Osrs f2p ironman money making [2022] 

Making money on a f2p ironman can be pretty hard. Most good methods are locked behind members’ content or have very high requirements. Luckily, there aren’t a lot of skills (like construction) and activities in free to play that cost a lot of coins. This article will feature the best possible methods to make money as a f2p ironman in osrs, both for players starting and experienced gamers. 

Making jewelry and selling to the Port Sarim jewelry store

The best method to make money on a f2p ironman account is valuable gold jewelry with the crafting skill. There are two materials from which you can make jewelry in f2p: gold and silver. The gold will earn you more, but the requirements are higher. 

Making silver jewelry

To do this effectively, you will need to have the following skills

  • 20 mining for silver
  • 16 crafting to make unstrung symbols

Regular ironman:

  1. Go to the Varrock West mine and then mine silver ore.
  2. Mine your inventory full of silver and go bank them in the Varrock west bank.
  3. When you have enough silver ore, go to Al-Kharid and smelt your silver ore into bars and then into unstrung symbols using a holy mold. 

Ultimate ironman method:

  1. Head over to Al-Kharid and mine silver ore in the scorpion mine.
  2. Bring a holy mold with you (or a tiara mold) when you go mine silver ore.
  3. Get an entire inventory and head back to the town of Al-Kharid.
  4. Don’t just go bank your silver ore when you have a full inventory, but head over to the furnace just west of the bank and smelt all your items into unstrung symbols, then bank.
moneymaking f2p ironman

When you have enough unstrung symbols, you should sell them to the bandit store in the wilderness. These will net you 120 gp each. Tiara’s will get you a bit more profit but less xp an hour. 

Making gold jewelry

If you are level 40 mining, you can mine gold ore. You can mine gold ores in the dwarven mine. When you have enough gold ore, you should smith these into bars by using them on the furnace in Al-kharid.

If you have level 8 crafting, you can smell these gold bars into gold jewelry. An excellent item to make is the gold amulet (u). To make these, you need to have an amulet mold. 

Pick up and sell/alch armor in the wilderness

Note: I don’t recommend this method for hardcore ironman who wants to make money. The wilderness is too dangerous for that. 

Scattered around the wilderness, there are many exciting items you can pick up. For an ironman in free-to-play, the most valuable ones are the steel platelegs and steel platebody. You can find the steel platebody in the lava maze. Since f2p is not really all that dangerous, you can fill up your inventory by hopping worlds and going bank.

However, if you only have 20 or fewer hitpoints, you should be warry for PKers and bring some food to make sure you can escape if you cannot log out quickly enough. 

The steel platebodies and steel platelegs you get can be alched for a profit or sold to a store, like Horvik’s in Varrock or the Bandit duty-free general store. This is one of the best moneymakers for f2p ironman.

Make iron and steel platebodies and sell/alch them

If you want to have a less dangerous experience, you can train your smithing and mining the old-fashioned way and make some money for your ironman in the process. Mine a lot of iron and coal, and smelt those into iron bars and steel bars. 

Next, make the highest possible armor you can, preferably plate bodies and platelegs. You should do this at the Anvil near the east bank of Varrock, which is closest to the bank

Horvik or the wilderness bandit camp general store will buy your items reasonably. Don’t sell more than three, or the price will be unattractive, and you won’t make the most out of it. 

Grind Obor

An excellent method to make money on your ironman in f2p is grinding Obor. The Hill Giant Boss, Obor, is one of the two f2p bosses you can kill for money. You can access the boss’s lair by getting giant keys from hill giants. The best way to get these giant keys in f2p is by killing hill giants in the wilderness.

Obor drops a ton of exciting armor and weapon drops made out of rune, which you can alch or sell for profit. Next to rune armor, the boss also drops a decent amount of supplies and resources to train your skills with. In short, Obor is one of the best methods for osrs f2p money making on an ironman.

f2p money making ironman

Grind Bryophyta

Suppose you want to get more xp while training; you can also fight moss giants to obtain mossy keys. You can use these keys to fight the moss giant boss Bryophyta who resides in the Varrock sewers. 

Bryophyta is a great boss to get rune armor and a ton of attractive supplies for your ironman. The moss giants, which you have to kill for the keys, don’t have many profitable drops, but they are pretty decent gp. It is strongly advised to kill the moss giants in the wilderness as those have double the drop rate. 

ironman f2p money making

Killing ogress warriors

A great osrs f2p ironman money maker is killing Ogress Warriors. You can fight these after the Corsairs Cove quest in the Cove. The great thing about the Ogress Warriors is that they are one of the few regular monsters that drop rune items in f2p. 

Since you can safespot ogress warriors and use ranging to kill them, you can stay here indefinitely. Furthermore, the drops are mostly stackable and alchable, so you can stay here and get a decent hourly profit for as long as you have nature runes.  

f2p ironman money making osrs

Stronghold of security

As a somewhat honorable mention, we have the Stronghold of Security. Completing the Stronghold of Security is a one-off money maker, which you can only do once for 10k. I would not do this at level 3 but wait till you get up to level 10 to 15, so you have a greater chance of surviving the fourth level without too much trouble. 

Mine and smelt adamant and runite armor

The best way to make money on an ironman in f2p is by mining and smithing rune and adamant armor and weapons. To mine adamant, you need to have 70 mining, and to mine rune, you will need 85 mining. Rune can only be mined in the wilderness in f2p, and this is pretty dangerous and crowded. Adamant is a lot more prevalent in the free-to-play section of the game and a lot less frustrating.

Simply mine rune or adamant and smelt the ore together with coal into bars in Al-Kharid. You need a smithing level of 70 for adamant bars and level 85 to make runite bars. 

When you have 1000 bars or more, go to Varrock and use the Anvil on the east bank to make platebodies or platelegs out of them. You will need to have a pretty high smithing level to do this, so this is some actual end-game content. I would advise you to alch them for maximum profit. 

Osrs ironman money making f2p final thoughts

No matter how good your ironman account is or what skill levels you have, there is a money maker for every f2p ironman in osrs. So I would suggest you try to do a method that does not just make you a ton of coins but also gives you a decent amount of xp in a skill. 

For low-level players, crafting silver and gold jewelry is a great way to start making your first couple of K’s and get a good amount of crafting xp in the process. You can use this strategy all the way to a couple of mils to get yourself a bond or a very high mining and crafting level. 

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