OSRS Money Making tier list [2022] – ALL best methods

If you are looking for the best OSRS Money Making methods, this guide is for you. We have collected the best ways to make money in Old School Runescape for members and F2P accounts. 

In this guide and tier list, we will rank all the best ways to make money in OSRS in 2022. Whether you are a noob, a F2P player, or a maxed main, you will find exactly what to do in this overview. All the OSRS money-making methods are ranked according to a tier list. 

For easy navigation to the method you want to know more about, you can use the table of content. 

OSRS Money Making Tier list

S tierNex, Alchemical Hydra, growing magic saplings
A tierCorrupted Gauntlet, ToB, CoX
B tierZulrah, Pickpocketing elves, Hallowed sepulchre, Vorkath
C tierRune dragons, Tan leather
D tierCrushing birds nests
E tierDesert goat horns
F tierPicking up white berries, picking up steel platebodies

Criteria for the tier list

  • GP an hour: By far, the most important criteria for the tier list is how many cold hard gold pieces you get an hour by doing this activity. 
  • Fun or AFK: To make sure you can do money-making activities for a prolonged time, it has to be somewhat fun or AFK. 
  • EXP an hour: As a tiebreaker, we have EXP an hour. Getting some exp while increasing your bank worth is better than getting no exp. 
OSRS imp hunting

Best OSRS money making methods overall

Killing Nex

The most recent OSRS has everything you want in a boss. Nex is fun, challenging and the drops are excellent. God Wars dungeon got a major update thanks to the addition of this nostalgia-loaded boss. However, you do need some very high stats to fight Nex. It is highly recommended you have 95+ in ranging and defense and access to rigor. 

The only (minor) downsides to Nex are that she is almost impossible to solo, and you need to get a kill count before fighting her. 

You can get up to 10 mil on average an hour when killing Nex. These prices heavily depend on the GE prices of the armor and weapon drops she has. Nex is a deserved S-tier method to get more GPs! 

Completing The Corrupted Gauntlet

The corrupted Gauntlet and the regular Gauntlet are the best way to rebuild your account if you have lost your money. You do not need any gear, just very high stats and a ton of patience, quest points, and skill.

The corrupted Gauntlet is somewhat like Dungeoneering but with only one end boss. You can earn over six million GP an hour here, which is pretty great for requiring no gear or supplies at all. 

Growing Magic saplings

A lot of people don’t know about this method. It’s weird since it is a pretty low-effort method, and you don’t need high stats. The highest stat you need is 75 farming. You also need to have completed Dream mentor and have 68 magic to cast the spell Humidify. 

So how much do you earn for growing Magic Saplings in OSRS while training your magic level? 6 000 000 GP. That is 100k a minute. Not bad for something you can do after a couple of weeks of playing.

Theatre of Blood

Theatre of blood, also referred to as ToB or Raids 2, is another excellent money-making method that is as good as exclusive to high levels. You require combat levels of at least 95 in each of the stats. 

The Theatre of Blood is very hard to hang and is almost impossible to do solo. You need a pretty decent team to help you, and the drops are very luck-based. We give the ToB an A tier rating because it is somewhat repetitive and finding a team when you are not in a clan is a pain. 

You can earn on average 4.5 mil an hour doing the Theatre of Blood in an experienced group with high combat stats. 

Killing Zulrah

Zulrah is one of the best ways to make money in OSRS, both for regular accounts and ironmen. Zulrah has a lot of supply drops and often enough drops fantastic, valuable items like the Tanzanite fang and the sought-after onyx. A great alternative to Zulrah is Vorkath. Vorkath makes a bit more an hour, but you need to have 200 quest points and completed Dragon Slayer II. 

Zulrah makes about three mil an hour once you have gotten the hang of the requirements. While it is one of the best money-making methods in OSRS, we can only give it an A tier since it is very repetitive. 

Killing the Alchemical Hydra

At OSRS Boss, we love slayer bosses. The Alchemical Hydra is everything we are looking for in a slayer boss. Notable drops, easy to grind out, pretty fun mechanics, and an excellent alternative to killing (normal hydras) when we are no longer in the mood for bossing. 

To kill this boss effectively, you need some of the highest requirements in the game. You need to have a 95 slayer, a high-ranking level, and a T bow – however, you can do fine with a blowpipe. 

