Osrs melee training guide [2022] – Fastest combat stats leveling

If you want to get the most out of your osrs gameplay, melee training is one of those things that you can do without. This article will discuss the optimal ways to train your defense, attack, strength, and hitpoints skills by using melee. 

The guide starts by telling you the best methods for xp, gives a couple of attractive alternatives, moves on to recommended quests, gives a melee gear progression roadmap, and finally answers a couple of FAQs. 

Optimal melee training methods

This chapter will describe the optimal way to get to 99 attacks, strength, and defense. In the chapter below, I will give you a couple of alternative training methods to get your melee skills up. 

Level 1 to 10

You have two options for levels 1 to 10 that will make these levels fly by quickly and without too much effort. 

  1. The first melee training method is killing chickens from level 1 to 10 attack, strength, and defense. This will also give you a couple of hitpoint levels. After you have reached those levels, go to the next step. The chickens are located just to the south of the River Lum. You can pick up the feathers and bury the bones for extra gp and xp. 
  1. Do the witch house quest. This method is more dangerous, as you will need to fight some monsters. You can safespot these, but you need to make sure you don’t leave that spot, or you will get killed during the fight. When you complete this quest, go to the next step. 
melee training osrs

Level 10 to 30.

Waterfall quest

If you have done method 1 or 2, you are now strong enough to survive the Waterfall quest. You will need to run past pretty strong moss giants that can hit up to 9 hitpoints of damage during that quest. Doing the quest will give you 30 attack and strength and thus allow you to skip a lot of the early combat melee training grind.

Ammonite crabs

Alternatively, you can start fighting ammonite crabs at level 10 too. These crabs have low defense and only hit one. You might need to use food (and armor) until you are level 30 defense. 

Ammonite crabs are great due to their high health and the fact that they are aggressive for 10 minutes. Unfortunately, that means you can AFK here for quite a while as soon as you don’t need to use food. The significant disadvantage of the ammonite crabs is that there are many people here, and often they will try to hijack your spot. 

melee training osrs guide

Sand crabs

A decent alternative to the Ammonite crabs is the sand crabs. You can find these crabs in Zeah on Crabclaw Isle. Sand crabs are combat level 15 and have 60 hitpoints. They also have low defense and a max hit of 1 but are not as good for melee training due to their lower hitpoints. However, many people train their attack, strength, and defense here, so the spot is often very crowded.

Level 30 to 60

At level 30, you will get more options for monsters to slay for xp and gp. However, the best two remain the sand crabs and ammonite crabs. That is quite clear: crabs have low defense, won’t be able to hit you at this combat level, and have high hitpoints. This makes them the best xp an hour for attack, strength, and defense training at these levels. There are a couple of alternatives, however.


Experiments are a tremendous old-school melee training method. While they are not as effective as the other monsters mentioned so far, they still give you quite a bit of xp an hour. The experiments can be found in the experiment cave after you have started the creature of Frenkenstrian quest. 

The significant advantage of these monsters is that they have identical stats to the ammonite crabs and are never crowded. However, you can not afk these monsters as they are not aggressive towards players.

Chaos druids

If you are looking for a way to train melee on your ironman and get a ton of herblore supplies, Chaos Druids are a perfect fit. These monsters are low-level and have a low defense. Moreover, they also have a very generous drop table with many herbs, runes, and mithril bolts.

It is advised to fight them in the chaos druid tower if you are a hardcore ironman. Otherwise, you will need to fight these in the wilderness, which can be dangerous. Also, the xp an hour training here is lower than crabs or experiments, but the gp/hr is much higher at chaos druids. 

Level 60 to 99 melee training

Nightmare zone

The Nightmare zone is still one of the best afk training methods for magic, melee, and range in the game. You can stay afk for 20 minutes with the right setup and a good strategy. Using Dharok the Wretched equipment (or obby as a good alternative) is some of the best xp in the game for attack and strength.

You need to have completed at least five quests with a nightmare zone boss. The good idea is to pick the quests that give melee xp. Then, you get those quests out of the way, and you will get a couple of levels. 

The nightmare zone has a couple of other great benefits: there are never players around who can hijack your spot, and you can get points that you can use to imbue items with or buy herb boxes for money. The only downsides are that you need to spend a few coins and do quests to use this melee training strategy. 

The nightmare zone is the best strategy to train up an alt for grinding monsters like the adamant dragons or Kurask.

