Ultimate Osrs f2p money making Strategies [2022] – 25+ best gp/hr methods

Many people in f2p struggle to get themselves a bond to become a member. The main reason for this is that they don’t know great osrs f2p money making strategies with a high gp/hr are enjoyable and train their stats.

Those three factors are the core of this guide. In this article, we will rank f2p money making methods based on those three elements. So no matter your combat level or what skills you have, we are sure there is a method here that will suit you just right. 

No requirement f2p money making strategies

1. Buying feather packs 

  • Skill requirements: none
  • Item requirements: 25k starting cash
  • Gp/hr: 220k gp an hour

One of the best ways to make money on a f2p account with no skill requirements is by buying feather packs. In Port Sarim, you can buy feather packs in Gerrant’s Fishy Business. These feather packs cost 200 each. You should buy 10 of them, open them, and wait until the stock hits 100 again. This strategy will save you a bit of money and increase your profit.

In order to get the most out of buying feather packs, you should have a starting cash stack of at least 25k. Then, You should sell these feathers in the GE for a profit. However, this can take quite a while if many players are doing this money making method. 

2. Tanning hard leather

  • Skill requirements: None
  • Item requirements: At least 50k starting cash, energy potions
  • Gp/hr: 210k gp/hr

Tanning cowhide into hard leather is a great way to make a good amount of extra cash and earn a bond in a single day. If you have 50k starting money or more, you can buy cowhides from the Grand Exchange and go to the Tanner Ellis in Al-Kharid, the closest tanner to the bank in f2p osrs. 

You should have at least 81 gp and 27 cowhides in your inventory. Next, go to Elis, who is to the north of the bank, and trade Elis to tan all your cowhides into Hard leather. A trip takes about 25 seconds, and you can tan 2000 hides an hour if you can keep running. 

Note: in Old school Runescape, an energy potion is a f2p item. Using these is recommended as you will earn the gp invested back quickly because you can tan cowhides faster.  

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3. Making pie shells

  • Skill requirements: None
  • Item requirements: 50k starting cash for Pastry Dough and Pie Dishes
  • Gp/hr: 195k gp/hr

Use your starting cash to buy pastry dough (80% of your money) and Pie dishes (20% of your money). Making pie shells is a little bit of an AFK f2p money maker. To do this method, you should do the following:

  1. Withdraw 14 pastry dough and pie dishes
  2. Hold the spacebar
  3. Use the pastry dough on the pie dish
  4. Wait till the entire inventory of pie shells has been made
  5. Bank them and withdraw 14 pastry dough and pie dishes again
  6. Sell them on the GE for a profit. 

Due to the relatively low buying limit of 500 pie dishes, you will not be able to do this method for a long time.

4. Collecting bronze pickaxes

Collecting bronze pickaxes is one of the best ways to make money in f2p on a relatively fresh account. You only have to have completed the Below Ice Mountain quest to do this strategy.

Go to Camdozaal and go to the barrel near the bank chest. Take a bronze pickaxe from the barrel and drop it. Do this until there are 27 on the floor and pick another one from the barrel. Now pick up all 27 of them to fill in your inventory entirely. Bank these bronze pickaxes and repeat the activity until you have enough to sell on the GE. 

Tip: equip a bronze pickaxe of your own, this way, you can continue to do this method without interrupting yourself. 

5. Making Pizza bases

  • Skill requirements: None
  • Item requirements: 50k to buy jugs of water and pots of flour
  • Gp/hr: 125k gp/hr

You need a good amount of money to start buying jugs of water and pots of flour. You should buy about 1000 on the Grand exchange each on the grand exchange. Get 9 of each from your bank, use the jug of water on the pot of flour, press 3, and you will automatically make pizza bases. 

Deposit your entire inventory and again redraw 9 jugs of water and 9 pots of flour. Redo the process until you have made all the pizza bases and sell those, the empty jugs, and the empty pots on the GE. 