Alchemical Hydra, if you have average luck and use decent gear, is about 4000k an hour and an incredible 130k ranging exp on top of that. 

 Killing Phosani’s Nightmare

The Phosani Nightmare is one of the most recent OSRS bosses and is exclusive to Old School Runescape. You need pretty high stats to fight it effectively, but if you et the mechanics down, you can manage to kill it with level 80 combat stats. 

The Nightmare is a solid A tier in our book. We were doubting about giving it an S, but we think that it starts to get quite dull after a good 20 or 30 kills or so. 

We enjoy the boss because you don’t need any stats to try, you can solo the boss if you want, and the Nightmare has terrible common drops but exceptional special items you might get if you are lucky. 

Killing the Phosani’s Nightmare will earn you three mil an hour on average. 

OSRS money making by Crafting tan leather

In old-school Runescape, we have quite a few new spells to enjoy. However, Casting Tan Leather from the Lunar Spellbook is still the best way to make money out of all skill-based magic spells after all these updates. 

You need to have completed the Hard Fremennik Diary and the Lunar Diplomacy quest to cast this spell. Moreover, you will need to have quite a lot of money to buy the materials (black dragonhide), 78 magic, and a ton of runes. 

Casting Tan Leather on Black dragon leather nets you 1.2 mil an hour if you concentrate. This method is relatively AFK and will gain you 130k magic exp an hour. 

Best methods for OSRS F2P

These are the best methods for a F2P player to make money. Generally, you need very high stats to do these F2P methods. If you are a level 3 account or a low level going for a bond, check out the chapter at the bottom of this overview by using the table of content of scrolling down.

Smithing Rune platelegs and rune plateskirts

The best money-making method in OSRS F2P is by far smithing rune platelegs and rune skirts. However, this method has very high requirements. You need a very high amount of starting cash to buy runite bars, and you need a smithing level of 99. The best place to smith is the Varrock anvil at the city’s west side. This is the closest anvil to a bank in F2P. 

Smithing rune platelegs and rune plate skirts can net you up to 700k an hour in F2P. 

Mining runite ore

Another great way to make money if you are a Free to Play player is mining runite ore. However, just like the previous method, you will need very high stats to do so. You need a mining level of at least 85 to mine runite ore in OSRS. Since you have to mine these in the deep wilderness, it is strongly advised you bring 1) food and 2) have high enough combat stats. I suggest training your defense to at least 60 and bringing swordfish. 

Mining runite ore in the wilderness earns you up to 450k an hour if you pay attention to what you are doing and if there aren’t too many other people doing this method. 

Collecting nature runes

If you are at a reasonably high combat level and have 43 prayer and 33 magic, a great way to make money in OSRS is collecting Nature runes. The nature runes can be found in the deep wildy. There are two spawns of nature runes on an island. Since you can not reach this place to pick them up normally, you will need to telegrab them. Make sure you bring an inventory full of food and no more law runes than you are willing to lose, since people pk there quite often, even in F2P. 

Collecting nature runes in F2P can make you up to 300k an hour and gives pretty decent magic experience. 

 Collecting steel plate bodies

Another great way to get some more GPs is collecting steel plate bodies and alching them. You need to have 55 magic to cast the High alchemy spell, have a staff of fire and nature runes, the best food you can afford, and good defensive armor and high melee stats combined with at least 43 prayer. 

The steel plate bodies are in the very deep wild, so make sure you are back on time because if you die, you will lose all the runes you brought and the gold you got from alching them. 

Collecting and alching steel platebodies is about 240k an hour and gives decent magic exp. 

Collecting Cosmic runes

Ending the list with yet another wilderness method is collecting cosmic runes. You need to have a decent defense and at least 43 prayer to do this effectively. Next, you need to go to 50 wild, where the Ice Giants are. There are multiple cosmic rune spawns. Pick these up. You need a good defense bonus, food, and prayer because the Ice giants and Ice warriors constantly attack you. 

Collecting cosmic runes in F2P earns up to 210k an hour, depending on the GE prices at that moment. 

Best OSRS money-making tactics with skills and for skillers

A skiller is an account that does not want to use combat. Generally speaking, skillers are level 3 accounts or level 15 if they have 99 prayer. That means skillers can not fight monsters or bosses to make money, and they will need to use their skills. However, these money-making methods do include ways for people who have combat stats and just want to use their skills. 

