OSRS F2P Pking Guide: top beginner tips and advice

Free to Play Player Killing is one of the most common things in OSRS, or you may very well know it as F2P Pking. Among some of the most mysterious and strangest things in OSRS, this here is a simple term, and you can genuinely enjoy it.

You are at the right spot if you do not know what F2P Pking is and what it even has to do with anything. To simplify everything, we have an OSRS F2P Pking Guide to help you figure out everything effortlessly. So, without any further delay, let us hop into the delays.

Free to Play Combat in OSRS

OSRS players make an account specializing in PVP combat, focusing on the things that can bring players down instead of simply enjoying their time in the world. This is known as the Free to Play PVP combat. Therefore, the training on these accounts is based on damage, Offense, and so on. 

Altogether, there is only focus on the damaging side and no attention on the defense side of the game. We will discuss it in detail afterward. 

Playing for Damage

The concept here is simple and easy to understand. In OSRS, the defense isn’t like other games where the number of hits is decreased or reduced, or you have strong gear. Here, defense means your enemies are going to miss the hits. However, there is no good enough armor in F2P to make a decent tank.

In case the enemy is more powerful regarding the damage they are dealing with and the defense you have, you will get destroyed in PvP combat. So in the F2P Pking, you have to focus only on the Attack side or the Offense side because you can only either KO them or have to deal more damage than they can afford.

On the other hand, if you can’t damage the enemy at the same level, you will be stuck here without killing anyone. So the only way you can win a 1v1 combat would be through luck, that the other player disconnects.

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Types of Pking in OSRS

Dealing with the F2P Pking combat, there are two types;

Single Pking

As the name suggests, it is the true 1v1 combat where you and the enemy are alone, without any disturbance from outside. You may recognize Edgeville as a Single Pking spot. Single pking is often seen as the most challenging type as it is just you and another player battling it out based on skills and strategy. You might want to learn how to fight other osrs players by doing multi pking in a clan first.

Multi Pking

In the Multi Pking, players from outside can attack you. Yes, 1v1 does happen here, but the enemies sometimes call for help, or you can also do that. This term is used for clan battles.

To know if this area is for 1v1 or Multiple people combat, you can check the interface to the area itself. There will be two crossed swords indicating Multi Pking. This symbol is in the bottom corner, or you can also see it at the bottom of the mini-map, right under it.

Accounts for F2P Pking

Before entering the PvP zone, you have to think about the account. For this scenario, specialized accounts have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. The best accounts out there are;

Combat Pure Accounts (PK)

Some accounts are specially trained and developed in a way that they destroy rangers and other melee players in the PvP scenario. The main goal for this account is to go for offensive only, like 70 on strength and 40 attacks, while for the defense, only 1. This is a Combat Pure Account that put anyone to sleep. Make sure you check out our melee training guide for the optimal training strategies.

Defense Pure Accounts

These types of accounts mostly focus on the defensive side of PvP combat. Yet, going for the defense side is not recommended because of how things work in OSRS F2P. A defensive pure has nothing going for it in Free to Play, including no access to special attacks for damage like a p2p pure has with the Dragon Fire Shield combined with the Serpentine Helm Venom Damage. 

Mage Pure Accounts

Mage Pure build is a build that specializes in Offense, but with a mix of Magic. Magic Pure Accounts come in handy in the PvP areas where you will face enemies with low levels. They have both higher hit points and defense as well.

Range Pure Accounts

These are parallel to the Magic Pure Accounts, having a specialty in ranged combat. These are great for people who want to start their PvP journey with Range instead of Melee.

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Tips for F2P Pking

  • Often your food can make the difference between surviving with 1 hp or dying. It is vital to bring the best food you can afford, in most cases this is Swordfish which heals 14 a piece. 
  • If you want to get away from the opponent in Pking, you can simply use “Protect from Magic.” It reduces the time for entangles.
  • Bounty Hunter worlds require Emblems, only when you want to have those shiny emblems as drop there. 
  • To get the enemies under the level of 10 for Wilderness, you can go to Edgeville and talk to the Emblem Trader there. 
  • You can use the Magic Boosting Prayers whenever you want to enhance your Magic Defense. They give you extra defense for magic and work even if you aren’t associated with Magic in OSRS.
  • When you are at the bank, you can sometimes hear a damaged sound, like someone is getting hit by others. Well, that only means the enemy you dealt damage to (Mostly) is getting targeted by someone else. In case the damaged person dies, you will get the loot. 
  • Switches for Beginners isn’t recommended because you are a beginner, and there are always people with better skills here in OSRS F2P Pking. Stick with the Rune Pking for the most part, which is the melee segment.

Final Verdict

F2P Pking is surely one of the most enjoyable parts in the game when you specifically talk about combat. You get to fight your fellow players from around the globe while using some tricks to bring them down. Well, we compiled this OSRS F2P Pking Guide to help you with everything related to PvP Fighting. Certainly, there are a lot of things to cover, but it is a starting point for beginners to grasp this mechanism.

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