Osrs fire giant slayer guide [2022] – The most effective ways

OSRS players, going for 99 slayer, will most definitely get to slay thousands of Fire Giants. However, even if you aren’t doing slayer, this monster is underrated from a training perspective. If you do it right, the xp an hour for killing fire giants is often over 120k.

In our ultimate OSRS Fire Giant Slayer guide, we will tell you our best tips, tricks, how to safe spot them, and where you can cannon them. So let’s take a deep dive! 

What are these monsters?

Fire giants are a type of giant most often found near vulcanos and have been part of OSRS since 2002. They are the most potent type amongst the giants. They are considerably more potent than the runner-up, ice Giants

The most typical reason to fight these monsters is if a slayer master assigns you a fire giant slayer task. The other reason that people often kill these creatures is for their rune scimitar drop. They are one of the rare monsters that drop this item. Especially ironman accounts grind these out for the rune scimitar drop. 

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Fire Giant Stats and Weakness

There are three variants in Old School Runescape. All of these are pretty similar, but for their combat level and the weapons, they wield. You can find fire giants of level 86, level 104, and level 109. The latter two can only be found in the Catacombs of Kourend. 

Combat level86
Hitpoints level111
Max Hit11
WeaknessStab, magic and ranging
Attack StyleSlash
Level 86 stats

Level 86 Fire Giants have three weaknesses. Stab attacks, Magic attacks, and ranging attacks. They have a 0 defense bonus against these three combat styles. Their defense bonus against slash and crush attacks is +3 and +2. 

Combat level104
Hitpoints level130
Max Hit10
Attack StyleSlash
Level 104 stats

The level 104 Fire giants, found in the Catacombs of Kourend, have some exciting features. First, their hit points levels are much higher. At 130 hitpoints, they give 130 slayer exp per kill. Despite being higher combat, their max hit is only 10. Finally, they have only one apparent weakness. They have a -10 ranging defense. 

Combat level109
Hitpoints level150
Max Hit13
WeaknessStab, magic and ranging
Attack StyleSlash
Level 109 stats

The level 109 variant has a lot of aspects that are different from its weaker combat level 86 version. It has the same three weaknesses, but a much higher max hit and hitpoints.

slayer guide osrs fire giants

Fire Giant Locations OSRS

Fire Giants are found in the following locations: 

  • Smoke dungeon (12 spawns)
  • Waterfall Dungeon (11 spawns)
  • Stronghold Slayer Dungeon (12 spawn)
  • Giant’s Den (8 spawns)
  • Isle of Souls Dungeon (8 spawns)
  • Kraluum Slayer Dungeon (13 spawns)
  • Deep Wilderness Dungeon (5 spawns)
  • Catacombs of Kourend (12 spawns)
  • Brimhaven Dungeon (13 spawns)

Those are quite a lot of locations where you can slay fire giants. This article wouldn’t be a fire giant slayer guide if we wouldn’t tell you the top places to kill these monsters. 

Top locations 

Waterfall Dungeon: the most nostalgic spot for killing fire giants is the Waterfall Dungeon. This location has tons of safe spots and can be reached quite easily. However, it is locked away behind an easy quest, the waterfall quest. 

Giant’s Den: The best spot to cannon Fire Giants is the Giant’s Den. These are level 104 and 109 combat. There are eight spawns here. The cool thing about the Giant’s Den is that it is possible to get Catacombs of Kourends drops here. 

Catacombs of Kourend: My favorite spot to kill these monsters is the Catacombs of Kourend. You can AFK here for a couple of minutes at a time and get exciting drops like ancients shards and totems. It is strongly advised to use Proselyte here. 

Osrs fire giant safe spot

In OSRS, there are multiple places where you can safely spot the fire giants during your slayer task. Using a safe spot will ensure that you don’t get hit by them. Additionally, you can use magic, range, and melee if using a halberd. 

Here are my favorites safe spot places:

  1. The Waterfall Dungeon

The best place to safe spot Fire Giants in OSRS is the Waterfall Dungeon. There are multiple safe spots you can use here. You can stand behind one of the tables or at the entry near the door. The Dungeon is locked behind a straightforward quest, so you have access to it in the early stages of building your account. 

2. Stronghold Slayer Cave

The Stronghold slayer cave is another excellent option if you are on a slayer task. There are multiple safe spots here where you can single out a fire giant and avoid getting attacked by other ones that are aggressive towards you. 

