Osrs herblore guide 1- 99 [2022] fastest, AFK and best methods

Training herblore in osrs can be overwhelming. There are many methods to get your skill to level 99, and some are profitable, while others cost over a hundred mil. This osrs herblore guide will help you make the best possible choices for your account to train this skill, share some expert tips, and answer some of the most often asked questions about herblore training in Old School Runescape. 

How to start training herblore in osrs

Herblore is one of the few member skills where you need to complete a quest first before you can start training it. You need to complete the Druidic Ritual quest to start leveling up your herblore.

This short quest will get you up to level 3 right away. At that level, you can start cleaning grimy guam and making attack potions. To clean a herb, you need to have a grimy herb and the appropriate level to clean it. Just click it with your left mouse button, and you will clean the grimy herb. 

To make potions, you need to have:

1. A herb 

2. A vial of water, coconut milk, or blood

3. A secondary ingredient.

Best early quests to train herblore

There are quite a few tremendous early quests to train your herblore. These will grant you a good amount of xp in the skill, allowing you to skip the lower levels right away. This list assumes you have already done the Druidic Ritual quest and have level three in the skill. 

  • Jungle Potion: After doing the Druidic ritual, you will have the level required to do the Jungle Potion Quest. This quest will give you 775 xp for completing it. 
  • Recruitment Drive: This quest has no level requirement and will give you 1000 xp when you complete it. You do need to have completed the Druidic Ritual quest. 
  • Zogre Flesh Eaters: This quest has a herblore requirement of 8 and will give you 2000 xp when completing it. The quest is pretty fast and easy to do. 
  • Eadgar’s Ruse: Edgar’s Ruse will give you 11 000 xp and only requires you to have level 31 to do the quest. 
  • My Arm’s Big Adventure: This relatively recent quest is fast and gives you 10 000 xp. You need level 31 in the skill to do the quest. 
  • Shades of Mort’ton: The Shades of Mort’ton quest has a requirement of level 15 herblore and will give you 2000 xp when you complete it. 
  • The Dig Site: Another worthwhile quest to do early for xp is The Dig Site. To do this quest, you need level 10. 
  • Land of the Goblins: This quest requires you to have level 48, and gives you, 8000 xp if you complete it.

There are a ton of other quests you can do for herblore xp. However, these often have relatively high requirements or give only a little xp. These are, for example, the Song of the Elves and the Heroes Quest. 

quest osrs herblore training guide

The best way to train to 99 herblore

If you have over 120m to spend on this buyable skill, you can get to level 99 in under 50 hours by making high xp potions. Below, you can find the best options to train herblore that combines fast xp rates and good experience per gp. In addition, you can find potions that give more xp/hr. However, making these potions will be much more expensive. 

There is a summary table at the bottom of the chapter.

Level 3 to 12: Attack potions

If you haven’t done any quests, you will start at level 3. At this herblore level, it is best to make Attack potions to level 12. It would be best to have a Guam potion (unf) and an Eye of Newt to make an attack potion. You are making the potion will grant you 25 herblore xp. Depending on market prices, you will lose around 160 to 180 gp per potion. So if you make attack potions, you will get about 62.500 xp an hour. 

Level 12 to level 26: strength potions

At level 12 herblore, you can start making strength potions. These potions are a pretty decent training method and cheap to make. You will need a Tarromin potion (unf) and a Limpwurt root to make these potions. This potion will grant you 50 xp, about 125k herblore experience an hour. You will lose somewhere around 230 gp and 260 gp making this potion, depending on the price of the GE, which comes down to 13 gp per xp. 

Level 26 to level 38: energy potions

At level 26, you can start making energy potions by combining a harralander potion (unf) with chocolate dust. Doing this will give you 67.5 xp. Assuming you make around 2500 potions an hour, this comes down to 169000 herblore xp an hour. Per potion, you will lose around 600 gp. When looking at the gp per xp, you will lose approximately 8.8 coins per xp gained. 

herblore guide osrs

Level 38 to level 55: Prayer potions

If you have level 38 herblore, you can start making rannarr potions. You will need to combine a ranarr potion with snape grass to make this potion. Due to the cost of the herbs, it might be hard to buy a large number of ingredients at once, so plan if you are low on gp. 

