OSRS fletching training guide 1 to 99 [2022]

Training fletching is probably one of the best picks if you want to get a skill to 99 pretty quickly. The skill is buyable and can be trained to the maximum level in a day. In this osrs fletching training guide, we will guide you from level 1 to 99. 

We will share our best osrs tips and tricks and describe how you can train fletching easily and fast to 99. We also consider if you are playing as a regular player or as an ironman. 

Early fletching xp quests

While many quests give you xp lamps that you can use to train whatever skill you want, spending that reward on fletching is not worth it. Instead, you can do a couple of quests when starting, which will give you a fixed fletching xp reward. These quests will allow you to skip up to 30 levels.

  1. Animal magnetism: this quest has no fletching requirement and will grant you 1000 xp in the skill.
  2. Big Chompy Bird hunting: the xp reward for this quest is 262, but you need level 5 in the skill to do this. 
  3. Zorgo Flesh Eaters: another good quest to get some early fletching xp is the Zorgo Flesh Eaters. You get 2000 xp.
  4. The Fremennik Trails: This quest will give you 2812 xp. 
  5. Temple of Ikov: The final quest you can do to get some extra fletching xp is the Temple of Ikov quest. Completing it will give you 8000 xp. 

You don’t have to do all these quests for maximum efficiency if you are just going for 99 fletching. However, if you are aiming for max or want to unlock more stuff early on, it is highly advised you do a quest to train the early levels. 

Fletching training guide: recommended method

The fastest way to train your fletching in osrs is by making darts. After that, you can do the Tourist Trap. This quest gives you access to making dart tips as an ironman. 

Doing the recommended method is not profitable and will cost you over 143m if you want to get the optimal amount of xp an hour. 

Levels 1 to 10: arrow shafts

Arrow shafts are the first thing you should make when you don’t do quests to train your fletching. Doing this will get you to level 5 in just a couple of minutes, and you will make a slight profit while doing so. 

You can also make headless arrows by using feathers on the arrow shafts. Making these can also give you a slight profit. 

Level 10 to 22: bronze darts

At level 10, you can start making bronze darts. While this is the lowest level dart, you can get 100k xp an hour if you concentrate. In just a few minutes, you will be able to switch to the next dart. 

Level 22 to 37: iron darts

The iron darts are a bit more expensive but well worth making instead of bronze darts. You will need to have level 22 fletching to make these darts. Making iron darts will gain you over 200k fletching xp an hour. You should do this until you are 37 fletching. 

Level 37 to 52: steel darts

At level 37, you can start making steel darts. Doing this training method will get you over 400k fletching xp an hour if you pay attention or train on mobile. You should do this until you are level 52. 

Level 52 to 67 (or 99): mithril darts

Mithril darts are pretty affordable for the amount of xp an hour they give. You can use this dart to train your fletching to level 67 or 99. The average xp an hour you get fletching mithril darts is about 450k an hour. However, if you fletch them on mobile, you can get up to 600k xp an hour.

Level 67 to 99: adamant darts

An alternative to mithril darts is adamant darts. While these are more expensive, the xp an hour is significantly better than mithril darts. For example, you can fletch this dart to 99 and get around 800k xp an hour in fletching. So this dart can get you from 67 to 99 in about 15 hours. 

Alternatively, you can also keep making the best possible dart. Training fletching this way is fast and will get you to 99 in under 24 hours. However, you will make a loss of over 145m doing so. 

Training fletching in osrs using this method:

  • +- 80m gp loss 
  • 21.5 hours of training till level 99
fletching training guide osrs

Profitable fletching training guide

You don’t have to train your fletching by spending millions of gps. You can also make a decent profit and train pretty AFK. However, the xp an hour you will get doing these methods will be a lot slower. 

Since using your time intelligently is essential. We will discuss this method from level 50 on. The early levels are too slow to bother with and don’t make an actual profit or a very slight one. The time saved by darts until level 50 can be spent doing existing profitable skilling methods.  

Level 1 to 50 darts

Doing darts will not make you a profit. However, you will save a ton of time which you can spend on making gp to make up for that. Time is your most valuable asset, in osrs or otherwise. So use it well. 

Alternatively, you can also get to level 50 by tipping bolts. This method is a bit slower but less expensive to do. 

