OSRS BIS Gear overview [2022]

OSRS is all about getting the best in slot gear, so you can finally play the game. Whether you are bossing, training slayer, or just grinding out some levels, having BIS gear and items while doing combat makes Old School a lot more enjoyable. 

In this overview, you will find the best gear in Old School Runescape for melee, mage, and range. We have also included a table to see what alternatives you have and help you plan your gear progression.

Gear slots OSRS

Best melee gear OSRS

OSRS has a ton of melee armor and weapons you can use. Some are always great to use; other is only useful in niche situations. This tier list features the best all-around melee gear you can find in Old School Runescape in 2022. 

Best melee gear bonuses list

  • Helm – Torva helmet is the best melee helmet in OSRS. You need 80 defense to wear the Torva helmet, and it gives a strength bonus of +8. 
  • Cape – The best cape for melee in OSRS is the infernal cape. This amazing cape is better than the fire cape due to the higher strength bonus. 
  • Necklace – The best melee necklace is the amulet of torture. While it does not have any defensive stats, the attack bonuses are much better than the amulet of fury.
  • Arrow slot – The best thing to put in your arrow slot when doing melee is the holy blessing reward from the Kourend Elite diary, as it gives double the bonus compared to other blessings. 
  • Weapon – The best one-handed weapon in OSRS for melee is the Ghazier Rapier. The best two-handed weapon is the Scythe of Vitur. Of course, there are niche weapons like the Keris Partisan which are very powerful in the right situation.
  • Chest – The Torva chest plate is the best chest slot item when using melee in Old School. It gives a better strength bonus than the Bandos Chestplate. 
  • Shield – When using a one-handed weapon, the best in slot is an Avernic defender as your shield. It gives very high attack bonuses. 
  • Legs – The Torva platelegs are slightly better than the Bandos Chestplate and give you a +4 strength bonus. You do need 80 Defense to use this armor. 
  • Gloves: The best gloves in the slot are the ferocious gloves when using melee. These are slightly better than the barrows gloves. 
  • Boots – Primordial boots are the BIS boots for melee. However, the bonus difference with dragon boots is rather minimal. 
  • Ring – In most cases, the Berserker ring (i) is the best ring to wear when using melee due to the +8 strength bonus it gives. 

Spec weapon – The Dragon Claws are the best special attack weapon in OSRS. However, the humble DDS is pretty close to that. 

S Tier gearA tier gearB tier gearC tier Gear
HelmTorva helmNeitiznot faceguardInquisitor helmetSerpentine helmet
CapeInfernal capeFire capeObsidian capeArdougne Cloack 
NecklaceAmulet of tortureAmulet of furyAmulet of gloryAmulet of power
Arrow SlotRadja blessing (4)Any god blessingAny god blessingAny god blessing
WeaponSchyte of Vitur (2H)Ghazier rapierInquisitors maceTentacle whip
ChestTorva chestplateInquisitors armorBandos chestplateFighter torso
ShieldAvernic defenderDragon defenderElysian spirit shieldDragon fire shield
LegsTorva chestplateInquisitors platelegsBandos tassetsVerac’s tassets
GlovesFerocious glovesBarrows glovesRegen braceletCombat bracelet
BootsPrimordial bootsDragon bootsGranite bootsRune boots
RingBerserker ring (i) Berserker ringWarrior ring (i)Warrior ring
Melee gear tier list
OSRS BIS melee gear setup

Notes about the BIS melee gear in Old School Runescape

This tier list is heavily dependent on the activity you are doing. For example, you will likely have quite a bad time if you are using the S-tier gear while fighting a rune dragon. 

This tier list also does not consider if you are doing slayer or not. If you are doing slayer, the slayer helm (i) and regular slayer helm will always be S tier as a helm. 

You should also take into account things like set bonuses and the weakness of the monsters. For example, the inquisitor’s armor and mace will be great against a beast like Sarrachnis due to the crush bonus the armor and weapon give and how weak that OSRS boss is to crush. 

The best way to use this tier list is as a melee gear progression guide or checklist. 