Note: The Nightmare zone is also a great place to train ranging AFK. You can use the same tactics as in the linked guide.

melee training guide osrs

Slayer for melee training

The optimal method in osrs for melee training on a main is by doing slayer. Yes, the xp an hour for your attack, strength, and defense is lower. However, slayer unlocks a ton of boss monsters and creatures that can only be fought with the slayer skill, like ancient wyverns

Slayer tasks become great xp an hour after level 70 attack and strength. Due to the slayer helmet, you can often get a much higher xp rate than normal combat would let you. There are also a lot of opportunities to AFK during slayer. Great AFK tasks include but are not limited to Greater Demons, Lesser Demons, and Bloodvelds. However, none of these are as hands-off as the Nightmare Zone. 

Specific slayer tasks allow you to barrage monsters and thus train your magic and defense simultaneously. There are also a lot of tasks that can earn you quite a lot of profit, like the Turoth

Note: keep in mind that the salve amulet (e) and the slayer helmet do not stack their bonuses. 

For the optimal xp an hour, you should check out the following two guides:

Alternative training melee guide osrs

If one or more of the melee training strategies in the previous chapter don’t fit your account or your preferred playing style, here are a couple of great alternatives to get your combat level up and train melee. We won’t be discussing niche methods to train your strength like osrs barbarian fishing, but just the mainstream ways.

Level 1 to 20


If you go to the Port Sarim docks, you will encounter a couple of seagull spawns. These seagulls are great to train on because they have many hitpoints and negative defense stats. You can quickly train from level 1 attack, strength, and defense. The only downside of killing seagulls is that this strategy is not AFK, and you will have to pay attention to the game.


The monks in the Edgeville Monastery are an excellent alternative to seagulls. Monks have a passive effect that restores their hitpoints at an abnormal rate. You can AFK these monsters quite effectively at lower combat levels, thanks to that little gimmick. This NPC is fantastic to train a defense pure on or work on your alt when playing on your main. 

Level 10 to 60 

Rock crabs

The rock crabs are a low requirement monster you can fight at this combat level to train melee. These are an old-school training method that is pretty afk and a lot less competitive since the introduction of the sand and ammonite crabs in the game. You can train your melee stats here up to level 60. Rock crabs have a max hit of 1 and 50 hit points. So you don’t need a lot of food. 

osrs melee training

Level 20 to 30 

Hill giants

If you don’t want to stay at the hill rock crabs and want to get exciting loot from monsters, then you should head over to the hill giants. These monsters drop a couple of valuable items, with the giant key being their best drop. This key gives you access to Obor the Hill Giant boss. However, you should wait till level 70 before attempting to fight him. 


An okay alternative to the hill giants is the Hobgoblins. These superior versions of regular goblins are easy to fight, never crowded, and make you a bit of money thanks to the limpwurt roots they drop. 

Level 40 to 60

Moss giants

The moss giants are a fantastic monster to train melee on. They have pretty low defense and a high hitpoint pool. The moss giants also have a decent drop table which includes the mossy key, which gives access to Bryophyta, the moss giant boss. 

Level 60 to 70

Ice giants and ice warriors 

Once you have at least 60 attacks, you can go to the Asgarnian dungeon and AFK ice warriors and ice giants. These monsters are found together and are easy to kill using melee. 

Level 70 to 99

Monkey guards

A fun AFK alternative to NMZ melee training is the monkey guards found on Marim during the first Monkey Madness quest. These are rarely crowded, can be done AFK, and have an altar nearby, so you can use prayer as much as you like. Many players prefer to use Dhaorak here since they can use piety and protect from melee without taking any damage. 

Recommended quests 

Due to how vital melee is for the game, many quests give you melee experience in osrs. In addition, these quests often give you a ton of xp, which allows you to skip the slower early levels and wear better gear quickly. 

This chapter will rank the recommended quests for training melee on a brand-new account. To order them, we look at how challenging the quests are and how much xp you get for completing the quest.

  • Witch’s House: The most straightforward quest you can do for combat xp is the Witch’s house quest. Since you can safespot the Witch’s experiment monsters, you can do this quest in shallow combat. The reward for Witch’s house is 6325 hitpoints xp. 
  • Waterfall Quest: The waterfall quest is excellent to do after the Witch house due to the increased hitpoints level you have now. The reward for the Waterfall Quest is 13750 strength and attack xp. 
  • Vampyre slayer: Killing Count Draynor does not just give you 4825 attack xp and unlocks Count Draynor for range training in the Nightmare Zone (NMZ).
  • Tree Gnome Village: If you know how to safespot or flinch monsters, you should also do the Tree Gnome Village for 11450 attack xp. 
  • Death plateau: A fun and easy quest for 3000 attack xp is the death plateau quest. After the death plateau, you can do the spiritual creature slayer task. 
  • Fight Arena: Fight Arena is another excellent quest for a ton of attack xp, which you can do on a low-level account. The reward for Fight Arena is 12175 xp. 
  • The Grand Tree: Another easy-to-do quest where you can safely spot the boss is The Grand Tree. After defeating the combat level 172 black demon, you will get 18400 attacks xp. 
  • Holy Grail: The boss of the Holy Grail quest can also be safespotted. The holy grail is one of the few quests where you can get defense xp (15300 xp). 
  •  Scorpion Catcher: Scorpion Catcher is a pretty fun quest you can do for 6625 strength xp. 
  • Mountain Daughter: A must-do quest for the nightmare zone and strength pures is the Mountain Daughter. You can safespot the Kendal for an easy 1000 attack xp. 

