Osrs closest useful objects to the bank [2022] – ultimate overview

If you have played osrs, you know how huge the game is. There is so much to do, see, and explore. So saving time traveling becomes quite essential if you want to play the game efficiently. 

In this article, we will list all the most valuable objects and places close to the bank in osrs. So make sure you bookmark this page to know exactly where to go if you want to get somewhere fast and use a bank! 

Closest furnace to bank

The closest furnace to the bank in osrs is the one in Prifddinas. You have access to this furnace when you have completed the master quest Song of the Elves. If you don’t have this high requirement, a good alternative is a furnace in Edgeville, just north of the bank. 

closest furnace to the bank osrs

Closest cooking range to bank

The nearest cooking range to a bank in osrs is in the Myth’s guild. The cooking range is right next to the bank, so you don’t have to move your account to get there. Alternatively, you can also go to the Cooks Guild if you have not completed Dragon Slayer II. The cooking range in the cooking guild is two spaces away.

The closest range to the bank in f2p osrs is in Al-Kharid. The cooking range is 22 spaces north of the bank, two spaces more intimate than your next best option. 

Closest teleport to a bank

The closest teleport to the bank in osrs is the hallowed Crystal shard. This teleporting method will bring you just three tiles from a bank. However, to do this teleport, you will need to use a Hallowed mark to buy it, and you have to complete the Sins of the Father Quest. 

The crafting guild is the next best teleport close to the bank. You need a crating cape or a max cape to teleport to the crafting guild bank. You will end up with seven tiles from the bank with this teleport. 

Closest water source to bank

The osrs closest water source to the bank is the Hosidius Kitchen in Zeah. There is a chest where you can bank the vials, right next to a sink where you can fill the vials. 

The closest water source to a bank in f2p is in West Falador. There is a water tap just north of the bank where you fill your vials. 

Osrs closest coal to bank

The closest coal to the bank in osrs is the motherlode mine. If you mine there, it is very easy to mine pay-dirt. The pay-dirt gives you a ton of coal. Depending on your mining level, you can also get some higher-level ores there. 

The closest coal to the bank in f2p is in the mining guild. You will need to use the east Falador bank as this is the closest one available for free to play players. 

Closest anvil to bank

If you have completed the Song of the Elves quest, the closest anvil in osrs is the one near the south-eastern bank of the city Prifddinas. If you have not completed this quest, the next closest anvil to the bank is in West Varrock. You can also use this anvil in F2P. 

Closest gold ore to bank

In p2p osrs, the closest gold ore to the bank is in the crafting guild. This gold ore is just a few squares away from the bank. In F2P, the nearest gold is in the Scorpion Mine in Al Kharid. This ore is quite far and is protected by level 28 aggressive scorpions. 

closest gold ore to the bank

Closest tin and copper to bank

The mine at West Falador is the closest tin and copper to the bank in Old School Runescape for members. To use this spot, you need to have an agility level of 5 to use the shortcut to go to the bank more quickly. 

The closest tin and copper to the bank in f2p osrs is in East Varrock. The ores are about a 20-second run from the mine to the bank. 

Closest mine to the bank

In osrs, the closest mine to the bank is the one in West Falador. The West Falador Mine is just next to the West Falador Bank. To reach the bank quickly, you need to have level 5 agility. 

In f2p, the closest mine to the bank is the East Varrock mine. You can mine tin, copper, clay, and iron ore there. The trip there and back is at most 20 seconds. 

Closest trout to bank

The closest fly-fishing spot and trout to the bank is Shilo Village. You can catch the trout just a few places north of the bank. You can bank in 15 seconds or less. 

Barbarian Village is the closest trout and fly-fishing spot to the bank in free-to-play. You need to go east to the bank at Edgeville bank. 

closest trout to the bank osrs

Closest iron to bank

The closest iron to the bank in osrs is in West Falador. This is only the fastest spot if you have five agility, so you can take the shortcut next to the bank. If you don’t have five agility, you will need to go around. 

The closest iron ore to the bank in free-to-play is in the East of Varrock. Just outside the city walls, you can find the East Varrock mine. The bank is to the north, just next to the eastern city gates. 

Closest house teleport to a bank

The closest house teleport to the bank is the Camelot teleport. Going there is perfect for training your construction. To access this bank, you need to be in a PVP world. If you don’t want to be in a PVP world or don’t have the diary requirement, you can use the Lunar Isle as an alternative teleporting location. 

Closest altar to bank

The closest altar to the bank in osrs is the air altar. This altar is just south of Falador, just west of the path towards the city. This altar is both the closest for members and F2P players. The body rune altar is a very close second, which is almost just as close to the bank as the air altar. 

Closest spinning wheel to bank

You can find the closest spinning wheel to the bank in Lumbridge, the starter city of osrs. You can locate this spinning wheel on the first floor of the castle. The bank is right above this spinning wheel on the second floor. 

Alternatively, you can also spin your flax in the Seer’s Village, which is further from the bank than the Lumbridge spinning wheel. However, there is a flax field nearby the spinning wheel. So often, people just pick flax, spin it into bowstrings and then bank the bowstrings.

closest spinning wheel to the bank

Closest tool leprechaun to bank

If you are looking for the closest tool, leprechaun, to the bank in osrs, you should go to the one in the Grand Tree. This tool leprechaun is only about 15 seconds away from the bank. A good alternative is a crafting guild if you have done the Falador hard diary on your account. 

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