Making prayer potions will get you about 87.5 xp per potion and around 220k xp an hour. Due to the demand for these potions, you will only lose five gp per herblore xp or around 450 gp per potion. If you are on a budget, you can do this method to level 92. 

Level 55 to level 69: Super strength potions

At level 55, you can switch to making super-strength potions. You will need to combine a kwuarm potion (unf) with a limpwurt root to make these. Doing this action will give you 125 xp per potion made. Since you can make 2500 potions an hour on average, you will get 300k xp an hour training herblore in osrs. The cost of this training method is around eight gp per xp and 1000 gp per potion you make. 

Level 69 to level 92: Antifire potions

At level 69, you can switch to antifire potions. Making these is a little more expensive due to the loss per xp you make. Combing a lantadyme potion (unf) and the dragon scale dust will make an antifire potion and will give you 157.5 xp per antifire potion you make. 

Making these potions will get you around 390k herblore xp an hour. The loss per potion is around 1.5k per antifire potion, or ten gp per xp. Do this until you reach level 92, which is halfway to level 99 herblore! 

Level 92 to level 99: Super antifire potions

At level 92, you can make Super antifire potions. It would be best to combine regular antifire potions (4) with crushed superior dragon bones. This will grand you 130 herblore xp per potion you make. While this is slightly slower than some other methods on this list, this still comes down to 325k xp an hour. 

The significant advantage of making super antifire potions is that you can make a slight profit depending on ge prices. You will gain a surplus of around 100gp per super antifire potion you make or approximately 0,5 gp per xp. 

training herblore guide osrs

Cheaper alternatives to train herblore in osrs

Making potions to train your herblore in osrs can be expensive. While it is by far the fastest method, a couple of alternative training methods will grant you a decent amount of xp an hour at only a slight loss. This method is quite AFK, just like potions, and is suited for osrs mobile players. 

If you want to make only a slight loss, you should start doing quests until you are at least level 31 herblore. 

Level 31 to 39: Marrentil tar

At level 31, you can start making marrentill tar. You need clean marrentil and swamp tar to make this item. When you combine these items, you will get 42.5 xp. This will come down at around 85k herblore xp an hour at 160 coins per item, or four gp per xp.  

Level 39 to 99: Tarromin tar

At level 39, you can start making tarromin tar. Just like marrentil tar, you will need swamp tar. You can make about 2000 of these an hour. This training method will get you 55 xp per tarromin tar you make. This training herblore guide comes down to 110k xp an hour. You will lose about 5gp per xp and 260 gp per tar you make. 

Making harralander swamp tar is not worth it. While you can get 145000 xp an hour making this kind of tar, the cost of making this is about 12 gp per xp. You are much better off just making potions.

Profitable herblore training guide

There is a way to make a profit by training your herblore levels. You can make some gp by cleaning herbs. There are three methods you can use to do this.

Afk method

The AFK method to train herblore is by using the auto-clean function. Using this function to clean an inventory of herbs will grant you about 30 seconds of AFK time. By cleaning your herbs this way, you can manage to do about 3000 an hour, which is at most 45k xp an hour when cleaning Torstols. 

Click intensive method

The click-intensive method uses your mouse or your fingers on a touchscreen to clean the herbs one by one manually. Using this method to train herblore is much faster and gives a decent rate of profit.

You can clean over 10 000 grimy herbs doing the click-intensive method. For example, cleaning Torstols will get you 150k gp an hour while making you over 1m in gp, depending on the market prices. 

Tip: cleaning herbs is more fun and accessible on a mobile or tablet device with a touchscreen. It is slightly faster than using your mouse, but it is also more interactive, making it somewhat more enjoyable.  

Magic method

If you want to train your herblore AFK and make a relatively decent profit, you should use the Degrime Arceuus spell. You can cast this spell at level 70 magic and after you have completed the A Kingdom Divided Quest. You can do 600 casts an hour and clean around 8000 herbs by using this spell. 

The XP is an hour high, too; you can make 120k xp an hour while making just under a million gp an hour by cleaning Torstols. You will need to use four earth and two earth runes per spell, and you will get around 50k magic xp an hour if you use the Degrime spell. Making this the best method to profitable train your herblore. 

