OSRS Monsters Overview [2022] – The most interesting and iconic

Fighting all kinds of monsters is the bread and butter of OSRS. No matter if you have just left the tutorial Island and are making your way to the Lumbridge cows or are doing slayer to max out your stats, they are a ton of fun. 

Fighting monsters isn’t just a great way to get your combat level up. They also drop a ton of loot and can be some serious moneymakers. Here are the monsters in the OSRS bestiary we think are worth fighting at least once, which are worth it the most, and why you should fight them! 

OSRS Black demons

How Can I Fight Monsters in OSRS

You can fight a monster in Old School Runescape by using your combat skills. The combat skills are Attack, Strength, Defense, Magic, Ranging, and Prayer. You can use all these to damage a monster. Yes, even prayer, but you will need to use a prayer like Retribution to do so. 

In general, we split the way we fight monsters in three ways. First, we can use Melee (using the skills Attack, Strength and Defense), Ranging, and Magic. This is the combat triangle. You can use these combat methods to fight. However, some monsters have a weakness against one of these three styles, making them easier to fight with that style. 

To fight monsters effectively, you will need to get yourself equipment like bows, runes, and weapons. Some monsters like adamant dragons are weak to dragonbane weapons like the dragon hunter lance.

What are Quest Monsters? 

Quest monsters are creatures you can only fight when you are doing a Quest. You do not encounter these monsters in the ‘wild.’ Often, you need to have a specific set of requirements to start a quest and be able to fight quest monsters.

Once you have defeated a quest monster, you can no longer fight it. There is one exception to this rule, the mini-game Nightmare Zone. There you can fight some boss monsters of the quests you have done again. You can also fight ‘hard’ versions of these to challenge yourself or get more exp an hour killing them.

A couple of notable Quest Monsters you can fight in the nightmare zone are Elvarg of the Dragon Slayer Quest and Count Draynor from the Vampire Slayer Quest. Unfortunately, the Nightmare Zone is a member’s only mini-game. 

What are Slayer Monsters

Slayer monsters are creatures that can only be damaged when you have a specific slayer level (or higher). As a result, slayer monsters in OSRS often have better drops than regular monsters. They also can spawn superior slayer monsters, a more potent version. 

Slayer Monsters also typically have unique drops on their drop table, like mystic robe bottoms or boots like rune boots. So while you can fight these monsters on Slayer Tasks, you can also just fight them when you want to once you have the slayer level. However, some locations are exclusive to players who have them on task. If you do not want to do certain monsters as a slayer task, you can put them on a slayer task block list.


One of the first monsters you will come across in OSRS are chickens! These level 2 monsters are great for level 3 players to start training their ranging, magic, and melee stats. It is almost impossible to die fighting them due to their low hits. 

The feathers can be used for fishing and fletching, and the raw chicken is great to get your first few cooking levels and have some food to heal. The bones can be sold for quite a bit of money or buried to train your prayer. 

Best Chicken drops: Feathers, bones, and raw chicken. 

OSRS moster chicken


Right outside the Lumbridge Castle, there is another level 2 monster, the Man or Woman. These are pretty easy to defeat, and you will probably be able to defeat them when you fight them with your fists. In the F2P world, they only drop bones and a couple of GPs. However, in the P2P member world, they have a pretty generous drop table. They are an excellent source for Ranarr weed and clues.  

Interesting Man drops: Bones, grimy Ranarr weed, and clues. 


Another monster just about everyone has fought at least once when playing RuneScape are cows. These level 2 monsters are pretty, though, when you are a level 3 noob. Killing cows often is how new players try to make their first coins. So picking up cowhide is a great way to get your first 10k cash stack or get the materials to start crafting. 

Best Cow drops: Cowhide, bones, beef

OSRS Monster cow


The Goblin is probably the most iconic OSRS F2P monster. They are one of the first real monsters you come across. You can find them just over the River Lumb. All of us have some great memories fighting these and getting disappointed we can’t wear the goblin armor. However, in P2P, they drop pretty decent herbs and beginner and easy clues.  

Best Goblin drops: Brass key, bones, goblin armor, runes, clues, and herbs 



Most of us who have played before the Grand Exchange or as an Ironman will remember the painstakingly slow quest ‘Imp Catcher.’ Getting those four colored beads to get an almost worthless amulet still gives me a hit of nostalgia when playing OSRS on a new alt. They aren’t hard to kill but challenging to pin down since they have annoying spawn points making them almost impossible to grind.

