Osrs Kalphite slayer task guide [2022] – fastest xp and gp an hour strategy

One of the few monsters in osrs assigned by every slayer master is the Kalphites. Starting from level 15, you can get these monsters as your assignment. However, many people don’t know how to do a kalphite slayer task effectively in osrs. 

This guide will help you get the best slayer xp possible for this task and teach you some tips and tricks to help you out. 

General information 

Because kalphites are assigned as a slayer task to accounts combat level 15 and up, it’s helpful to give general info about the osrs kalphite slayer task. This information will provide you with a bit of background on the monster to help you decide how to kill them. 


There are four variants of kalphites you can kill on a slayer task. These four are:

  • Kalphite Worker (combat 28)
  • Kalphite Soldier (combat 85)
  • Kalphite Guardian (combat 141)
  • Kalphite Queen (combat 333)

Thanks to the wide variety of combat levels, there is a variant for every account to kill. Generally speaking, I suggest you kill the Kalphite Guardians starting from combat level 80 and up if you have a cannon. 

kalphite osrs guide slayer task

Stats and weaknesses

All kalphites are weak to the Keris Partisan and the regular Keris. However, these weapons have a unique effect that deals with extra damage and has a buffed accuracy to these monsters and Scarabites. 

Like most insect-like monsters in osrs, these monsters are weak to crush attacks. The kalphite queen, in particular, is an excellent example of a boss that is weak to crush attacks. So if you don’t have a keris partisan, an abyssal bludgeon or inquisitor’s mace are both decent weapons. 

Task amounts and slayer masters

As mentioned, every master (except Krystilia) in osrs can give you a kalphite slayer task. The only requirement to get this as an assignment is that you have a minimum combat level of 15. The task size also differs depending on the master that assigns you the kalphites. 

Slayer masters and Kalphite task amounts

As you see, Turael (and Spria) give the lowest amount of these monsters. If you fight kalphite workers on your slayer task, the assignment will take up to 10 minutes at most. 

Ps: You can fight any kind of kalphite you want, no matter who gave you the assignment. That means that you can fight the Kalphite Queen, even if Turael gave you the task. 

Best Kalphite Locations for slayer

There are two locations where you can do the kalphite slayer task effectively. These places are the Kalphite Lair in the North-western part of the Khardian Desert and the Slayer exclusive Kalphite cave, just to the east of the Shantay Pass. 

  • The Kalphite Lair is the main hub of these monsters and the Kalphite Queen’s location. To enter this dungeon, you need to bring a rope at all times. You can fight all four variants of kalphites for your slayer task here. There are also ample spots to place your cannon. The fastest way to get there is a fairy ring (BIQ). 
  • The Kalphite cave is another great spot. This location is a bit easier to reach since it is close to the Shantay Pass. You can only attack the kalphites inside the cave if you have a slayer task. You can use your canon here too, but there is no boss monster. You do not need to bring a rope for this location. 

Both these locations are multi combat zones. So protection from melee is advised when you use a cannon. 

osrs kalphite slayer location

Lair (red circle) Cave (blue square) on the osrs map. 

Kalphite slayer task strategy

There are four different types of Kalphites you can fight on your slayer task. Since the Kalphite Queen is a boss and significantly stronger than regular ones, we will not discuss it here. However, this osrs boss deserves her own guide. 

Kalphite worker

Kalphite workers are the fastest to kill due to their low combat level. They can be found in both the Kalphite Lair and the Kalphite Cave. They give 40 slayer xp per kill. These monsters cannot poison you, so you don’t need an anti-poison here. 

Kalphite soldier

These are the mid-level variants that can induce poison. This poison starts at 4 damage. You strongly recommend you bring an anti-poison to cure this poison right away. These are also found in both the Kalphite Lair and Cave. 

They have a combat level of 85 and give 90 slayer xp. A kalphite soldier is a good option to cannon if you are under level 80 combat. Turn on your protection from melee to avoid taking too much damage. 

