of osrs bosses is the combat 1001 level monster Nex. This follower of Zaros can be found beneath the God Wars Dungeon and is one of the most profitable monsters to fight in osrs. 

In this ultimate Osrs Nex Guide, we will discuss everything you need to know before stepping through the Frozen door. At the end of the article, there is a useful Nex osrs FAQ section that will come in handy. 

Nex: requirements recommended stats

If there is one boss you should not underestimate, it is Nex. This monster is one of the strongest beings in osrs and is almost impossible to solo and extremely hard to duo.

I would recommend that these skills easily deal with the minimum damage needed for the drops. You can get away with lower stats, but you will have a much harder time. 


Defeat dad: To go to the God Wars Dungeon, you need to have defeated Dad. This NPC is fought during the Troll Stronghold Quest.

Frozen door mini-quest: To get access to the lair of Nex in osrs, you must have completed the Frozen Door mini-quest. This quest is easy and can be completed in less than 10 minutes. 

43 prayer: While you can technically fight Nex without having level 43 prayer, it is a requirement in practice. If you can’t use protection prayers, you will probably get slapped back to Lumbridge in under 15 seconds. 

Seventy hitpoints, ranging, Strength and Agility: You need to have level 70 in all of these stats to complete the Frozen Door mini-quest. If you can not complete this mini-quest, you can not access the boss. 

Recommended skills

90 Defence: while you can get away with 85 or even 80 defense, you will take significantly more damage. Nex hits very accurately and can easily overwhelm you and drain your supplies dry. The higher your defense level, the longer you will be able to stay, and the higher your gp/hr will be. 

90 range: Using melee if you are in a group is just not viable. You are much better at using ranging. Get a twisted bow or Zaros Crossbow to fight the boss and get the maximum DPS possible. 

74 prayer: Having access to the rigor prayer is crucial if you want to kill Nex effectively. While 44 prayer also works, the difference in DPS and damage taken will be significant. 

Useful quests

Edgar’s Ruse: The quest Edgar’s Ruse is essential for quick trips to the God Wars Dungeon and back if you don’t have the Tele to the GWD entrance. 

Making Friends with My Arm: This quest is useful for the Fire of Unseasonal Warmth. This fire will prevent your stats and run energy from draining, saving you precious supplies. 

Nex location and fastest way

godwars map nex fastest

There are multiple ways to get to the God Wars Dungeon and the Frozen Prison where Nex resides. Here are the methods I would recommend to get to GWD from fastest to slowest.

Trollheim Teleport: Edgar’s Ruse is the quest you need to complete for the Trollheim Teleport. You need to have 61 magic or use a teleport tablet to the location to get there. You will be teleported to the mountain to the east of the Troll Stronghold. Simply go down the mountain, and you will end up at the God Wars Dungeon to the North. This is the fastest way to get there.

Burthrope: Burthrope is another viable starting point, but if you are at the level where you are still using this Tele when fighting Nex, you are better off playing another game. 

Once you have reached the God Wars Dungeon, you can find the Frozen door to the South center of the main chamber. You must have completed the Frozen door mini-quest to enter the frozen door. Inside this locked area, you can find stronger versions of the spiritual creatures you can fight for slayer. To enter the Room where Nex resides, you need to have collected 40 essence by killing her followers or using an ecumenical key. 

Nex gear set up

The gear you use at Nex is vital to get fast kills. However, you can’t just take your BIS items. You should bring at least one Zaros-affiliated item to remain safe when passing through the essence-consuming door. If you do not have a Zaros item, you will be attacked and take significant damage. 

Zaros items for Nex

  • Zaryte Vambraces & Zaryte Crossbow are both BIS items that you can use. If you use these items, you don’t need to replace anything from your gear (except maybe the twisted bow). So this is the optimal choice if you are looking for the best Zaros Item to wear. 
  • If you don’t have Zaryte Vambraces, you can opt to use Ancient Braces. These have about the same stats as Barrows gloves from a DPS perspective.
  • Ancient D’hide boots are an alternative to the Pegasian boots. However, there is quite a difference between the two concerning the ranging bonus.
  • Ancient Coif is a good pick to replace the Armadyl helmet. 