3. Giants’ Den

The Giant’s Den is pretty new in OSRS. Once the Fire Giants here have lost their aggression towards you, you will have plenty of safe spots. The Giant’s Den is an excellent option to get drops like totems and ancient shards. You can also find Hill Giants and Moss Giants here.

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Osrs fire giant cannon spots

There are quite a few places where you can use a cannon. However, these are all single combat areas. Your cannon will only be able to hit the fire giant attacking you. Likewise, your dwarven cannon will ignore all other monsters around you. 

My favorite fire giant cannon spots:

  1. Giants Den

The Giant’s Den is great to use a cannon. There are plenty of fire giants here, and it is rarely crowded. If you use a safe spot, you can often get a few extra hits in and make your slayer task go by faster.

2. The Smoke Dungeon

The smoke dungeon is decent for cannoning. The only significant downside, in my opinion, is that all the monsters here are pretty spread out. So, you won’t defeat these with a cannon as fast as you would in the Giant’s Den. You can also find Pyrefiends in the Smoke Dungeon.

3. The Karuulm Slayer Dungeon

Just like all other locations, this is a single combat area. The Dungeon is very easy to reach once you have done the Kourend Elite diary. If you have access to fairy rings and a high agility level, the Dungeon is also quite accessible. 

Drop table

The average Fire Giant Slayer Task is about 180 monsters. That means you will have a ton of drops. Therefore, inventory management will be vital if you don’t want to bank too often. Here is what you should pick up here.

Rune Scimitar: well duh! The odds are pretty high. You are here to get this drop if you are doing slayer. This drop is worth 15k and is good to alch. The odds of getting the rune scimitar drop here are 1 in 128.

Fire battlestaff: Another decent drop to get is the fire battle staff. You can alch this weapon for just shy of 9k.

Fire runes: Fire Giants have a 1 in 13 chance to drop 150 fire runes. I strongly suggest you pick them up as they add up insanely fast.

Chaos & Blood runes: A decent drop, and they stack. Make sure you pick these up. 

High-level herbs: Keep your eyes open for Grimy Rannarr, Avantoe, Kwuarm, Cadantine, and Lantadyme here.

Long & Curved bones: Pick these up, but don’t bury them! You can trade them in for construction exp.

Giant Champion Scroll: You can get a giant champion scroll here if you are lucky. You have a 1 in 5000 chance to get this drop, so keep your eyes open! 

gp/hr at Fire Giants

Fire Giants aren’t a great moneymaker, unfortunately. However, if you are lucky, you will get about 140k gp an hour here at a high level. That is more than enough to cover your supply costs, but this is not the way you will get your twisted bow. 

If you are at a lower combat level, the amount of gp an hour you get here is relatively marginal. You will get around 50k to 60k gp an hour here. This calculation does not count the loot you will get from killing Skotizo if you get totems. 

Slayer tips and tricks

Here are a few tips for doing this slayer task more effectively. Of course, these tips can be used for other tasks as well. 

  • Use prayer to kill these monsters. If you use piety, this task will be done 20% to 30% more quickly. 
  • You put fire giants on your slayer block list for optimal slayer exp, however, there are alternative options to put on your slayer block list. 
  • A decent brimstone key rate. On average, you will get two per trip if you have Konor Quo Maten as a slayer task. 
  • You can use fire spells to kill Fire Giants. They are not immune to fire spells, nor are they weak to water spells. 

Final Thoughts

These monsters have low hp, decent drops, barely any defense, and can be done AFK. One of the best tasks you can get in OSRS is a Fire Giant slayer task. You can get up to 120k melee exp when you are using melee, and by killing them in the Catacombs of Kourend, you get a ton of ancient shards and totem pieces.

If you don’t want to AFK, there are plenty of safe spots and cannon locations for you to do your Fire Giant Slayer Task. While none of these are in multi-combat, it does help you get a bit more exp an hour at a marginal cost. 

OSRS Fire Giant Slayer FAQ

What bone do fire giants drop?

Fire Giants drop three kinds of bones. They have a 100% chance to drop Big Bones, a 1 in 400 chance to drop Long Bones, and a 1 in 5000 chance to drop Curved Bones.

What is the best place to slay fire giants?

The best place to slay them is the Giants Den. There are plenty of safe spots here, the monsters have access to the Catacombs of Kourend Drop Table, and you can use a cannon here. The area is in single combat and is relatively close to a bank. 

Is there a fire giant boss?

No, there is no Fire Giant boss yet. However, there are plans to introduce this boss after an ice giant boss is implemented into the game. This boss will likely be for members only. 

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