Osrs 9 best herbs to farm [2022] – optimal profit and xp

Are you looking to train your farming while also making a decent profit? We have compiled a list of the best herbs you should farm in osrs for for-profit and xp. To put together this list, we have considered the chances that your herbs will get deceased, or you will have a low harvest. 

Of course, the prices of herb seeds are a pretty significant factor in determining if the herbs are worth farming or not. This list assumes you have a high enough farming level to plant the herbs and use magic secateurs and supercompost. We base all calculations on five herb patches, so you can easily divide and multiply if you use more or fewer patches. 

9. Ranarr weed

Ranarr weed is not a very good herb to plant for profit. This fact surprises many players as ranarr herb seeds are so expensive. 

However, your profit margins planting ranarr weed are razor-thin due to the disease and low yield. If you are an ironman, however, this is a herb you need to farm quite often.

Due to ranarr weed being such a low-level herb, the amount of xp you get per herb run isn’t as high either. You can plant ranarr weed at level 32 farming. 

You can expect to get about 16k in profit and 1100 farming experience on an average trip. If you want to farm herbs for profit, you are better off doing other herbs.

best herbs to farm osrs

8. Harralander 

The next decent herb to grow in OSRS is harralanders. You can start growing this herb at level 26 farming. These are lower-level herbs than ranarr weed but give significantly more profit.

The difference in profit is caused because harralander seed is very cheap while the harralander herb is at reasonable prices.

The average herb run will net you about 25k, or 50% more than ranarr weed, and around 900 farming xp. 

7. Irit leaf

The Irit leaf gives about the same return as the harralander and requires you to have 44 farming. However, due to irit being a much higher level herb, you get a pretty decent amount of farming xp doing herb runs with this plant. 

The seeds used for irit are inexpensive, while the irit leaf is easily worth over 1k each. Therefore, when farming these herbs, you can expect about 25k gp and 1800 farming xp. 

osrs top best herbs to farm

6. Dwarf Weed

At level 79, you can start farming a high-level herb: Dwarf Weed. While being one of the highest level herbs in OSRS, you won’t get very much profit farming these herbs.

A dwarf weed herb run will earn you about 33k gp. However, the xp is pretty decent. You get around 7k farming xp for every herb run you do. 

5. Lantadyme

A good herb to plant while training farming is Lantadyme. You can start planting this herb at 73 farming.

Growing lantadyme is a great way to balance profit for growing herbs with the xp you get for harvesting them.

Farming lantadyme in OSRS will give you around 50k gp in profit and 5600 farming xp. Many people use lantadyme to train for this reason. 

4. Kwuarm

Kwuarm can be farmed at level 56 farming. This herb gives a profit and a decent amount of xp per herb run. 

Kwuarm will earn you 54k gp and about 3600 farming xp per run. 

Thanks to the low farming level required to plant this herb, kwuarm is a very profitable herb to farm for medium-level accounts. 

3. Cadantine

We are entering our top three profitable, money-making herbs to farm in OSRS. Cadantine takes the bronze medal. 

Cadantine can be farmed starting from level 67. The seeds are rather cheap, and you get a decent amount of xp per herb grown. 

When using cadantine for your herb trip, you can expect up to 60k profit and 4500 farming xp per trip. 

osrs profitable best herbs to farm

2. Toadflax

The second best herb to farm in OSRS for profit is toadflax. Many players are surprised by this fact as toadflax is a very low-level herb.

You can start planting toadflax as early as level 38 farming. However, because toadflax is a beginner plant, you don’t get a ton of xp for it. 

A toadflax herb run will get you 1400 xp and 65k gp on average! 

1. Avantoe 

Avantoe is the best herb to farm in osrs. We were pretty surprised when we did the math.

An avantoe farming run gives the most gp out of all herbs in OSRS and a very decent amount of xp.

If you farm avantoe, you can expect to get 70k gp and 2300 farming xp per run. 

Those stats make it the best herb to farm in Old School Runescape by quite a margin. 

money making osrs herbs to farm

Osrs best herbs to farm Conclusion

If you want to train your farming without losing money, planting herbs is a great way. As a player, you have a lot of options to choose from. 

Some herbs give more profit; other herbs give more farming xp. However, if we compare all the herbs you can grow in OSRS, there is one herb that comes on top. Avantoe is the optimal herb to farm in 07 for gp and xp. 

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Farming herbs FAQ

What is the best herb run for profit?

The best herb run to do in OSRS for profit is planting avantoe. These herbs will get you over 70k gp per run. 

What is the best herb run for farming xp?

The best herb to plant for xp in Runescape is Torstol. Torstol gives you 8k farming xp per herb run on average. However, you will make a slight loss of 30k per trip. 

Is having a herb sack worth it?

Yes, the herb sack in OSRS is one of the best items on your account. The herb sack is not just useful for farming, but you can also use the sack to pick up herbs when you are training slayers without having to bank. 

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