OSRS Cooking guide – 1 to 99 fastest and best ways

Cooking in OSRS – unlike in Runescape 3 in the past – can be a profitable skill. Since this is one of the oldest skills in RuneScape, there are quite a few ways to train cooking. In this guide, I will tell you more about the best and fastest ways to train cooking. I will also go in-depth about training cooking on OSRS. Finally, if you are a F2P player, there is a chapter dedicated to how to train the skill fast in a non-members world. 

At the end of the guide, I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about cooking in Old School Runescape. 

The most effective 1 to 99 cooking guide method

1 to 30 cooking: fish

Sardine for Level 1 to 5 – Sardine gives you 40 exp each, and you will need to be able to cook about ten successfully to get to level 5. If you have average luck cooking your sardine, you need to have about 26 raw sardines. 

Herring for level 5 to 10 – Herring is a level 5 fish that gives you 50 exp per successfully cooked one. To get to level 10, you will only need to cook 16 successfully. You will need somewhere between 38 and 42 raw herrings if you have average luck while cooking. 

Mackerel for level 10 to 15 – Mackerel is the next fish you will be able to cook. You can cook it from 10 to 15. You will need to cook 21 fish successfully to get to level 15. Each mackerel will get you 60 exp. You should have about 55 mackerel to make sure you can cook them all the way to 15. 

Trout for level 15 to 20 – Trout gives you 70 exp per successfully cooked fish. You will need to cook 30 to get to level 20. Since trout burns quite often at this level, I suggest you get about 80 raw trout before training till 20. 

Pike for level 20 to 25 – Pike till 25 is the next step. You will get 80 exp per successfully cooked pike, and you will need 43 of them to get up to 25. So make sure you get at least 110 pikes for all the levels. 

Salmon for level 25 to level 30 – You will need to train with salmon for your final five levels. These give 90 exp each, and you will need to cook 62 of them successfully to get to 30. I would advise you to have at least 160 salmon before you start this skill. 

Level 30 to 99: baking pies

Baking pies is not profitable, but it is fast exp and will get you to 99 cooking in OSRS pretty fast. I prefer it over doing jugs of wine because it is much more AFK to do. To bake the pies, you should use the bake pie spell. The spell gives you magic exp and is very effortless to use, even on mobile. 

The only downside to using the baking pie spell and baking pies to 99 is that pies seem to be in low supply. So planning ahead is optimal if you want to go for 99 in a straight line. The spell to cook pies cuts out the time needed to go to the range and lets you cook the pies a tick faster. 

You will get about 50 seconds of AFK time baking pies with magic. If you are doing fish or pies without a spell, you will get about 1:10 minutes of AFK time. I prefer to bake pies on the desktop but use other methods on mobile.

In the table below, you will find the best pies to cook to get to 99. You can pick out the ones that buy the fastest or give you the optimal exp an hour for your level. 

30 to 99 cooking with baking pies – the best pies

PieCooking levelExp per pieEXP per hourGP per exp
Apple Pie 30130245 0003.20 gp
Fish pie47164305 0006.5 gp
Admiral pie70210390 0004.3 gp
Wild pie85240450 00012 gp
Summer pie95260485 0002.5 gp

Alternative profitable ways to train cooking OSRS

There are many great ways to train your skill in OSRS if you don’t want to follow the cooking guide above. Each of these methods has its pros and cons. There is a dedicated chapter below for people who wish to train cooking on OSRS mobile. 

Cooking Level 35 to 99 – Jugs of wine

A speedy way to make your way to 99 cooking fast is by making jugs of wine. This does not cost a lot, and you can gain up to 480 000 exp per hour doing this method. In addition, when you are level 68, none of your jugs of wine will fail and go wrong. So you won’t lose any exp or ingredients after this level. 

The reason why I do not prefer to do this method is that it is pretty intense. You need to pay a ton of attention to get the maximum exp an hour, and you can’t AFK. For example, to get to 99 cooking in OSRS, you need to make 62 147 jugs of wine. 

Cooking level 1 to 99 – raw fish 

The traditional way of training our cooking levels is by cooking raw fish. This is still an excellent method and has become even better in OSRS. While the exp per hour is not as impressive as baking pies and making jugs of wine, it does go quite fast and is AFK to do. You also get some profit while training your cooking level this way. 

I strongly suggest you switch to a better fish as soon as you can, even if you burn more, that isn’t a significant problem as the extra exp and money will even it out pretty easily. 

Levels 30 to 40 tuna – At level 30, you can start cooking tuna. These will give you 100 exp each, meaning you can get up to 100k exp an hour if you aren’t burning too many. You will need to cook 240 successfully, so make sure you have about 360 raw tuna to get to level 40. 

