Osrs Crazy archaeologist guide [2022] – optimal strategies

The crazy archaeologist is one of the easiest demi bosses in osrs. However, since the monster is found in the wilderness, taking a trip to grind this osrs boss can be tricky, even if you are a hardcore ironman. This crazy archaeologist guide will explain everything there is to know about grinding this demi-boss, what gear to use, drops to expect, and tips and tricks to make the trip easier. 

For ironman, killing the crazy archaeologist is the best way to get a rune crossbow in osrs. 

Crazy archaeologist weakness and stats

The crazy archaeologist is very easy to kill the boss. Even if you are combat level 60, you can grind this monster quickly. Unfortunately, the crazy archaeologist is weak to stab and slash attacks, as it only has a +5 defense bonuses against those combat styles. 

Combat levelHitpoints levelAttack styleMax hitweakness
204225Ranged and crush14 standard; 24 specialStab & Slash
Crazy archaeologist weakness and stats

Despite having a low defense bonus against stab and slash, it is better to use magic to fight the boss. The crazy archaeologist is much weaker than expected to magic, making it the optimal combat style. 

The special attack of the crazed archaeologist is by far the most dangerous aspect of this monster. Make sure you pay attention to it when you are fighting the boss. The deranged archaeologist is an alternative to the crazy archaeologist if you have this monster as a boss slayer task. 

Fastest ways to crazy archaeologist location

You can find the boss in the western ruins, which are the remains of the Zarosian Fortress and the nearby village of Dareeyak. There are a couple of ways to get to these ruins quickly. 

  • Dareeyak teleport: you can quickly teleport straight to the ruins using ancient magic. You can use a teleport tablet or the spellbook (if you have 78 magic) to teleport to the ruins. The Dareeyak teleport is the fastest way to the Crazy archaeologist.
  • Burning amulet: Use the burning amulet to go to the bandit camp, exit south, and run to the northwest till you arrive at the ruins. 
  • Ghorrock teleport: An okay option is using the Ghorrock teleport, which is also on the ancient spellbook.
location crazy archaeologist osrs

Requirements, gear, and inventory

Recommended minimum skills

  • 50 attack (optional as you can use other weapons than the Iban Staff (u))
  • 40 prayer or higher
  • 75 magic

These are just a recommendation. You can get away with much lower stats if you pay attention to the special attacks. These stats will help you kill the Crazy archaeologist more quickly, but you don’t have to train that high if you want a rune crossbow as soon as possible. 


Head slotSlayer helm (on task)MitreHelm of Neitiznot
Amulet slotOccult necklaceAmulet of magicAmulet of fury
Cape slotImbued god capeGod capeArdougne Cloak 4
Armor slotMonk robe topMystic robe topXerician top
Leg slotMonk’s robeMystic robe bottomXerician robe
Weapon slotSanguinesti staffTrident of the swampTrident of the seas
Shield slotBook of DarnessUnholy bookTome of fire
Arrow slotRada’s blessing 4God blessingN/A
Gloves slotTormented braceletsRune glovesAdamant gloves
Boots slotWhite bootsMystic bootsGhostly boots
Ring slotExplorer’s ringBeacon ringN/A
Gear for the Crazy archaeologist
Crazy Archaeologist example gear
Example gear


You should have about four prayer potions, a stamina potion, the runes for Ibans blast, and monkfish in your inventory. It’s also helpful to bring a loot bag if you plan to make longer trips and a one-click teleport like the royal seed pod. 

  • Four prayer potions
  • A stamina potion
  • 200 casts of iban Blast
  • Looting bag
  • Teleport that works at level 30 wildy (seed pod, slayer ring, or amulet of glory)
  • The rest of your inventory should be monkfish or better. 

Osrs Crazy archaeologist strategy and mechanics

While the crazy archaeologist is one of the easiest osrs bosses to solo, he still has a couple of devastating attacks. We will discuss these here and tell you how to kill this boss in the easiest way possible. 

Regular method

You should use the Iban staff if you are on a budget or don’t want to waste your money or take less risk. You can also use the Trident of the swamp, but you should make sure you don’t bring too many charges!

Use the protect from ranging prayer to avoid most of the damage. This will make his regular attack deal no damage, making him very easy to kill. 

There is a special attack where the Crazy archaeologist shouts: Rain of Knowledge. Make sure you don’t stay on the tile you are standing. You should move at least four tiles from your original position to escape the rain.

No damage method

It is also possible to fight and kill the crazy archaeologist without taking any damage. To do this, you need to lure the boss every time. You can lure him to the north area and get him stuck behind the obstacles. 

You can quickly attack him and run behind the obstacle. You should attack every time the hitpoints bar disappears. This method is the same flinching strategy you would use on the chaos elemental. 

safespot crazy archeologist osrs
Safespot crazy archeologist osrs

Notable drops

There is quite an amount of decent loot on the drop table of the Crazy archaeologist. While not the best moneymaking method, the boss is helpful for an ironman account who wants to get some new gear or supplies.

These are the drops I would recommend you pick up for the best balance between profit and inventory management:

  • Rune crossbow
  • Rune knifes
  • Dragon arrows
  • Grimy dwarf weed
  • Silver ore
  • Prayer potions (4)
  • Cannonball
  • Red dragonhide
  • White berries
  • Onyx bolt tips
  • Odium shard 2
  • Malediction shard 2

You can get around 25 to 30 kills an hour at a medium combat level. You can increase this kill rate by bringing a trident of the sea or better. Bringing a decent teleport to get to the ruins and the bank faster is another excellent way. Unlike other wilderness bosses like the KBD and Callisto, the Crazy Arceologist does not drop the Dragon Pickaxe.

Tips and tricks

  • The royal seedpod is the best teleport to escape pkers. The seedpod costs only one gp and is one-click tele. However, you do need to complete monkey madness II to obtain it. 
  • If you are using magic, make sure you don’t bring too many runes for your spells. Double-check the number of charges your staffs have to make sure you are not risking too much money.
  • Turn on your protect item before teleporting into the wilderness. You won’t be caught off guard or forget it when PKers attack you. 
  • Bank often enough to not lose all your loot when Player killers kill you. 

Guide conclusion

Fighting the crazy archaeologist is straightforward. There are just two things you need to take into account here. 1. The special attack ‘Rain of knowledge’ and 2. The pkers might attack you while fighting. 

If you are not an ironman account, the crazy archaeologist does not have much to offer in terms of drops or fun. I recommend you skip this boss altogether if you already have a rune crossbow. 

Crazy Archaeologist FAQ

Where is the Crazy archaeologist safespot?

You can find the safespot for the crazy archaeologist in osrs to the north of the ruins. This safespot is not a regular one. You can not attack the boss constantly from this spot. You will need to flinch him and go back to the safespot to avoid taking damage. 

Can you range the Crazy archaeologist? 

It is possible to range the archaeologist, but this is the slowest method to kill him. The monster has a high defense against ranging attacks, which causes your DPS to be pretty low. The optimal combat style is magic here. Your kills will be much quicker if you use Iban’s staff or better. 

Can you cannon the crazy archaeologist in osrs?

It is possible to cannon the boss. However, this method is not recommended. You will not hit him often due to the high-ranging defense. Moreover, you will also risk your cannonballs. Therefore, using just magic is more effective and safer. 

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