Kalphite guardian

The strongest variant of the regular ones is the Kalphite Guardians. These are the best monsters to kill on your Kalphite slayer task for fast slayer xp. The guardians are combat level 141 and give you 170 slayer xp per kill. Due to their high hitpoints level and relatively low defense, killing these is amazing xp an hour. 

You can fight the guardians in both the kalphite lair and cave. Since they hit pretty high, make sure you turn on your protection from melee. These monsters induce poison which starts at 6 hp per time. So, make sure you bring a full anti-poison to complete the slayer assignment without too much trouble. 

Recommended gear

The gear for your kalphite task is pretty straightforward. If you are doing the workers (and, to a lesser extent, the soldiers), you can choose between prayer gear or tank gear. However, if you decide to kill the kalphite guardians for your slayer assignment, the prayer gear is the only viable option. 

If you don’t have an item on this table, just replace it with the next best item. E.g., if you don’t have an infernal cape, replace it with a fire cape or a Cloak of Ardougne. 

Prayer SetupTank Setup
HeadSlayer HelmSlayer Helm
AmuletAmulet of TortureAmulet of Torture
Body Bandos ChestplateProselyte Hauberk
legsBandos TassetsProselyte Legs
WeaponKeris PartisanKeris Partisan
ShieldAvernic DefenderAveric Defender
BootsPrimordial BootsPrimordial Boots
CapeInfernal CapeInfernal Cape
QuiverGod BlessingGod Blessing
GlovesFerocious GlovesFerocious Gloves
Special AttackDragon ClawsDragon Claws
Gear setup Kalphite slayer task osrs


If you are using the tank method, I advise you to bring high-healing training food like monkfish or shark. Also, make sure you get an antipotion, super combat, and a rope to the kalphite lair.

If you use the prayer method, you should bring prayer potions (about 20), a super combat poison, an antidote, and a rope. 

If you are going to cannon these monsters, you should bring around 4k cannonballs. If you have low agility, you can also bring a stamina or energy potion, as the heavy cannon will deplete your run energy quite quickly. 

kalphite slayer task guide osrs

Notable Drops

Similar to dogs and lizards, the drops here are underwhelming and bland. The only variant that drops kind of interesting loot is the Kalphite Guardian. This monster drops some rune items like the rune chainbody and a decent amount of herbs and runes.

The Kalphite Queen has a better drop table. However, the drops you can get for killing her are also quite underwhelming if you consider the requirements and the effort you have to go through. The pet and the dragon chain body are the two most notable drops you can get as loot. 

Tips and conclusion

If you are using a cannon on your kalphite slayer task, you should consider going to a world with over 1800 players in it. That is because the respawn time of monsters is affected by how many players are concurrently in a world. The more players there are, the faster you defeat will respawn. 

Complete the Beneath the Sands quest to get yourself a Partisan Keris. The upgrade over the regular Keris is well worth it as this is the BIS weapon at these monsters. 

Osrs Kalphite safespot

There are a couple of kalphite safespots in the lair and the cave you can use to kill them with ranging or magic. You can find these near the lair walls or the cave behind the rubble. You will have to leave your safespot occasionally, so make sure you bring a bit of food with you. 

Relevant guides which might interest you

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Kalphite slayer task FAQ

How much slayer xp/hr are Kalphites?

If you fight the kalphite guardians and use a cannon, you can get up to 55,000 slayer xp an hour. You need to concentrate on reloading your cannon and use good gear for this xp rate. 

Should I block or skip Kalphites?

No, you should not block or skip the kalphites. These monsters give some of the best slayer xp for medium levels. The drops are not significant, but the slayer xp and the easiness of the task make up for this. 

Is the Kalphite slayer task worth it to do?

No matter what combat level you are, doing the Kalphite slayer task is worth it. The task gives you easy slayer points, and if you cannon the guardians or the soldiers, you can get over 50k xp an hour here. 

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