OSRS Killerwatt Slayer Guide

There are undoubtedly some annoying monsters in OSRS, but Killerwatts take the pole position. Not only does this task take a lot of time, but many players can’t even complete it in a single try.

The reason behind its reputation is its fast speed and incredible accuracy. Although they don’t deal heavy damage, their low damage attacks with high accuracy still make things difficult.

You don’t need to worry because we’re here for this exact reason – to help you overcome them. This is an OSRS Killerwatt Slayer Guide that not only provides you with the best ways to complete this assignment, but also precisely describes what a Killerwatt is.

What are Killerwatts?

Killerwatts are monsters, specifically Slayer monsters. You can unlock this Slayer task by completing the “Ernest the Chicken” quest. You can encounter them on the Killerwatt plane, requiring a Slayer level of 37.

Killerwatts initially appear as balls of lightning/electricity, and as you attack them, their limbs become visible. They initiate their attack with Melee, attempting to get as close to you as possible. Allow the Killerwatt to initiate the attack first, and you can avoid their Ranged Attack.

Killerwatts are composed of electricity, and they have a rapid attack speed, causing moderately low damage. However, when they use their ranged attack, you must wear Insulated Boots to prevent damage. Alternatively, you can use the Protect from Missiles prayer to shield yourself from Ranged Attacks.

Killerwatts will hit you with either a Melee or Ranged attack every 1.2 seconds. Despite their swiftness, their accuracy is exceptional, and Prayer/Prayer Flicking is your best defense.

Killerwatt Killing Guide 

While you can aim to tackle Killerwatts at lower Slayer levels, they are among the most frustrating creatures in OSRS. However, with a strategic approach, you can defeat them without constant retries.


Starting with the guide itself, Killerwatts are located in Draynor Manor. You can either teleport to Falador and walk to Draynor Village or use the Lumbridge teleport and proceed from there.

Once inside, ascend the stairs twice to reach the top floor. You can only engage with Killerwatts if you have completed the “Ernest the Chicken” quest and possess Insulated Boots.

While not mandatory, you can equip D’hide armor to guard against Killerwatts’ ranged attacks. If you’re adept at prayer flicking, many aspects will be manageable right away. If not, familiarize yourself with the concept and use it sparingly against the monster. You don’t need to be a Prayer Flicking expert here.

Use potions

Carry your preferred Prayer Potions and other combat-enhancing potions for a smoother battle. Lastly, equip your best Melee gear, as our guide focuses solely on melee combat, excluding ranged attacks.

A gateway will be present; step through it to access the dwelling of these creatures. Unlike their ball-of-electricity appearance, they are not aggressive here. Here’s the trick: activate Killerwatts by using the Attack option on them, but refrain from using damaging attacks. Click on a Killerwatt and move away. This forces them into Melee mode exclusively for that target.

Prayer flick

This simplifies the process significantly. And if you can successfully Prayer Flick, you’ll endure no damage from Killerwatts while inflicting substantial damage on them. No Prayer and No Damage throughout the task – quite impressive, right?

The primary factor that renders Killerwatts troublesome is their speed, constant damage output, and their ability to attack in three ways (Magic, Ranged, and Melee). By limiting them to Melee, you can effectively take control.


How to Prayer Flick Killerwatt?

With an attack time of approximately 1.2 seconds, nearly 2-tick, Prayer Flicking requires you to switch prayers every tick. This maintains your Prayer Points and prevents damage.

Can you Safe spotting on Killerwatts?

Certainly, you can employ safe spotting. Use the nearby clouds, and when they attempt ranged attacks on you, their ability to engage in melee is nullified, restricting them to ranged or magic attacks.

Alternatively, follow our guide. Hitting Killerwatts without taking damage and using only Melee attacks limits them to Melee attacks. Combine this with Prayer Flicking for a successful strategy.

Can you skip the Killerwatt slayer task?

Yes, skipping the task is feasible. Access the Tasks tab and find various options, including blocking or skipping. These options are on the right side, and they require Reward Points to execute, usually around 30 points to skip.

Final Verdict

In your OSRS Slayer journey, you will encounter Killerwatts. While they may seem harmless, they prove to be one of the most vexing tasks for novice Slayers. However, equipped with the right items and a clear strategy, eliminating them becomes straightforward. This OSRS Killerwatt Slayer Guide covers everything you need, from requisites to tactics.

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