OSRS Killerwatts Slayer Guide [2022]

There are undoubtedly some things annoying in OSRS, but Killerwatts take the top position. Not only does this task takes a lot of time, but many people can’t even do it in a single try. The reason behind these osrs monsters bad reputation is its fast speed and incredible accuracy.

However, Killerwatts don’t do heavy damage. Instead, the tiny attacks with accuracy make things difficult. Still, you don’t have to worry because we are here for this exact reason – a guide for getting rid of Killerwatts. This is an OSRS Killerwatt Slayer Guide that not only gives you the best ways to do this mission but also describes precisely what this monster is.

What are Killerwatts?

Killerwatt is a monster, a slayer monster, to be precise here. You can open this Slayer by killing “Ernest, the Chicken.” You can find the monster in the special plane, and can attack it at Slayer level 37. 

killerwatts location osrs

The first appearance of Killerwatt is like a ball of lightning/electricity, and when you land an attack on him, the limbs start to appear. Their first Attack is Melee, where they try to get as close to you as possible. Let the monster come to attack first, and you won’t have to suffer the Killerwatt Ranged or Magic attacks.

Killerwatt is made up of electricity, and they have a quick attack speed with not so high damage. However, when the monster uses the ranged Attack, you must wear the Insulated Boots. Otherwise, you will take damage. On the other hand, you can also use Protect From Missiles to save yourself from Ranged Attacks.

Every 1.2 seconds, the attacks will hit you, either Melee or Ranged. While they are quick, their accuracy is on a different level, and your best friend here is Prayer/Prayer Flicking.

Killerwatt Killing Guide – Melee Trap

At the lower slayer levels, you can easily kill them, but it is one of the most annoying monsters at a medium level you can find in OSRS. It is also possible to use a safe spot when you are fighting these monsters. You can kill them effortlessly without trying again and again.

Getting started with the guide itself, Killerwatts is located in the Draynor Manor. You will either have to teleport to Falador and walk to the Draynor Village, or you can also teleport to Lumbridge and walk from there.

What will you need?

Once inside, climb up the stairs twice, and you will be there on the top floor. You can only do the Killerwatt if you have done the “Ernest the Chicken” quest and you have Insulated Boots

Furthermore, it isn’t essential, but you can bring the Dragonhide (D’hide) to defend yourself from the ranged attacks of Killerwatt. If you are good at prayer flicking, then most things will be easy for you right on the spot. If you don’t have the skills, learn about the concept and use it a little bit on the Killerwatt. No need to be a Prayer Flicking Expert here.

Bring your favorite Prayer Pots and potions with you for easy combat. Lastly, bring the full Melee gear you have because our guide specifically limits the Killerwatt to the melee combat, and you cannot use the ranged one. 

killerwatts osrs slayer guide

Melee Safe Spotting

There will be a gateway there; enter it, and you will be brought to the main place of Killerwatts. Instead of moving around in a ball of electricity, they aren’t aggressive. Here the magic happens; use the Attack on the Killerwatts to activate them, but don’t use any damaging attack. Click on the monster and walk away. It will initiate Only-Melee for that specific target.

This makes the whole process effortless. Butter on top, when you can Prayer Flick, you won’t take any damage from Killerwatts, while you can do well damage to them. No Prayer and No Damage for this entire task, crazy, isn’t it?

The only thing that is really annoying about this slayer monster is their speed, constant damage to you, and their three-way attacking (Magic, Range, and Melee). Only limiting them to Melee can potentially make you the boss here. 

osrs slayer guide killerwatts


How to Prayer Flick Killerwatt?

The approximate attack time here is 1.2 seconds, making it nearly 2-tick. So, to prayer Flick, you will have to flick on every tick, and in return, you won’t lose your Prayer Points and won’t take any damage as well.

Can you Safe spot Killerwatts?

Yes, you can do safe spotting here. Use the nearby clouds, and when they use the ranged attacks to hit you, the ability to melee is removed, and they will be limited to ranged or magic.
Another way is by using our guide. When you hit Killerwatt with no damage and Melee, the Killerwatt, in return, will only be using Melee. Mix that up with Prayer Flicking, and you are good to go.

Can you skip the Killerwatt slayer task?

Yes, skipping the task is easy and is mostly worth it. Go to the rightmost Tasks tab, and there will be various options, including the block or skip option. All of this is on the right side, and you can use them. However, it indeed costs you Rewards Points, around 30 of them to skip.

Where to find Killerwatts?

Killerwatts are located in a specific plane created by Professor Oddenstein. Travel to the Draynor Manor, climb up and go into the portal. You will find many of them as a ball of electricity and harmless. But, just touch them, and you will find what they are capable of. Simple as that!

Final Verdict

Early Slayer Missions are not that difficult in OSRS, but this one slayer task is simply annoying to the point you forfeit. Killerwatts are balls of electricity that are not harmful initially, but once you attack them, they start elongating and killing you. They might look adorable, but surely pack a lot of speed and accuracy for small beings. Killing them is easy, but you will require specific shoes and an excellent strategy to bring them down.

So, here we have OSRS Killerwatt Slayer Guide, in which we use the strategy to Trap them on only Melee and use Prayer Flicking to kill them without even taking damage or using utilities. So, get through this guide to understand what exactly this slayer monster is and how to do this Slayer Task effortlessly.

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