Osrs Lizard Slayer Task Guide [2022]

In this article, we will take a closer look at one of the more obscure activities in osrs. The Lizard Slayer task is a pretty annoying but easy-to-do assignment that you should not skip or block. Here is everything you need to know about this monster. 

Best lizards to fight for slayer task

1. Sulphur Lizard

The best option for this slayer task is the Sulphur Lizard. To harm this variant, you need to have a level 44 slayer. Additionally, you must have boots of stone or another protective boot to protect yourself from the effects of the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon.

Unlike the other lizards on this list, you don’t need to use ice coolers for the final blow. Another remarkable aspect is that the drops of the Sulphur lizard are kind of okay. These monsters are combat level 50.

2. Desert Lizard

Next on the list is the Desert Lizard, which is combat level 24. These are found near the Shantay Pass, to the southeast of the magic carpet ride. To kill these lizards, you will need to have an Ice Cooler.

Since these monsters are found in the desert, it is strongly recommended to take the waterskins with you. These waterskins will prevent you from taking damage due to the desert heat. 

osrs lizard slayer task guide

3. Small lizard

The weakest of all is the small lizard. This monster is only combat level 12. However, you can find a great deal of these critters to the North of Nardah. Take waterskins with you as the desert heat will damage you quite harshly.

These are only combat level 12, so killing them is very fast. This low combat makes them a great option to finish your task as soon as possible. Don’t forget your osrs ice cooler. 

4. Lizard

The regular lizard is last on our list. You have to use an ice cooler in osrs to finish the monsters off. These are combat level 42, so these are deceptively strong. To do these as your lizard slayer task, you should use a fairy ring to teleport to the Khardian Desert using the code DLQ. 

lizard slayer task locations

1. Khardian Desert

The best place is the Khardian Desert. I prefer this place because it is effortless to reach with the fairy ring using the DLQ code. Another advantage of this place is finding all three desert variants here.

While you can use your cannon, this is a single combat zone. There is an osrs lizard safespot to do your slayer task. 

lizard slayer task osrs location

2. Karuulm Slayer Dungeon 

The other location where you can do this assignment is the Karuulm slayer dungeon. You can find the Sulphur lizard there. You can use a cannon, but the area is single combat. Do not forget to bring protective boots here. 

Interesting drops

Like the dog slayer task, there are barely any drops worth discussing. The only lizard that has somewhat non-abysmal drops is the Sulphur Lizard. These monsters drop:

  • Fire runes
  • Nature runes
  • Noted ores and bars
  • Various herbs
  • Mystic gloves

Final advice and tips

Don’t skip or block the lizard slayer task. The assignment is speedy, and it is not worth it to spend your points on blocking or skipping them. The drops are pretty bad, and they spawn at a pretty annoying place, but they are not as bad of a slayer task as spiritual creatures. 

Lizard Slayer task FAQ

Do lizardmen count as lizards osrs?

No, Lizardmen do not count as lizards on a slayer task in osrs. Instead, they are a separate slayer task, which you must unlock with points. 

Should I get the Reptile Freezer slayer perk? 

This perk will cost you 90 points and is only helpful for the lizard slayer task. You are much better off spending these 90 points on skipping tasks, blocking creatures, or buying more interesting perks like Rock Smasher for gargoyles. 

What are the Ice Cooler osrs used for? 

The Ice Cooler in osrs is used to kill lizards in the desert. This item can be bought from slayer masters for five gp each. Besides that, the item has no further uses. 

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