Pickpocketing Elves

The best way in OSRS to make money with just using your skills is pickpocketing Elves. At level 99, thieving and using shadow veil, with full rogue and having completed the Ardougne hard Diary can earn up to 4 mil GP an hour. 

You need to pickpocket the elves you find in Prifddinas. That means you will have to complete the master quest, Song of the Elves. The elves are great money due to the crystal items on their ‘drop’ table. These are worth a couple of mill each. Their other drops are also very decent. 

The average profit an hour of pickpocketing elves when you have the optimal stats is four million gp an hour. 

Hallowed Sepulchre

Agility had one of its largest updates when the quest Sins of the Father introduced the Hallowed Sepulchre. This massive agility course is not just one of the best ways to train agility in OSRS but also a decent way to make money. 

This is mainly due to the Ring of Endurance which can be looted from the chests in the Sepulchre. Therefore, the requirements to do this agility course are quite high. You need agility level 92 to have access to the 5th floor, and you have multiple levels 60 stats to do the various challenges you find on the course. 

When concentrating and with the optimal stats, you can get up to 3 mil GP an hour doing the Hallowed Sepulchre and get a ton of agility exp in the meantime. 

OSRS money making by Pickpocketing Vyres

Another amazing money-making method in OSRS that requires you to have a high thieving level is pickpocketing Vyres. Vyres are creatures that are quite similar to vampires. It is a requirement to have completed the Sins of the Father quest in order to gain access to the Vyres. 

To get the maximum amount of exp an hour and loot, it is strongly recommended to have 99 thieving, full rogue, shadow veil, the Ardougne hard diary completed, and a thieving cape. Pickpocketing vyres will earn you about two mils an hour when you have all these steep requirements. 

Smelting runite bars at the blast furnace

The blast furnace is not just one of the best ways to gain smithing exp. You can also make a large amount of GP an hour here. For example, if you have 85 smithing, you are able to smelt runite bars here. Smelting runite bars and focussing on banking as fast as possible will net you 1.6 mil an hour. 

Alternatively, if you do not have the required 85 smithing, you can smelt adamantite bars. While these are not as profitable, you only need 70 smithing. Smelting adamantite bars can earn you 1100k an hour. 

Crafting wrath runes 

Yikes, runecrafting. At OSRS Boss, we hate this skill, and we have been waiting for a major overhaul for years now. Unfortunately, despite being the worst and slowest skill to train, runecrafting is pretty bad to make money. 

The best runes to craft are Wrath runes. You need to have 95 runecrafting to craft these. Crafting Wrath runes is a very high-effort method and will require you to pay a lot of attention to what you are doing. 

The best Runecrafing method in OSRS only makes 1.5 mil an hour. This is not much, considering the high stats needed and the amount of effort this method is. 

Pickpocketing ham members

It turns out that thieving is one of the best ways to make money. PIckpocketing Ham members can be done at level three. You aren’t pickpocketing them for any tradable items, but for the easy clue scrolls that they might give you. 

When you pickpocket a ham member, you have a 1 in 50 chance to get an easy clue scroll. Despite being very quick to solve, these clues have some amazing awards that can give your bank a nice boost. 

Pickpocketing Ham members only requires level 15 thieving and can net you up to 1 mil an hour depending on how fat you can solve easy clues. 

OSRS weird money making methods

Best ways for an Ironman

It can be quite hard to make money in Old School Runescape as an ironman. Since you can’t trade with other players, your high-value drops from bosses are theoretically worth only their Alch value. Here are our top money-making methods for ironmen and group ironman in OSRS. 

Killing Rune dragons

Rune dragons seem to have been made to increase the cash stack of ironman accounts in OSRS. They are one of the best monsters around to get alchs. Almost every other drop is a rune item, and they have a 100% drop of a runite bar which you can smith into armor if your smithing is high enough. 

Another great thing about rune dragons is that they are pretty AFK if you have strong enough gear and high stats. You need to have finished Dragon Slayer II to access the rune dragons. 

With optimal gear, you can get a consistent profit of 1.4 mil an hour in just alchables. 