Tip: sometimes, the alternatives to the jug of water, like the bowl of water and bucket of water, are more profitable.

Low level f2p money making

1. Collecting steel platebodies and alching them

  • Skill requirements: 55 magic, 43 prayer, and a good amount of hp
  • Item requirements: Staff of fire, nature runes, slashing weapon, food, energy potions, teleport to Varrock.
  • Gp/hr: 240k gp/hr

You can collect steel platebodies in the Lava maze in the wilderness. However, to go to the spawn point of the steel platebodies, you need to cut through a web so that you will need a slashing weapon. 

Once you are there, you can decide on picking up the steel platebodies and banking them or alching them on the spot. When you have a platebody alch it and hop worlds to collect a new one, do this till your inventory is full, or you have a nice cash stack. If you do the alchemy method, bring a good amount of food. 

Make sure you often bank in the Varrock west bank using the High alchemy method. If you don’t have very high stats, look out for PKers. 

Ps: This is also one of the best money makers for f2p ironman accounts.

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2. Collecting red spider eggs

  • Skill requirements: Good combat level, 25 prayer
  • Item requirements: Energy potion, Varrock teleport
  • Gp/hr: 140k gp/hr

You can find spider eggs in the Edgeville Dungeon. There are a couple of spawns there that you can pick up. Because there are aggressive monsters nearby, you will need low defensive stats and many hitpoints to keep yourself alive when doing this method. You can earn up to 140k gp an hour doing this method in f2p. Make sure you use energy potions and a Varrock teleport to bank more quickly. 

3. Collecting Chaos runes

  • Skill requirements: 30+ combat, 25 magic to teleport
  • Item requirements: food, runes for Varrock teleport, and energy potions
  • Gp/hr: 160k gp an hour

Make your way to level 15 wilderness, to the Dark warrior fortress. You can find multiple chaos rune spawns that you can pick up. In f2p, there are only level 8 dark warriors, so it is safer to do this there. 

You can grab up to 2500 chaos runes an hour here; however, make sure your bank often enough to avoid getting killed by a player killer and losing everything. Since there is no teleblock in free-to-play, teleporting to Varrock is an excellent way to escape PKers. Again, make sure you hop worlds to maximize the number of runes you can pick up doing this f2p money making method.

Read our ways to get more chaos runes guide to learn how to get more of these runes. 

4. Crafting ruby, emerald, or sapphire jewelry

  • Skill requirements: 20+ to 34+ crafting
  • Item requirements: Rubies, gold bars, and a mold, 200k starting cash
  • Gp/hr: 160k gp/hr

One of the best money making methods in f2p is crafting jewelry. Not only can you get up to 180k gp an hour at 20 crafting, but you also train your crafting level by doing this strategy. Depending on the ge prices, either sapphire, emerald, or ruby jewelry will be the most profitable to make. 

However, making ruby jewelry will give you the highest xp an hour. The best place to do your crafting in f2p is in Al-Kharid, due to the proximity of the bank to the furnace. This is also a great ironman money maker if you mine the gold ore and sell or alch the jewelry.

5. Buying iron ore

  • Skill requirements: 60 mining
  • Item requirements: 50k gp, energy potions
  • Gp/hr: 160k gp an hour

Once you have reached level 60 mining, you can start buying iron ore in the mining guild. This osrs f2p money making method is pretty efficient. You can buy iron ore at Hendor’s Awesome Ores at 1 gp each. The stock is sold to Hendor by players training their mining level, so you might want to hop around for a while until you find a nicely stacked shop.

To slightly increase your gp an hour, you should use energy potions to get to the bank faster to bank the ores. Once you have enough ores, you can sell them to the Grand exchange or make iron bars out of them to sell. 

6. Cooking plane pizzas

  • Skill requirements: 35 cooking (but 68 is optimal)
  • Item requirements: Coins to buy pizza base, tomato, and cheese
  • Gp/hr: 125k gp an hour

To do this method, you will need a bit of money to buy the ingredients for the pizzas. You can make about 500 plain pizzas an hour, so you will need 120k starting cash per hour of doing this f2p money making method. 

