OSRS gargoyle slayer task guide

If you are planning on making an alt account or are training your slayer, Being able to slay Gargoyles is a worthy goal. These statue monsters have a slayer requirement of 75 and are known for their profitable drops. 

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about doing the gargoyle slayer task of fighting these creatures on an alt account. In addition, you will find a helpful FAQ page at the end of the guide.

Gargoyle weakness and stats

Gargoyles are weak to crush attacks. This weakness is due to their nature. Since they are made of rock, a potent crush weapon will easily cut through their defenses. Therefore, their defense against crush is +0. However, their defensive bonus against all other combat styles is only +20. So you can fight them with range and mage or another melee combat style. 

Combat levelHitpointsMax hitCombat styleWeakness
Gargoyle weakness and stats

Gargoyles have a pretty high combat level but low accuracy for their combat. That means you can stay here quite a while if you have good training food, a Saradomin Godsword, protection prayers, or full guthans to heal yourself. 

There are multiple safespots that you can use to fight these monsters. Due to their one magic level, you can quickly kill them with magic if you have a low defense. 

Comparable to the Rockslugs, you need a particular item to kill Gargoyles. You have to use a rock hammer, rock thrown hammer, or granite hammer on them when they reach 8 hitpoints or low. Therefore, it is worth unlocking the smasher perk from a slayer master for 120 points. 

Gargoyle location

osrs location gargoyle slayer guide

There is only one place in osrs where you can find the gargoyles: the slayer tower. These monsters are located in the slayer tower on the top floor and in the basement (task only). Those on the top floor are just past the bloodvelds, up the stairs. There are a couple of fast ways to get to the slayer tower.

  • The fastest way to the gargoyles in the slayer tower is by using the slayer ring.
  • The second-best option to get there is using the fairy ring code C K S. You will be teleported a bit south of the tower.
  • The Salve grave teleport will also take you close to the slayer tower.

Osrs gargoyle slayer task strategy


  • 75 slayer
  • 80+ combat
  • Priest in Peril quest completed
  • Slayer ring, fairy ring access, or Salve Graveyard teleport

To get gargoyles as a slayer task from Vannaka, Chaldear, Konar, Naive, or Duradel, you need to have at least 75 slayer and 80+ combat. You can fight them starting from 70 slayer if you use a boost. 

You should have at least 80 attack, strength, and defense to kill them effectively. These stats will make it pretty easy to fight these monsters and get a good amount of kills and gp an hour. 

Gear and inventory

When fighting gargoyles with melee and without prayer, you should ensure a high crush bonus and a high defense against melee attacks. If you want to stay indefinitely or for your entire slayer task, you should wear guthans platelegs and platebody and bring the helm and spear in your inventory to heal. 

Another great option is to use protection from melee (and optionally superhuman strength) and wear Proselyte. 

osrs gargoyle setup

In your inventory, you should have the following items:

  • Super combat potions
  • Prayer potions
  • Teleport (slayer ring, fairy ring, teletab)
  • Holy wrench (when using prayer)
  • Food like sharks or pineapple pizzas
  • Rune pouch (with nature and fire runes)
  • Granite hammer or another weapon to finish off your kills!
osrs gargoyle inventory

Killing gargoyles strategy

The gargoyle slayer task is pretty straightforward. As long as you have a good crush weapon, a way to heal or protect yourself, and a granite hammer, you can complete this task easily.

Regular gargoyles only use a melee attack, so praying against that attack style will negate all the damage they do. However, if you have unlocked bigger and badder, there is a 1/200 chance a superior variant spawns. These use ranged attacks too, so pay attention to this monster appearing. 

A couple of items might come in handy here to prolong your trip or get the optimal gp/hr killing gargoyles.

  • Alchemy runes: Many items here can be high alched, so they don’t take any inventory space.
  • Saradomin godsword: thanks to the prayer and hitpoints restoration effect of the special attack
osrs gargoyle

Gargoyle safespot

You can safespot the gargoyles in the slayer tower by standing at the room’s entrance where they spawn. Then, position your account slightly between one of the doorway sides and start using range or magic on a target. 

Remember that even if you use a safespot to do your slayer task or grind them, you still need a granite hammer or rock hammer to smash them.

As a final reminder: don forget to bring your rock hammer! You need this item, even if you have unlocked the Gargoyle smasher perk. 

Interesting drops

Gargoyles have a lot of profitable drops as loot. Besides the iconic granite maul, there are many other interesting items you can get here. Fighting Gargoyles will earn you about 600k gp an hour if your melee stats or range are 80 or higher.

Here are the drops we think are worth picking up. 

Weapons and armor

  • Granite maul
  • Mystic robe top (dark)
  • Adamant platelegs
  • Rune full helm
  • Rune 2h sword
  • Adamant boots
  • Rune battleax
  • Rune platelegs


  • Fire rune
  • Chaos runes
  • Death runes

Materials and other

  • Gold ore
  • Pure essence
  • Steel bar
  • Gold bar
  • Mithril bar
  • Ruine tore
  • Coins
  • Clue scroll (hard)
  • Brittle Key*

The brittle Key gives access to the Grotesque Guardians on the rooftop of the slayer tower, similar to how you reach Obor and Bryophyta. Do not attempt these until you are 90+ combat, or you will get slapped. 

Final thoughts: Advice and tips

Unlock the Gargoyle smasher perk: If you are a fan of this slayer task, then unlocking the perk is worth it. Due to the high task weight of these creatures, you will get them as a task quite often. 

Skip Gargoyles for xp: If you want the most slayer xp possible, then you are better off skipping or blocking this Duradel slayer task

Great for AFKing on an alt: since these monsters are aggressive and have good drops, you can use an alch wearing full guthan to afk melee these monsters for both xp and gp. 

Bring high alchemy runes: gargoyles drop a lot of rune items. These can be attached on the spot for a good amount of gp. So Ironman can leave with a pretty big cash stack. 

Do not forget the rockhammer: even if you have unlocked the smasher perk, you must bring a rockhammer. If you do have one, you will be unable to finish these monsters. 

While the osrs gargoyle slayer task is afk and profitable, it is not optimal for slayer xp. If you are going for the best xp rates in the skill, you should skip this assignment. If you are an ironman, this monster is great to get some extra gp due to the number of valuable items you can cast high alchemy on. 

marble gargoyle guide how to kill osrs

Osrs Gargoyle FAQ

How to kill marble gargoyle osrs?

Marble gargoyles are best killed by praying to protect melee against them. Make sure you keep an eye on their special attack. They will fire an unblockable big white ball at you. Simply move two squares or more away from where you are standing to avoid the attack. The Marble gargoyle has more hp and does more damage, so keeping a couple of prayer points in reserve is a good idea when doing the gargoyle slayer task. 

How long does it take to make a gargoyle alt osrs?

Building a good Gargoyle alt will take you about 75 hours. You are strongly advised to use the Nightmare zone to train and follow our training melee guide. That way, you can easily reach 75 slayer and 80 in attack, strength, and defense. 

How to unlock gargoyle task osrs?

There are three requirements to get a Gargoyle task. 1. You need to have at least 75 slayer to harm them. 2. To get assigned the task by a slayer master, you must have at least 80 combat. 3. The slayer master must be able to give you a Gargoyle task. These masters are Vanneka, Chaeldar, Nieve and Duradel. 

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