OSRS Herbiboar guide: 160k xp/hr easiest and most effective strategies [2022]

Hunter is pretty easy to train, but can get very monotonous. Thanks to the introduction of Fossil Island in 2017, we got a brand-new hunting training method: the Herbiboar. Our OSRS Herbiboar guide will teach you all you need to know about this creature and how to catch it for the optimal hunting experience.

Our Herbiboar guide is aimed at people who have never done this activity and don’t know how to start. However, players who want extra tips to catch it more effectively will also find this post beneficial. 

What is the Herbiboar?

The herbiboar is a monster that can only be caught with the hunter skill. It can not be attacked with regular combat methods. You need to have at least level 80 hunter and 31 herblore to catch the creature. 

Successfully catching a herbiboar will grant you exp based on your hunting level. For example, at level 99 hunting, you will get 1950 xp for a successful catch. The monster can only be found on Fossil Island and needs to be tracked by following footsteps. 

Unlike other hunter creatures in OSRS, you will get drops from a drop table when catching a Herbiboar. Therefore, you do not get herblore experience for catching the monster, but you will be able to harvest valuable herbs, numulite, and fossils from it. 

The herblore exp is only granted when you harvest the herbs. These give 25 xp each, and you can get up to 4 herbs if you are using magic secateurs. 

house on the hill - herbiboar location

The herbiboar location 

The only place to find the Herbibor is in the Mushroom Forest on Fossil Island. The Mushroom Forest is found north of the island and is easily recognizable by the distinct vegetation.

There are a couple of methods to travel to a hunting spot in the mushroom forest:

  • Start from the museum camp after taking the boat or the digsite teleport, then run northwest until you reach the forest.
  • Use the digsite pendant to go to the House on the Hill. You have a magic mushroom tree that teleports you to a magic mushroom in the forest. This has to be unlocked first before you can use this teleportation method. This teleport is the quickest way to get there.
  • Finally, you can use the rowboat that is in the museum camp to get to the northeastern part of the mushroom forest. 

The map below shows all the hunting locations for the Herbiboar in OSRS. The Red circle indicates a spot where you can start tracking to catch one. 

herbiboar hunter locations

How to track and catch the Herbiboar in OSRS

teleport mushroom forest hunter

1. Make your way to the mushroom forest hunting spots

To start this activity, make your way to the mushroom forest. The best way to get there is with the magic mushroom teleport. However, you need to unlock this teleport first before you can use the magic mushroom in the House on the Hill.

inspect rock herbiboar

2. Inspect the rock, mushroom, or log

Go to one of the hunting symbols indicated on the map. You will find logs, mushrooms, and rocks with an inspect option at those five starting points. Use this inspect option until you find Herbiboar Tracks. 

inspect seaweed

3. Follow the tracks

Once you have found a set of tracks, you need to follow it until you reach a burrow. You have to inspect the seaweed, muddy patches, mushrooms, and rocks you find scattered around the tracks to do this. When you inspect the right spot, more tracks will appear. 

attack tunnel herbiboar guide

4. Harvest the Herbiboar

At the end of the tracks, a tunnel will appear. This tunnel contains the Herbiboar. By attacking the tunnel, the herbiboar will appear, and you will be able to harvest it. There is a slight chance that you fail at tracking down the creature. In that case, you will get a message in your inbox prompting you to start over again. 

ultimate herbiboar guide osrs

5. Start again at a hunting icon

When you have failed or successfully harvested a herbiboar, simply go back to the nearest hunting icon and start overlooking for tracks. Failing or succeeding will restart the process from scratch, allowing you to catch a new one. 