While you can start making plain pizza at level 35 cooking, you will burn too much of them to get a high profit. At level 68 cooking, you will stop burning pizzas and get the optimal gp and xp an hour. 

The closest ranges to the bank in f2p are in Al-Kharid and Edgeville. If you have a low amount of cash, you should use Edgeville to sell them on the GE quickly. 

Cooking plane pizzas are also a great way to train your cooking in F2P since you get over 70k xp an hour doing this f2p money maker. 

7. Collecting monk’s robes

  • Skill requirements: 31 prayer
  • Item requirements: energy potions (optional)
  • Gp/hr: 120k an hour

At level 31 prayer, you have access to the top floor of the Edgeville Monastery. You can find a spawn of monk robes and monk’s bottoms not far from the stairs. Just pick these up and hop worlds till your inventory is full of them.

You won’t get any xp doing this method, but it is an excellent way to start if you have no starting cash. You can earn 120k gp an hour, which is a good amount of starting money for other methods like making jewelry. 

collecting monk robes f2p profit

8. Killing hobgoblins and hill giants

  • Skill requirements: 40+ combat
  • Item requirements: Armor, weapons, and training food
  • Gp/hr: up to 60k gp an hour

There are not that many profitable monsters with good drops in free-to-play. However, there are two which you can fight at a relatively low level: Hobgoblins and Hill Giants. Killing hobgoblins and hill giants is a great way to make money and get a bit of profit. Both have decent drops like limpwurt roots and big bones, which you can sell on the GE. If you want to know more about killing hobgoblins, we have a guide on that. We also have a Hill Giant guide to help you get the best amount of gp and xp an hour. 

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9. Smelting iron bars 

  • Skill requirements: 15 smithing
  • Item requirements: 40k starting cash, ring of forging
  • Gp/hr: 65k gp an hour

Smelting iron ore into iron bars is an excellent method to train your smithing and get some money. First, buy a ton of iron ore, and {amount of iron ore}/140 = amount of rings of forging. Then, go to the furnace in Al-Kharid and start smelting the iron ore into bars. You can then sell the bars on the GE. 

Since the ring of forging is a free-to-play item, you should use them. One ring is good for 140 charges, so you will easily make back your money on them. Optionally, you can also get a couple of energy potions to make sure you can always restore your stamina. 

Medium level methods

1. Killing Obor

  • Skill requirements: 70+ combat
  • Item requirements: Giant key, food, weapons, and armor
  • Gp/hr: 250k gp/hr

Once you get to a higher combat level, you can start to kill the hill giant boss Obor. You need to kill hill giants to get Giant keys to enter his lair. We suggest you kill these hill giants in the wilderness to get the keys at twice the drop rate. 

The boss is not demanding if you follow our Obor guide. He drops rune armor, runes, and a ton of supplies which you can sell on the Grand exchange. The Hill Giant boss also drops the best crush weapon in f2p, the hill giant club. This item can be sold for, on average, a million gp depending on the market prices. 

2. Killing Bryophyta

  • Skill requirements: 70+ combat
  • Item requirements: Mossy key, food, weapons, and armor
  • Gp/hr: 250k gp/hr

Another great f2p boss is Bryophyta, the moss giant boss. You can find this boss in the Varrock Sewers. You need to have a mossy key to enter her dwelling place. The best way to get the mossy key is to kill moss giants in the wilderness. 

While she does not drop the essence in f2p, you can still get many runes, and runite armor drops. Because moss giants have okay drops and give you quite some xp, this is one of the best ways to make money in f2p while training your combat level. 

