osrs ghost slayer task guide [2022] – Let’s bust these spooky monsters

Are you trying to boost your slayer points by getting easy tasks from Turael, or did you just start your Old School Runescape adventure? If you have just gotten a Ghost slayer task, this is just the guide for you!

We will walk you through killing ghosts in osrs and help you do this task fast and effectively. This article will focus on both high-level player tactics and beginner strategies. 

Stats and weaknesses of osrs Ghosts

There is a multitude of different ghosts in osrs. We will discuss the two in this guide: the strongest and the weakest variant. The reason for that is simple; there isn’t much difference between the types you find all over Old School Runescape. 

Ghosts are undead creatures like crawling hands. You can fight these monsters effectively with the crumble undead spell and the salve amulet. This bonus applies to most undead you fight in quests too. Recently, these monsters have also gotten the spectral creature type, making the plasmanator effective in giving you prayer xp when you kill them.  

Combat levelMax hitHitpoints Attack styleWeaknessSlayer xp
19225CrushMagic25 xp
Level 19 weakness and stats
Combat levelMax hitHitpoints Attack styleWeaknessSlayer xp
77780crushcrush80 xp
Level 77 ghost weakness and stats
slayer ghosts

Ghosts are weak against magic attacks. The level 19 variant has a negative five-defense bonus against this type of attack. Thus a crumbling undead spell will be very accurate. Level 76 and 77 ghosts are weak against crush attacks. While level 77 is also weak against magic attacks. 

Ghost locations

The most common variant in Osrs is the combat level 19 one. This type is found in over 10 locations in OSRS. Here are the top 4 best locations to kill ghosts of combat level 19.

Viyeldi caves

The Viyeldi caves are a multi combat zone where you can use a cannon. In other words, you can kill a ton of ghosts in almost no time at all. The Viyeldi caves are the best place to do a ghost slayer task here. There are eight spawns here. You do need to have done the Legends Quests to access this area. 

Chaos Temple (north-east)

Another multi combat zone where you can use a cannon is northeast of the chaos temple. However, the problem with this location is that it is in the wilderness. Therefore, other players can attack you when doing your Ghost slayer task here.  

Catacombs of Kourend

The catacomb of kourend is an excellent spot to train AFK. Opposite the black demons, you can find multiple ghosts spawns. If you are low enough, they will be aggressive to your account. You can also get ancient shards to charge your arclight and totem pieces. 

Taverley Dungeon

The Taverley Dungeon is home to many monsters, including a large number of Ghosts. You can fight them here in a single combat zone and use a cannon. This is great for low-level accounts who have a dwarf cannon and want to quickly end the task without having to use food or prayer. 

The level 76 and 77 ghosts are only found in the Stronghold of Security on the bottom floor, the Sepulchre of Death. There are 31 spawns here. You can not use a cannon in the Stronghold of Security, but you can AFK here pretty well. 

Thanks to the fact that these monsters are so easy to kill, Ghosts are worth it to do on a slayer task. Do not block or skip these monsters, as you can quickly get a nice amount of points in a couple of minutes. 

location osrs ghosts

Slayer strategy

Killing ghosts as a slayer task is very straightforward. Due to their low defense bonuses, you can use any combat style you want. Preferably, you choose the combat style that has the highest stats.

If you don’t know what to choose, you can opt to use magic and the crumbling undead spell, which is super effective against these monsters. If you do not want to take damage doing this slayer task, you should use one of the safe spots. 


If you have a low combat level and want to safespot ghosts, you can do so in the Varrock sewers and the Draynor Manor.

  • Varrock sewers: Use the northernmost chair you find in the room with the ghosts as a safespot. 
  • Draynor Manor: The ghosts in the Draynor Manor can be safespotted by going behind the pile of skeletons in the room. 


The osrs ghost slayer task is not that hard, as they are not slayer monsters like banshees that require special gear. You can thus just use the best armor and weapons you have on the bank. 

If you plan to use magic, you can wear metal armor like full steel, a magic amulet or salve (e) amulet, and an elemental staff. You will not lose any accuracy since the Ghosts are weak to magic and have a very low magic defense level. 

If you don’t have a slayer helm, it is strongly advised you use a salve amulet or a salve amulet (e). This amulet will give you a bonus in att and str against the undead of 15% or 20% (+range and mage) if you have enchanted the amulet. 

ghost osrs


Your inventory should have stat-boosting potions like attack and strength to do more damage. As for food, you can bring cheap training food tuna or even salmon and trout to heal yourself. 

Other items which might be helpful are energy potions and your cannon and cannonballs if you are going to cannon these. 


Unlike monsters at a similar level like the cave slimes, ghosts barely have any drops worth talking about. The only drop they have are clue scrolls. This drop is available for both f2p players and members. 

You should not stop your slayer task to do the clue scroll; the loot is not good enough. Instead, you should do the clue scroll after your task. 


Who is the osrs ghost that wanders around Canifis near Mazchna?

Nobody knows who the ghost is. There’s been a lot of speculation about this but no real answers. Mod Ash is quoted saying, “enjoy speculating about it.” 

Should I do the osrs ghost slayer task?

Yes, the slayer task is speedy if you use a cannon. That means you can quickly get many slayer points in just a couple of minutes. Therefore, you should not skip or block this task. 

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