Optimal gear

Best in slotGood alternative
HeadArmadyl helmetAncient coif
AmuletAmulet of AnguishAmulet of blood fury
capeAva’s assembler Ranging cape
AmmoDragon bolts (e)Dragon arrows
WeaponZaryte crossbowTwisted bow
ShieldSpectral spirit shieldNone
BodyArmadyl chestplateAncient d’hide body
LegsArmadyl platelegsAncient d’hide chaps
RingRing of suffering (i)Archer ring (i)
BootsPegasian bootsGod D’hide boots
GlovesZaryte VambracesBarrows gloves
Optimal Nex gear
gear setup nex osrs

The optimal gear for Nex is quite expensive. Of course, you can switch some items out for others, but you should spend your money wisely. For example, if you can only bring pegasian boots or a necklace of anguish, the necklace is the optimal choice. 

If you are switching out items, make sure you don’t lower your DPS and defense too much. Otherwise, you will have quite some trouble defeating the boss. The difference between the twisted bow and the zaryte crossbow is minimal, so pick what is best for you. 

Hybrid gear

Best in slot
HeadTorva full hem
AmuletAmulet of Blood fury
capeInfernal cape
AmmoDragon arrows
WeaponGhrazi rapier & Twisted Bow
ShieldAvernic defender
BodyKaril’s leathertop
LegsKaril’s leatherskirt
RingBerserker Ring (i)
BootsPegasian boots
GlovesFerocious Gloves
Hybrid gear

If you are in a team of less than 8 people, you can also wear a hybrid armor. This setup allows you to use both ranging and melee to fight Nex and its minions. While I do prefer to use ranging exclusively when fighting this osrs, this gear also works. 

Budget gear

Budget item
HeadAncient Coif
AmuletAmulet of Anguish
capeAva’s Assembler
AmmoDragon bolts (e)
WeaponDragon crossbow
ShieldTwisted Buckler
BodyAncient d’hide body
LegsAncient d’hide chaps
RingArcher ring (i)
BootsAncient d’hide boots
GlovesBarrows gloves
Budget Nex gear

If you are rebuilding your account and are planning to fight Nex in a large group, there are a few items you can use as a budget option. While your DPS will be significantly lower with this gear, it is still a viable setup for a very meager price. 


You can adjust your inventory depending on your stat and experience. This is the baseline inventory for killing Nex in a large team for a medium-experienced player:

  • 3 ranging potions
  • 6 super restores
  • Sanfew Serum
  • 8 Saradomin brews
  • 7 Angler fish
  • Rune pouch (containing fire, blood, and cosmics)
  • Stamina Potion
  • Book of the dead
example inventory nex

Bringing a crush weapon for this boss is also a good idea if you want to fight her. A crush weapon like the Abyssal Bludgeon will quickly break allies out of the ice prison. 

The book of the dead, and the Thralls, are essential to improve your DPS by a massive amount. This is because thralls their accuracy ignores Nex her defensive bonus, and the damage they deal is counted towards your damage dealt.

Even if you are not using thralls, you should still bring a rune pouch to pick up the large number of runes you get from Nex. 

Killing Nex strategy guide

If you want to enter Nex her chamber, you can only do so when she is not being fought or when the chamber has a purple glow. If the barrier is red, you can not enter until the end of the fight. 

You should not take the fight with Nex lightly. There are five phases you will encounter during the battle, and all of these come with their unique special mechanics. Moreover, there are four mages of combat level 285. 

While Nex is combat level 1001, this is quite deceptive. She seems much weaker than her combat level implies, even considering all the different mechanics she can throw your way. She is a boss that is weak to ranging and stab attacks. So using weapons that play into that will make the fight much more accessible. 

If you want to stop fighting Nex osrs, you have to pray at the altar, and you will be teleported out the room, outside a bank area. However, you can be attacked here by Zaros followers. So wear a relevant item. 

Unlike dying at bosses like the Chaos Elemental, your items will be deposited into a safe room in a chest when you die. Getting your items out will cost you 100k. If you die without reclaiming the things from your chest, they will be lost, and there is no way to get them back.

osrs nex guide special attack

Osrs Nex Phases and Mechanics 

1. Smoke phase

When the fight with Nex starts, she will begin with the Smoke phase. She will shout, “fill my soul with smoke.”