Best Imp drops: Colored beads, beginner clues.

Crawling Hands

Crawling hands are the first slayer monster on this list. They are between levels 7 and 12 and are found in the slayer monster in Canifis in the Slayer Tower. As the name suggests, this is a big large hand that is crawling over the floor. The Crawling Hand is also the first member monster on the list. You need level 5 slayer to be able to kill them.

Best Crawling Hands drops: Colored gloves, rings, crawling hand (item), rare drops. 

Chaos Druid

One of the best monsters to kill for GP for low-level players are Chaos Druids. These level 13 monsters are found in the wilderness part of the Edgeville Dungeon. Since other players can attack you in the wilderness, you should make sure you do not risk items you do not want to lose. The chaos druids hit very low but can entangle you, making you unable to move from the place where you are standing for a couple of seconds. 

For (group) ironman players, Chaos Druids are unique monsters to kill when you are low level and looking for a way to quickly get some potions and herblore levels. 

Best Chaos Druid Drops: All kinds of herbs, herblore secondary ingredients. 

Rock Crab

One of the most iconic monsters to train on in the member’s world are the Rock Crabs. While we have a lot better crabs in the game now to train on, namely sand crabs, they still are a great monster to kill for exp. These level 13 monsters have 50 hit points and can only hit a 1 at max. Due to them having that many hitpoints while barely hitting something, you can get quite a bit of exp an hour. Additionally, rock Crabs are aggressive, which means this is a monster you can AFK on. 

Best Rock Crab Drops: None.


The guards you find in the various cities of Glienor aren’t great to train on, but they do drop the medium clue that can give you ranger boots. The best place to fight guards is in west Falador. There you can find a couple of them and quickly kill many of them without having to move too much. They drop some other items, like bolts and armor, but nothing useful, expected from a level 21 monster. The strongest guards in OSRS are the Elves.

Best Guard drops: Medium Clue


If you have outgrown rock crabs and enjoy doing quests, I strongly advise you to do the Freminik Isles quests until you can fight the Yaks and use the bank on Neitiznot. The Yaks there have very low defense and high hit points. Personally, like 14 years ago, I trained my range there from 90 to 98 because I was too poor to buy red Chinchompas.

They are a fantastic monster for medium-level players to grind for some combat stats if you do not want to do slayer. You can quickly get over 100k exp an hour here. The downside is that you can not AFK them. 

Best Yak Drops: None. 

Cave Slime

Cave Slimes are another interesting OSRS monster that you need a slayer level to kill. You need to be level 17 slayer to be able to damage and kill them. You can find them in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. You will need a rope and a lantern to reach them. Since you pass a wall beast, it is strongly advised to bring a spiny helmet so you do not get damaged by this monster. The Cave Slime does not have any fascinating drops, except for easy clue scrolls that they drop 1 in 128 kills on average. These monsters are not to be confused with cave bugs.

Interesting Cave Slime drops: Easy Clue scrolls.


Another Slayer Monster that you should kill at least once for the nostalgic OSRS experience are Banshees. You need to have level 15 slayer and bring earmuffs or your slayer helmet to fight them. 

Banshees are undead, so you can fight them wearing a salve amulet or by using the crumble undead spell. Banshees also have a stronger variant, the twisted Banshee. This more robust version gives better drops and more exp when fighting them. The Banshee is also a monster that has a superior variant. These can spawn during a slayer task killing Banshees at a 1/200 chance. 

Banshees have a couple of excellent drops for ironman players. They drop quite a lot of pure essence, which you can use for Runecrafting, and they also drop herbs every four kills or so. They also have the unique Mystic Gloves (dark) drop. 

Best Banshee drops: Pure essence, Herbs, Mystic Gloves (dark), and easy clues. 


During the Creature of Frenkenstrain quest, you access the experiment cave. There you can find the experiments. They are a great monster for pures and mid-level accounts to train on. They were intended to be a (minor) upgrade from regular rock crabs for players to train on. 

They are level 25, have almost no resistance to melee attacks, and are wildly inaccurate in hitting you, even if you have lousy armor and a low defense level. In addition, they do not drop anything worth it to pick up, so don’t go in here thinking you will expand your cash stack by a lot. 

Best Experiment drops: None.


Killing Cockatrice requires you to have 25 slayer and a mirror shield to kill. They are pretty fierce for their combat level, so do not underestimate them too much. They can be safe spotted, so it is possible to kill them with range. However, make sure you have finished them off before picking up your drops, or they will lower your combat stats if you are not wearing the mirror shield. 

