OSRS Mimic boss fight guide [2022] – The strategy you need

Clue scrolls are one of the most fun activities you can do in OSRS. For those that enjoy Master or Elite Clues, you occasionally have to do a mimic boss fight. This sporadic boss is a pretty fun monster that will increase your loot. When you do an elite clue, you have a 1 in 35 chance to fight the mimic boss, and if you do a master clue, you have a 1 in 15 chance. 

To fight this boss, you must have enabled the chance to obtain a mimic casket!

What are the mimic boss and stats?

The mimic boss is a sporadic boss located upstairs in Watson’s house in the Hosedius region of Zeah. Unlike many other bosses, this boss can only be fought if you are lucky enough to get a mimic casket.

Fighting the mimic is pretty straightforward. The mimic boss is relatively weak to magic, and you have six chances to kill him when doing a master clue and five if you are doing an elite clue. 

Combat level186
Max hit23
immunitiesPoison and Venom
Attack styleCrush And magic
Attack speed1.8 sec
Mimic boss osrs stats

As you see, the monster isn’t too robust but still has some dangerous aspects to it. The max hit of 23 can do quite a bit of damage. The magic attack style is the style to look out for the most. To defend against that and continue to watch your hitpoints as the attack speed of the mimic boss is quite fast. 

osrs mimic boss fight guide
Watson house

Best way to do the Mimic Boss fight

Since the Mimic is a trivial monster on a high-level account, we will focus on players with lower combat stats around 70. Unfortunately, these could have a pretty difficult time here, killing this clue boss. 

Recommended stats

  • 90 magic
  • 95 ranging (if using range)
  • 90 attack (optional)
  • 90 strength (optional)
  • 70 defense
  • 77 prayer

These are the stats I would recommend you have to kill the mimic boss effectively. However, you can get away with 75 magic and 70 defense too. Having lower stats will make the fight a lot harder for you, but not impossible. 

I strongly recommend you use magic to fight the mimic boss. This attack style will hit entirely accurately, and you can keep your distance from the melee attacks. Range can also be used, but the fight will be a bit harder. The melee stats are helpful for a solid special attack with your dragon claws or dragon dagger but by no means necessary to win this fight. 

Gear and inventory

Below I will describe the minimum gear you need for the fight with the Mimic boss as a medium level. If you have better items, you can switch those out and get a more robust setup for the fight. 

  • Ahrims hood, robetop and robeskirt
  • God cape
  • Occult necklace
  • Trident of the sea 
  • Book of darkness
  • Rune gloves
  • Splitbark boots
  • Seers ring
  • Dragon dagger (for the special attack) 
alternative ranging gear osrs
Alternative ranging gear for the mimic

In your inventory, you can bring a melee armor switch. However, if you are a low level, I would replace that with extra food and get a super combat potion. You won’t hit as much, but you will be able to prolong the fight and beat the boss less complicated. 

In your inventory, I suggest you have the following items:

  • Melee special attack weapon
  • Super combat potion
  • Two super restores
  • Ten angler fish
  • Three saradomin brews
  • Emergency teleport tab
  • Imbued heart or magic potion
  • Watson teleport scroll
  • Mimic casket

Mimic boss mechanics

While fighting the mimic boss, there are three different attacks that the boss might use. These are no problem if you are a high-level account, but if you are a med level, they might drain your supplies pretty fast. 

Regular melee attack – when you are standing next to the Mimic, the monster will most often use its melee attack to damage you. The attack is pretty accurate, so avoid standing too close when using magic. 

Candy attack – A pretty fun but deadly attack is when the Mimic throws six candies at you. You will take ten damage per candy that hits you, so make sure you avoid the attack by simply standing away. The candies spawn third-age warriors, third-age mages, and third-age rangers. Please do not bother with fighting monsters, as they will respawn. Focus your attacks on the mimic boss. 

Stomp attack – The final attack is the stomp attack. The Mimic will take a step toward you and try to crush you under him. This attack also occurs very often if you stand under the Mimic. You will be hit every tick with damage that gradually increases every three hits, up to 6 damage. To avoid this attack, walk away from the mimic boss. 

Tips for the fight

Use protect from the melee – As a mage, the most dangerous attack the mimic throws at you is his melee-based attacks. Use your prayer to protect against the damage of this attack. 

Ignore the minions – The warriors, mages, and archers that spawn after the candy attack aren’t mighty. It would be best if you focused all your efforts on the boss to kill it off as quickly as possible. 

Avoid dying – pretty obvious tip but still significant. Every time you die, you lose a clue scroll roll. This could cost you the chance of getting valuable third age items from your casket. 

mimic boss fight

Mimic boss Drop table

The Mimic has a bit of bonus loot that you can get on top of your clue scroll reward. These are the most notable drops you can get here:

  • Death runes, 480 to 600
  • Blood runes, 400 to 500
  • Grimy rannar weed, 25 (noted)
  • Raw manta ray, 15 (noted)
  • Wine of zamorak, 25 (noted)
  • Ring of 3rd age, 1.*
  • Every third age item

The ring of 3rd age is an exclusive drop of the Mimic. It is worth somewhere around 1.8m and 2.2m gp. You have a 1 in 40 chance of getting this drop. 

While the loot looks pretty average at first glance, you do get a pretty high chance of getting a ring that is worth 2m, and you have a minuscule chance to get items like the 3rd age pickaxe, which is worth over 2b! Not bad for a pretty fun boss. 

Mimic boss fight conclusion

The mimic boss is a very fun monster to fight and has the odds of dropping valuable items that can easily make you bank. The Mimic is not all that strong but should not be underestimated if you have a medium-level account. The mimic boss is more than worth it to fight if you enjoy doing clues and getting good loot! 

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