OSRS Ironman Slayer Guide 

If you are looking for an adventure in the game or specifically more challenge, Ironman is just the right one for you: depriving you of all the essential things like trading, PvP, etc. For an Ironman Slayer is one of the most valuable and fun skills to train on an ironman account. That is why we have written the ultimate OSRS Ironman Slayer Guide.

Training slayer on an ironman

When you have an Ironman Account, the best thing you can do is upgrade your items or, specifically, the best items in your slot. But simultaneously, you can make a lot of money here and train the OSRS skills for combat without spending much time in the standard account.

It isn’t something totally for your challenge. So instead, OSRS developers put a lock on some Slayer Levels, specifically for the Ironman, like the Occult Necklace, the Dragon Boots, the Dragon Hunter Lance, the Abyssal Whip, and then the Trident of the seas.

osrs slayer ironman guide

Picking a Slayer Master

There are a lot of Slayer Masters, but the best one is, without a doubt, Duradel. However, if you want to do every milestone (task) and earn the extra point for Slayer Reward, you will have to work with Konar Quo Maten.

Things Not Worth Doing Here

First, you shouldn’t make Cannonballs, as it is often a waste of time. Second, don’t waste your time; you will complete a task much faster. Alongside this, doing Kalphites and Suqahs isn’t also worth doing here on Ironman if you don’t have access to cannonballs. If you like to, you can do them, but there will be a meager rate of EXP and nearly no drops. 

Things Worth Doing Here

The things you need to have are usually a bone crusher and a holy wrench. In the Morytania Diary, after you have done the complex tasks, Bonecrusher comes in handy because you don’t pick up the bones. In return, the Bonecrusher provides you with the prayer points restoration and passive prayer experience. In addition, there are daily Robin Bonemeal rewards that sustain The Bonecrusher Charges.

When in Ironman, you are utilizing the Slayer Reward Point, give your primary focus on skipping the tasks that are poor instead of going for extensions or unlocking extra bonuses. 

Ironman Slayer Equipment

Your first things should be unlocking the Monster (Superior Slayer), Slayer Ring Crafting, and Slayer Helmet. Next, if you are a Range main, you need to open the Perk of Broader Fletching that gives you Broad Bolts Fletching ability.

Ring of Wealth is your best friend here if you don’t have stat-boosting rings. However, after you get the Fremennik rings, you should switch to these as you will increase your xp an hour significantly.

Defensive Casting is beneficial when bursting tasks like dust devils if you are not into quick leveling for your Magic needs. The reason is that it gives a better experience and when your Herb Seeds are low, use Melee to kill Nechryael instead of Bursting the Nechryael (more significant) in the Catacombs of Kourend.

Finally, Abyssal Whip is also great but requires you to kill the Abyssal demons.

Ironman Slayer Attributes

After you get that 75 Attack and 70 defense, you will have to focus on Strength training. The Attack is here for the Arclight, and Defense is here for the Barrows Equipment. Now that you also have that Abyssal Whip by your side, train with that to obtain 99.

Afterward, your only focus is Attack and then-Defense. Go for 99 on both, if you can. Upgrade to Abyssal Tentacle if you can, from the Kraken Tentacles. 

slayer guide ironman

Ironman Slayer – Wilderness Slayer Guide

Unlocking Extensions and Perks is your primary goal here. To do it, you will have to take the tasks from Krystilia, and then you will be able to obtain those Emblems (Mysterious). Using these emblems, you will get useful items like the Rune Pouch that will give you extra inventory space. The extra amount of slayer points from wilderness slayer allows you to unlock Extensions and Perks. 

In the Wilderness, the only thing you will need is enough survival skills and levels. Krystilia doesn’t have any requirements, but you should be prepared for anything later in the game itself.

Whenever you are doing the tasks of Wilderness, it is essential to understand that you need to risk only the standard equipment that you can replace afterward easily. Some examples are Armor (Dragonhide), Robe (Monk), and so on.

Getting Started – Point Boosting

The most crucial step here is how you start and reach level 80. Your best friend here is the Natural History Quiz, which has no specific requirement and can give you a whopping 1k Experience. This way, you can Reach the Slayer Level of 9 in no time.

Same as that, you will have to go for specific things that can enhance your Slayer level till you are on a 90 or 80 level of combat. Then, your gear also matters, which we will discuss later in the article. 

