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Ranged Weaponry – A choice of every civilized player. In OSRS, people usually prefer Melee; some just want to try something new like Ranged Combat. In Free Play PvP Combat, people typically don’t want to participate in Range Combat, preferring the two-hand sword or a spell that just doesn’t make sense here.

But, with the Ranged Skills, you can put your enemies to sleep before they can even attack you, only if you have the right gear. For this specific reason, we have OSRS Best F2P Range Gear here to help you with the equipment.

Range Gear Guide for F2P OSRS

Most people make mistakes with their Bows, a primary weapon, or a Ranged attack. They use Long Bows for firing further instead of the Short Bows for quick draw and hit. If you want to get things done faster, like leveling, you must use Short Bow. It also works flawlessly in PvP combat.

Your choice can be the Training Bow gained from the combat tutor along with those beautiful Bronze arrows. But the issue is that you can only use these arrows with the Bow for training. The number of arrows you get is 25 after about 30 minutes or so.

F2P Bows for Training Range

The first Bow you need to get your hands on is the shortbow, which is excellent for F2P. Just make sure you do the normal short bow progression and use the BIS bow when you can wield them.

f2p range gear osrs

F2P Arrows for Training Range

It isn’t only the Bow that is dominant here; Arrows are also essential in gear. At the start or early in the game, your arrows won’t be doing good damage, while they are cheaper to obtain. After reaching the mid to end part, your arrows will be much stronger but more expensive. 

The concept here is to never let your enemies reach you. Getting your hands on the arrows that won’t break is commonly the concept here. Different types of Arrows with Bows are;

  • Bronze, which can be used by all bows and comes with a bonus of +7
  • Bronze Bolts that can be sued by Crossbow and comes with a bonus of +10
  • The iron can be used by all and comes with a bonus of +10
  • Steel that can be used by only Oak+ and comes with a bonus of +16
  • Mithril that can only be used by Willow+ and can provide you with a bonus of +22
  • Adamant, on the top, can be used by Maple and has around a +31 bonus.

F2P Range Armor progression

In case you are to get hit or caught up by the enemy, what will you be doing? For this scenario, you will have to equip the best Armor. Your best bet for range armor progression is;

  • Leather Cowl
  • Leather Body 
  • Leather Chaps
  • Leather Vambraces
  • Coif
  • Studded Body
  • Studded Chaps
  • Hard leather Body
  • Green Dragonhide (D’hide) Body
  • Green Dragonhide (D’hide) Chaps
  • Green Dragonhide (D’hide) Vambraces
osrs best range gear f2p

Amulets for F2P Ranged

It doesn’t hurt to equip the items that grant you specific bonuses. For example, for Ranged F2P, you will have to get your hands on Amulet of Accuracy, providing a boost related to the attack on the Range.

The second one is the famous Emerald Amulet of Defense that boosts your defense a little bit, and in return, you can take a few hits more.

Diamond Amulet of Power is the final one you will need here, which is the king of F2P Range, offering you both defensive and attacking bonuses while topping it all off with a bit of prayer boost.

Playstyle for OSRS F2P Range

Now that you have everything you will need for a tremendous F2P Range journey, you must also pick a style. There are many choices to choose from, but the best ones are mentioned below in our OSRS Best F2P Range Gear Guide.

There is a style by the name of Accurate Attack. In this style, you can precisely aim at the target and shoot. Gaining an invisible boost along with the Ranged Skill boosts up many stats.

Another good style is Rapid or Quick Attack, which involves firing arrows as fast as possible. Afterward, there is a boost to your attack here, as you are raining down arrows on the enemies.

Finally, the Long-range Style is for users looking to keep their distance from enemies. This will enhance your Range of attacks but takes a toll on the attack speed. 

Best Ranged Gear

Get your hands on the Maple Bow, along with the Dragonhide (D’hide) set-pieces; it is recommended for F2P Ranged. But the issue here is that it requires 40 levels on the Range, and if you don’t have it, you cannot equip this combination. Afterward, it is expensive; you will need 10k in OSRS to get all this gear. A further breakdown of this combination is;

  • Leather Boots
  • Coif
  • Green Dhide Vambraces
  • Cape
  • Green Dhide Chaps
  • Amulet of Power
  • Green Hide Body
  • Maple Bow
free to play best range gear osrs

Every projectile will be around 70 GP each, essentially the most expensive thing in this build. Other than that, you can get everything in 10, while the 100 arrows cost around 100k.


How does Range work in Old School RuneScape?

The range is one of the most unpopular choices in OSRS Combat and involves the use of Bows, Arrows, and throwables, along with good Armor in case a melee catches up to you. The trick in OSRS is to keep your distance from your enemies.

Is OSRS Range Good?

Mostly, it is good against the Magic Armor, but it is poor against Melee armor. But, in the end, it all falls on the Ammunition/Arrows you are using, the weakness of the monster you are fighting, and your skills with Range combat. Nevertheless, you can make things useful in OSRS; just keep the distance with high-damage melee enemies.

Final Verdict

Most people tend to focus more on the Melee side of the game, as it looks much more stylish and more uncomplicated. Ranged Combat in OSRS is undoubtedly not the most popular, only because of how expensive the arrows are and the little bit of complexity attached.

With a good build and gear, you can make it one of the most impressive builds in OSRS F2P, but you surely require a lot of Gold. To get you the best gear in OSRS for Range, we have an OSRS Best F2P Range Gear Guide that discusses versatile choices and gives the best and cheap build for Range.

Check out the following guides if you are a F2P player looking for the BIS gear.

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