OSRS AFK money making Guide [2022] All top and secret methods

Busy studying? Just want to chill out on mobile? Looking to get some GP effortless? OSRS is all about making money AFK and training your skills without looking at the screen. Over the years, many new ways to make Old School Gps have been added. We love AFKing since we have a busy life. We have tried all the methods described here! 

This Guide is the ultimate resource for OSRS AFK money-making and is getting updated with every new game release. 

What is AFK, and how do we evaluate money making methods?

Every RuneScape player has a different view on what AFK is. For us, we want to go and answer the door and get back to the PC without dying or losing our loot. So that puts it around 2 minutes. Of course, some methods – like NMZ – are even more AFK, but they don’t earn a ton of GP.

Here is how we look at OSRS AFK money making methods and determine which ones are worth doing:

  • How AFK is the method
  • How much GP/Hr are you getting
  • What are the requirements
  • Are you getting XP, and how much
  • How easy is it to gear up your account

This list will contain different priorities for some people, so keep that in mind. 

Best combat methods for AFK money making

These are all the best ways to earn GPs without paying attention to your combat skills. However, these methods might not be ideal or safe for ironman accounts. So make sure you pick out the ones that don’t require you to use your prayer. 

best afk money making method osrs

Rune Dragons with Justiciar

The best AFK money making method in OSRS is killing rune dragons with a set of justiciar armor and the dragon hunter lance. You can get up to 1.5m an hour at these metallic dragons without paying a lot of attention.

I strongly suggest you make a rune dragon alt if you want to make OSRS Gps on cruise control. You only have to click every minute or so, and you get a ton of significant drops. The only downside to this method is how high the requirements are to do this activity.

To kill the rune dragons, you need to complete the grandmaster Quest Dragon Slayer II, which requires you to have at least 200 Quest Points. Doing that many quests effectively will take you up to a week of intense playing. 

Vyrewatch Sentinels

An excellent alternative for Rune dragons is the Vyrewatch Sentinels, which you can fight after completing the Sins of the Father Quest. These Vampyres are one of the most AFK monsters in OSRS. That is because the Vyrewatch Sentinels never lose their aggression towards players. 

When fighting the Vyrewatch Sentinel, it is strongly advised to use the piety prayer and super combat potions. You can only damage the monsters with an Ivandis Flair, and there is a prayer alter nearby, so there is no reason not to. 

The vyrewatch sentinels have a ton of exciting drops like runes and armor. However, one drop stands out. The Blood Shard is a unique drop you can only get from these monsters. This is worth a couple of million GPs, so make sure you pay just enough attention to pick these shards up. 

In our opinion, killing Vyrewatch Sentinels is the best money maker on OSRS mobile. 

Brutal Black Dragon

Brutal Black Dragons are one of my favorite AFK moneymakers. You only need 74 slayer to unlock them, and they bring in very consistent profit while being very AFK. All you need to do to kill these without taking damage is use a super antifire potion and protect from magic. 

This way, you can AFK up to 2 minutes without too much trouble. However, you need to remember that they also have a melee attack that could hit you if you stand too close to these monsters. So if you don’t know how to fight these monsters, don’t fret. We at OSRS Boss have written the ultimate Brutal Black Dragon guide. 

You can get items like black d’hide, dragon dart tips, rune plate legs, and much more at the Brutal Black Dragons. This method will net you about 1m an hour without you having to do much. 

afk osrs money making


Another incredible slayer monster on this list that is very AFK is the Gargoyles. These slayer monsters are great for fighting on mobile or an alt account. FIghting them is very straightforward if you have unlocked the slayer perk that automatically smashes them with the rock hammer.

While the gargoyles won’t make you over a mil an hour, fighting them is about 2 minutes AFK, and the chances of you dying here are almost non-existent at a high combat level. If you bring alch runes and wear guthans armor, you don’t have to bank here. The Gargoyles drops are almost all stackable, and those that can’t be alched.

Skeletal wyverns with melee

Skeletal wyverns are pretty AFK with range, but the kills go slow due to their massive defense bonus against range-based attacks. If you have a dragon hunter lance or very high stats and a stab weapon such as the Zamorakian Hasta, the gp an hour here is excellent! 

The skeletal wyverns are very straightforward, and killing them with melee and an excellent defensive armor like Bandos gives you about 2 minute AFKing time. The drops here either stack or can be alched. The average trip takes about 20 to 25 minutes until you run out of food. So using this method is pretty safe for ironman too. 


Kurask is one of my favorite Slayer monsters. However, you can also fight them pretty effectively off task if you have a leaf-bladed battleaxe. The drops you get here are more than decent.

If you are an ironman, killing Kurask is a great way to get some farming supplies while doing other activities. These monsters don’t hit very high and aren’t all that accurate, so being away from the keyboard isn’t a big deal here. Fighting Kurask off task will net you about 700k gp an hour.

kurask afk moneymaker

Nightmare Zone 

A pretty underrated moneymaker in OSRS that is both AFK and gives good xp is the NMZ. If you change your points into herb boxes, you can get up to 500k an hour here while AFKing for over 15 minutes. 