Best Range Gear OSRS

  • Helm – The best range helmed in OSRS is the Armadyl helmet, which gives a +10 ranging bonus and requires you to have 70 defense and range to wear it. 
  • Cape – The best cape for range training is the Ava’s Assembler, which gives a +8 ranging bonus and requires you to do Dragon Slayer II to wear and have a 70 range level. 
  • Necklace – By far, the best necklace in Old School for ranging is the Necklace of Anguish. It gives a +15 ranging bonus and a +5 range strength bonus, which increases your max hit. You need 75 HP to use this necklace. Of course, if you use a salve amulet (ei) when fighting undead, that will be best in slot.
  • Arrow slot – The arrow Slot will depend on what bow or crossbow you are using. The best arrows are the Dragon arrows when using the Twisted Bow. 
  • Weapon – The best weapon for the range is the Twisted Bow. However, when training against monsters with low magic levels, the Bow of Faerdhinen is better. When using a crossbow, the Armadyl crossbow is the best. 
  • Chest – The best item in the chest slot for ranging in OSRS is the Armadyl Chestplate. It gives a prayer bonus, +33 range bonus, and you need 70 range and defense to wear it. 
  • Shield – The Twisted buckler is the best shield for ranging if you want to do DPS. It gives you a +18 ranged bonus. You can only use a shield when you have a crossbow as your weapon. 
  • Legs – The best legs in OSRS for rangers are the Armadyl Chainskirt. It gives a ranged bonus of +20. You need a range of 70 and 70 defense to wear the Armadyl chainskirt. 
  • Gloves – The best gloves for ranging are the Zaryte vambraces. These give much higher bonuses than the Barrows gloves. The Zaryte vambraces require 80 ranging 45 defense. They give a +18 ranging bonus. 
  • Boots – The best boots for rangers in Old School are the Pegasian boots. These boots give a +12 range bonus and require you to have 75 range and 75 defense to wear them.
  • Ring – The Archer’s ring (i) is the best ring for ranging. It gives you a +8 ranging bonus. You can use this ring with level 1 stats.
S Tier gearA tier gearB tier gearC tier Gear
HelmArmadyl helmet Blessed coifArcher helmetSpined helm
CapeMax capeRanging capeAva’s assemblerAva’s accumulator
NecklaceNecklace of anguishAmulet of furyAmulet of gloryAmulet of power
Arrow SlotDragon arrowsAmethyst arrowsRuby dragon boltsRada’s blessing 4
WeaponTwisted bowToxic BlowpipeBow of faerdhinenArmadyl crossbow
ChestCrystal bodyArmadyl chestplateBlessed bodyBlack d’hide body
ShieldTwisted bucklerDragonfire wardOdium wardArmadyl god book
LegsCrystal legsArmadyl chainskirtBlessed chapsBlack d’hide chaps
GlovesZaryte vambracesBarrows glovesBlessed vambracesBlack d’hide vambraces
BootsPegasian bootsBlessed bootsRanger bootsSnake skin boots
RingArcher ring (i)Archer ring Ring of the gods (i)Ring of suffering(i)
Ranging gear OSRS tier list

Notes about the BIS gear for ranging in Old School Runescape

This ranging gear tier list will heavily depend on what you are fighting. For example, if you are fighting a dragon, you might be better off with the Dragon Hunter Crossbow in some cases. Also,, take into account that the slayer helm (i) is by far the best item to wear overall on a slayer task. 

You should also be aware that the twisted bow is only helpful against monsters with a very high magic level like the Great Olm. It won’t be the best DPS against a beast-like General Graardor or hellhounds. In some cases, a multi-target weapon like the red Chinchompas are going to be much better for EXP than any other ranged weapon. 

The best way to use this tier list is to use it as a gear progression guide for ranging armor and weapons. 