They are often killed because they drop medium clue scrolls quite often. The rest of their drop table is not that interesting; besides, they drop nature runes at an ok rate. They are found in the same cave where you can find the pyrefiends.

Best Cockatrice drops: Medium clue scroll and nature runes. 

Ammonite Crab

Another monster that is very popular to grind on are the Ammonite Crabs. These are OSRS exclusive monsters that you can access after doing the Bone Voyage quest, which gives you access to Fossil Island. 

Ammonite crabs have very high hit points and are aggressive. That means you can AFK on them for about 10 minutes before you have to reset aggro. They also hit very little so that you can fight them with a 1 defense pure. Like experiments, Ammonite Crabs have 100 hit points and level 25 combat.

Best Ammonite Crab Drops: Numulite, fossils, and easy clue scrolls. 

Flesh Crawlers 

Flesh Crawlers are one of my favorite F2P and P2P monsters to train on with a new account. They have a max hit of 1 and have 25 hit points. That means you can stay here quite a while to train in F2P if you bring your lobsters and armor above mithril. 

In P2P, Flesh Crawlers are a fantastic alternative to Chaos Druids if you want to get herb drops without risking going to the wilderness. They are great for Hardcore ironman due to their low max hit and herb drops. Fighting them is very easy, and you do not need good gear. They also drop a ton of fire runes, which is nice since they start to add up after a while.

Best Flesh Crawler drops: Various herbs like Ranarr, scepter piece, and fire runes. 

Hill Giants

One of the most iconic F2P moneymakers back in the day were Hill Giants. While they still are a pretty decent way to make some extra GP, there are far better ways now. The Hill Giant is found in several locations in Runescape but is most often killed in the Edgeville Dungeon. 

F2P players kill them for their Big Bone drop, which they can sell on the Grand Exchange for quite a bit of money. They are also an excellent way to train prayer in F2P. Their best drop is the Giant key. Hill Giants drop these 1/128 (or 1/64 in the wilderness). This key gives you access to the hill giant boss Obor. 

Best Hill Giant drops: Big bones, limpwurt root, and the Giant Key. 

osrs hill giants


Hobgoblins is another famous OSRS monster to fight in the Edgeville Dungeon (west of the crafting guild). They are a much more potent variant of the regular Goblin. Hobgoblins are popular to kill for their Limpwurt root drop and the fact that they spawn in large groups, making it easy to grind them out on OSRS mobile. 

In OSRS, you can also kill Hobgoblins in the member worlds for their herb drops. However, I would advise you to kill Chaos druids or flesh crawlers instead since they drop them way more often. Hobgoblins also have access to the rare drop table.

Best Hobgoblin drops: Herbs, limpwurt root, beginner clues. 


Mammoths are a pretty unknown OSRS monster, despite having been in the game for almost 20 years. However, they recently have gotten a bit more attention due to an easy wilderness diary task. Just like the Spiritual Creatures, a slayer task to kill the mammoth in the wilderness. 

They have a high hit points level and do low damage, so they are pretty good to train on if you want a change of pace and a little danger since other players can attack you while fighting them. 

Mammoths have a few exciting drops but nothing too significant. Their highest value drop is a grimy Ranarr weed, and you only have a one in 200 chance of getting them as a drop. They also drop a medium clue scroll, the long bone, and the curved bone. 

Best mammoth drops: Grimy Ranarr weed, long bone, curved bone, and medium clue scroll. 

Moss Giant

One of the best monsters to fight in F2P are Moss Giants. They are combat 42 (up to 84) and have quite a few drops that make them worth your time in F2P. However, killing them in a member’s world isn’t worth it. There are much better options. 

The drop to look out for here is the mossy key. This key will give you access to the moss giant boss named Bryophyta. The Varrock Sewers are the best place to kill moss giants in OSRS when you are a F2P player. 

Best Moss Giant drops: Big bones, long bones, curved bones, runes herbs, moss giant key. 

Giant Spider

My favorite monster to grind exp on when I was F2P years ago is the giant spider in the security dungeon. So grab your full rune, strength amulet, and rune scimmy with an inventory full of strength pots and swordfish, and head your way to the third level of the security dungeon.

There are two rooms where you can AFK giant spiders without too much trouble. They are level 50 combat and have 50 hit points. You can AFK them with Melee (or range) for about 10 minutes, and then you have to reset aggro. 

Best Giant Spider drops: None. 


