OSRS Basilisk Slayer Guide

There is a Slayer Task in OSRS where you need to kill the Basilisks, and it is made for a beginner to mid-slayer player. There isn’t much complexity here. However, we will still give you some help with equipment, strategies, and a pathway to do this task effortlessly. 

You don’t have to search the internet to find an OSRS Basilisk Slayer Guide because we have everything sorted out here for you. So, without any further delay, let’s hop into the details.

Basic Information on Basilisk

If you have a slayer level of 40, you can get the task to kill Basilisks, who are Slayer Monsters. The requirement for this slayer task is to have a level of 20 in Defense.

For the Konar, Duradel, and Nieve, there is an additional requirement of getting the Basilocked, which costs around eighty points and is referred to as a Slayer Reward.

When it comes to the main attribute of Basilisk, they have a good defense, but their accuracy takes a bit of a hit as they mainly hit 0s on you. However, you can use specific attacks and weapons to crush their defenses, which we have mentioned in our OSRS Basilisk Slayer Guide below.

The Basilisk’s weakness is the low crush and ranging defense. The monsters have a +0 defense bonus against these combat styles. Their max hit is five, but this isn’t a problematic amount due to their low accuracy. 

Basilisk Slayer Guide

We divided the Guide into two segments; One for the Melee and the other for the Ranged. Basilisks are usually weak to everything on the weaponry side, so there is no need to pick a specific gear.

Why should u kill Basilisk?

At a lower slayer level, you get a chance to kill Basilisk, which is worth it. Because of their the xp rates and decent profits from tasks, Basilisks are worthy of being slain. 

And if you are at a beginner to somewhat mid-level and need every bit of extra, you can get from an enemy.

Requirements for Basilisk Task

To kill the Basilisk effortlessly, you will need to have two things;

The shield here is the central part of this build because you can’t fight the Basilisks without it. But, first, it is essential to have the Mirror Shield, so make sure you double-check that you have one in your inventory. 

Melee Option to Slay Basilisk

We have three builds to cover the Melee Build to Slay Basilisk, from a more superficial level to a higher level.

Low-Level Setup

  • Climbing Boots
  • Rune Full Helm
  • Combat Bracelet
  • Ardougne Cloak
  • Mirror Shield
  • Amulet of Strength
  • Rune Armor
  • Rune Scimitar

Mid-Level Setup

  • Ring of Wealth
  • Neitiznot Helm
  • Rune Boots
  • Ardougne Cloak
  • Combat Bracelet
  • Amulet of Glory
  • Mirror Shield
  • Dragon Scimitar or leaf-bladed battleax
  • Dragon Legs

High-Level Setup

  • Berserker Ring
  • Black Mask
  • Dragon Boots
  • Fire Cape
  • Barrows Gloves
  • Amulet of Fury
  • Mirror Shield
  • Abyssal Whip
  • Barrows Armor
basilisk osrs

Ranged Options to Slay Basilisk

For the Ranged Setup, we have two choices ranging from a primary option to a good one. You can change the Darts to something like Throwing Knives in the Ranged option, but things become more expensive for this type of Slayer Task.

Low-Level Setup

  • Ring of Wealth
  • Snakeskin Bandana
  • Snakeskin Boots
  • Ava’s Attractor
  • Mirror Shield
  • Amulet of Glory
  • Green Dhide Armor
  • Mithril Dart

Medium-Level Setup

  • Ring of Wealth
  • Black Mask
  • Snakeskin Boots
  • Ava’s Accumulator
  • Barrows Gloves
  • Amulet of Glory
  • Mirror Shield
  • Broad Bolts
  • Best Dhide Armor
  • Rune Crossbow

Fastest way to the osrs Basilisk location

Honestly, getting to the Basilisks isn’t that hard. You just need to travel towards Rellekka Cave with specific items in your inventory like;

  • Slayer Ring to get in Rellekka Cave
  • House Tablets for Teleporting away
  • Herb Sack to store loot
  • Super Attack for the better attack boost
  • Super Defense for the better defense boost
  • Pineapple Pizza as a source of food
basilisk location osrs

There are great options you can pick to get towards Rellekka Cave. The first one is through the Slayer Ring, but you need to get the Slayer Ring and the Slayer Reward Unlock (75 Crafting Required). 

The second is through the Fairy Ring with the AJR code (Fairy Tale Part 2 Half Completion Required). 

