The quintessential blackjacking guide osrs – 200k an hour thieving xp

In this osrs blackjacking guide, we will go in-depth on training your thieving using this pretty fun method. The article will cover going from level 45 to level 99. Our team will also answer any questions you might have about the strategy and share some tips to make sure you make the most of your time. 

You can do blackjacking until level 99 since the xp an hour is 250k. However, we suggest you follow our Pyramid Plunder Guide starting from level 91 thieving if you want the optimal amount of xp/hr. 

osrs blackjacking guide

Requirements for blackjacking

The Feud: To access this method, you need to complete the Feud quest. This quest also gives you a bit of thieving xp for completing it and gives you access to Blackjacks. 

45 thieving: the minimum requirement to start with this method is 45 thieving. From that level on, you can begin to black jacking bandits in Pollniveach. 

You will also need to concentrate very well if you want the optimal amounts of xp an hour. Blackjacking is a very click-intensive activity that is not very AFK and does not earn you a lot of gp. I suggest switching over to Pyramid Plunder starting from level 91 (or even 81) thieving to keep your sanity. 


There is only one location in osrs where you can Blackjack. This place is Pollniveach, which is located in the Khardian desert. The fastest way to go to Pollniveach is by using a redirection scroll on a house teleport and teleport to the house portal in the city. 

You can also use the Shanty pass and the magical carpet ride next to it. You can just talk to the carpet guy, and he will give you the option to go straight to Pollniveach. 

Another option is to use the fairy ring teleport. There are two teleports nearby. The codes are DLQ and BIQ. You can then just run towards Pollniveach, following your minimap. 

You can also use the camulet to teleport close to Pollyniveach. You do need to have done the quest to get this amulet. 

How to start successfully blackjacking in osrs

A lot of these items are optional. However, you will always need a blackjack, no matter the wood it is made from. 

blackjacking setup gear

Items needed 

A blackjack: To knock out NPCs, you will have to buy a blackjack. It does not matter which one you get. Just pick the one that is best for you. You can buy a regular blackjack from the trader just a few spaces from the Kebab Shop. It is also possible to obtain defensive and offensive blackjacks. You have to do the Rogue Trader minigame. You can also just buy these from the Grand Exchange.

Food: In order to blackjack effectively, it is essential to bring food with you or coins and noted food. You can obtain good training food like saradomin brews or noted pies and curries. You can sell these pies and curries to a shopkeeper and repurchase them unnoted. It is also possible to buy jugs of wine from Ali the Barman. 

Hitpoints restoration items: To save food and get more xp an hour, you should bring one or two things that passively restore your hitpoints. A good item for this is the regen bracelet, which doubles your restoration rate. This item stacks with the hitpoint skill cape if you have one. 

Tip: You do not need to bring the rogue equipment, dodgy necklace, or Ardougne cloak. These items don’t give you any additional value, training your thieving with this method. 

Blackjacking strategy

Make your way to Pollniveach with your blackjack and look for the best bandits you can thieve from at your level. 

  • Bearded Pollnivian bandits at level 45
  • Pollnivian Bandits at level 55
  • Menaphite thugs at level 65
blackjacking guide osrs

Blackjacking in osrs itself is pretty straightforward. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to do this:

  • Try and find a bandit near a house and lure him until you can trap him between you and objects. Lure the bandit by hiding him away from the sight of other NPCs.
  • Use your blackjack to knock him out by right-clicking and choosing the knockout option.
  • Now you can pickpocket the bandit two times. You can not pickpocket them more than twice, as they are unconscious for only three seconds. 

If you fail to pickpocket the bandit two times in a row, you will be caught by your target. You will be stunned for 5 seconds and be damaged at 4 hitpoints when noticed. Sometimes the bandits will also become aggressive and attack you like a regular monster. If this happens, try to use the knockout option again. Knocking out will reset the bandit, and you will be able to continue to use the blackjacking strategy. 

The higher your thieving level is, the more successful your knockout rate is. Here are a couple of exciting milestones while blackjacking for the knockout success rate:

  • Level 45: 59%
  • Level 60: 69%
  • Level 75: 79%
  • Level 90: 88%
  • Level 99: 94%

You can go beyond a success rate of 94% by using items that boost your thieving level. However, these are not worth using. 

Best osrs blackjacking setup and inventory

There is no bank in Pollniveach. That means you will need to bring food to keep thieving. You will be caught quite a lot, so the more you get, the better. 

The optimal food to bring is saradomin brews. These heal up to 76 hp per inventory slot. You can also bring coins with you and buy wines from Ali, the barman. Another option is to bring noted cheap food like pizza and curry, which you can sell and buy back unnoted to the shop. Even more convenient is using the unnoter near the shop. 

As your gear, you should bring some armor that will protect you from the attacks of bandits when they regularly attack you. This happens often and can drain your hitpoints quickly if you have a low defense level.

inventory blackjacking

XP an hour

The xp an hour for blackjacking in osrs scales with your level. The following table shows the amount of xp an hour you can get doing this activity if you are an average player. Players who don’t pay attention to the game or are trying for maximum efficiency will have different xp rates.

Thieving levelBlackjacking xp/h
Blackjacking xp/hr

As you see, starting from level 65 thieving, this training method is very effective to do. However, because blacking in osrs is quite boring and has only slightly better xp than pyramid plunder until level 91, I advise you to start doing pyramid plunder at 81 thieving and switch over at level 91. 

Tips and advice

  • When luring a bandit, make sure you bring him to a spot where he is trapped and can not escape when he wakes up. Do this by trapping him in an area where he can not move in three directions due to objects, and then just block the fourth direction with your account. 
  • Bring enough food to make sure you can keep thieving for as long as possible. You don’t have to retrap the bandit when you have him blocked off. The best food for that are Saradomin brews. If money is no object, you can also use purple sweets. 
  • Set your NPC attack option to hidden. This way, the knock-out and pickpocketing functions are easier to select, increasing your xp an hour and making this method less horrible and boring.
  • Do not attempt a third pickpocket, you should only do two. If you do three, it will fail as the bandit will be conscious again. 
blackjacking strategy guide thieving training

Do keep in mind that Blackjacking in osrs is a pretty boring method, so don’t count on it that you will enjoy this until 91 or 99 thieving. 

Osrs blackjacking guide FAQ

When should you start Blackjacking?

You can start doing blackjack from level 45 onwards. However, the best xp is gained after you reach level 65 thieving and can steal from Menaphite tugs. You can get 200k thieving xp when you can steal from this NPC. You should do this until level 91. 

What blackjack should I use in Osrs?

You can use whatever blackjack you want. The type you use does not influence the xp an hour you get from this method. However, if you want to use it as a weapon, you should get the best one you can equip. 

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