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Melee Combat is by far the most popular choice in OSRS, indeed, because you pretty much have no limitation here. In Ranged, you have expensive Arrows, and most people don’t want to go that way, but in Melee, things are more straightforward. In terms of overall power, you dominate in melee combat only if you can catch the other person.

Unfortunately, most of the time, beginning OSRS players have bad dps because of their gear, and therefore, we have the OSRS Best F2P Melee Gear guide.

Gear for F2P Melee

There are a lot of choices for Melee in OSRS depending on the level you have and the GP you can spend on the equipment. For beginners, things are wrong here, as good melee weaponry is expensive, and therefore, you have the lower level to be limited to only entry-level weapons. Below, we have all the gear sorted out for you.

Best two handed Weapon

Rune 2h Sword

For the most part, your best bet with melee combat is none other than Rune 2-Handed Weapon. If you like combat and one-hitting your enemies, the Scimitar (number 2) isn’t the right choice. A good weapon when exceptional damage is required is the Rune 2-Handed Weapon. The weapon is also the perfect choice for F2P Pking if you want to combo. 

There is a specific strategy here. When you are using this weapon, select Scimitar and a short bow as well. Use them to bring the enemy low and then use the bonus of that Rune 2H weapon to bring down enemies before they flee away. 

The only downside is that there is slow speed of this Sword, and it is not that great for other things. You also require level 40 Attack to use this weapon.

best free to play melee gear

Hill Giant Club

There also is the Hill Giant Club, which is the best slot weapon for crush. You can get the rune two handed and hill giant club from the F2P Boss by the name of Obor. Another way to get the rune two h sword is through Smithing, but you need 99 smithing level, which is the max to make it. 

Best overall weapon: Rune Scimitar

If you just want to train melee and get consistent damage, you need a reliable sword. Here the Rune Scimitar comes into consideration, which is also the golden choice for training Melee in F2P. Unlike the Rune Two-Handed Weapon, this one doesn’t bring you the top-notch stats, but the speed and the spread make up for it all.

To get Rune Scimitar, you will need 40 on the Attack, while it also has that exceptional balance of DPS and Speed in a Melee Weapon. You can acquire it by purchasing from Grand Exchange or making it yourself through Smithing.

Best Armor: Rune god armor

If you want to do something, do it with style. That is precisely what this Armor is all about, and you need to get the God Rune Armor for mostly its bonuses. However, when it comes to stats, this Armor is excellent for both Range and Melee Defense. 

Furthermore, you have those fantastic Prayer Bonuses which you can gain through some in-game currency. Moreover, the defense is mainly through the helmet, chainmail, kite shield, etc. The critical thing to note is that this Armor takes one thing away from you, which is a magic defense bonus. In simple words, never use this Armor when the enemy has magic damage.

To use this Armor, you only need 40 on defense. Platebody can only be gotten through Dragon Slayer Quest except for the other parts.


Is F2P Melee worth it?

Yes, totally; the Melee in OSRS F2P is incredible. You just have to narrow down the distance between yourself and the enemy. There are a lot of choices you can go for that result in different bonuses. It depends on you which is the right one, either incredible damage or speed+low damage.

How does Melee Work in OSRS?

The Attack is one of the most essential skills in OSRS Combat. When you increase the Attack level, it will also enhance the Combat level, which in return makes your Melee Combat Stronger. Strength is also a skill associated with Melee Combat that enhances the damage one can do to the enemy. 

Is F2P Melee Gear Expensive?

Well, it does depend on what you are wearing. If you are going for Dagon equipment at a stage where millions of Gold is just imaginary for you, then indeed, Melee is expensive. But, once you understand that every level in OSRS has a different gear you can pick, costs won’t surprise you. For example, in Ranged combat, you have to start spending a lot of Gold on your Arrows, which isn’t there in Melee, making it more budget-friendly.

How to level up Melee in OSRS?

You can train Attack for the moment till you can use the upper-level weapon. Do this until you can gain the ability to wield a Two-Handed (2H) Sword. After that, the better the level, the faster you can train your Melee in OSRS, as the Hitpoints are more and come with better stats. Afterward, you can prepare your Strength to gain extra points for Melee combat, as it is associated with Melee combat.

osrs best gear f2p for melee

Final Verdict

The only hurdle in your way is cost, and with the right price, you can get the most OP Melee Gear to put your enemies to sleep. Not everyone has the luxury of being a member, and that is no problem. The real enjoyment in OSRS is grinding and picking the right equipment for the build through hard-earned Gold. 

You can pick various choices in the Melee Gear, like changing the weapons for agile attacks or doing devastating damage in single hits. We also have an example of Armor that you can swap for Magic or Physical Defense.

The Best OSRS F2P Melee Gear is the one you can afford on your level of in-game experience and provides the best usability in specific scenarios. But, for better understanding, we have some of the best picks for Melee F2P combat here.

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