Crafting Amethyst Javelin heads 

If you prefer to do a bit of skilling over combat, then crafting amethyst into javelin heads and high alching them is a great way to do so. You do need high skills to do this method. You need to have 92 mining to mine the amethyst and 87 crafting to cut the amethyst into javelin heads. It is strongly advised that you have the Varrock armour four from the elite diary.  

Crafting amethysts into javelin heads will net you about 400k an hour and a lot of experience in mining and crafting. 

Blast mining and smithing runite

Another good skilling method is blast mining and then smithing your runite ore into armor or weapons to high alch. You will need to have at least 75 mining, 89 smithing, and a Lovakengj favor of 100%. To get the coal, you need to smith runite bars. Then, you can use your miscellanea kingdom. 

This method will earn you about 500k an hour if you concentrate and are lucky with the ores.

Money making osrs with infinity boots

Killing Vorkath

Vorkath is amazing to get the money both for regular accounts and ironmen. I don’t think it is as good as runite dragons for pure alchables, but this zombie dragon is perfect if you want alchs and supplies. 

Vorkath is easy to fight when you get the hang of it and have good gear. However, Vorkath is a bit boring because the mechanics are always the same and pretty predictable. 

An ironman will make about 800k in alchables an hour. In addition to that, you also get a ton of useful supplies. 

Charging fire orbs

If you are a lower lever, then charging fire orbs is a great way to make some extra gps as an ironman. The higher your agility is, the more you will get an hour. I recommend an agility level of at least 80 to ensure the process is not too tedious. 

Fire orbs are pretty slow for money, but due to the low requirements, it is very viable to do for a medium-level ironman who needs a quick mil in alchables. Charging fire orbs will profit you about 250k an hour, and you will earn around 30k of magic exp while doing so. 

Making money as a level 3 new player

Making money in OSRS on a level 3 account is never easy. It also strongly depends on whether you are a member or a F2P player. 

As a level 3 F2P player

If you are a F2P player, I suggest you start by killing some chickens. You can collect the feathers and the bones and quickly get an inventory full of bones. Then, go straight to the Grand Exchange (watch out for the dark wizards) and sell these for around 2k in total. Alternatively, you can skip the chickens, go to GE in a busy world, and pick up ashes to sell. 

Use this 2k to get yourself an iron scimitar and some cheap food like trouts and kill level 2 man in Edgeville. Then, once again, pick up the bones and bank them. Finally, after killing about 50 of them, your combat is high enough to go to level 4 of the security stronghold and get yourself 10k.

Note: you can skip the part where you train your combat if you are experienced with the Stronghold of Security or want to remain level 3 and know how to avoid dying there. 

Now you have a couple of Ks in starting cash, and you can buy items like cowhide and tan these in Al Kharid for a profit. 

Best methods for level 3 members

As a member, you have many more interesting ways to get some extra GP on your account. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the best methods you can use in 2022 in the member’s world to get GP. Make sure you check out the GE prices before buying items to do these methods. 

Picking up white berries

The best way to make money on a fresh level 3 account in OSRS members world is picking up white berries in the wildy. You do not need any stats or items, but having a teleport and some energy or stamina potions can come in handy to increase your GP an hour. 

Picking up white berries in OSRS can make up to 250k an hour, depending on market prices. 

Crushing bird nests

If you have a bit of money already, you can buy bird nests from the Grand Exchange. First, get yourself as many as you can and a pestle and mortar. Then, when your Bird nests have been bought, simply use your pestle and mortar on them, and they will turn into crushed bird nests.

Crushed bird nests sell for a higher price than regular bird nests since they are a herblore ingredient. Using the bird’s nest crushing method, you can make up to 700k an hour depending on the GE prices and how well you concentrate. 

Crushing Desert Goat Horns

Another great way to make money on a level 3 in OSRS when you are a member is by crushing goat horns. Crushed Goat horns are also an ingredient used in herblore, so they are very sought after by high-level accounts.

The great thing about Goat horns is that their upfront cost is a lot lower than Bird Nests, so you can buy a lot more in one go with a smaller cash stack. You can crush about 9000 horns an hour at an average pace. Goat horn dust is worth about three times as much as regular Desert goat horns. 

Crushing Desert goat horns in OSRS makes a profit of about 540k an hour if you pay attention to what you are doing. 