The downside to using the NMZ as an AFK moneymaker is that you can only buy a couple of herb boxes here at a time. A single herb box is worth around 8k to 13k on average. Doing this method will thus earn you a nice 100k a day for a long time. 

The Nightmare zone is a great way to train up your alt accounts and make some money doing this. The Nightmare zone might be the slowest moneymaker on the list, but it is the most AFK and gives the most combat xp. 

Best AFK OSRS skilling methods for money making

If you don’t enjoy doing combat activities and want to train your skills, or you are a hardcore ironman who doesn’t want to take risks, here are some ideas. All of these methods are safe and will earn you some exp. However, do keep in mind that because OSRS is very combat-based, you won’t get too much money doing this method. 

Runecrafting blood runes

The best high-level money making method using AFK skills is runecrafting blood runes. This method will earn you about 1m an hour and is much more AFK than you might expect from runecrafting. 

To do this method (effectively), you will have to have a couple of stats to do this method.

  • 77 runecrafting
  • 38 mining
  • 38 crafting
  • 73 agility (for the shortcut)

These stats are pretty high but not impossible to grind out in a week. Making blood runes is one of the best ways for your ironman account to get these very valuable and valuable runes. The faster you get these stats, the easier your life as an ironman will be. 

AFK money making osrs skilling

Mining Amethyst

Amethyst is an ore you can alch when you have level 92 mining. Due to them being very slow to mine, you can AFK quite long here until you cut a rock. Using a crystal pickaxe and Varrock armor 4, an account with a high mining level will ‘only’ get up to 90 amethyst ore here. These 90 Amethyst will come down to about 400k gp an hour. 

Since these stack in your inventory, you do not need to bank, making the method a bit more AFK. While it does take quite a while to get up to 92 mining, this method is very relaxed and is one of the best, if not the best, skilling moneymakers to do on mobile. 

Infernal and sacred eels

This method was our number one on the training fishing AFK methods ranked article. So besides being a great way to train your fishing without paying too much attention, you can also make quite some money doing these methods.

Fishing infernal eels will get you onyx bolts, and sacred eels will get you zulrah scales. You can earn over 250k and 400k an hour here while paying almost no attention. The xp you get here in fishing is also quite lovely; you can get around 25k fishing xp an hour using these methods.

AFK money making osrs farming


Farming is the ultimate AFK money maker. When you plant your herbs, you can go away from the game for as long as you want and return for an instant profit if you did it right. Planting herbs like ranarr and snapdragons will surely make you decent money when you do this in between your tasks. 

Farming herbs is also quite good xp. While this won’t get you to 99 farming very fast, the amount of xp will add up considerably. You can earn around 300k to 400k a day farming herbs here. 

Cooking profitable fish

If you have only played Runescape 3, you might be surprised to hear that cooking is a good skill in OSRS. Almost every fish in OSRS you cook will earn you a profit. You will have to check the prices between raw and cooked fish on the Grand exchange to determine which fish are the most profitable to cook at that time. 

High-level fish generally give the highest amount of gp and xp an hour. Cooking sharks, dark crab, anglerfish, and manta rays generally give you the highest amount of both gp and xp an hour. You can earn up to 400k gp an hour and get 250k cooking xp an hour; it will be AFK for about 40 seconds at a time. 

cooking afk money

Teaks on fossil island

Teak on fossil island is one of the best woodcutting methods to make money. You need to have access to fossil islands and have the farming level to plant teaks. Using this method to make money is pretty AFK but won’t make you over 200k an hour. The significant upside of AFKing teaks here is that you get up to 50k woodcutting xp an hour, making this a high-speed method to make money and train this skill up.

Final thoughts

OSRS is all about getting as much as possible done without actually playing the game. These AFK money making methods will make you a good amount of GP while training your skills. While doing active methods like killing Nex is generally more profitable, active methods require paying a ton of attention. 

While some methods, like killing rune dragons, require you to have very high requirements, others, like cutting teaks, can be done on an almost new account. There is an AFK money making method for every player that wants to put in the work first to build his or her account. 

AFK money making FAQ

What is the best method for ironman to make money in OSRS?

Generally speaking, the best method for ironman to make money is killing rune dragons. Because these metal dragons drop many items with a high alching value, you can quickly increase your cash pile.
If you are a hardcore ironman who does not want to risk dying, killing vyrewatch sentinels or runecrafting blood runes are both more than decent alternatives to make some more coins. 

What is the most AFK moneymaker on OSRS? 

What is the best method for ironman to make money in OSRS?
Generally speaking, the best method for ironman to make money is killing rune dragons. Because these metal dragons drop many items with a high alching value, you can quickly increase your cash pile.
If you are a hardcore ironman who does not want to risk dying, killing vyrewatch sentinels or runecrafting blood runes are both more than decent alternatives to make some more coins. 

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