Levels 40 to 62 lobster – At level 40 cooking, you can already start cooking lobsters. Lobsters will give you up to 140k exp an hour. You will have to cook these until level 62 if you want to switch to monkfish. To do this, you need to cook 2472 lobsters successfully. So make sure you have about 2800 to compensate for the burned ones. 

Levels 62 to 80 monkfish – Monkfish give you 150 exp per cooked one. That means you can get up to 180k exp an hour. To get to level 80, you will need to cook 11 016 monkfish. Make sure you have about 12 500 raw monkfish to compensate for the burned fish. 

Levels 80 to 84 sharks – Sharks can be cooked from level 80. You can cook these up to 99, but I think just doing anglerfish from 84 is better. You need to cook about 4600 of these as they give 210 exp per piece. So you will need to have 4750 to compensate for the burned ones. 

Levels 84 to 99 anglerfish – Anglerfish will give you about 320k exp an hour when cooking. You need to cook 43 840 anglerfish to get 99 cooking. To compensate for burned anglerfish, you should have about 46 700 raw ones when you start training. 

Tip: using the cooking gauntlets will make you burn much less food at a lower level. If you are making a fire with your firemaking skill to cook food, it is possible that your food will burn more.

Cooking Karambwan

Cooking karambwan is possible after you have achieved level 30 cooking and the quest Tai Bwo Wannai Trio. Karambwan is fast exp since you can click and use them on a range to cook them faster. However, this is an extremely click-intensive way to train your cooking. You can get up to 900k exp an hour and cook up to 5000 of them an hour. That means you can get 30 to 99 in this skill in 15 hours, give or take. If you are not clicking and doing karambwans AFK, you can get around 280k exp an hour. 

Cooking Karambwan is also a pretty profitable way of leveling up this skill. You will make around 14 mil profit with karambwan. If you one tick cook these and do 5000 an hour, you will thus make one man-hour using this method. 

fastests 99 cooking guide osrs best

Best methods to train cooking on OSRS mobile

If you want to train your cooking level on OSRS mobile, you will probably want to avoid doing click-intensive methods like karambwams and jugs of wine. Just like skills like runecrafting, making these aren’t AFK and will force you to pay attention to your screen quite a bit.

The best way to train your cooking on mobile is by doing regular fish. These will give you 1:10 minutes of AFKing without you having to click a lot. Another good method for training on mobile is the bake pie spell. You only need to withdraw the raw pies you want to bake and use your spell once. After that, your inventory will be cooked for you automatically. 

If you are going for the maximum amount of GP an hour, it is a good idea to check out the difference between raw and cooked food for the highest level items you can cook. Often, high healing food, like sharks, anglerfish, and dark crabs, have a very decent profit margin when you buy raw and sell cooked. You can calculate the difference by subtracting the raw price from the cooked price and multiplying by 1400 (the amount of food you can cook an hour). 

OSRS cooking training guide final thoughts

Cooking is one of the fastest skills to train in OSRS. You can get nearly over half a mil exp an hour training the skill and still make a decent profit when doing so. In addition, there are multiple great fish and items to cook that are easy to buy and make you a very solid profit.

The best way to get to 99 cooking quickly in OSRS is baking pies with the lunar spell. This is a pretty AFK way to train the skill without costing a ton. The bake pie spell also trains magic and will give you close to a million exp in magic if you go all the way to 99 using it.  

OSRS Cooking guide FAQ

What cooking range is closest to a bank?

There are multiple close cooking ranges; however, the Myth guild one is generally thought of as the best and closest range. It also has a one-click banking and cooking option. If you want to burn less food because you have a low level, the Lumbridge castle range is a great option, too, as it has a lower chance of burning your food.

What OSRS Quest gives the most cooking exp? 

The OSRS quest that gives the most cooking exp is the Recipe for Disaster Awowogei subquest, which gives you 10 000 exp. Other quests that give you a lot of cooking exp are the Recipe for Disaster evil dave subquest (7000), the forgettable tale (5000), and the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio (5000) quests. 

What is the best spot to AFK train cooking on mobile?

The best spot to train your cooking in OSRS is the myth guilds. The range is just next to the bank chest, and you only need to click once to bank and once to start cooking the items in your inventory. In addition, you don’t need to walk anywhere, making the skill a great deal faster. 
If you have not done the quest, you can use the Mor UI Rek spot. This is another great place to quickly train your level up. You can also train here on mobile since you only need to click once to bank and cook and don’t need to move spots. 

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