Osrs Bosses weak to magic [2022] Ranked 

If you love magic and grinding out bosses as we do, you probably wonder which bosses in OSRS are weak to magic. We were curious, too, so we researched every boss in OSRS that has an apparent weakness in magic attacks. In this overview, you find these boss monsters ranked according to their magic defense! 

Keep in mind that magic has a ton of different spells. Using a fire strike against a strong monster will not work as effectively as using an ice barrage. Moreover, magic is a costly skill due to the number of runes you need. Even though a particular boss monster might be weak to magic, occasionally, it is too expensive to fight it with that combat style. 

6. Kraken

  • Magic defense: +130
  • Best drops: Kraken tentacle, Trident of the sea (full), Kraken pet

The Kraken boss is a slayer boss that is quite fun to fight as the Kraken is one of the rare bosses you can AFK. You can AFK the Kraken with magic for up to 2 minutes at a time due to the low hits the monster has. 

The drops of this boss are okay, but this loot won’t make you rich. However, for Ironman, the Kraken has the must-have Trident of the Sea. You can only fight the Kraken on a slayer task.  

boss weak to magic osrs

5. Scorpia

  • Magic defense: +44 
  • Best drops: Odium shard 3, Malediction shard 3, scorpia pet

Scorpia is one of the easiest bosses to kill with magic. She is one of the few bosses you can freeze with an Ice Barrage to avoid getting hit by her hard-hitting melee attacks. Scorpia is a dangerous boss to fight. Not because she is so strong, but because Scorpia is in level 50+ wilderness, which means being attacked by pkers is extremely dangerous. 

The drops you can get at Scorpia are mediocre. The odium shard and malediction shard are barely worth anything, and Scorpia’s other drops are not valuable. I suggest you avoid this boss as the time spend to prepare and get there far outweighs any decent possible loot.

boss osrs weak to magic

4. Abyssal Sire

  • Magic defense: +20
  • Best drops: Abyssal whip, Abyssal dagger, Abyssal orphan, abyssal bludgeon

You might not have expected this monster to be on the list, but the Abyssal Sire is weak to magic. Therefore, this slayer boss only has a +20 defense against this combat style. However, it is advisable to kill it with an arclight and not with magic, as your DPS will be higher, and you will lower your cost. 

The Abyssal Sire has a ton of exciting drops, like the abyssal bludgeon. Unfortunately, the monster also drops quite a lot of supply drops. However, due to the slow kills and rather dull mechanics, this OSRS boss is not killed that often. 

weak to magic boss osrs

3. Thermonuclear Smoke Devil

  • Magic defense: +800 (actual +13,5)
  • Best drops: Occult necklace, pet

The Thermonuclear smoke devil is weak to magic, despite having a +800 magic defense. The reason for that is how magic defense is calculated in OSRS. Because the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil has level 1 magic, the boss his actual magic defense is somewhere between 13 and 14. 

The Thermonuclear Smoke Devil is a slayer-only monster. That means you need to have a slayer task to kill it. Moreover, you have to have 91 slayer to be able to harm it. Like Scorpia, it is possible to use ice barrage on the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil. However, the smoke devil can hit you with a long-range attack, so you will still take damage. 

The drops of this boss are not that good, but due to its weakness in magic, killing the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil is quite a decent magic exp. 

osrs bosses weakest to magic

2. Dagannoth Rex

  • Magic defense: +10
  • Best drops: Berserker ring, warrior ring, and rex pet

The Dagannoth Rex is the quintessential boss that has an apparent magic weakness. The Dagannoth Rex is so weak to magic that you don’t need gear to boost your magical accuracy. You can wear metal armor and use a trident of sanguine staff to kill the rex with magic quickly.

The Dagannoth Rex is the only one of the Dagannoth Kings that you can easily solo. You will have to kill this boss as an ironman to get the berserker ring and the warrior ring. Doing so with magic is the easiest way to do that. An experienced player can get up to 20 Dagannoth Rex kills an hour. 

1. Barrows Brothers

  • Magic defense: Varies, around -10 average
  • Best drops: Elite clues, barrows armor

A controversial pick, as some swear that the barrows brothers aren’t bosses and are a minigame. However, we think they are bosses, and the barrows brothers are by far our favorite beginner boss to fight in Runescape.

All six of these bosses can be defeated quite easily with magic attacks. The melee brothers, Guthan, Torag, Verrac, and Dharok, are frail to magic. You don’t have to wear magic armor to hit them with your spells. 

While barrow’s armor is not worth that much anymore, the barrow’s minigame still earns you a ton of runes and an occasional elite clue that you can solve. 

Barrows brothers weakest boss to magic in osrs
This is what our boys look like in Runescape 3.

Final thoughts about osrs Bosses weak to magic 

Compared to our list of bosses weak to crush and weak to range, there aren’t many good OSRS bosses that are weak to magic! While magic has gotten quite a few significant updates that have boosted the combat style’s DPS considerably, to this day, it is the worst combat skill to fight bosses with.

While magic is great against regular monsters in a multi-combat environment, it is severely lacking in the damage output department against stronger foes in single combat. Another thing that makes magic bad at boss fights is that blood, death, and chaos runes cost so much.

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