Banana baskets

If you have almost no starting cash and do not want to go into the wilderness, you can fill up baskets with bananas. You can fill your baskets in Karamja. You need a ton of baskets, a ring of dueling, and an amulet of glory for this method. 

Start picking bananas once you are at the banana plantation on Musa Point. A basket holds five, and you can fill 325 baskets an hour if you concentrate. Depending on GE Prices, you can make up to 150k an hour filling banana baskets.

Item running

The best way to make money on a level 3 member account in OSRS is Item running. Depending on the items you run and the players you are helping, you can make up to 5 mil an hour. 

A great item to run is pure essence. People use these to train Runecrafting and are more than happy to pay a premium to make this skill train faster. The best two altars to run essence to are ZMI and the nature altar. 

I recommend you to have the appropriate teleports and stamina potions to make the running go faster. You can expect 500k to 5 mil an hour running items in OSRS. 

Making money for an OSRS member bond

These methods assume you are a F2P player. If you are a member, just pick a method from the Tier list that fits your stats and account and grind that bond out using that one. 

As a F2P player, you don’t have a lot of options to make money for a bond. A bond at current GE prices is about five mil, so you might have quite a long way ahead of you. Here are three methods that can be done by low-level F2P players that want to buy a bond.

Chopping oaks for oak logs

If you have a lot of time and want to get a good amount of exp while grinding for a bond, then I can highly recommend you chop oak logs for your first couple of 100ks. After that, training your woodcutting on oak logs starting from level 15 is the best way to train it all the way to level 75. 

You can AFK cutting the oaks and sell the logs for 60 GP each. However, I advise you to cut them in Draynor Village, as the oak trees are very close to the bank. I recommend you chop oak logs until you have around 200k. That is enough money to buy supplies for better money-making methods. 

This will take a couple of hours, but you can easily do this method AFK or on OSRS mobile, and the EXP is great. 

Turning chocolate bars into chocolate dust

Once you have enough money to buy a couple of 1000s of chocolate bars, go to the Grand Exchange and buy as many as you can. Then, grab a knife from your bank or buy one from the general store and use it on the chocolate bars. 

The chocolate bars will now turn into chocolate dust. You can do quite a few of these an hour and earn up to 150k GP an hour doing this method. However, this does not give you any exp. If you want to earn experience while doing something to get your bond, you are better of with the next method. 

Telegrabbing wines of Zamorak

If you are level 33 magic, you can telegrab wines of Zamorak. You need law runes and air runes, or staff of air. To do this. The temple can be found to the north of Falador near the wildy. 

In the Zamorak temple, you can find a wine of Zamorak on the altar. Do not grab it normally, but use the telegrabbing spell on it. Do this until you have a full inventory of wines and then go bank. It is strongly advised to take a teleport to Falador with you to bank your wines faster. 

Telegrabbing wines of Zamorak is one of the fastest ways to earn a Bond in OSRS F2P. You can make up to 250k an hour using this method. 

Buying feather packs

Another good way to make money in F2P is by buying Feather Packs in the fishing shop in Port Sarim. You will need to have at least 100k to make sure you have enough money to do this method fast.

Simply go to the fishing store and buy the feather packs. If the stock runs out, go to a different world. If your inventory is full of feather packs, open them to get feathers. These feathers can be sold individually on the Grand Exchange for a much higher price. 

You can make up to 230k an hour buying and opening feather packs in F2P on a level 3.


What is the best way to make money in OSRS?

The fastest way to make money in OSRS is by killing the God Wards Dungeon boss Nex and fighting her with optimal gear while knowing her mechanics and a great team will net you about 9 000 000 GP an hour.

What is the best way for F2P players to make money?

Smithing rune platelegs and rune plate skirts are the best way to make money in F2P. Smithing those rune items will earn you 600k an hour. However, you do need very high stats to use this method. Your smithing needs to be level 99, and you need to be able to afford a lot of runite bars.

What is the best way to make money AFK in old School RuneScape?

Rune dragons are the best AFK method to make money in OSRS. If you wear full justiciar, have a high defense level, and use a dragon hunter lance, you can easily AFK for a minute. Killing rune dragons can earn you up to 1.4 mil an hour due to the amount of rune armor drops and the guaranteed runite bar per kill.