Best Mage Gear OSRS

  • Helm – The Ancestral hat is the BIS for magic. It gives a magic bonus and a +2% magic damage. You need 75 magic and 65 defense to wear the ancestral hat. 
  • Cape – The best cape in OSRS for magic is the Imbued God cape. The cape gives you a +15 magic bonus and requires 75 magic to be wielded. 
  • Necklace – The occult necklace is the best amulet for magic. The occult necklace gives you a 12 magic bonus and a very high +10 magic damage which stacks. 
  • Arrow slot – The best thing to put in your arrow slot is Radja’s blessing. The reward from the Kourend Diary (4). 
  • Weapon – The Kodai wand is generally the best weapon to use for magic. It requires you to have 75 magic to wield it. The Kodai wand has +15% magic damage and a +28 magic bonus. 
  • Chest – The best chest for magic is the Ancestral robe top. This robe top gives a magic bonus of +35 and requires you to have 75 magic and 65 defense to wear. It also gives you a 2% magic damage bonus. 
  • Shield – The best shield to use when fighting with magic is the Arcane spirit shield. This shield gives you a magic bonus of +20 and requires a magic level of 65, a defense of 75, and 70 prayer to wear. 
  • Legs – The Ancestral robe bottom is the best item for the leg slot when training or fighting with magic. The Ancestral robe bottom gives you a 26 magic bonus. This item requires you to have 75 magic and 65 defense to use it. 
  • Gloves – The Tormented Bracelet is the best item to put in the glove slot if you are training magic. The bracelet will give you a +10 magic bonus and +5% magic damage. A tormented bracelet requires you to have 75 hit points.
  • Boots – The best boost for magic are eternal boots. These require you to have a magic and defense level of 75. The eternal boots give a humble +8 magic bonus. 
  • Ring – The best ring to use when training and using magic in Old School is the Seers ring (i). The Seers ring gives you a bonus of +12 in magic. 
S Tier gearA tier gearB tier gearC tier Gear
HelmAncestral hatAhrims hood3rd age mage hatFarseers helm
CapeImbued magic capeMagic god capeMagic skill cape3rd age cloak
NecklaceOccult necklace3rd age amuletAmulet of furyAmulet of glory
Arrow SlotRadja blessing 4Any god blessingAny god blessingAny god blessing
WeaponKodai wandNightmare staffsToxic staff of the deadMaster wand
ChestAncestral robe topAhrims robe top3rd age mage robesDragon’hai robe top
ShieldArcane spirit shieldMage bookSpecteral spirit shieldTome of fire
LegsAncestral robe bottomAhrims robe bottom3rd age mage bottomDragon’hai robe bottom
GlovesTormented braceletBarrows glovesRegen braceletCombat bracelet
BootsEternal bootsMage bootsInfinity bootsMystic boots
RingSeers ring (i)Seers ringRing of the gods (i)Ring of suffering (i)
Magic gear tier list OSRS
Magic Gear OSRS mid-level accounts

Notes about the BIS magic gear in OSRS

Magic is kind of weird in OSRS. Sometimes the best armor to wear is a platebody. That is because some monsters have no defense against magic. When this is the case, you can hit these monsters extremely accurately with magical attacks even if you have a negative magic attack bonus. 

The best way to use this tier list is as a gear progression guide for magic weapons and armor.

Best F2P gear

F2P does not have a lot of gear, so a tier list of F2P weapons and armor would be a bit too obvious. However, there are a couple of items that have been added to OSRS in recent years. Most notable are the Hill Giant club and Castle Wars rewards. 

F2P Melee BIS

  • Helm – The rune full helm (Saradomin/Bandos or Zamorak).
  • Cape – Any team cape.
  • Necklace – Depending on your strength level, either the amulet of strength or the power amulet is the best in slot necklace for F2P. This depends if the STR amulet gives you an extra max hit. 
  • Arrow slot – none. 
  • Weapon – The best one-handed weapon is the rune scimitar. The best 2H is the hill giant club or rune 2h sword. 
  • Chest – The rune (Saradomin/Bandos or Zamorak) platebody is the best chest item in F2P. 
  • Shield – The rune (Saradomin/Bandos or Zamorak) kiteshield is the best shield for melee in F2P. 
  • Legs – The rune (Saradomin/Bandos or Zamorak) platelegs are the best legs in OSRS F2P. 
  • Boots – The best boots for F2P melee are the decorative boots from castle wars. 
  • Ring – None. 