herbiboar inventory
Example inventory for herbiboar

OSRS Herbiboar tracking and hunting tips

  • Use a hunting potion – If you don’t have level 80 hunter, you can still catch the Herbiboar if you use a hunter potion. A hunter potion will boost your level by 3, allowing you to start catching these creatures at level 77. Using a hunting potion will not increase your xp per harvest, as it scales with your base level. 
  • Wear full graceful – Having the full graceful outfit will increase your exp an hour as you will have more run energy to track the Herbiboar. This outfit is optional, so try to find weight-reducing clothing if you don’t have it. You can not make this outfit with crafting.
  • Use a stamina potion – Having a stamina potion will help you to conserve run and allow you to find and track the tracks faster, thus further increasing your exp an hour. Bring a single (4) stamina potion to save inventory. There is no stamina pit nearby.
  • Wear a ring of endurance – If you have the money, wearing a ring of endurance while doing this activity will save you an inventory slot. This way, you can harvest more Herbiboars and not have to bother thinking about bringing and drinking stamina potions. 
  • Don’t follow other tracks – If you start following a new track, your old track will reset. Thus you will have to restart all over again to find this creature. 
  • Use runelite – You can use the Herbiboar plugin on runelite to easily find guaranteed tracks and keep track of your harvests and exp an hour. If you are not using this client yet, use it ASAP. This is by far the best one and is recommended by the OSRS Team. 
  • Get a herb sack – Due to the number of herbs this monster drops, it is strongly advised that you bring a herb sack if you have one. This herb sack will save you a ton of inventory space and prolong your trips. 
  • Use magic secateurs – If you bring the magic secateurs, your herb harvest is increased from 1 to 3 herbs to 1 to 4 herbs. This way, you make more gp an hour. Do keep in mind that you will have to bank more often if you don’t have a herb sack. 
  • Use the fossils box – Fossils, being stones, have a significant weight in OSRS. You should occasionally go to the mycelium pool and put them in the storage box to conserve your run energy. 

Herbiboar Xp rates an hour

Harvesting the herbiboar can earn you up to 160k exp an hour if you have 99 hunting. These experience rates are very comparable to training firemaking at Wintertodt. The average player can catch up to 65 of them an hour. To get this amount of exp an hour, you need to use stamina potions and don’t lose track too often. 

Your exp an hour scales with your level, and you can start tracking from level 77 hunter if you use a hunter potion. The base exp is 1950 per Herbiboar harvested at level 80. 

Hunter levelExp per herbiboarXP an hour
801950120k an hour
852100130k an hour
902250140k an hour
952385150k an hour
992461160k an hour
Table with Herbiboar xp at significant levels

These are just estimated averages. Players who go for maximum efficiency and have the optimal gear and 99 hunting can get over 180k exp an hour here.

Drops to look out for

Besides reasonable hunting experience, the Herbiboar also has some valuable drops. If you concentrate on finding the tracks and use magical secateurs, you can earn over 500k exp an hour here. That amount is independent of your hunting level. However, similar to getting more runes when runecrafting, the herb drop rates are based on your herblore level. A higher level means better herbs. 

  • Fossils: you can get all kinds of fossils here, including large and rare fossils. 
  • Herbs: you can get all the herbs here, from guam to torstol. Toadflax is the only notable exception.
  • Herbi: the Herbiboar has a 1 in 6500 chance to drop the Herbi pet when you successfully track him.
herbi pet drop rate osrs

If you are not getting certain herbs, this is due to your herblore level being too low. For example, the Herbiboar only starts dropping ranarr weed if you have 32 herblore. At level 41 herblore, you begin getting lantadyme; at level 62 herblore, you can get dwarf weed; at level 75 herblore, you can get snapdragon, and torstols are unlocked at level 77 herblore. All of these are grimy herbs. 


Following this, Herbiboar guide will get you up to 160k hunter exp an hour. This xp rate makes doing this activity one of the best ways to train hunter. While there are a couple of better and more profitable methods, like catching red and black chinchompas, the Herbiboar method is often seen as the most fun way to train hunting.

Doing this activity is the only way to get the herblore pet, Herbi. So if you are hunting for a pet, this is the only way to get this one. Just like Guardians of the Rift, this is OSRS exclusive content.

OSRS Herbiboar FAQ

Why does the herbiboar make you lose the trail?

Losing the trail is a random mechanic and is independent of your hunting level. There is nothing you can do to decrease the odds of losing the trail at the Herbiboar. You will have to start over again and look for new tracks when this happens.

Why am I not getting any fossils? 

Fossils are not a guaranteed drop from the Herbiboar. You just didn’t get lucky. The odds of getting fossils here are pretty slim. The odds of you getting an unidentified small fossil is 1 in 50. The odds of getting a large unidentified fossil is only 1 in 125. So you might go over an hour tracking and catching without getting any fossils.

What is a good herb level to have for herbiboar?

The recommended herblore level to have for herbiboar is at least 32. You can start harvesting ranarr weed at that herblore level when you catch the creature. Having a lower herblore level than 32 will only give you low-level herbs like guam, marantill, and harralander. 

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