OSRS best 12 quests to do early – Optimal order when starting out

Have you just started a new account? Do you want to know which are the best OSRS quests to do early? Here are the top 12 quests you should do as soon as possible. Doing these early on in the game will save you a lot of time training skills and give you decent rewards when starting. 

1. Cook’s assistant

Requirements: None

Reward: 1 Quest point, 300 cooking xp

The Cook’s assistant is the first quest you should do when you get off the tutorial island. This quest requires level 4 cooks and is very easy to complete. 

The quest will take you around Lumbridge and give you a decent amount of cooking xp. So you can cook better food, by training and your fish does not burn as often. 

2. X marks the spot

Requirements: No requirements

Rewards: 1 Quest point, 200 coins, Antique xp lamp, and beginner clue scroll. 

The next quest you should do early is X Marks the spot. This quest will give you a ton of valuable things. You get some money, an antique lamp, and a beginner clue scroll. 

You should use the antique lamp for agility skills. The lamp will give 300 xp and get you up to level 4. That way, you can restore your run energy faster and run around longer.

You also get a beginner clue scroll, which I suggest you solve right away. Often you can get a pretty decent reward. 

By completing this quest, you can also start the Client of Kourend. 

3. The Restless Ghost

Requirements: None

Rewards: 1 Quest point, 1125 prayer xp, Ghostspeak Amulet

The Restless glove is the following quest you should tackle. The quest is pretty easy to do, and you don’t need to defeat the level 13 skeleton to complete it. 

By doing the Restless Ghost Quest, you can complete many other follow-up quests. There are also some great rewards. The best reward of this quest is the prayer xp. 

When you have completed the Restless Ghost, you get 1125 prayer xp which will boost you to level 9 prayer right away! 

top 12 osrs best quests to do early

4. Imp Catcher

Requirements: None

Rewards: 1 Quest Point, 875 magic xp, and an amulet of accuracy

Next up is one of the most frustrating beginner quests: Imp Catcher. If you are an ironman, prepare to be killing imps for quite a while.

Collecting these four beads can take a lot of imp kills. However, regular players can just buy them on the GE and get the Imp Catcher done in seconds. 

The rewards for completing the Imp Catcher are decent too. The amulet of accuracy is pretty useful, and the 875 magic xp will train your magic to level 8 instantly. 

5. Sheep shearer

Requirements: None

Rewards: 1 Quest point, 150 crafting xp, 60 coins.

The next quest you should do is Sheep Shearer. Sheep Shearer is a pretty short quest, so you won’t be spending more than five minutes on it. 

Unfortunately, the rewards aren’t that exciting. Completing the quest will get you one quest point, 150 crafting xp, and 60 coins. The xp reward will train your crafting to level 2. 

6. Misthalin Mystery

Requirements: None

Rewards: 1 Quest point, 600 crafting xp, an uncut ruby, emerald, and sapphire

The next good quest to do early in OSRS is the Misthalin Mystery quest. The rewards for completing Misthalin Mystery are more than decent.

You get a bunch of uncut gems that you can turn into jewelry later, but you also get 600 crafting experiences. The quest will boost your crafting level from 2 up to level 7. 

7. Witch’s potion

Requirements: None

Rewards: 1 Quest Point, 325 magic xp.

Witch’s potion is a very short quest where you help a witch make a weird concoction. The Witch’s potion takes only a few minutes, and the reward is okay.

When you complete this quest, you get one quest point and 325 magic xp. This reward will boost your magic level from level 8 to level 10. 

Completing the adventure will unlock a pretty powerful beginner spel, earth strike. This level-up makes the Witch’s potion an extraordinary quest to do early on your osrs account. 

starting out osrs best quests to do early

8. Client of Kourend

Requirements: Completion of X marks the spot

Rewards: 1 Quest point, two antique lamps, a favor certificate, and Kharedst’s memories.

Client of Kourend is one of osrs best quests to do early since it unlocks an entire continent and has some great additional rewards. To start the Client of Kourend, you must have completed X marks on the spot. 

The quest is relatively short but requires a lot of running, so make sure you have something to replenish your run energy. 

When you complete the Client of Kourend, you will get one quest point, two antique lamps which provide 500 xp each, a Kourend favor certificate which gives you 20% favor towards a house of your choice. 

The memoirs can be used to teleport around Zeah and are helpful to train hunters. Use the lamps to get your agility to level 10. 

9. Dwarf cannon

Requirements: None

Rewards: 1 Quest point, 750 crafting xp, access to the dwarf multi cannon

The Dwarf cannon quest is one of the best quests to do early on a pure or if you are planning on training slayer. 

The quest doesn’t take long and gives you one quest point, 750 crafting xp, and you can now use a cannon. This cannon will help you train range AFK. The crafting xp will get you to level 11 crafting.

10. Waterfall Quest

Requirements: Survive running past level 86 and 84 monsters

Rewards: 1 Quest point, 13750 att and str xp, two diamonds, two gold bars, and 40 mithril seeds

One of the best osrs quests to do early when you want to train your combat upon a new account is the Waterfall Quest.

Doing this quest will give you some of the best rewards in the game. There are no requirements, so you can do it on a level 3 account. However, you need to survive possible hits from levels 86 and 84 monsters. 

When you have completed the Waterfall quest, you will get 13 750 attack xp and 13 750 strength xp. This large amount of xp will instantly get you from level 1 to 30 in both skills. 

The waterfall quest will also introduce you to a location where you can train AFK fishing

11. Rune Mysteries

Requirements: None

Rewards: 1 quest point, air talisman, access to the rune essence mine.

If you want to train runecrafting in osrs, you must complete the rune mysteries quest. Rune Mysteries requires quite a bit of running but is very easy and quick to complete. Unfortunately, you don’t get runecrafting experience as a reward. However, you do get an air talisman, yay. 

Completing the rune mysteries is a prerequisite for many other quests like Enter the Abyss. The quest is also required to get access to the minigame Guardians of the Rift to train runecrafting. 

12. Monk’s Friend

Requirements: None

Rewards: 1 quest point, 2000 woodcutting xp, 8 law runes

The final quest on this list of best quests to do early in OSRS is monk’s friend. This easy and quick task will be a great way to train your woodcutting levels. 

The reward for doing the Monk’s Friend is one quest point, 2000 woodcutting xp, and many law runes. This large amount of woodcutting experience will bring you up to level 13 woodcutting instantly. This is close to the level you need for oak logs and will help you cut trees faster to train your firemaking with better logs.


Following this list of the osrs best quests to do early on your account will give you a nice headstart. Then, due to the many perks, rewards, and experiences you get from completing these various adventures, you will hit the ground running and be bossing and fighting stronger monsters in no time! 

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