The 10 best osrs afk training f2p methods [2022] – Train your skills the easy way

If you want to train up an alt account without getting a bond or just lost your membership but still want to train a bit, AFKing is the way to go. These 10 osrs afk f2p training methods will get your skills up at a decent rate without spending much time playing the game!

There are ways to train your skills in F2P AFK for just about any combat level. Some will even get you a decent amount of profit. Good news, if you are an OSRS mobile player, because all of these work on your smartphone or tablet too!

10. Giant spiders in the stronghold of security

One of the best methods to train your combat in f2p is killing the giant spiders in the third level of the stronghold of security. These spiders have 50 hitpoints, a very low defense, don’t hit much, and are aggressive towards all players. 

This makes the giant spiders some of the fastest ways to train attack, defense, and strength in f2p. You can also use adamant arrows and rune armor to kill those with range if you have a high defense level.

You will need good training food like swordfish and a strength potion to do this method. You can use a Varrock teleport to the bank and the skull scepter to get back to Barbarian village if you have one. 

osrs afk training f2p giant spiders

9. Cutting Yew trees in Edgeville

A classic f2p AFK moneymaker is cutting yew trees. While this is not the fastest tree to cut down with a rune axe, it is very AFK if you are the only player chopping away at it. Since Edgeville bank is the closest bank to a yew tree, it is easy to bank your inventory quickly. You need 60 woodcutting to cut yew trees.

This is an excellent method to get a bit of profit and a moderate amount of xp. Since you only have to click every once in a while, you can watch a movie in the meanwhile or do this on mobile. Yews sell very fast on the GE.

8. Fishing in barbarian village

Get your fly fishing rod and a bunch of feathers and put your shift button to one-click dropping. Training fishing AFK is pretty easy as a free-to-play player. You can catch trout starting from level 20 and salmon at level 30.

Fishing in barbarian village gives quite a bit of xp, and you can AFK for over a minute at a time, depending on how often the fishing spot moves.

Note: don’t confuse this method with Barbarian Fishing, a training activity that is only available to members. 

osrs afk training f2p fly fishing

7. Smithing armor in Varrock

Smithing is one of the few skills where you can get over 200k xp an hour without being a member. So if you have 99 smithing, you can get 250k smithing xp an hour and make a profit while being away from your keyboard for up to 30 seconds at a time.

If you have lower smithing, it is advisable to check which armor is the cheapest for you to make on an xp per gp basis. Often these are plate bodies since these armor pieces alch for a good amount of coins. 

6. Woodcutting maple trees in the corsair cove

A great alternative to cutting yews in Edgeville is to cut maple trees in the Corsair Cove. However, while maple trees are great for woodcutting training, they will not bring you as much profit as cutting yews does.

Because maples are slightly faster to cut, cutting trees in the Corsaire cove is not as AFK. As a result, you can expect up to 30k woodcutting xp an hour in the corsair cove doing maple trees. You need 45 woodcutting to cut maples.

corsair cove f2p maples

5. Cooking profitable fish 

Another skill that is easy to train in F2P is cooking. Unlike smithing, you can make a decent profit even at a low cooking level. However, it is essential to keep in mind that you burn more fish at lower levels. So often have to choose between gp or xp training this skill. 

To make the highest possible profit doing osrs afk training in f2p, you should compare the raw and cooked prices on the Grand Exchange. A couple of good fish to cook AFK in F2P are:

  • Lobster
  • Swordfish
  • Tuna
  • Salmon

These are all fish in high demand because they are some of the best training food in old-school Runescape.

4. Splashing magic on rats and spiders

The most afk training f2p in old school RuneScape is splashing. Splashing spells like fire strike or fire bolt on rats and spiders in Lumbridge is an excellent way to AFK train magic in osrs. The training method has been nerfed a bit, so you can only get up to 15 minutes of training at a time without doing anything. You can use this method straight from tutorial island!

Splashing magic on rats and spiders is very afk, but the xp and leveling are pretty slow compared to more active methods. However, because you only have to click four times an hour, I strongly recommend doing this if you want to play the game very casually and still get some levels. 

train f2p afk flesh crawlers

3. Killing Flesh Crawlers in the stronghold of security

If you are low combat and can not do osrs afk training f2p at the giant spiders, the flesh crawlers are an excellent alternative. Flesh Crawlers have a max hit of 1, have low defense, and are easy to reset aggro. 

On top of that, Flesh Crawlers are good monsters with good drops due to the large number of fire runes they drop. This will help you recover the costs of your training food. Monsters like the Ankou have good drops, too but are too vital not to pay attention to. 

2. Alching with hotkeys

If you want to play Runescape on a second screen while watching a movie or anime, then alching is a fantastic option. To do this, you have to set your adjust settings in your hotkeys to give pressing your 5-key on the numpad the same effect as clicking your left mouse button. 

You just have to spam your five key while your account is alching items. You can alch up to 1200 items and get 72,000 magic xp an hour. If you pick the right items to alch and be patient with buying your nature runes, you can profit slightly. 

1. Crafting amulets and necklaces

Finally, another profitable osrs afk training f2p method: making gold necklaces and bracelets. Doing this activity will train your crafting levels, and you will make a decent profit doing so. You can AFK about 1 minute and 5 seconds crafting amulets and necklaces.

The closest furnace to the bank in free to play is the furnace in Al-Kharid. Therefore, it is optimTherefore, to do your crafting there, as using that furnace will save you both stamina and time. 

craft amulet osrs

There you have it! 10 methods to get your skills up in f2p osrs. If you are a member and want to get xp in a more active way, Tempoross the fishing boss might be just what you are looking for!

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