Osrs Ancient wyvern slayer strategy [2022]

Ancient wyverns are a type of living wyverns. They are one of the four kinds of fossil island wyverns and are a more potent version than their undead counterpart, the skeletal wyverns. 

Ancient wyvern weakness and stats

Combat levelHitpointsMax hitAttack styleWeakness
21030016 melee, 10 range, 44 icy breathSlash, range, and icy breathMelee
ancient wyvern stats

Ancient wyverns have pretty a high hitpoints pool and defense. However, it would be best if you did not underestimate these monsters since they have three different attack styles and a high max hit.

Ancient wyverns are weak to melee and dragonbane weapons. So it would be best if you used a weapon like a dragon hunter lance for the optimal accuracy and DPS when fighting these on a slayer task. 

ancient wyvern osrs

Location of the ancient wyverns

The ancient wyverns are located in the wyvern cave on fossil island. To access this location, you need to have completed the Bone Voyage Quest. The fastest way to get to the cave is by using the Mushroom Forest teleport. This teleporting option will get you straight to the trapdoor. 

A great way to get to the mushroom that can teleport you to the Wyvern Cave is the Digsite pendant. This pendant has a teleport option that gets you straight. 

You can find the following monsters in this place:

  • Spitting wyvern
  • Taloned wyvern
  • Long-tailed wyvern
  • Ancient wyvern

Slayer strategy guide

Recommended stats

  • 82 slayer (required level without boosts)
  • 80 attack
  • 80 strength
  • 80 defense
  • 80 hitpoints
  • 70 prayer

These are the recommended stats you should have for using melee on the ancient wyverns. If you have a lower level than this in these skills, you will struggle to get a lot of kills consistently due to their high defense and high hits. Don’t underestimate these monsters, they are much more powerful than e.g. the greater demons in osrs.

Recommended equipment

The best strategy to do the ancient wyvern slayer task is using melee. The optimal tactic is to maximize your defense against their ranging attacks and use the protection from melee prayer to tank those attacks. Of course, you will need an ancient wyvern shield or Dragonfire shield to tank the icy breath attacks of the ancient wyverns. 

You can also fight these monsters by using magic or range; however, the speed of killing them is much slower, and you will spend quite a lot on ammo and runes. If you don’t have the gear on this table, consider finding an alternative that does not bring down your range defense. 

S TierA TierB Tier
Head slotSlayer helmetTorva full helmJustician Faceguard 
Amulet slotAmulet of blood furyAmulet of tortureAmulet of fury
Cape slotInfernal capeFire capeMythical cape
Chest slotTorva platebodyBandos chestplateJusticiar chestguard
Legs slotTorva platelegsBandos tassetsJusticiar legguards
Weapons slotDragon hunter lanceBlade of Saeldor Ghrazi rapier
Shield slotAncient wyvern shieldDragonfire shieldMindshield
Arrow slotRada’s blessing (4)God blessingN/A
Gloves slotFerocious glovesBarrow glovesDragon gloves
Boots slotGuardian bootsPrimoridal bootsBandos boots
Rings slotBerserker ring (i)Ring of suffering (i)Warrior ring (i)
Special WeaponDragon clawsDragon dagger Dragon warhammer
melee setup ancient wyverns


This inventory is optimized for using melee during your ancient wyvern slayer task. If you don’t have an assignment or use a different combat style, you should modify your inventory.

  • Divine super combat potion
  • 3 to 4 prayer potions (5 if using a prayer like superhuman strength)
  • One-click teleport
  • Seedbox or rune pouch
  • Bonecrusher, if you leave the wyvern bones on the ground
  • Mantaray/pineapple pizza/sharks
inventory ancient wyvern

Interesting drops

The average ancient wyvern kill is worth about 23k, and only 10% of this is in the wyvern bones. So, that means you can get quite a good amount of valuable drops and supplies here. These are the drops you should look out for:

Weapons and armor

  • Air battlestaff
  • Battlestaff (6, noted)
  • Mystic air staff
  • Rune pickaxe
  • Rune battleaxe
  • Rune kiteshield
  • Rune full helm
  • Granite longsword
  • Granite boots

Runes and ammunition

  • Nature runes
  • Death runes
  • Blood runes
  • Rune arrows
  • Adamant arrows
  • Rune arrows
  • Runite bolts

Supplies and other drops

  • High-level herbs
  • High-level seeds
  • Adamantite bar
  • Volcanic ash
  • Adamantite ore
  • Mahogany logs
  • Onyx bolt tips
  • Runite ore
  • Super compost
  • Wyvern visage
  • Clue scroll elite
  • Fossils

The wyvern visage is the best drop you can get here. However, you only have a 1 in 10 000 chance of getting this drop. This drop is twice as rare as the dragon Warhammer Lizardman Shamen drop. So you might be here for quite a while if you are an ironman. Depending on the current GE prices, the wyvern visage is worth 21m.

The ancient wyverns slayer task is fun, but grinding them out for profit might not be the best idea. So while I would not block the task, it is recommended that you skip the slayer task for the best xp an hour. A good alternative for these monsters are the osrs wyrms.

ancient wyvern slayer guide osrs

Conclusion and final tips

If you get an ancient wyverns slayer task, you might be inclined to block it due to the task weight. That might be a bit of a waste of points. However, if you have a ton of spare points, skipping the task is a good idea. The xp an hour is pretty bad, but the drops are alright. 

Here are a couple of tips to fight ancient wyverns in osrs:

  • Prioritize your range defense: the most dangerous part of the fight if you have a shield and you’re protected from melee prayer up is these monsters’ pretty accurate ranging attack. So make sure you optimize your ranging defense. 
  • Unlock the digsite pendant: The digsite pendant can be unlocked by cleaning specimens at the Varrock museum. The teleport is very useful, and you can almost instantly reach the ancient wyverns this way. 
  • Use dragonbane weapons: These monsters have the draconic attribute, which means that dragonbane weapons will be extra effective against them. If you use melee, then the dragon hunter lance is the best slot weapon here. 
  • Don’t pick up the bones: You should not bother picking them up because they are only worth 10% of the average drop here. You will have to bank way too often and lose gp an hour if you do. Either leave them on the floor, pick them up to bury, or use a Bonecrusher. 

The following guides are right up your alley if you enjoy fighting draconic monsters:

Ancient wyverns slayer FAQ

Are osrs ancient wyverns worth killing?

If you want to kill ancient wyverns to make some profit and have a bit of fun killing a pretty uncommon monster, they are an okay creature to grind. However, XP-wise, they are not worth killing, and there are better monsters and bosses in osrs for better gp an hour. 

What should I pray against ancient wyverns?

You should pray to protect from melee when fighting ancient wyverns. Their melee attacks hit hard and are very accurate. You need level 43 prayer to use this protection prayer, and it is a must-have if you are planning on fighting these monsters. 

What is the best way to kill ancient wyverns?

The most efficient way to kill ancient wyverns is by using a melee with a dragon hunter lance. While using melee, you should wear armor that protects against ranged attacks and a wyvern shield. That armor combined with the protection from melee prayer will make this slayer task a lot easier, and you will take a lot less damage. 

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