Top 8 OSRS bosses weak to crush ranked [2022]

Let’s crush some OSRS bosses, literally. Out of the 20 bosses where melee is undoubtedly the meta to kill them, eight bosses are weak to crush in OSRS. In this article, we will rank all eight of them according to a couple of factors. There are:

  • Their drops
  • How fun they are
  • How weak to crush they are

This list assumes that you are using a crush weapon which is the best in slot or close. The most important ones are the Inquisitor’s Mace and the Abyssal Bludgeon. These two weapons have the highest crush bonus and should be used against these bosses. 

tekton weakness crush

8. Tekton

  • Best drops: Uncut onyx
  • Fun factor: D tier
  • Crush Defense: +105 

Tekton is a monster found in the Chambers of Xeric. As you see, Tekton has a crush defense of +105. This stat is a lot lower than his other defensive stats against the rest of the combat styles. So while this boss is weak to crush, you won’t be able to take him out easily. 

Tekton has a max hit of 52, and you need to fight him following a certain mechanic. That means he takes quite a long to kill and can easily two hit you. This mechanic is why he gets a C tier on the fun factor for us.

Many people do not realize this, but this monster does have a drop. You have a very small chance of getting an uncut onyx here. This onyx will be dropped on the floor and won’t be in the chest at the end of the raid. 

nycholas weakness

7. Nycolas

  • Best drops: No drops
  • Fun factor: C tier
  • Crush Defense: 0

Yes, calling the Nycolas a boss is stretching it. However, the group attack of these monsters is just as difficult, or more than 95% of all boss monsters in OSRS. In addition, the Nycolas have no good drops that can earn you a decent amount of coins. However, it will certainly pay off if you manage to beat the Theatre of Blood.

The fun factor of the Nycolas is a C. They are extremely frustrating when you are new to this boss as they are somewhere in the middle of the raid and sometimes feel pretty random. However, this boss is quite chill and easy once you get the mechanics down. 

Nycolas, being insects, have a 0 crush defense. As you will see when you go down this list, many boss monsters that are insects are weak to crush in OSRS. 

grotesque guardians weakness

6. Grotesque Guardians

  • Best drops: Black Tourmaline core
  • Fun factor: C tier
  • Crush Defense: 0 

The gargoyle bosses are weak to crush. No big surprise since gargoyles, in general, are known to be very weak to the attack style. Dawn and Dusk, the Grotesque Guardians, actually have a pretty decent drop table for a mid-level boss. Their Black Tourmaline core is worth three mil on a good day, so they are worth doing. 

In our opinion, this is a pretty boring boss. Their mechanics aren’t that fun, and once you get to a high enough combat, they are no challenge to kill. Those factors make the Grotesque Guardians rather dull and not worth it to go out of your way for. However, they are a great way to learn if you are new to bosses.

The crush defense of both Dawn and Dusk is 0, so this is their weakness. For a boss, those stats are extremely low. If you have a weapon like an inquisitor mace or Abyssal Bludgeon, you will shred straight through them. 

kalliphite queen weakness

5. Kalliphite Queen

  • Best drops: Dragon Chainbody, Jar of Sand
  • Fun factor: B
  • Crush Defense: +10

The Kalliphite Queen, also known as the KQ, is one of the oldest OSRS monsters and is almost as old as the King Black Dragon. This iconic boss is found below the desert and was the first monster to drop the dragon chain body. She fights with both ranging and magic and is quite powerful. 

Despite many updates, her drops are still lackluster, but she is very fun to fight. You can solo her to practice fighting more complex bosses or duo her if you want a nostalgic OSRS experience. 

Being a kalliphite, the Kalliphite Queen is weak to crush. Her crush defense is only +10. So bringing a weapon like the abyssal bludgeon or Inquisitor’s mace is a great idea if you want to hit accurately. 

the nightmare osrs weakness to crush

4. The Nightmare

  • Best drops: Nightmare staff, Inquisitor’s great helm, mace, hauberk, plate skirt, and the Eldritch, Harmonised and volatile orb. 
  • Fun factor: A tier
  • Crush Defense: +40

The Nightmare of Ashihama is also known as The Nightmare. She is a pretty recent addition to the world of Old School Runescape. She can be found in the town of Slepe under the Sisterhood Sanctuary.