Level 50 to 55 Maple shortbow (u)

Making maple shortbow (u) is the first profitable fletching training method that gives a decent amount of xp an hour. You will get about 75k xp an hour making this (u) bows and a 40k gp in profit.

Level 55 to 70: Maple longbow (u)

Maple longbow (u) is the next bow you should make. These will earn you about 50k gp an hour but 90k xp in fletching xp an hour. You should do this until level 70. Then you can switch over to the next item. 

Level 70 to 85: Yew Longbow (u)

Yew longbows are a lot more profitable than Maple. This is because the xp an hour you get making this bow is a lot higher. You can get up to 150k xp an hour making these. The GP an hour is also pretty decent at 250k. However, the prices are relatively firm since these bows are exclusively used to make yew longbows and to alch. 

Level 85 to 99: Magic Longbow (u)

At level 85, you can start training fletching by making magic longbows (u). Going from 85 to 99 will take about 50 hours. So you get around 195k fletching xp an hour making these bows and 150k gp an hour on top of that. 

Training fletching in osrs using this method:

  • 14m gp total profit
  • 71 hours of training
osrs fletching guide

Training fletching on mobile

Fletching on osrs can be quite click-intensive. Using your mobile device to train this skill can yield much more xp an hour because you can do the clicks much faster. These are a couple of ways you can train fletching on mobile:

  • Darts: the best thing to fletch on mobile are darts. Doing this is the fastest way to train this skill.
  • Bolts: a great alternative to darts are training fletching by making bolts. 
  • Headless arrows: another good option to train, which is okay in gp an hour at the lower levels, are the headless arrows. 

Any training method where you just need to do left-clicking on your mouse is perfect for mobile. However, these methods are pretty intense. So, you might burn out after half an hour or so. 

Alternative fletching training: zero time tips

If you are a bit of a try-hard, you can do zero-time methods. You can do fletching simultaneously while training other skills. For example, if you are training agility, you can fletch darts while running from one obstacle to another. 

Another thing many players do is bring their stack of dart tips and feathers with them when questing. Then, when they are running from point A to point B, they get some fletching xp in. 

Alternatively to darts, you can also fletch bolts. By fletching bolts, you will save quite a bit of money. Most of the bolts you can fletch are just a slight loss of 1 to 2 gp per xp. However, fletching broad bolts will typically break even or make you a slight profit. 

A third zero-time method is tipping bolts. This fletching training method is a bit less ‘zero-time’ as this can interrupt specific movements. For example, tipping the bolts will interrupt your agility movements. 

osrs fletching training guide

Fletching training guide conclusion

As with most skills in osrs, there are a plethora of methods that you can use. Some ways are speedy and costly, while others are slow but will make you a slight profit. 

The trick to training skills in osrs is knowing how much gp an hour you make and how many hours you save using the more expensive but faster method. Knowing this will help you decide which methods are the most effective for you.

Generally speaking, the best way to train your fletching to level 99 is by using darts. Stick to mithril or adamant darts when you get the required level to make them to the max level for the optimal balance between xp gain and gp loss an hour. 

If you are interested in fast to train skills in osrs, the following guides might be of interest to you:

Fletching guide training FAQ

What is the best way to level fletching in OSRS?

To train fletching optimally, you need to figure out how many gp an hour you make. This way, you can determine if a more expensive but faster method is worth doing than a slower but less expensive or profitable method. 
For example, if fletching dart costs you 1.5 an hour but saves you 10 hours of training, you should pick doing this method if you earn over 1.5m gp an hour doing other moneymaking methods. For example, doing Vorkath instead of using a slower fletching training method will earn you 2.5m an hour, or 25m in 10 hours. 

What is good moneymaking with fletching strategies in osrs?

There are many profitable ways to train your fletching in osrs. The most notable one is making longbows. These are easy to sell on the GE or can be alched for a profit. Making magic longbows (u) can earn you up to 200k gp an hour. While slower than making darts, you can still easily reach 100k xp an hour in fletching using this method.  

What is the best way to train fletching on an ironman account?

Training fletching on an ironman account can be quite hard due to the number of materials needed to level up the skill. The best way to consistently train your fletching on an ironman account is by using your kingdom of miscellanea to cut maple logs. You can then fletch these in maple longbows and maple shortbows. 

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