OSRS Basilisk knights slayer and moneymaking guide 2022 – Best strategies

Basilisk knights are one of the most recently added monsters in osrs. To harm these creatures, you need to have level 60 slayer and complete the quest Fremennik Exiles. 

In this article, we will discuss doing Basilisk knights as a slayer task and moneymaking strategy. The optimal setups and tactics will be addressed, and we will also answer a couple of FAQs about these strong monsters.

Requirements for Basilisk Knights

Basilisk knight has quite a high defense and can deal a ton of damage if you are not careful, so I recommend the following stats for the optimal amount of gp and xp an hour. The recommended method for fast kills in melee, but you can also range and safespot basilisk knights. 

Must-have requirements

60 slayer: you need to have 60 slayer to damage the monsters. This requirement is pretty low, but do not underestimate their power. They are much stronger than, e.g., Gargoyles

Fremennik Exiles completed: The quest gives access to the Island of Stone, where the Basilisk Knights spawn. 

Mirror shield: you need to have a mirror shield (or V shield) to avoid taking damage, similar to regular basilisks and cockatrice

Basilocked: if you want these assigned by Nieve, Duradel, or Konar Quo Maten, you need to buy the slayer perk Basilocked. 

superior version of basilisk knights osrs


If you are using melee:

  • 80 attack
  • 80 strength
  • 80 defense
  • 70 prayer for piety
  • 80 hitpoints

If you are using ranging:

  • 80 ranging
  • 70 defense
  • 44 prayer (or 74 for rigor)

How to get to the Basilisk Knights

The monsters are located in Jormugand’s Prison on the Island of stone. The fastest way to the Basilisk Knights is by using the Fremennik sea boots and then running to the Northwestern docks in Relekka. 

Alternatively, you can use the Lunar Isle teleport and talk to a person on the Island. You will be kicked off the Island and be brought to Rellekka. 

If you have done the Fremennik Diary, hard tier, you can use the enchanted Lyre to teleport straight to the Island. However, this does take an inventory spot. 

Basilisk knight Slayer strategy

Basilisk knight weakness

These monsters use a slash and magic attack. However, due to their high magic level, they are almost impossible to kill with magic, and you should use either melee or ranging. The weakness of the Basilisk knight is ranging and the crush melee attack. 

These monsters also have a ton of immunities. They are immune to the following attacks and damage types:

  • Poison
  • Venom
  • Cannons
  • Thralls

Mechanics & strategy


As mentioned, Basilisk Knights use both magic and melee. They alternate between those two attacks and can hit 20 with both. You can safespot these monsters and use range on them. They will then only use magic on you, hitting at the same rate as the melee attacks. 

Melee strategy

My preferred method to fight the basilisk knights is by using melee. You have to bank more, but your kills are much faster. When fighting them with melee, you should use a crush weapon like the Inquisitor’s Hauberk, protect from magic, and use a stat-boosting prayer like piety. See below for more on the gear and inventory. 

Ranging strategy

If you do not have high melee stats, you can use ranging to finish the basilisk knights efficiently. You can avoid as good as all of their damage by using a safespot and using your protection from magic prayer. 

The best basilisk knight safespot is found at the entryway to the room. If you position yourself there, they can not reach you. If you are doing this on a low combat level, make sure you use a prayer that boosts your accuracy and damage like rigor or eagle eye. 

See safespots below

Gear and inventory

For your melee outfit, I would recommend the following items:

  • Slayer helmet (inquisitors great helm or Neitiznot faceguard)
  • Amulet of torture
  • Infernal cape
  • Inquisitors hauberk or torva chestplate
  • Inquisitors plateskirt or torva legs
  • Inquisitors mate or zamorakian hasta
  • V’shield or mirror shield (!)
  • Rada’s blessing (4) or godblessing
  • Ferocious gloves/barrows gloves
  • Primordial boots/dragon boots
  • Berserker ring (i)/brimstone ring
  • Dragon Warhammer/ dragon dagger

If you don’t have a specific item, feel free to switch it out for an inferior alternative. 

bis melee setup basilisk knights osrs

Your melee inventory should have these items:

  • Super combat strength (4)
  • Sharks
  • Prayer potions (8+)
  • Special attack weapon
  • Teleport to the Island
  • Rune pouch (lava, law, and air runes) for bones to peaches
  • Nature runes for high alching
melee inventory basilisk knights slayer task

For your ranging outfit, I recommend you to get this.