A pretty recent new OSRS exclusive monster in OSRS are the golems found in the Ruis of Camdozaal. In these ruins, you can find the Flawed Golem (lvl 13), the mind golem (lvl 30), the body golem (lvl 50), and the chaos golem (lvl 70). Of these Golems, only the Chaos Golem is members-only content. 

The golems can drop barronite for you to make a barronite mace. They also drop cores that you can use to make corresponding runes when training Runecrafting. Generally speaking, they are pretty tough monsters and not really worth grinding for money. However, they are a decent way to make Runecrafting a bit more bearable if you hate training it. 

Best Golem drops: Cores, Barronite, various ores. 

Ice Giant

The strongest giants you can fight in OSRS F2P are the Ice Giants. They are often seen together with another iconic monster, Ice Warriors. The best place to fight them in F2P is the Asgardian Ice Dungeon. You can best fight them in Settlement Ruins and the Wilderness slayer cave in members. The only giant stronger than the Ice Giant is the fire giant. The fire giant is a member monster.

You can safespot these monsters and train your magic and range on them quite effectively. However, they do not really drop anything worthwhile besides big bones, runes, and Ranarr, Torstol, and Snapdragon seeds in members at an almost impossibly low rate. They also drop Long bones and curved bones. At this moment, there is no Ice Giant key. However, it is expected that there will be an Ice Giant boss in the following years. 

Best Ice Giant Drops: Herb seeds, long bone, curved bone. 


If you want to get yourself a rune or dragon defender, you will need to fight a ton of Cyclops to get one. You can find these monsters in the Warrior guild on the top floor and the basement right outside. 

They do not drop anything worthwhile and are quite a hassle to fight since you need ten tokens for every minute you spend fighting them. Besides the defenders, the only thing worth picking up on the Cyclops drop table is the black knives and occasional rune items. 

Best Cyclops drops: Black knives, bronze, iron, steel, black, mithril, adamant, rune and dragon defenders, rune items. 

Cyclops osrs

Ice Trolls 

One of the most underestimated monsters for drops for mid-level players, in our opinion, are the Ice Trolls. After doing some quests that give you access to Neitiznot, you can fight the Ice trolls there. 

They have a couple of things going for them:

  1. You can safe spot Ice Trolls. So even if you are a low level, you can fight them.
  2. You can cannon them. That means they are pretty fast to do slayer tasks and should not be skipped.
  3. Ice Trolls have a couple of excellent drops that can make you quite a bit of money in the long run.

Best Ice Troll drops: Raw Sharks, rune full helm, rune longsword, rune kiteshield, granite shield. 


Dagannoths are one of the best slayer tasks you can get. Not only do they drop medium clue scrolls at a pretty good rate, but Dagannoths also have snapdragon seeds on their drop table, which helps you make some of your money back. 

However, the best thing about Dagannoths is how much exp an hour you get for killing them. You can easily get over 70k slayer exp and 200k ranging exp if you decide to blowpipe and cannon them in the Waterbirth Dungeon. So most of the time, a Dagannoth slayer task is done in 20 minutes. 

Best Dagannoth Drops: Medium clues and Snapdragon seeds.


One of the most iconic slayer monsters in OSRS are Bloodvelds. These thicc creatures have a large hitpoints pool and very meager defense stats . This combination makes them perfect for getting high exp rates. The GP an hour killing them is pretty decent, too, thanks to the high rate at which they drop Blood Runes. 

Keep in mind when you are fighting a Bloodveld, their melee attack accuracy is calculated by rolling off your magic defense bonuses. In other words, you will need to wear good magic-resistant armor like dragonhide to fight them. Preferably, you use the protection from melee prayer when fighting their Insatiable Bloodveld variants in the Catacombs of Kourend. 

Best Bloodveld drops: Rune med helm, Ensouled bloodveld head, blood runes. 


The Jellies are another great monster in OSRS that is locked behind a slayer requirement. They are one of the best monsters for people who are looking to do challenging clues. Unfortunately, they drop them at a pretty high rate, and their defense and attack stats are pretty low, so usually, it takes under half an hour of killing Jellies to get yourself a clue scroll. Their more robust variants also drop rune items at a pretty decent rate. 

Best Jelly drops: Hard clue scrolls.

Green Dragon

Green dragons are the bread and butter of Runescape money-making for medium levels. Unlike Black Dragons, Green Dragons are extremely easy to defeat, and they have a consistent drop of dragon bones and green dragon hides. They are not as strong as bronze dragons.