Melee gear progression guide

When you are training your melee levels, you will unlock better items. You can find our optimal melee gear progression guide in the following table. Again, you should work from the left to the right to get what you want. 

Melee gear progression table

D tierC tierB tierA tierS tier
Head slotIron full helmBerserker helmHelm of NeitiznotNeitiznot faceguardTorva full helm
Amulet slotStrength amuletPower amuletAmulet of gloryAmulet of (blood) furyAmulet of torture
Cape slotLegends capeMythics capeFire capeInfernal capeInfernal max cape
Arrow quiverN/AN/AHoly blessingRadja blessing (3)Radja blessing (4)
Chest slotObsidian platebodyFighter torsoInquisitors hauberkBandos chestplateTorva platebody
Leg slotTorags platelegsFremmennik kiltObsidian platelegsBandos tassetsTorva platelegs
Weapons slotAbyssal whipAbyssal tentacleBlade of SaeldorInquisitor’s maceGhrazi rapier
Boots slotGranite bootsGuardian bootsSpiked manaclesDragon bootsPrimordial boots
Shield slotAdamant defenderDragonfire shieldRune defenderDragon defenderAvernic defender
Ring slotTyrannical ringWarrior ringBerserker ringBrimstone ringBerserker ring (i)
Gloves slotCombat braceletRegen braceletRune/Dragon glovesBarrows glovesFerocious gloves
Special attack weaponSaradomin godswordDragon halberdDragon warhammerDragon daggerDragon claws
Melee gear progression

There are quite a lot of items that can be useful in certain situations which are not on the list. For example, the salve amulet (e) and the slayer helmet will give you an additional bonus when training melee in osrs. However, these items only work on certain monsters and in particular situations. The same goes with set armor like Dharok, which works better under certain conditions. 

osrs melee gear progression guide upgrade

Melee gear progression tips

When following this osrs melee training guide, you will often switch gear. Here are a couple of tips to pick the optimal gear for your budget when training attack, strength, and defense. 

  • Primordial boots are (almost) never worth it. If you have a small budget, primordials are way too tiny of an upgrade to justify spending 30 mil on. Dragon boots are just fine till you get a high enough coin stack. 
  • The strength amulet is pretty interesting to use. Often it is better than the amulet of glory. As it gives you +10 in strength, you can sometimes get a max hit over the glory or amulet of power. In those situations, you should wear an amulet of strength. 

F2p melee training guide

As a free-to-play player, you have fewer options to train your melee stats from a monster and gear perspective. However, there are still many excellent options to AFK train melee in f2p. 

Level 1 to 20: seagulls

Seagulls are great for f2p because:

  • Negative defense
  • High hitpoints
  • Low damage output
  • Best low-level xp

Level 20 to 30: Al-Kharid warriors

Al-Khalid warriors are an excellent option for these levels because:

  • Relatively high hitpoints
  • Close to a bank
  • Low damage output
  • Low defense

Level 30 to 70: flesh crawlers

Flesh crawlers are significant because:

  • AFK
  • Max hit of 1
  • 25 hitpoints 
  • Okay drops
  • Low defense

Level 70 to 99: giant spiders

Giant spiders are the best place for f2p to train melee because:

  • 50 hitpoints
  • Low defense
  • Relatively low max hit
  • Very AFK

Melee training osrs FAQ

Osrs when does melee training become fast?

If we are talking from a level perspective, the first levels between 1 and 45 are high-speed due to the low amount of xp you need to get to a higher level in attack, strength, and defense. There are also a ton of quests you can do to get xp in those spells. If we talk about xp an hour, then melee training gets significantly faster after attack level 75, when you unlock the BIS weapons. 

What potions are worth using in training melee osrs?

When training your combat stats, it is always a good idea to use the best possible options you have. These can be super combat potions and regular super strength and attack potions. 

When do dharoks become bis melee training gear?

The damage output of Dharoks scales with how many hitpoints you have lost. For example, at level 90 hitpoints, you can lose up to 89 hp without dying. From that point on Dharok armor set becomes the BIS melee gear for places where you can protect melee and use prayer. These spots are, for example, the Nightmare zone and Monkey Guards. 

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