  • Slayer helmet/blessed coif
  • Necklace of anguish/dragonbone necklace
  • Ava’s assembler/ranging cape
  • Armadyl chestplate/blessed body
  • Armadyl chain skirt/blessed chaps
  • Dragon knife/Zaryte crossbow
  • V’shield/mirror shield
  • Rada’s blessing (4)/Diamond bolts (e)
  • Zaryte vambraces/barrows gloves
  • Pegasian boots/ranger boots
  • Archer ring (i)/brimstone ring
setup basilisk knights

Your ranging inventory should have these items:

  • Divine ranging potions
  • House tabs
  • Holy wrench
  • Super resorts or prayer potions
  • Teleport
  • Gem bag
  • Rune pouch (fires and nature runes
range inventory osrs


There is a considerable difference between the gp an hour if you have a basilisk knight slayer task or not. The average kill on a slayer task is 22k; the average worth of a kill if you don’t have a task is just 8k. The reason is that the Basilisk Jaw has a much lower drop rate if you do not have a slayer task. 

Weapons and armor

  • Rune ax, dagger, battleax, scimitar, spear
  • Rune med helm
  • Adamant platelegs and kiteshield

Runes and ammo

  • Astral rune
  • Nature rune
  • Law rune
  • Death rune
  • Blood rune

Supplies and materials

  • High-level herbs
  • Coins
  • Adamantite ore
  • Various gems

Other notable loot

  • Clue scroll (hard)
  • Mystic hat (light)
  • Long bone
  • Basilisk head
  • Basilisk Jaw*
  • Curved bone

*The basilisk jaw is the most valuable item here and has quite an okay drop rate if you have a basilisk knight slayer task (1 in 1000). However, if you do not have a task, the jaw is as rare as getting a dragon Warhammer from Lizardman shamans (1 in 5000). 

Moneymaking tips and advice

Kill them during a task: Doing a basilisk Knight slayer task is a much better moneymaker than grinding them out. The jaw is the vast majority of the profit (up to 75%) of the average kill here. 

Use damage boosting prayer: Using a prayer like piety and rigor is well worth it. The kills are much faster if you use prayer, and banking does not take too long. In addition, if you use prayer, the cost of prayer potions will be recouped quickly due to the higher xp and gp an hour. 

Use protect from magic: no matter if you are using melee or ranging, you should use protect from magic. If you are using range, you won’t take damage.

Picking up drops: When you are picking up drops and the monsters are still aggressive, ensure you have enabled the protection from melee prayer to tank the optimal amount of damage here. 

Osrs Basilisk knights slayer and moneymaking FAQ

What is the best way to kill basilisk knights osrs?

The most effective way to kill basilisk knights in osrs is by using melee. This combat style has a much higher DPS and costs less to operate. On the other hand, ranging is only good if you have a low combat level and do not want to take damage. For both combat styles, you should use the protect from magic prayer. 

Best weapon for basilisk knights?

Since they are weak to crush attacks, it is advised that you use a weapon with a high crush bonus like the Sarchnis cudgel or the Abyssal Bludgeon. If you are using ranging, then the Zaryte crossbow or the dragon knife. 

Are Basilisk knights worth it? 

If you only want the optimal slayer xp an hour, then you should not unlock the Basillocked slayer perk. However, if you do profitable slayer tasks, you should unlock them. The average task is worth about 3 to 4 mil due to the high drop rate of the jaw if you have an assignment. 

Final thoughts

If you enjoy doing profitable slayer tasks, then the osrs basilisk knights are just what you need. While they are not easy to kill due to their high hitpoints and defense levels, you have a high chance of getting the jaw.

From a slayer xp an hour perspective, unlocking basilisk knights are not worth it. You are better off doing the following tasks for xp:

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