OSRS NMZ range guide [2022] – How to train ranged AFK in the Nightmare Zone

The Nightmare Zone (NMZ) is one of the best places in osrs to train your ranging AFK. However, a lot of players get overwhelmed with all of the options they get. You can fight on hard mode, regular mode; you have a ton of quest monsters to choose from and a lot of possible ranging setups.

The NMZ range guide will help you train your range as fast as possible and AFK in the Nightmare Zone while getting many points in the process. 

Bis slot gear for range in NMZ

There is a lot of ranging gear that is useful in the Nightmare Zone. So, I am just going to give you the optimal range set up for NMZ here if you want to train AFK. 

  • Elite void ranged: Full void, don’t forget the gloves
  • Avas assembler: Can be switched out by Ava’s accumulator
  • Pegasi boots: Blessed boots are also a good alternative
  • Necklace of Anguish: If you don’t have one, the fury works but is vastly inferior.
  • Archer ring (i): A regular one is fine too if you don’t have the points to imbue.
  • Bow of Faerdhinen (c): If you don’t have this bow, you can downgrade all the way to a magic shortbow.
  • Best arrows: if you need ammo, use the best ammo you have. 

When picking out your gear, you should prioritize ranged accuracy and range strength. You don’t need defensive bonuses or prayer bonuses when fighting here. The more items you have from the list above, the higher your experience an hour will be. 

Some items can be switched out without having a ton of effect on your exp an hour. However, items like the Necklace of Anguish and elite void ranged are crucial to train your range effectively in the NMZ. 

nmz range training setup osrs

The best bosses to train ranging in NMZ

To get the optimal ranging exp an hour here, you need to pick the best bosses available. As you know, to unlock a boss in the Nightmare Zone, you need to have done the quest. So make sure you have done all the quests necessary to unlock them before you start to train in the NMZ. Here are the recommended NMZ bosses for training ranging:

1. Sand Snake

The sand snake is a quest monster that you will need to confront during The Depths of Despair quest. It has a high hitpoints level and has no defensive stats against ranging. The max hit is only three, and it does not hit very accurately. 

2. King Roald

King Roald is one of the best bosses for ranging and combat training in general in the NMZ. He has a high hitpoints level and does not hit accurately. However, he hits three at max and gives a decent amount of exchangeable points, so you can imbue your items or buy rewards. You can unlock him by doing the What Lies Below quest. 

3. Count Draynor

Odds are you have done the Vampire Slayer Quest already. Great news if you did, as this will unlock Count Draynor. The count also hits a max of 3 and has a very high hitpoints level and almost no defense. This makes him a great boss to train your ranging level on. He also gives a fair amount of points which you can trade for Herb Boxes. 

4. Trapped Soul

A relatively recent addition in the Quest boss bestiary is the Trapped Soul. You can unlock this monster by doing the Accent of Arceuus. The Trapped soul has a very low attack level and will almost never hit. It has a max hit of 4 and is weak to range attacks. 

5. Me

The hardest monster to unlock on this list is Me. You can unlock him by doing the Lunar Diplomacy Quest. Me is also weak to ranged attacks and has a ton of hitpoints, making it a great option to train your ranging in the NMZ. In case you did not do Lunar Diplomacy or are a pure, you can also use the Kendal from the Mountain Daughter quest. Do keep in mind it gives fewer points and slightly less exp an hour. 

NMZ ranging exp an hour

The nightmare zone has some of the best exp an hour in OSRS. You can start getting a decent amount of experience here, starting from level 70. Of course, the higher level you are, the more you will hit and the higher your experience an hour will be. While there are better training methods, the major advantage of training here is the fact that it is completely AFK for up to 15 minutes a time. 

Another crucial factor in determining your ranging exp an hour when training in the NMZ is what weapon you are using. There is a massive difference between using the Bow of Faerdhinen compared to the magic shortbow with rune arrows. As an ironman, it is not worth it to craft your own rune arrows. Use adamant or mithril arrows instead.

The table below assumes you have the best in slot-ranging gear.