3. Crafting Diamond Jewelry

  • Skill requirements: 43 crafting
  • Item requirements: 150k for Gold bars, diamonds, and amulet mold
  • Gp/hr: 130k gp an hour

Diamond jewelry is not as profitable as emerald, sapphire, and ruby jewelry but gives you a ton of xp. You need at least 43 crafting to use this f2p money making method. You also need a lot of coins to buy your supplies for crafting diamond jewelry. You should at least have 150k but preferably 1m or more to purchase cut diamonds and gold bars to turn into diamond jewelry. 

4. Mining gold ore

  • Skill requirements: 40 mining and 40 crafting
  • Item requirements: pickaxe and brown apron
  • Gp/hr: 70k gp an hour

Mining gold ore is one of the best methods to train mining and get some cash. You can mine these in the crafting guild with 40 crafting and a brown apron. You can get up to 210 gold ore per hour when you have a rune pickaxe. Banking in Falador takes about 2 minutes, but you can make this slightly faster by restoring your stamina with an energy potion. 

5. Cutting oak/yew logs

  • Skill requirements: 15 or 60 woodcutting
  • Item requirements: Axe
  • Gp/hr: 30k to 50k gp an hour

You can cut oaks at 15 woodcutting and yews at 60 woodcutting. Oaks are the best way to train woodcutting and get a profit out of the two. The best place to cut oaks is in Draynor village as there are two oaks pretty close to the bank. You can get up to 50k gp an hour cutting oak. 

Cutting yews is slower xp and gp an hour but is an excellent AFK training method in f2p. You can often look away from the screen for over 2 minutes. If you want to cut yews in f2p, Edgeville is the best place. 

6. Collecting nature runes

  • Skill requirements: 33 magic, 43 prayer, decent combat level
  • Item requirements: Law runes and staff of air
  • Gp/hr: 280k gp an hour

Near the Demonic ruins in level 42 wilderness, there are two nature rune spawns. Unfortunately, these nature runes can only be picked up using a telekinetic grab. 

Go to the wilderness starting from the West Bank of Varrock or the Grand exchange with your law runes and staff of air. Do not bring too many, as PKers can attack you and steal your stuff if they kill you. 

You should hop worlds after casting telekinetic grab to get the highest amount of nature runes per hour. You can earn up to 280k gp an hour doing this f2p money making strategy. 

While this is not an AFK magic training method like splashing or high alchemy, it still gets you a decent amount of magic xp (23k xp/hr) while being one of the best medium-level f2p money makers in osrs. 

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7. Collecting anti-dragon shields

  • Skill requirements: None, completed Dragon Slayer 1
  • Item requirements: 20k in starting cash, energy potions
  • Gp/hr: 160k gp an hour

After completing Dragon Slayer I, you can buy anti-dragon shields from Oziach in Edgeville. Buying these shields is pretty easy; you can start with 20k and buy about 400. Then sell them on the GE for a profit. The prices can be relatively unstable, so you can be locked out of your cash pile for a while if you want to fetch a very high profit. However, these will almost always eventually sell for a profit since the anti-dragon shields are bis f2p magic gear

For optimal gp an hour, you should always use the buy 50 option. That way, you get a full inventory instantly. Also, use energy potions to replenish your stamina, so you can keep buying and banking quickly. Doing that will optimize this f2p money making strategy.

High-level f2p money making strategies

1. Smithing rune items

  • Skill requirements: 99 smithing
  • Item requirements: 10m gp for runite bars and a hammer
  • Gp/hr: 520k gp an hour

The best osrs f2p money making way is to smith rune items like rune two h swords and rune platelegs. You need 99 smithing to do this and a lot of rune bars. So buy a lot of runite bars and start smithing rune two h swords.

You should use the Anvil in Varrock to do this, as that is the anvil closest to the bank in free-to-play. You can make up to 900 rune 2h swords an hour. This will earn you around 510k to 520k gp an hour doing this method. Next to 500k in profit, you will also get a massive 200k smithing xp an hour making runite armor. 