During the smoke phase, Nex can poison the player. Please make sure you are within melee distance of her. She will target just one player and won’t use her multitarget magic attack. The player being targeted will have to use protect from melee while the rest of the players use to protect from magic. 

Nex will have three unique mechanics during the smoke phase. 

Choke: WHen Nex shouts Let the Virus flow through you, the player who is the furthest away with the lowest magic defense will be targeted. The player will become infected, and the player will lose two prayer points every two ticks. If you are infected, you will have a Cough above your head. You can prevent the virus by equipping something like Justiciar to get a higher negative defense bonus. 

Drag: Nex drags a player at random towards here, and the player will be stunned, and the protection prayer will be turned off. 

Smoke Dash: Nex will choose one of the four paths and go there, dealing up to 50 damage to anyone standing there. To avoid this, keep looking at Nex to see where she gazes and avoid that place. 

Once Nex has reached 80% health, she will shout Fumus, don’t fail me. Now Fumus can be attacked. So it would be best if you killed her to go to Nex, her next phase, the shadow phase. 

2. Shadow phase

When Nex enters her second phase, she will say Darken my shadow. During this phase, the boss will use range. If you have protect from missiles, you will only take 50% damage instead of 100%. If you have a spectral spirit shield, you can also reduce the number of prayer points drained. 

Shadow Smash: When Nex uses the shadow smash special attack, she will shout Fear the Shadow. Every player will have a deadly shadow under it. Then the player has three ticks to move away from the shadow, or they will take 50 damage.

Embrace Darkness: When Nex shouts Embrace Darkness. The room will turn darker the closer you are to the boss. You will be damaged if you stand next to her until you are outside of her melee distance. 

At 60% health, you will be able to attack the mage named Umbra. When Umbra is slain, you can move on to the next phase, the blood phase.

nex chough attack osrs

3. Blood phase

The Blood phase will start when she shouts flood my lungs with blood. After that, the boss will begin using blood barrage on players and heal herself. You can reduce a significant portion of the damage by using a spectral spirit shield. 

This attack will only target one player. That player will need to move away asap to avoid damage and have Nex healed. In the blood phase, there are two special attacks:

Blood siphon: Eight blood reavers will kneel for eight ticks when the boss shouts. A siphon will solve this. All the damage Nex takes will heal her during this period instead of damaging her. 

Blood sacrifice: When she shouts I demand a blood sacrifice, one player is marked for sacrifice. The player will glow red and has 4 seconds to move 7 or more spaces away from the boss. If they don’t, 50 damage will be dealt, and the current prayer points will be reduced by 1/3rd. Nearby players will also take some damage.

When the boss hits the 40% health threshold, Nex will shout Cruor, don’t fail me. When Cruor is killed, the Ice Phase will start. 

4. Ice Phase

The fourth phase of Nex starts when she shouts Infuse me with the power of ice! After that, Nex will start using ice barrage against the players. When you are not using the protect from magic prayer, you will be frozen and lose prayer points equivalent to half the damage taken. 

There are two special attacks that Nex can throw your way during the ice phase. 

Containment: When Nex shouts to contain this, she will smash the floor and icicles around her. If this hits you, you can get damaged for up to 60 hp, and the protection prayers will be deactivated. 

Ice prison: when the boss shouts, Die now, in a prison of ice. An ice stalagmite will freeze the target player. If you are subsequent to the formation of the stalagmites, you will not be damaged. 

After four seconds, the ice prison will shatter. When the ice prison has shattered, everyone inside will take up to 75 hp damage if the stalagmites have not been destroyed. To make sure, you can ruin stalagmite with a crush weapon easily. 

When Nex has 20% of her hit points left, she will shout Glacies, don’t fail me. Then, when you have defeated Glacies, the next phase will start. The Zaros phase is the final one. 

nex ice prison osrs

5. Zaros Phase

The final phase of the boss is called the Zaros phase. Nex is going to shout Now, the power of Zaros. Nex will instantly be healed for 500 hit points and start using her usual magic and melee attacks. When you get hit by the magic attack, you will be drained for 5 prayer points. You can avoid this reduction by wearing a spectral spirit shield. 