F2P Range BIS

  • Helm – The coif is the best helm slot item for F2P range gear. 
  • Cape – any team cape.
  • Necklace – The amulet of power is the best for rangers in F2P. 
  • Arrow slot – Adamant arrows are the best arrows in F2P. 
  • Weapon – The best bow in F2P is the maple short bow. 
  • Chest – The green D’hide body is the best-ranging if you want to use a crossbow; the rune crossbow is best. 
  • Legs – The green d’hide chaps are the best item to wear in the F2P leg slot for ranging. 
  • Gloves – Green d’hide vambraces are the best gloves in F2P. 
  • Boots – The best boosts for ranging are leather boots. 
  • Ring – none. 

F2P Magic BIS

  • Helm – The wizard hat is the best hat for magic in F2P. 
  • Cape – any team cape is fine. 
  • Necklace – The amulet of magic gives a +10 magic bonus and is by far the best. 
  • Arrow slot – none.
  • Weapon – any elemental staff that is casting blasts.
  • Chest – The wizard robe top is the best item for magic in F2P as a chest slot. 
  • Shield – The dragon anti-fire shield is the best shield when doing magic. 
  • Legs – The Zamorak robe bottom is BIS for magic with a +2 range bonus. 
  • Gloves – Leather vambraces are the best. 
  • Boots – Leather boots are the best. 
  • Ring – None. 

Read our full F2p magic bis gear guide here. If you are looking for a way to get more chaos runes to get your mage up, you should collect these in the wilderness if you are not a member.

Final thoughts about F2P best in slot gear

F2P gear is kind of weak. Magic armor, in particular, is very underpowered in F2P. However, Rune – and the god armors in particular due to the prayer bonus – is still king in the free-to-play words in Runescape. 

There are only two bosses in F2P where you might get in trouble: Obor and Bryophyta. These are low combat, and the gear in F2P is enough for this. 

Enjoyed this? Then check out our OSRS skills tier list.

OSRS Gear progression tips

Are you looking to upgrade your gear to train combat more effectively? Here are a couple of tips to help you on your way to a powerful account with BIS weapons and armor. 

Prioritize DPS

Old School Runescape is all about hitting a lot. Defense bonuses are seldom something you need when training combat. Even when fighting bosses, the game’s meta is to defeat them before they can defeat you by doing massive amounts of damage.

That is why your first upgrade should always be your weapon and armor that gives you a bonus in your attack stats and strength, magic, or range bonus before anything else. 

Calculate bonus to GP ratio

When upgrading your gear, you should always look at how much of an upgrade you are getting for the price you are paying. That way, you can prioritize gear upgrades a lot more efficiently. 

The best example of this is the dragon boots to primordial boots upgrade. The increase is laughably small when you look at the stat increase from 200k dragon boots to 20m+ primordial boots. You get less than a percentage more DPS. 

The same goes when picking out the best food for training. Calculate how much hp per gp you are getting. This will add up significantly after a while.

Go for overall utility above niche use.

When looking around for the next big upgrade to your gear, it might be attractive to pick a BIS item for a certain monster, like the dragon hunter crossbow or the twisted bow. However, when you are still training up your account and don’t fight dragons non-stop or aren’t doing a lot of bosses, you might want to look further. 

Try to find a good mix of items that you can use as much as possible. This way you can get more exp an hour and have a good time fighting OSRS boss monsters. You should remember this principle when looking for other BIS items, like the best light source in OSRS.


What is the best melee weapon in F2P OSRS?

The best weapon in F2P is the rune scimitar. This is due to its high 4-tick speed, good strength bonus, and excellent slash bonus. This makes the rune scimitar slightly better than the rune longsword when using the melee combat style in OSRS.

What is the best melee weapon in OSRS? 

The best melee weapon overal in Old School Runescape is the Scythe of Vitur. This is because it can hit large targets and mobs multiple times. This gives it by far the highest damage per second (DPS) out of every melee weapon in the game. The downside of using the Scythe of Vitur is its cost.

What weapon in OSRS is better than the whip? 

There are a couple of weapons better than the whip in OSRS. First, the tentacle whip is a direct improvement upon the regular whip. Another one-handed weapon that is clearly superior to the whip in OSRS is the Ghazier Rapier. The Ghazier Rapier weapon has a much higher DPS and a very high stab bonus, making it the best one-handed melee weapon in all of Old School Runescape.