2. Mining runite ores

  • Skill requirements: 85 mining, high combat stats
  • Item requirements: rune pickaxe, teleport, good armor, and food
  • Gp/hr: 440k gp an hour

At level 85 mining, you can mine runite ores in the wilderness. This method is excellent for money making in f2p. However, the ore rocks are often pretty crowded. You can get up to 40 runite ores an hour if you are lucky. This amount of ores will earn you 440k gp an hour and 5k mining xp. 

You should bring decent armor, food, and your rune pickaxe since you will be going into the wilderness. The rocks are often swamped with competition and pkers, so you need to be lucky and know when to hop to rocks that respawn. 

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3. Killing ogress shamans

  • Skill requirements: 80 ranging or 80 attacks, strength and defense, and 55 magic for high alchemy
  • Item requirements: Ranging armor and weapons
  • Gp/hr: 120k gp an hour

Killing Ogress shamans is an excellent way to train your range while making money in f2p osrs. After completing the Corsair Cove Quest, you can kill these ogress shamans in the Corsair Cove dungeon. 

Ogress Shamans drop a decent amount of runite items, runes, and gems you can sell for a profit on the Grand Exchange. If you have level 80 ranging, you can kill up to 80 Ogress Shamans an hour. This kill rate will earn you up to 125k gp an hour. To cut down on the number of times you have to bank, you can high alch your drops. 

4. Mining coal and superheating adamantite bars

  • Skill requirements: 60 mining, 43 magic, and 70 smithing
  • Item requirements: Rune pickaxe, fire and nature runes
  • Gp/hr: 45k gp an hour

If you are level 60 mining, you can go to the mining guild to mine coal and adamantite ore. The superheat item allows you to use coal and adamantite ore to make adamantite bars on the spot. 

You need to have 70 smithing and 43 magic to do this strategy. So you will get 44k gp an hour and 18k mining, 2k smithing, and 3k magic when doing this osrs f2p money maker. 

5. Mining adamant ores

  • Skill requirements: 70 mining
  • Item requirements: Pickaxe
  • Gp/hr: 130k gp an hour

An excellent way to train your mining and make a decent amount of coins an hour is by mining adamantite ore. To do this f2p moneymaker, you need 70 mining, a rune pickaxe, and access to the mining guild. Mine till you have a complete inventory of adamantite ores, and then go bank in the Falador bank near the mining guild. This method earns you about 11k mining xp an hour and will make you 130k gp an hour. 

f2p money making strategies

Tips and final advice

If you want to make money in f2p, there are many decent methods. While the best strategies require you to have a bit of starting cash, most of them have low requirements skills-wise. F2p money making can be quite annoying as there are not many AFK methods to do that are really profitable. Crafting jewelry and smelting bars are probably your best options if you want to pay as little attention as possible.

Once you have made your first 100k, you can start doing great profitable f2p methods like crafting ruby and diamond jewelry. Doing this method does not just quickly make you enough coins for a bond, but you can also get a nice amount of xp an hour. 

Osrs f2p money making FAQ

How to make money cooking in f2p osrs?

There are quite a few profitable foods that you can make in f2p osrs. One of the best options is making plain pizzas. You need to have 68 cooking to stop burning these and cheese, tomato, and pizza dough. Making simple pizzas will earn you up to 500k gp an hour and 75k cooking xp. Of course, you can also cook other items as a f2p money maker. Lobster and swordfish are the best for xp, but don’t have as high a profit.

What is the best way to make money in f2p osrs?

The best way to make money in f2p in osrs is by smithing rune two-handers and rune plateskirts. Smithing these items requires you to have 99 smithing and ears you about 500gp per item. So on an hourly basis, you can earn up to 450k gp an hour combined with 200k smithing xp. 

How to make money with no skills in f2p osrs?

There are quite a few excellent f2p money-making options if you have no skills. One of the best is collecting bronze pickaxes after completing Under Ice Mountain. Another great option is to make pizza bases. Both of these options will earn you about 150k gp an hour. 

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