During the phase, you must stand within melee distance of the boss. Nex will use several ancient Zarosian prayers. Players of RS3 will be familiar with these two:

Turmoil: Nex, her attacks will be much more accurate and can do a ton of damage even if you are praying against the attacks. The player will also have his melee stats drained and transfer them to his own. 

Soul split: The soul split prayer can heal Nex for a percentage of her health every time she damages up to three players.

Deflect melee: This powerful prayer will damage the player who has dealt damage to the boss. 

Wrath: Wrath is a superior version of retribution. When Nex has died, she will deal up to 45 damage to all players in a 5 x 5 radius. You have three seconds to run away or be dealt with up to 45 hitpoints of damage. 

nex guide osrs

Nex osrs drops and rewards

The boss has a multitude of exciting drops. However, there is a catch. You need to do a set amount of minimum damage to get a drop from the boss. If you get a drop, that is counted as a kill in your boss log. The share players receive from the boss is based on the DPS and the team size. 

The player who has done the most damage has a 10% drop increase for the everyday drops at the boss and an additional chance of getting the unique Nex loot.

Unique drops

Nex has many exciting items, almost all BIS options for high-level accounts. There is a 1 in 43 of rolling the unique drop table and getting one of the items here.

  • Zaryte vambraces
  • Nihil horn
  • Torva full helm
  • Torva platebody
  • Torva platelegs
  • Ancient hilt

Ammo and runes

Unfortunately, Nex is one of those bosses that makes skilling redundant and has a ton of significant drops on the drop table. Even if you don’t hit a unique, you get a ton of gp per kill. Here are some of the drops you should look out for:

  • Blood rune (84 to 325)
  • Death rune (85 to 170)
  • Soul rune (86 to 227)
  • Dragon bolts unf (12 to 90)
  • Onyx bolts e (11 to 29)


  • Air orbs
  • Uncut ruby
  • Uncut diamond
  • Runite ore

Consumables and other drops

  • Prayer potion (4)
  • Saradomin brew (4)
  • Super restore (4)
  • Shark
  • Ecumenical shard
  • Nihil shard
  • Blood essence 
  • Clue scroll (elite)
  • Nexling

As you see, there are a ton of exciting drops on the drop table. However, to hit it big and make the trips worthwhile, you need to get a unique drop. 


If you are looking for a challenge and a great boss with notable drops, then osrs Nex is a great pick. While doing this boss solo or duo is nearly impossible, you won’t be bored when fighting her in a group.

You can get up to 13 mils an hour if you do enough damage and are smart with your resources. This fact makes Nex the most profitable boss in Old School Runescape. Check out our Tempoross guide if you want to learn more about this skilling boss or the Hill Giant boss Obor guide if you want an easier monster to fight.

Osrs Nex Guide FAQ

What are the best bolts for Nex osrs?

If you are using a Zaryte Crossbow to fight Nex, the best bolts you can use are the dragon bolts (e). These bolts are inexpensive and hit high and accurately. If you are using a twisted bow, you should use dragon arrows. 

Can you solo nex?

Theoretically, you can solo Nex. However, only a tiny percentage of players can do this due to the severe difficulty and how slow this goes. Therefore, if you look at the difficulty and the time it takes, it is much better to do Nex in a group and not solo or duo. 

How to duo Nex in osrs? 

Duoing Nex is challenging and is not recommended. You will need to train on the boss for multiple kills in a small team before you can attempt Nex. If you are in a small group or doing Nex duo, you should have BIS gear such as twisted bows and zaryte crossbows. 

What is Nex her max hit?

The max hit of Nex depends on her style of combat and what phase she is currently in. The following attacks have these max hits, which can hit your account if you are not praying correctly or are not avoiding the mechanic:
– 33 with regular magic
– 60 with regular ranged
– 30 with regular melee
– 50 with the smoke bullet special
– 50 with shadow smash special
– 80 with blood sacrifice special
– 60 with the containment special
– 75 with the ice prison special
In short, the highest Nex can hit you with is an eighty during her blood phase, with the Blood sacrifice special. 

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