Unfortunately for people who want to have a relaxing experience killing these dragons, you can only find them pretty deep in the wilderness. This makes green dragons a dangerous monster to kill since there are always Player Killers nearby. A level 80 player can easily make up to a mill an hour killing green dragons. Almost as much as killing Brutal Black dragons

Best Green Dragons Drops: Green dragonhide, Dragon bones. 

Cave horror

Cave Horrors are locked behind quite a lot of quests and requirements. That might be a good thing since it keeps their Black Mask drop pretty valuable. You can find the Cave Horrors in a cave in Mos Le’harmless. A player can access this island after the completion of the quest Cabin Fever. You will need 58 slayer to fight them. 

Players kill Cave Horrors in OSRS for two reasons. The main reason is the black mask—one of the most valuable items in Runescape to train slayer. The second reason is the fact that they drop Hard clues quite often. Since you can cannon these level 80 monsters, they are pretty easy to kill quickly. 

Best Cave Horror drops: Black mask (10), Rune dagger, and hard clue scroll. 

Lesser demons

The authentic 2006 Runescape experience was spending your entire afternoon that you didn’t have school fighting lesser demons with ranging on Karamja, hoping you would get a rune med helm. For that reason, lesser demons will always hold a special place in my heart. 

While their drops are abysmal, their low defense levels and the fact that they are often found in multi-combat makes Lesser demons great to train your slayer on as long as you use a cannon. They are much weaker and faster than the black demon slayer task.

Best Lesser demon drops: Rune Med helm.


The best monster for high-level F2P players are Ankou. Ankou have pretty decent drops in free-to-play, like law runes, adamant arrows, and noted mithril ores. They are also pretty good to kill as a member; however, I would not go out of my way to fight them, and I just do them if I get Ankou as a slayer task. They drop quite a lot of blood, death, and chaos runes in the P2P worlds. 

You can find them in the fourth level of the security dungeon in free 2 play and in the catacombs of Kourend in the members’ world. If you are fighting them as a F2P player, it is highly advised you safespot them. If you want to make money, and are looking for a profitable monster with good drops then Ankou and Ogress Warriors are both excellent choices.

Best ankou drops: Death runes, law runes, adamant arrows, blood runes, and law runes. 


Turoths require level 55 slayer to kill them. Turoths are known for their herb and seed drops and the fact that you need special weapons to kill them. The Turoth can only be killed by using a leaf-bladed spear, sword, or battleaxe when using melee. To kill them with ranging, you will need to use Broad arrows, and magic dart and slayer dart are the only spells that damage them. The same applies to their stronger neighbour, the Kurasks.

As an ironman, if you want to kill Turoth with melee, you will first need to range or melee them until you get a Leaf bladed sword as a drop. 

Best Turoth drops: Herbs, seeds, Leaf-bladed sword, and nature runes.

Iron Dragons. Iron dragons are a kind of metallic dragon.

There are many more monsters like:

OSRS Monster FAQ

What are the best monsters for F2P players to kill for money?

The best monster for F2P players to kill are the Ogress warriors. These monsters drop two rune items, the rune battleaxe, and rune full helm. You can alch these for money or sell them on the Grand Exchange. Besides valuable armor drops, Ogress warriors also drop quite a lot of law, death, and nature runes which really add up over time. 
The average Ogress warrior kill is worth almost 2k. That is the most of any regular F2P monster. To fight these monsters in the Corsair Cove dungeon, you will need to finish the Corsair Cove quest.

What are the best things to kill as a low-level ironman in OSRS?

– The best to kill for herblore are chaos druids
– The best to kill for exp is ammonite crabs
– The best to kill for herblore on an HC ironman are flesh crawlers
– The best to kill for clues are guards
– The best to kill for alchables are ice trolls 

What monsters drop rune items in F2P? 

There are five monsters in OSRS that drop rune items. These are:

  • Ogress warrior
  • Obor
  • Bryophyta
  • Lesser demon
  • Greater demon
MonsterRune item dropCombat level
Ogress warriorRune battleaxe, rune full helmLevel 82. 
OborRune full helm, rune longsword, rune long sword, rune 2h sword, rune plate legs and skirt, rune med helm.Level 106
BryophytaSame as Obor, but also the rune sq shield, rune sword and rune chain bodyLevel 128
Lesser demonRune medium helmLevel 82
Greater demonRune full helmLevel 92
f2p monsters that drop rune items