OSRS bosses weak to range [2022] – All the best options to farm solo and duo

Did you just get a new crossbow, or is ranging your strongest skill by far? Then you must be wondering which OSRS bosses are weak to range. We have put together this complete list with all the bosses in Old School Runescape, which are vulnerable to ranged attacks and where this combat style is the meta. 

The bosses are ranked from strongest to weakest to ranging. This list does not include the twisted bow, as the mechanics are different for that weapon. Here is the list of the best bosses to kill with ranging in OSRS!

9. Venenatis

  • Ranged Defense: +100
  • Best drops: Dragon Pickaxe, treasonous ring, Venenatis spiderling

Unlike Sarachnis, who is weak to crush, Venenatis is a spider who is weak to range attacks. While its ranging defense is still substantial at +100, this stat is very low compared to its other defensive stats, which all hover around a +300 bonus. As a result, she can easily be killed solo or in a duo if you are a mid-level player.

Venenatis is found in the wilderness and is often killed by safe spotting the boss and ranging it from afar with a crossbow or crystal bow. While ranging is the optimal way of killing Venenatis, some players use Verrac to hit through its defenses. 

Venenatis is one of the three wilderness bosses who drop valuable rings. In this case, the ring of treason. Next to this ring drop, Venenatis also drops the dragon pickaxe and a ton of useful supplies for ironman accounts.

weakest bosses to ranging osrs

8. The Chaos Fanatic

  • Ranged defense: +80
  • Best drops: Chaos elemental pet, Malediction, and Odium shard 1

The Chaos Elemental is one of the three demi-bosses of the wilderness. Being a mage, he is naturally weak to ranged attacks. While his other defensive stats are all easily over +200, his range defense is only +80. However, he is pretty easy to farm, and when you get the mechanics down, you will not take a ton of damage.

There are a couple of exciting drops to look out for when killing the Chaos Fanatic. The pets, the Malediction, odium shards, and the split bark armor are the best drops here. As a final word of advice, do not take anything with you; you are unwilling to lose. This boss is found in the wilderness, after all! 

7. Chaos elemental

  • Ranged Defense: +70 
  • Best drops: Dragon Pickaxe, Chaos elemental pet

The chaos elemental has the same defense against range against other combat stats. However, the Chaos Elemental is a boss that is weak to range because you can save spot the monster very easily. 

You can find the Chaos elemental in the deep wilderness past level 50 near the rogue castle. It is possible to use a cannon here. The chaos elemental drop’s dragon pickaxes and the elemental chaos pet. The boss can be done by mid-levels and even lower levels using range! 

boss weak ranging

6. King Black Dragon (KBD)

  • Ranged Defense: +70
  • Best drops: Dragon Pickaxe, Draconic visage, Prince black dragon

The King Black Dragon is one of the most known bosses in Old School Runescape. Just like many other chromatic dragons, the KBD is weak to range. The King Black dragon only has a ranged defense of +70, making it easy to kill with a dragon or rune crossbow. He can be soloed or duoed if at a medium, high combat level. 

The King Black Dragon has a couple of drops that make this monster worth grinding. The best loot you can get here is the dragon pickaxe, draconic visage, and the prince’s black dragon pet. While the lair of the KBD is not in the wilderness, the way to the cave is. 

boss weak to range

5. Giant Mole

  • Ranged Defense: +60
  • Best drops: Mole pet, Mole Claws, and Mole Skin

The Giant Mole is a mid-level boss weak to range attacks. You can find the Giant Mole underground in Falador Park. If you use your spade in the park, you will be ‘transported’ into the lair of the Giant Mole. 

Killing this monster is quite annoying as it tends to disappear if you hit it. The drops are mediocre, too, and don’t have a massive payoff. However, the monster can be fought solo and is relatively safe as a hardcore ironman if you keep your protection from melee prayer. 

4. Alchemical Hydra

  • Ranged Defense: +45
  • Best drops: Hydra leather, Hydra Claw, Pet hydra

The Alchemical Hydra is the slayer boss, the weakest ranging in OSRS. You need a level 95 slayer and a slayer task to kill the Alchemical Hydra. However, its ranging defense is only +45, so you can quickly kill this monster even with a blowpipe and adamant darts.

The Alchemical Hydra is known for its notable drops. Killing the hydra is one of the best moneymakers in OSRS as it can net you over 4m an hour. It is highly advised that you don’t skip this slayer task. 

3. Vorkath 

  • Ranged Defense: +26
  • Best drops: Draconic visage, Skeletal visage, Vorki

One of the bosses players love to grind the most is Vorkath. However, don’t teleport there just yet. He is locked behind one of the most challenging OSRS quests of all time, Dragon Slayer II. However, unlocking Vorkath is more than worth it, as he is one of the best moneymakers in the game. Killing him makes you about 3m gp an hour and is pretty fun to do once you get it. The loot he drops is mainly significant supply drops for ironman accounts and alchables. However, he has some very unique valuable items on his drop table. 

Vorkath is pretty weak to range. He only has a +26 defense against this combat style. Since he is a dragon, he is also vulnerable to dragonbane weapons. This makes it very easy to kill Vorkath with the Dragon Hunter Crossbow and strong bolts like diamond (e) bolts. 

2. Obor 

  • Ranged Defense: +20
  • Best drops: Hill Giant Club

Obor, also known as the Hill Giant Boss, is a boss that both members and F2P can fight, similar to bryophyta. However, Obor’s ranging defense is deficient, and thus he can be easily killed by a player using just a maple shortbow and adamant arrows. 

To access the Titan lair, you will need a giant key. This key is a drop you can get from hill giants and cyclops. They drop a couple of exciting items for F2P players and Ironman accounts. The most notable is the rune armor drops and the Hill Giant Club. 

all osrs boss weak to range

1. Dagannoth Prime

  • Ranged Defense: +10
  • Best drops: Seers ring, Dagannoth prime pet

The OSRS boss who is the weakest to range is the Dagannoth Prime. The Dagannoth Prime only has a +10 defense against ranging attacks. Due to this fact, it is straightforward to beat this boss with a blowpipe, crystal bow, or twisted bow. 

The monster has a couple of exciting drops. The seer’s ring and the dagannoth prime pet are the most notable. The dangerous thing about the Dagannoth Prime is that his brothers, the dagannoth rex and supreme, are also roaming around and can attack you while fighting this boss. 

OSRS bosses weak to range conclusion

There are a ton of bosses in OSRS that you can finish off quite quickly if your best skill is ranging. However, some of the weakest bosses in this combat style are great moneymakers and fun to do. Do keep in mind that fighting with this combat is typically a bit more expensive due to the cost of arrows and bolts. 

The two monsters that stand out for me are the Alchemical Hydra and Vorkath. While these OSRS boss monsters are locked behind massive requirements, they are pretty easy to fight due to their weakness against ranged attacks. 

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