The third one is through the Rellekka House Teleport by either getting a house there or using the Scroll of Redirection.

Finally, the last option is using the Camelot Teleport (Required Camelot Teleport Tab or 45 Magic), and nearly anyone can use this option to get to the Rellekka Cave area.

Strange Floor Shortcut

You can head to the Strange Floor area when you enter the Rellekka Cave through the four methods we just mentioned. This area is a special entrance that can allow you to travel quickly to the main area.

The requirement for using the Strange Floor is 81 Agility which is undoubtedly not expected at this level. Yes, you can use some equipment like summer pie to boost the Agility but still, it isn’t easy getting something around 75 to 79 agility. By bypassing the long route with the shortcut, you can head straight to the extended area.

Long route

Ignore the Strange Floor and head over to the right side, which leads to the Basilisk but after quite a long run. Just keep moving, and you will soon come by some enemies, and bypassing them brings you to the Basilisks. 

Killing the Basilisk

After you have reached the Basilisks, you simply have to boost your stats with your potions and start attacking each Basilisk individually. It is time-consuming as you will have to tank the Basilisk while dealing damage to them. Due to the locations where the Basilisks are found, it is not possible to use a cannon to make this task go by faster. 

The Slayer Task to kill Basilisks is very straightforward, but you sure do get some profit and extras along the journey. Having something instead of nothing is always a plus point for a low-level Slayer.

Notable drops

From the Basilisks, it all depends on your luck or chances. Still, the chance of getting things from Basilisks is;

  • Basilisk Head drop, having a chance of around 1 in 2000 tries.
  • Brimstone key drop, having a chance of approximately 1 in 323 attempts.
  • Around 500 GP on a single Basilisk Kil on average. If you kill them with Konar this can be around 800, but going out of your way to do the task with Konar Quo Maten is not worth it. 
  • Rune dagger
  • Mystic Hat (light)
  • Nature runes
  • High-level herbs (grimy)

OSRS Basilisk FAQs

  • What are the Best Weapons for Basilisks OSRS?

    Basilisks come with good Defense but suffer on the accuracy side. Considering this, the best melee weapons to put Basilisk to sleep are;
    – Dragon Mace
    – Leaf Bladed Battle-axe
    You can exchange the Dragon Mace with the Dragon Scimitar because both have the same damage. But the Leaf Bladed Battle Axe is best out of the bunch because of its extra DPS, which is around 5 percent. You can also use the Crush Attacks to deal more damage to Basilisks as they are weak.

  • Can you Cannon Basilisks?

    Players are usually thinking of using the Multi cannon on Basilisks. Sadly, you can’t use the Cannon on Basilisks as there isn’t a location to place the Dwarf Cannon there.

  • What to do with a Basilisk Head?

    You can use Basilisks Head to put in the house. But to do so, you will have to get take it to Taxidermist in the Canifis. Then, for something around 4k coins, she will turn that simple Basilisk Head into a stuffed one. Afterward, you can use it to put into your house with two teak planks.

  • Can you safe spot OSRS Basilisk?

    Yes, you can safe-spot Basilisks in OSRS. For example, in the Slayer Dungeon Fremennik, going to the entrance on the south, you can see the eastern wall. You can use Safe Spot the Basilisk by stopping their movement, but you need Mirror Shield or something similar.
    There are rocks in the room on either side, and you can use them to make the Basilisk get stuck between the rocks. Then, you can effortlessly try to kill them as they can’t do anything in return.

  • Is Basilisk a good slayer task?

    Yes, Basilisks are a good slayer task, and you should spend the slayer coins to unlock this task. However, they are worth the trouble because of their rune drop rate, which is high. Further, they drop some great dope equipment that you can use in the early game. Still, the only issue with the Basilisks is that their equipment drop rate is meager.

Final Verdict

There are various ways to kill the Basilisks, but they aren’t a threat to you that much. However, higher Level Slayer Tasks like the Monstrous Basilisk, Basilisk Knights and Basilisk Sentinels are undoubtedly dangerous.

To kill the Basilisk, you need to simply equip some boosts/equipment, which we mentioned in our OSRS Basilisk Slayer Guide, and then start attacking each Basilisk individually. So you just need a lot of time from your busy routine to find the Basilisks and Slay them to get the Basilisk Slayer Task done.

Lastly, you can even safe-spot them to kill them effortlessly, but it takes time. Using their head for something as a showpiece in your house in OSRS is possible, which we also discussed in our FAQ Section.

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