Osrs Lizardman Shaman Guide [2022]

If you are hunting for a dragon Warhammer, there is no way around it: you will have to grind the Lizardman shamans for quite a long time. The weapon only has a 1 in 5000 drop rate so you will be here quite a while. This osrs lizardman shaman guide will help you pick the optimal strategy and help you with tips and a few setups to fight these monsters easier. 

Lizardman Shaman weakness and stats

These creatures are osrs exclusive monsters, so if you have played rs3, make sure you are prepared when you go fight them. Lizardman Shaman can be deceptively strong if you don’t come prepared. 

Combat levelHitpointsMax hitPoisonAttack styleWeakness
15015031 melee; 21 range10Crush RangedStab (-10); Range (0)
LIzardman shaman weakness and stats

The creatures have a pretty high max hit and use two combat styles, range, and melee. Next to that, the monsters can also poison you for ten damage per poison counter, which is pretty high. 

The weakness of the Lizardman shamans is stab attacks. So a Ghazi Rapier is the BIS item here for fast kills. However, if you want to take more minor damage while fighting them, ranging them from a safespot is a decent option. 

Requirements and recommended stats

Next to having access to the continent of Zeah, you also need to have 100% Shayzien Favour as a hard requirement to kill Lizardman Shaman. Next to these obligated requirements, I would also recommend you to have the following stats and items: 

  • 75 attack 
  • 75 strength
  • 70 defense
  • 70 ranging
  • 65 magic for high alchemy
  • 43 prayer

It is also advisable to have a dwarven cannon and have done the Hard Kourend & Kebos diary to use the Shayzien armor. These two items will help you reduce damage and help you kill the monsters much faster and effectively. 

Lizardman shaman location

The Lizardman Shaman is found in three different places all over Zeah. We will discuss all three as it is pretty essential to pick the right spot for you if you want to grind for the Dragon Warhammer.

  • Western Lizardman Canyon: In the canyon, you can find three shamans in a multi combat area so that you can cannon them easily. However, you can also be attacked by two or even three monsters simultaneously. 
  • The Lizardman caves: You can fight eight shamans there in a single combat zone if you go to the Lizardman settlement. There are 2 per room, and they are pretty easy to kill due to that fact. However, you can only attack and destroy this lizardman shaman on a slayer task. You have to unlock this slayer task at a slayer master, which I don’t recommend. 
  • The Lizardman shaman temple: You can find this location under the Moch. There are six shamans here. The zone is single combat, so this is the recommended location if you are not using a cannon. This location is very easy to reach with the skills necklace and choosing to teleport to the farming guild.
lizardman shaman location osrs

Fighting Lizardman shaman guide


The lizardman shaman is often referred to as demi-bosses due to the amount of unique mechanics they have and how relatively strong they are. Here are the five attacks the shaman can use to attack you. Make sure you understand them before fighting the monsters. 

Melee attacks – The lizardman shaman often attacks with a regular melee attack. This attack is pretty accurate and hits high, so praying melee against this monster is recommended.

Ranging attacks – The shaman also has a ranging attack. This attack has the same animation as the attack of the regular lizardman. This attack can poison you, so keep this in mind. 

Acid spit – One of the three special attacks is an acid split. This spit can hit up to 30 poison damage and can poison you. To reduce the impact of this attack, you should wear a high-tier Shayzien armor. Tier 5 will negate all the damage done by the acid spit. 

Jump attack – The iconic lizardman shaman attack is the jump attack. The monsters will jump up in the air and try to land on the player. You need to make sure you avoid the damage done to you. 

Spawn – The shaman can summon three spawns of monsters that will follow the player. These will count down till the explosion for just a few seconds. If you are too close (one or two spaces), you will be damaged by explosion damage. 

safespot lizardman shaman canyon

Recommended skills and gear


  • 80 attack 
  • 80 strength
  • 20 defense (however, 60 or 70 is even better)
  • 70 range to quickly kill them
  • 43 prayer so you can protect from melee and range

Naturally, the better your stats are, the easier it is to kill them. However, since you can safespot them and use a cannon to make your kills much more accessible, you can get away with much lower stats. 


By far, the best combat style to use here is ranging. This gives you the option to avoid getting hit by melee attacks and helps you avoid another lizardman shaman much easier. If you choose to use melee, you should use a stabbing weapon, as they have a negative stab defense. 

Ranging gear options

Head slotSlayer HelmShayzien helm (5)Shayzien helm (4)
Amulet slotNecklace of AnguishBonecrusher necklaceDragonbone neclace
Cape slotAva’s assemblerSoul capeArendougne cloak 4 or Ranging cape
Armor slotShayzien body armor (5)Shayzien body armor (4)Shayzien body armor (3)
Legs slotShayzien Greaves (5)Shayzien Greaves (4)Shayzien Greaves (3)
Weapon slotToxic blowpipe (addy darts)Bow of FaerdhinenTwisted bow
Shield slotBook of lawUnholy bookBlack d’hide shield
Quiver slotRada’s blessingGod blessingnothing
Gloves slotShayzien gloves (5)Shayzien gloves (4)Shayzien gloves (3)
Boots slotShayzien boots (5)Shayzien boots (4)Shayzien boots (3)
Ring slotRing of the gods (i)Ring of suffering (i)Archers ring (i)
Lizardman shaman ranging gear
gear lizardman shaman
gear lizardman shaman

Ranging is the best combat style to use here. Make sure you activate your protection from missiles and use an offensive prayer to make kills go more quickly. Like the melee option, you should use your dwarven cannon and place it in the northwest corner near the obstruction in the Lizardman Canyon.

