Osrs Fastest way to any location [2022] – Ultimate overview

Getting somewhere in Old School Runescape can be quite a hassle. Often there are multiple ways to get there, and some methods are much quicker than others, saving you a ton of precious time. Osrs is one of the most giant online games with numerous places, cities, and locations on the map to explore and discover. 

This article will find the ultimate overview to get to every significant location in OSRS in the fastest possible way. 

Lunar Isle

The fastest way to get to the Lunar Isle in osrs is by using the Moonclan teleport spell from the Lunar Isle. To be able to cast this spell, you need to have completed the Lunar Diplomacy quest. 

Alternatively, you can use the Lunar Isle teleport scroll. This scroll will teleport you to the exact location but is more expensive. 

A Fairy ring

The fastest way to reach a fairy in osrs is by using the slayer ring and teleporting to the Rellekka slayer cave. Then just run north a few tiles, and you will have reached a fairy ring. 

An alternative to this fairy ring which is also very fast and close to a bank, is the fairy ring in Edgeville. Use your Amulet of Glory to teleport to Edgeville and run northeast over the Bridge to reach a fairy ring. 

osrs fastest way to fairy ring


The fastest way to teleport to Yanille is by using a scroll of redirection and using it on the house teleport tab. Then pick the option to redirect the tablet to Yanille. When using this teleport, you will be teleported inside the western part of the city.

Alternatively, you can use the Nightmare Zone Teleport. Use this from the minigame screen; click it, and your character will draw the circle. You will arrive just outside the city near Dominic Onion, which is just north of the bank of Yanille. 


The fastest way to travel to Sophanem in OSRS is by using the Pharaoh’s scepter. Right-click the scepter and choose the option to teleport to the Jalsavrah Pyramid. Doing so will transfer you to the middle of the pyramid Plunder minigame starts. Just go to the exit, and you will be in the city of Sophanem.

Alternatively, there is an option to go to the city of Sophanem by using the carpet ride. This carpet ride will bring you just outside of the city gates but is a bit slower because you actually have to travel by carpet. 

osrs fastest way to sophanem

Shilo Village

The fastest way to get to Shilo VIllage in osrs is by using your Karamja Gloves teleport. These gloves will bring you right inside the mines under the Shilo Village. You can go upstairs, and you are right in the middle of the city. 

An alternative to getting to Shilo Village reasonably fast is using the Fairy Ring Code CKR. Using that code will bring you north of Shilo Village. You then go south, all the way around the village, until you reach the city gates. 


The fastest way to get to Catherby in osrs is by using the Camelot teleport. You need to have level 45 magic, a law rune, and five air runes to use this teleport. When you arrive in Camelot, simply go south, and you will arrive at the Catherby docks.

A decent alternative is to use the Ectophial to go to Port Phasmatys. Then talk to an NPC who lets you charter a ship to Catherby. Choose that option on the map, and you will automatically travel to the seaside town of Catherby.

fastest way to catherby


The fastest way to reach Zeah is by using the Kourend Castle Teleport. This teleport gets you straight inside the city of Kourend, the capital of the continent of Zeah in osrs. You do need to have done the appropriate quests to use this teleport.

Alternatively, you can talk to the NPC named Veos, who is at the northern Pier of Port Sarim. He will allow you to travel for free with his boat. The boat will bring you to the Docks of Piscarilius, the fishing hub of Zeah. 

Tree Gnome stronghold

The fastest way to travel to the Tree Gnome Stronghold in Old School Runescape is by using the Seedpod you get as a reward from the Monkey Madness II quest. This one-click Seedpod will bring you straight to the Grand Tree of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

If you have not done the Monkey Madness II quest, you can use the spirit tree located in the Grand Exchange. Simply talk to the spirit tree and choose the option to go to the Tree Gnome Stronghold. You will instantly arrive at the spirit tree located in the stronghold. 


The fastest way to reach the slayer master Duradel in osrs is by using the Karamja Gloves 3. These gloves give you the option to go to the gem mines instantly. When you arrive at the gem mines, you can climb up. Once you are upstairs, just run to the east to the house where Duradel is located. 

As a slower alternative, you can also use the fairy ring located to the north of the village. The code for the fairy ring is CKR. When you are in the fairy ring, just run to the south of the minimap and make your way around Shilo Village. Enter through the barricade and then go to the house where Duradel is. 


The fastest way to get to Hosidius is by using the Kharids Memoires. This book has a couple of pages that allow you to go to the various locations on the continent, including Hosidius. You need to have finished a quest to use the Kharid’s memories. 

A great alternative, which is almost as fast, is using the skill necklace to go to Hosidius. Choose the Woodcutting guild option, and you will be teleported to the WC guild. This guild is part of Hosidius. To go to the populated area, just run east. 

osrs fastest way to Hosidius

Catacombs of Kourend

The quickest way to get to the Catacombs of Kourend is by using Xeric’s Talisman. First, pick the option that says “Xeric’s Heart.” When you click this option, you will be teleported to the city of Kourend, just next to the statue of King Rada I. Inspect the pillar to your left, and you will enter the Catacombs of Kourend. To use this option, you need to have completed the Architectural Alliance miniquest. 

An alternative to this method is by using the Kourend teleport. This tele will bring you to the exact location as the Xeric’s Heart function. However, this method does cost you a few runes to use. 


The fastest way to go to Morton (or Mort’ton) is by using the Morton teleport scroll. These scrolls will teleport you to Morton instantly. You can buy these scrolls from the Grand Exchange or as a treasure trail reward. 

A decent alternative for the Morton Scroll is by using a fairy ring. The code for the nearest fairy ring is BKR. When you use this fairy ring, just run to the boat located at The Hollows and travel to Morton by rowing. 


The fastest way to get to osrs barrows is by using the Barrows Teleport. This teleport is unlocked if you have the Arcuus spellbook or use a barrows teleport tablet. You can buy these tablets from other players or make them yourself. Simply clicking the teleport will bring you right to the entrance of Barrows. 

Alternatively, one can also use a teleport like a graveyard teleport that brings you just outside of the swamp. Then go through the swamp by running south until you reach the Barrows minigame. 

Burgh de Rott

The quickest method to go to Burgh de Rott in osrs is using the Morytania 3 legs. The legs have an option to get you to Burgh de Rott instantly. To get the Morytania 3 legs, you need to complete the Morytania hard diary. 

An alternative to going to Burgh de Rott quickly is the Grouping Teleport, which you use to go to the Shades of Mort’ton minigame. This will bring you just a couple of seconds away from the town of Burgh de Rott. 

Bandit Camp

The quickest way to reach the Bandit Camp in osrs is by using the Magic carpet ride located at the Shantay Pass. Talk to the NPC who sells rides and pick the option to go to the Bedabin Camp. When you have arrived at the Bedabin Camp, then just run south. You will arrive at the Bandit camp after a few seconds of running. 

A slower but alternative method to go to the Bandit camp is using the Fairy ring code BIQ. Use this code to get to the fairy ring and run southwest until you find the Bandit Camp. 

Ancient Pyramid

The fastest way to reach the ancient pyramid of Jaldraocht is by using the Pharaoh’s Sceptre. This scepter has a teleport option that teleports you directly to the ancient pyramid of Jaldraocht. 

A decent alternative to easily reach the Ancient Pyramid of Jaldraocht if you do not have Pharaoh’s scepter is by using the Camulet. The Camulet has the feature to bring you just northwest of the ancient pyramid. 

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