Best herbs to clean for profit

Generally, a couple of herbs will almost always make you a decent profit if you clean them. These herbs are:

  • Grimy rannarr weed
  • Grimy Cadantine
  • Grimy Harralander 
  • Grimy Torstol

It’s a good idea to put in your offer to buy herbs days before actually training the skill. You will be able to snag up the herbs from the GE at a more attractive price, but you also don’t run the risk of running out. Since there is a buy limit and you can clean 10k herbs an hour, you will often have to stop your training as you run out of grimy herbs. 

herblore guide osrs

Items that boost your herblore level and XP

You should keep in mind two valuable items when training herblore in osrs: the botanical pie and the amulet of chemistry.

The botanical Pie

The botanical pie is an item that you can make with the cooking skill or buy from the grand exchange. The botanical pie is an easy method to get a boost for up to 4 herblore levels when training the skill. Using this method is great if you want to make higher-level potions or clean high levels herbs.

Amulet of Chemistry

The amulet of chemistry is an osrs exclusive herblore training item. This piece of silver jewelry has a 5% chance of making you an extra dose of the potions you are making. So instead of a potion (3), you will get a (4). However, the amulet can only increase the dose five times till it crumbles to dust. So making an extra dose does not give you additional herblore xp.

Make sure you check the GE and check if five doses of the potion you are making are worth more than the amulet’s cost. Also, remember that since you need to switch out your amulet, this will take a tiny bit of time that you aren’t training your herblore. 

Good monsters to kill for herbs and secondary ingredients

If you are an ironman or want to get your herbs, a couple of fascinating monsters in osrs can give you the necessary herbs to train herblore. 

Chaos Druid: chaos druids are one of the best monsters in osrs for ironman to get herbs and start training herblore. You can find them in the Edgeville dungeon, and they often drop ranarr weed and secondary ingredients. Read our in-depth chaos druid killing guide to know more about these monsters. 

Flesh Crawler: Flesh crawlers are another great AFK monster to fight and train on. THey drop rannarr weed often quit and only have a max hit of 1. This max hit makes them ideal for a Hardcore ironman account. 

Cave Slime: Doing slayer can be a great way to get herbs. The cave slime slayer task always gives you a ton of valuable herbs you can use for the early levels of training herblore osrs. 

The aberrant and deviant specter: These are good monsters for profitable drops, including herbs and some secondaries. A decent alternative if you wan’t to have some seed drops too are the slayer monster named Turoth. These are pretty weak and drop a lot of useful items.

Herbiboar hunting: If you have the adequate hunter level, you can track and catch the Herbiboar. Next to getting a decent amount of hunter xp, you can also get a ton of useful herbs.

herblore training guide

Training tips and tricks

  • To get the best prices, plan when training herblore. This way, you can often save 1 or 2% on your costs, saving you over 3m when you go to level 99.
  • If you want to train non-stop, you will need to start buying several days ahead. The GE limits are relatively low, and you’re making potions or cleaning herbs goes very fast. So you will often run out of ingredients, secondaries, or herbs if you don’t buy a ton.
  • Set your banking quantities to 14. You can click once to get 14 potions (unf) and 14 secondary ingredients right away. 
  • Check the price difference between potions (3) and potions (4) before selling them. Often the potions (4) will get you a relatively larger price per dose. Decanting them is easy. You just talk to the decanting guy at the Grand Exchange. 


Training herblore in osrs can be prohibitively expensive. However, quite a few methods can save you or even earn you some extra gp if you are willing to put in the extra effort. 

As a final piece of advice, look at how much time you save using an expensive method and see how much money you would have to make to justify the time saved and the cost made. 

Training herblore guide FAQ

How can I do barbarian herblore training in osrs?

You can start your barbarian training by talking to Otto Grotto. He will teach you the ins and outs of barbarian herblore training. However, this method is not a good alternative for the regular version as the xp an hour is lower or the same. 

How to boost herblore level osrs?

There are a couple of ways to boost your herblore level in osrs. First, you can use a spicy stew, which gives you the chance to raise your +5 levels. You can opt for a botanical pie which boosts your herblore with +4. The herblore potion will get you +3, and the skill cape gets you +1 when you operate it. 

What is the fastest way to 99 herblore osrs?

The fastest way to train herblore is by making the highest level potion available to you. This will get you over 400k xp an hour when you are level 90 and above. To get the maximum of xp an hour, you should also plan. So you will have to buy a ton of supplies and unf potions ahead of training.


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