Make sure you stay away from the melee range of the Lizardman Shaman. These attacks are pretty strong, so pay attention to this. Of course, you still have to consider the special attacks of the shaman. You need to avoid the jumps, and the minion spawns. 

Melee gear options

Head slotSlayer HelmShayzien helm (5)Shayzien helm (4)
Amulet slotAmulet of tortureAmulet of furyAmulet of glory
Cape slotInfernal capeFire capeArendougne cloak 4 
Armor slotShayzien body armor (5)Shayzien body armor (4)Shayzien body armor (3)
Legs slotShayzien Greaves (5)Shayzien Greaves (4)Shayzien Greaves (3)
Weapon slotScythe of viturGhrazi rapierZamorakian Hasta
Shield slotAvernic DefenderDragno defenderDragonfire shield
Quiver slotRada’s blessingGod blessingnothing
Gloves slotShayzien gloves (5)Shayzien gloves (4)Shayzien gloves (3)
Boots slotShayzien boots (5)Shayzien boots (4)Shayzien boots (3)
Ring slotBerserker ring (i)Ring of suffering (i)Ring of the gods (i)
Lizardman shaman melee

When using melee, you should turn on the protect from melee prayer and use your cannon by putting it northwest in the Lizardman canyon. Place it next to the obstruction. When fighting with melee, pay extra attention to the jumping attacks and the minions. 

Inventory for Lizardman Shaman

Your inventory for the lizardman shaman is slightly different depending on where you kill them. If you fight these monsters in the Canyon, you can bring your cannon to make the kills go faster. 

Can(y)on inventory

  • 2 (divine) ranging potions
  • 1 antidote++
  • Up to 3 stamina potions
  • 6 to 8 prayer potions
  • Dwarven cannon and 3k balls or more
  • You can bring bones to peaches tabs or runes to cast it
  • Rune pouch for high alchemy (and bones to peaches spells)
  • Xeric’s talisman
  • One-click teleport
  • Sharks or cheese potatoes or better training food
example inventory
example inventory

Temple inventory

  • 3 to 4 divine ranging potions
  • 2 antidote++ potions
  • One stamina potion
  • Rune pouch with runes for high alch and bones to peaches (use lave instead of fire runes)
  • Bones to peaches tables can be used too
  • One-click teleport 
  • Prayer potions or super restores

You can also use a Bonecrusher or a holy wrench to prolong your trip. The temple inventory is excellent for players who have a bit of skill and don’t want to AFK. If you are new to killing lizardman shaman, you should replace 2 to 3 prayer potions with saradomin brews and a super restore. 

Notable drops

The Lizardman Shaman is a reasonably good monster, even if you don’t get a dragon Warhammer (60% of the average drop value.) So here are the drops you should look out for to alch and pick up. 

  • Dragon Warhammer

To alch

  • Rune med helm
  • Earth battle staff
  • Mystic Earth staff
  • Rune Warhammer
  • Rune chain body
  • Red decide vambraces


  • Chaos runes
  • Death runes
  • Coal
  • Iron ore
  • Runite ore
  • Grimy herbs (kwuarm, cadantine, dwarf weed, lantadyme)
  • Various high-level seeds
  • Lizardman fangs
  • coins

Tertiary drops

  • Hard clue scrolls
  • Elite clue scrolls
  • Long bone
  • Curved bone

Tips and tricks

  • Due to the short range of the lizardman shaman of only eight spaces, you can easily outrange the monster with bows or crossbows. If you use the crystal bow or Bow of Faerdhinen, you can outrange the monsters on rapid. 
  • Always keep in mind the various special attacks the Lizardman Shaman has. There are three different attacks you should take into account.
  • There are no 100% safe spots. That means you will never be able to fully AFK these monsters. You will always have to take into account the special attacks. 
  • I strongly recommend you not to unlock these monsters as a slayer task. The task is relatively slow and takes very long to complete. The drops are not worth it unless you are really on the hunt for a dragon Warhammer
osrs lizardman shaman guide


If you are in the mood to hunt for some one-off severe loot, the lizardman shaman is the perfect monster to grind. The Dragon Warhammer is worth over 40 mils but is a rare drop. 

If you follow the gear and inventory described in this lizardman shaman guide, you will easily be able to kill them after some practice. The drops, not counting the dragon Warhammer, are pretty average.

Osrs Lizardman Shaman Guide FAQ

How to check lizardman shaman kc?

To check your lizardman shaman kc, you need to talk to the guards in the shaman and lizardmen pits. The guards will tell you the exact kill count for the regular lizardman and the shaman. 

How many lizardman shamans kills per hour can you get?

Depending on your combat level and gear, you can get somewhere between 30 to 120 lizardman shaman kills an hour. The vital part of this strategy is using your cannon well and reloading it in time. It will take about 40 hours to get a dragon Warhammer drop at max kill efficiency. 

Is there an osrs lizardman shaman safe spot?

To safespot these monsters, you need to go to the Canyon. There are multiple safespots near the obstacle in the middle. However, you cannot avoid all attacks using this spot. You can still get attacked by the minion spawn, the poison spit, and the jumping attacks. 

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