When going for training, you should block all the everyday tasks that don’t provide you with enough experience. There are always equally easy tasks to do that offer an amazing experience.

Now, it is time to boost the Slayer Masters you can use. Yes, you can go for the Turael Tasks because they are easy and quick to do, making them useful. But you might ask, how to access Turael Tasks? Well, you can teleport towards the Burthorpe using the Games Necklace Teleport. 

At that time, you should never wear Heavy Armor because you need stamina and agility. You are always running around there, and the enemies aren’t that dangerous regarding damage. Use the Minigame Teleport or the Ring of Dueling to teleport towards Feroz Enclave for banking. Afterward, use the Free for all Teleport if you need to get the stats back to the original and get some energy back. 

Finally, you will have to have the following things in your inventory at the minimum for efficient slayer training on an ironman;

  • Dragon Dagger, or you can also go for the Dragon Battleaxe
  • Chronicle
  • Ectophial
  • Food and some energy potions
  • Teleportation Runes
  • Ardougne Clock, Lunar Staff, or Dramen Staff for Fairy Ring
  • Light Source
  • Super Attacks (2 of them) or Super Strength in the case of Dragon Battleaxe
  • Game Necklace
  • Ring of Dueling

After you have the following stuff in your inventory, you should instantly block the following slayer tasks: Black Demon, Suqah, Hellhound, and Kalphites at this spot. You will have some extra points for Slayer after skilling these tasks. Finally, it is time to shift towards the Slayer Master’sMaster’s highest level. You can also follow the Krystilia Path that we mentioned earlier, but it isn’t that effective, rather much more straightforward.


Ranged Build is not recommended for the Ironman Slayer because of its poor damage. Unlike the other Builds, Range doesn’t have enough damage on the Equipment. Most of the time, it is compared with Dragon Scimitar, and you have to decide on Melee Build.

Melee Build is pretty much the best one out there. You will sometimes have to go for the Flicking or Prayer Potions to survive with Melee, but it is better than the Ranged. Here, we are going to discuss the Low Level to Mid-Level Gear like;

Barrows Gloves: The moment you just finished Disaster Recipe; you can get this from Chest of Culinaromancer’sCulinaromancer’s

Climbing Boots: Can be purchased from the Tenzing

Obsidian Platelegs: In the Equipment Store for TzHaar Hur Zal’sZal’s, you can purchase these Platelegs

God Blessing: Well, pretty much any type of God Blessing will work here, and you can get them from the Trails of Treasure

Fighter Torso: You can get these from the Mini game Barbarian Assault.

Black Mask: You can get this at the cave horrors.

Slayer Helmet: You will need the Masquerade Ability to assemble it; just go to the Slayer Master to get the ability for around 400 Points of Slayer Reward.

Amulet of Glory: This needs to be enchanted from the Dragonstone Amulet. At around level 80 of crafting, you can put an Enchantment of Level 5 on it to turn it into an Amulet of Glory. The easy way is through Dragon Implings; you can get from there.

Ring of Wealth: This Item is also an upgrade from the Dragonstone Ring. You need around 55 levels of crafting to do the Level 5 Enchantment of the Dragonstone Ring and make the Ring of Wealth.

Fire Cape: It comes as a reward at the location of Fight Caves after killing that TzTok Jad

Dragon Defender: It is one of the rarest drops from the Cyclops but well worth it. You can get this from the Cyclopes in the Warrior Guild Basement.

Dragon Scimitar: After doing the Monkey Madness One, you go to the Ape Atoll and get Dragon Scimitar from Daga.