The Nightmare is a boss that can be fought both solo duos or in a team. She has a pretty steep learning curve, so do not underestimate her. She has some of the best drops in the game, including the best crush weapon in OSRS: the Inquisitor’s mace. 

While +40 crush defense is quite high, it is a lot lower than her stab defense of +120, her slash defense of +180, and her magic and range defense of 600+. Therefore, you will need to fight her with a potent crush weapon like the abyssal bludgeon to finish her off quickly and effectively to maximize your gp an hour. 

Cerberus weakness crush

3. Cerberus

  • Best drops: Primordial Crystal, Eternal Crystal
  • Fun factor: A tier
  • Crush Defense: +25

Cerberus is a slayer-only boss that is a superior version of the hellhound. The hellhounds are weak to crush, and so is this boss. While she is a pretty easy monster to kill once you understand the mechanics, you do need a very high slayer level. 91 slayer, to be exact, even though wild pies can boost this. 

Cerberus can only be fought on a slayer task, and it takes quite a while to go to her lair. So maximizing your DPS is crucial. Cerberus is a boss that is pretty weak to crush as she only has a +25 defense against this attack style. However, she has some of the most crucial drops for ironman to get BIS gear: the pegasus, primordial and eternal crystals. 

While melee is the meta here, the hellhound boss can also be fought with the twisted bow. However, this is a much more expensive weapon. 

Sarachnis osrs boss weak to crush

2. Sarachnis

  • Best drops: Sarachnis Cudgel, elite clue
  • Fun factor: A tier (for mid-levels)
  • Crush Defense:

Mid-tier level boss Sarachnis is one of my favorite bosses in OSRS for medium levels to get better at bossing and doing boss progression. Despite being for mid levels, she is a lot stronger than the moss giant boss bryophyta. She has fun mechanics, is easy to reach, and her drops are pretty okay.

Her crush defense is only +10. So you can kill her easily with an inquisitor’s mace or an abyssal bludgeon if you have access to these weapons. Ironman accounts looking for a good crush weapon can get the Sarachnis Cudgel here.

Besides this, Sarachnis is the best monster in OSRS to get elite clues from. She drops these at a stunning rate of 1 in 60 and 1 in 57 after completing the elite combat achievements. She also drops hard clues at a 1 in 40 rates. 

vetion is the osrs boss weakest to crush

1. Vet’ion

  • Best drops: Ring of the Gods and dragon pickaxe
  • Fun factor: S tier
  • Crush Defense: -10

Vet’ion can be considered the most powerful out of the three wilderness bosses. He has two phases, a normal phase, and a reborn phase. Next to that, he can summon two greater skeletal hellhounds to help him. Unlike Venenatis, who is a boss weak to range, Vet’ion can not be safe spotted easily.

Vet’ion and his hellhounds are extremely weak to crush. His crush defense is only -10. Making Vet’ion the OSRS boss who is weakest to the crush attack style. This is in stark contrast to his defense against stab (201), his defense against slash (200), his magic defense (250), and his range defense (270). That means fighting this boss is only viable with a crush weapon. 

Vet’ion is a very fun OSRS boss to do solo or to duo. He has two amazing drops: The ring of the gods and the dragon pickaxe. His average kill is worth 120k and goes pretty fast if you know what you are doing. 

Conclusion: The OSRS Bosses weak to crush

So, there you have it! The eight bosses in osrs you can easily kill with a crush attack style. Some of these are pretty obvious, while others were quite a surprise. Keep in mind that this list only deals with bosses where melee is the undisputed meta and has an obvious weakness to crush. The boss who is weakest to crush is Vet’ion, as he only has a -10 crush defense. 

There are a ton of other bosses and monsters where this attack style is still effective even though it is not a weakness. So if you enjoy fighting at max efficiency, check out our list of the best monsters to kill with an Arclight

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