Ranging levelExp an hour
Level 70 rangeAround 55k to 60k xp/hr
Level 80 rangeAround 70k to 75k xp/hr
Level 90 rangeAround 80 to 85k xp/hr
Level 95 rangeAround 90k xp/hr
Level 99 rangeAround 95k xp/hr
This table shows how much NMZ range exp an hour you get per ranging level

How to train range in the NMZ

You will need to get some nightmare zone points to start this method. Go into the instance and fight these monsters in that setup I described above and use protect from melee. Fight them until you have 50k points or so. Now you can start the actual method. 

When you are training range in the NMZ, buy two super ranging potions, and the rest of them should be absorption potions. Talk to Dominic Onion once you have set up your inventory and choose a normal mode with custom bosses. Pick the bosses I have described above. 

  • Sand snake
  • King Roald
  • Count Draynor
  • Me
  • Trapped Soul

Go to the nearest wall and stand there. Now use your locator orb or your rock cake to get down to 1 hitpoint. Do this quickly, as the monsters will spawn by the time you are ready. When you are one hitpoint, drink an absorption potion up to 1000 absorption points and rink your super ranging potion. Additionally, you can also bring a super defense bonus, but this is optional. Finally, I would advise you to bring a couple of prayer potions if you want to use hawkeye or rigour. However, this will make this method a lot more expensive. If you want to save time, it is worth using prayer training range in the NMZ.

Here is the optimal inventory for ranging in the nightmare zone

  • Two super ranging potions
  • Three prayer potions
  • Rock cake or locator orb
  • Super defense potion (optional)
  • Absorption potions (rest of your inventory)
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NMZ range guide pro tips

1. Buy herb boxes with your points

Training range from 70 to 99 in the NMZ. This way will cost about eight mil in potions and arrows. However, you can break almost even by spending your points on herb boxes. The average price of a herb box is worth 13k. If you have not imbued your items, then you should prioritize that before you buy Use a timer

You can AFK quite a bit using this method. On average, you only have to click once every 10 minutes. However, if you forget to do this, you will be logged out and placed outside the Nightmare zone. This will cost you coins to pay the instance again, and you will have to replenish your inventory. To avoid this, ensure you have a timer like an alarm clock app that warns you when your AFK time is almost over. 

2. Perfect for mobile

The nightmare zone is one of the best places to train your ranging AFK in OSRS. You can train an alt or your main while playing another game or working on your laptop. The method is the same on mobile as on the regular client. 

3. Don’t use chins

While you can get a slightly higher exp an hour here with chins, it is not worth the additional price. You are better off chinning maniacal monkeys if you want to get fast exp, and the cost isn’t an issue. It is also less AFK since you need to stack enemies for a higher exp rate. 

4. Use a locator orb 

The rock cake is very easy to get but not the best option to use here. The locator orb is a better option here. The orb will damage you more when clicking it and bring you to 1 HP much faster without killing you. That means you can AFK sooner and don’t have to spam click as much. 

Conclusion of the NMZ range guide

The nightmare zone is one of the best places to train your combat skills like range. While you will lose a bit of money using this method, the exp an hour is very good and you can AFK for up to 15 minutes. Ensure you use the best possible gear and use the recommended bosses when training range in the Nightmare Zone. 

Try to drink your absorptions on time and use your locator orb as often as possible to save potions. This way, you will maximize your points and resources. This way, you will stay longer in the NMZ, get more points, and get a higher amount of experience in an hour. 

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Ranging training NMZ FAQ

Can you train range in NMZ on OSRS mobile?

Yes, NMZ is one of the best places to train your combat skills, including range on OSRS mobile. You only need to tap once every 15 minutes to keep attacking monsters and stay online. While training on mobile, you can play an alt on desktop or do something else. 

How long can you AFK train range in the NMZ?

You can AFK for up to 15 minutes when training range in the NMZ. The trick is to make sure you have only 1 HP left using the rock cake or the locator orb. Then, when you have one hp, you drink your absorption potion till max absorption. This way, you can not be killed in the NMZ, and you only need to click once every 15 minutes when afking to stay online, drain your hp or drink more absorptions. 

How many exp an hour is NMZ range training?

Depending on your range level and gear, you get up to 95k ranging experience an hour in the NMZ. Of course, this assumes that you are drinking your ranging potion whenever your level drops by 5, and you are using the hawkeye prayer while using the best bow and wearing the best armor you have. 

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