Ironman slayer guide

Ironman Slayer Milestones

  • At Level 55, you will need the Broad Bolts that will, in return, be helpful for the Fight Caves.
  • At Level 58, you will need the Cave Horror for the Black Mask
  • At Level 60, you will need the Aberrant Specters for the Herb and Herb Seeds
  • At Level 65, you will need the Dust Devils for Barrage Task and Alchables
  • At Level 69, you will need the Demonic Gorillas for the Monkey Madness, Alchables, and Zenytes
  • At Level 70, you will need the Kurask for Alchables, Leaf-Bladed Battleaxe, and Supplies (good noted)
  • At Level 72, you will need the Skeletal Wyverns, which are great supplies (mentioned), and also Alchables
  • At level 75, you will need the Gargoyles that make you good money
  • At Level 80, you will need Nechryael that makes you money and high Herb Seed amounts
  • At Level 83, you will need Spiritual Mage for Dragon Boots
  • At Level 85, you will need Abyssal Demon for Abyssal Whip
  • At Level 87, you will need Cave Kraken for the Kraken Tentacle and Sea Trident
  • At Level 91, you will need Cerberus for Eternal Crystals, Pegasian and Primordial
  • At Level 93, you will need Smoke Devil for the Occult Necklace
  • At Level 95, you will need the Alchemical Hydra for the Dragon Hunter Lance

Turael Skipping

Sometimes, the players with exceptionally high levels try to get new tasks by spending their Slayer Points. In the past, in OSRS, you should never use a good amount of Slayer Points in either getting specific tasks or skipping some of them.

If things don’t go as planned like you have a task that isn’t desired. You can simply go to the Turael and sacrifice the streak of the Slayer, then you will be able to change that task to something faster and can be done quickly.

Now, you can do the Turael Task like a ghost slayer task and return to the slayer master. You can get the favorite task you want from them. This process can be repeated again and again to get the functions that are according to your need.

Afterward, the Turael Skipping comes into consideration. Here, the players should make sure that Point Streak (Major) isn’t close by. This is because the points used in the skip are usually in tremendous amounts, and you can save them in more significant numbers than the streak gained Slayer Points.

Turael Skipping isn’t great for Leveling Slayer and is only great if you want to have tasks of your choice.

Ironman Slayer Task Boss Killing

It is often possible to fight a slayer boss instead of doing a certain slayer task.

Hydras: You can get the Hydra Claws from these Hydras along with the Brimstone Ring and Ferocious Gloves. Furthermore, Claws can be combined with the Hasta Zamorakian to make the great Dragon Hunter Lance. This is the best weapon you can get without an argument in an Ironman Account. The monster you should kill are the Alchemical Hydra.

Hellhounds: You can fight the Cerberus to get Primordial, Eternal Crystal, and Pegasian from Hellhounds. Furthermore, you can utilize them to get the best boots out there (Best-in-slot). However, in Ironman, you must use strategies to completely miss the ghost that drains prayer.

Abyssal Demons: You can get Unsired by fighting the Abyssal demon boss. Using this at the font of consumption can reward you. Out of the bunch, the best reward is Abyssal Dagger and Bludgeon Pieces.

Kalphites: Most of the time, players kill the Kalphite queen solely because their Farming Supplies drop and their Herblore. Out of these, the most notable ones are Potato Cacti and Zamorak Wines.

Aviansies: You can get the Pieces of Armadyl Armor from Aviansies, which are pretty good in OSRS

Zamorak boss and Greater demons: You can get the Zamorak Hilt, Zamorak Spear, and the Staff of Dead from killing the Greater Demons “boss” the Zamorak General. The setup for Greater Demon Zamorak boss needs you to have armor that comes with the Defense towards Magic and Arclight. To save yourself, you can have the Void Knight Robe, Karil’sKaril’s Leather Skirt, and other Magic Robes. Furthermore, you can equip the Twisted Bow or Bow of Faerdhinen with that unique Crystal Armor to instantly kill them without worrying about anything.

Dragonnoths Kings: The only reason you want to kill Dragonnoths is because of their drops, including the famous Dragon Axe and Rings. You can complete the Dremennik Diary Elite Tasks and then kill these bosses to have an exceptional prayer experience from the Bones of Dragonnoths.

Blue Dragons: Unlike all the other bosses, Brutal Blue Dragons are killed only for their money drop, Crafting experience, and that Prayer Experience. Check out Vorkath for the boss variant.

Black Demons: You can get the Zenyte Shard from the Demonic Gorillas which count as Black Demons. These same shards are used to get the best OSRS Jeweler (Best-in-slot). Furthermore, it is not all, and the Black Demons also drop the Tree Seeds in tremendous amounts and Alchables.

Lizardmen: You can get the Dragon Warhammer from the Lizardmen Shaman, and it is amongst the weapons with the best special attacks in OSRS. In the Lizardmen Cave, you can effortlessly kill these bosses without taking the second route of Lizardmen Canyon, which is filled with enemies.

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